Reverend Insanity
608 Giant Sun’s retaliation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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608 Giant Sun’s retaliation

Chapter 608: Giant Sun’s retaliation
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Inside True Yang Building.

The land spirit was using all of its strength to attack the seal on it.

Bang bang bang!

Three soft explosive sounds could be heard consecutively, as three black chains binding it were broken.

The green paste on it had thoroughly melted from its neck and even to the tips of its two wings, revealing the bright and lively feathers.

"Little sparrow, you dare!" Giant Sun's will was bursting with fury.

"Giant Sun, despite being dead, you actually still imprisoned me for hundreds of thousands of years. Today, I will definitely break out of your damn cage!" Frost Jade Peacock let out a shrill scream, similarly furious.

Trapped for so many years, unable to even budge, the suffocation and indignance from being in captivity turned into the strength needed to break its seal.

Giant Sun's will gave a deep shout, the sun like will suddenly flared up, rushing in all directions like a majestic golden flood.

Ten thousand special will Gu were already surrounding him in layers after layers. They were like a dam blocking the flood, which was Giant Sun's will.

Giant Sun's special will was completely restrained by the special will Gu. The whole dam held tight without any cracks, but the situation only lasted for a few breaths of time; the special will Gu had already been swallowing Giant Sun's special will to the limit and started to burst one by one.

Several breaths later, the 'dam' formed by the special will Gu trembled, broke down and shattered apart!

Giant Sun's special will might have been subdued but the size of it was extremely large, having originated from Giant Sun Immortal Venerable. Even after the wear and tear of over hundreds of thousands of years, this was still not something ten thousand special will Gu could suppress.

Restraint was relative.

Water could extinguish fire, but if the fire was fierce enough, it could directly evaporate the water pouring on it.

Giant Sun's will that was like a sun was extremely grand and large, although there was a lot of consumption when he attacked special will Gu, it was still able to destroy the ten thousand special will Gu in the end.

Without the besiegement of special will Gu, Giant Sun's will was like a tied up prisoner who had broken out of the shackles, and immediately tried to control True Yang Building.

But the next moment, a full fifty thousand special will Gu rushed out and gathered again, forming a new encirclement!

Central continent's Gu Immortals had researched very deeply and would never underestimate Giant Sun's will, thus they had made sufficient preparations. Special will Gu was not an Immortal Gu, its quantity could be piled up.

Giant Sun's will who had just obtained freedom was again sealed off, letting out a furious roar.

He started attacking again, his momentum as vast as a rapidly flowing river, breaking apart the encirclement of special will Gu.

But soon, the third wave of special will Gu surrounded it. The quantity was even more this time, reaching over a hundred thousand!

Central continent's Gu Immortals had spent thousands of years for this; several great super forces had joined hands making large purchases, refining Gu non-stop, and spending an astronomical amount of Gu refinement resources.

They had paid such an astonishing price and now they were all being used by Fang Yuan, displaying extraordinary effects.

Being trapped once again, Giant Sun's will did not shout or roar.

Giant Sun's will was the will of an Immortal Venerable and knew how to think.

When he realized he had fallen into a scheme and the enemy side had made sufficient preparations, he became calm again.

He began to think and soon discovered a flaw in the encirclement!

Although Giant Sun's will was surrounded tightly in all directions by special will Gu with no area neglected, this did not signify there was no flaw in this encirclement.

These special will Gu were refined by Gu Immortals and refined Gu worms were unable to directly absorb the primeval essence from their surroundings, and there was no supply of primeval essence for them in here.

Then, where did the primeval essence used to activate these special will Gu come from?

There were so many special will Gu, and there could even be more, their primeval essence requirement would be gigantic. Giant Sun's will slightly thought over it and realized — what these special will Gu absorbed was not primeval essence but immortal essence!

A bead of the lowest grade rank six green grape immortal essence could convert to what was practically an almost unlimited amount of primeval essence!

Immortal essence was the source of fuel for these special will Gu.

And these immortal essence were concealed very well; clearly, there were other supporting Gu worms coordinating with special will Gu to form an enormous and hidden Gu formation.

"So long as I break their connection with the immortal essence, these special will Gu would not be of much threat." Giant Sun's will soon thought of this method.

However, to break the connection between the special will Gu and the immortal essence, he had to fully grasp this Gu formation first.

Just like how central continent Gu Immortals sealed all the yellow apricot immortal essence left behind by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable to suppress Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, Giant Sun's will also had a similar idea.

On the spot, Giant Sun's will thought rapidly and soon found over ten clues.

Following these clues and making deductions, the vague structure of the Gu formation began to gradually become clearer.

The land spirit naturally would not sit and wait for its death.

When it had sensed Giant Sun's will being suppressed, it mustered all its strength to break the seals on it.

Gruel Mud had terrifying effectiveness against these seals; the green paste on its body was full of cracks and the edges were rapidly melting down. The black shackles on its wings once again consecutively collapsed and four broke apart.

The land spirit, Frost Jade Peacock, gave a shrill cry, its whole body shook intensely, shaking away most of the green paste on its two wings, shortly afterwards it impatiently unfolded them.

Cold aura permeated out from all over its spotlessly white body as it raised its head high, appearing noble and beautiful. But it had yet to completely unfold its large wings when they were tightly pulled in by the black chains.

Its movement came to a sudden stop, the intense pain making it even more furious.

Although there were only three chains left, they still tightly shackled its freedom.

"Break them!" Frost Jade Peacock suddenly turned around its elegant neck, its sharp brows flickering with terrifying cold light.

"Damn it!" Giant Sun's will who had been thinking intensely, could not help but stop his thoughts as he sensed this situation.

If the land spirit broke his control, then Eighty-Eight True Yang Building could be thrown out from Imperial Court blessed land at any time.

Without Imperial Court blessed land's protection, countless Gu Immortals would start rushing over to loot True Yang Building.

At that time, it would be the case of an army of ants devouring an elephant; even more yellow apricot immortal essence would not be able to stop the consumption from the dauntless advance of countless Gu Immortals.

But Giant Sun's will was powerless to stop the land spirit at this moment.

He had been making several probing attacks while thinking at the same time, and although there were some results and he was able to recover some methods, they were still very limited and were not enough to suppress the situation.


At this moment, outside the True Yang Building….


Lofty tiger roared and jumped.

The world trembled as the hill sized lofty tiger jumped into the air. Its enormous and malevolent tiger claws slammed towards the insignificant insect-like Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng gave a light shout as he dodged quickly!

The tiger claws could not strike him, but the huge wind force from it was still able to make Tai Bai Yun Sheng feel uncomfortable.

At the same time, the willow winds in the sky fluttered down.

These willow winds were as large as a canoe, and their descent was graceful, resembling falling leaves. But the movement that felt slow was actually fast, and the destructive power contained within them was terrifying.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was bathed with blood, paying close attention to the movements of the willow winds. Previously, he had carelessly come into contact with three willow winds, but just that had already destroyed all the defensive Gu on him.

Right now, when he saw the willow winds falling down, he quickly evaded them.

From the earth, the malevolent tiger pounced up; while from the sky, the willow winds fluttered down one after another. Tai Bai Yun Sheng was already finding it difficult to continue after a while, he was in a sorry state and was facing the danger of losing his life.

"Sigh, it bodes ill for Tai Bai Yun Sheng!"

"His accumulation is very robust, but he has not made sufficient preparations to advance to Gu Immortal."

"Lord Tai Bai Yun Sheng, you can do it!"

Even Fang Yuan could not help but feel nervous at this scene: "Is Tai Bai Yun Sheng going to fail in advancing to a Gu Immortal in this life?"

He suddenly had a thought and disregarding the backlash, forcibly activated luck inspection Gu. But the luck on Tai Bai Yun Sheng was still burning and raging like boiling water, and was still blooming.

But the next moment, a quarter of this flaming luck had suddenly dissipated!

"What's going on?" It was the first time Fang Yuan was seeing such a change in luck.

And right at this time, a light pillar suddenly erupted from True Yang Building.

The light pillar that was as thick as an ancient tree, charged straight to the sky.

The willow winds were pierced through by this light pillar, immediately crumbling apart and turning back into clear heaven qi, pure and warm.

The light pillar swept through repeatedly, shattering most of the willow winds in the sky, before shooting towards the lofty tiger. The lofty tiger dodged while howling in grief, but the light pillar followed it like a shadow, impossible to avoid!

The earthly calamity lofty tiger continued to decrease in size the more the light pillar touched it, till it vanished into thin air!

"What's going on?" Everyone was shocked.

"Eighty-Eight True Yang Building has made a move! Old ancestor protected lord Tai Bai Yun Sheng!!" Many people cheered.

But there were also some who scoffed: "Nonsense, Tai Bai Yun Sheng does not have Giant Sun's bloodline, why would old ancestor protect him?"

"This! Could it be the workings of the rumored divert disaster Gu?" Ye Lui Sang was endlessly shocked.

Hei Lou Lan was even more excited: "The luck path's divert disaster Gu can divert heavenly tribulations and earthly calamities, greatly reducing their might, even directly obliterating them! If I can obtain this Immortal Gu…"

Divert disaster Gu was one of the cornerstones of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. It was also one of the limited methods Giant Sun's will could mobilize currently.

Giant Sun's will's actions did not stop at this.

He had forcibly extracted a trace of yellow apricot immortal essence by rampaging multiple times. After activating divert disaster Gu, Giant Sun's will mobilized the human qi Immortal Gu in true inheritance secluded domain.

Right under Fang Yuan's sight, Tai Bai Yun Sheng's burning luck aura suddenly decreased by another quarter.

Human qi Immortal Gu was activated which similarly let out a ray of of white light.

This white light, however, directly shone on Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

Human qi Immortal Gu could increase the Gu Master's human qi, raising their future potential after advancing to a Gu Immortal. When Tai Bai Yun Sheng obtained its help, the human qi on him instantly inflated by ten times!

With the increase in human qi, he naturally needed even more heaven qi and earth qi.

However, heaven qi and earth qi were drawn out of Imperial Court blessed land.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng laughed heartily, True Yang Building's help had been out of his expectations, but he still quickly accepted it and absorbed large amounts of heaven qi and earth qi, merging the three elements into one; not only averting danger, his potential had also greatly increased, and his future prospects had turned much better!

The land spirit Frost Jade Peacock gave a shrill, furious cry.

Heaven qi and earth qi were extracted in large amounts, causing an intense feeling of weakness to fill its body.

"Little sparrow, you are still too green." Giant Sun's will snorted, he had used all the immortal essence he was able to extract on the most crucial area, acquiring the greatest results, greatly relieving the dangerous situation.

Giant Sun's will was after all a will that originated from an Immortal Venerable, its wisdom was extremely high.

The situation had turned around quickly now and it was advantageous to Giant Sun's will.

The weakening of the land spirit gave Giant Sun's will plenty of time to grasp the Gu formation of the special will Gu surrounding him. Once Giant Sun's will breaks apart this encirclement, he would regain control of the situation, and it would be extremely easy for him to undo the seal on the immortal essence then.

As long as the seal on the immortal essence was broken, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building would be able to display the supreme might of a rank eight Gu House in all its glory!

"This is bad, I still underestimated an Immortal Venerable's will. I have less than half the expected time left." Fang Yuan was able to understand the situation in True Yang Building through the glass owner token.

His heart sank: "Now, I can only put my hopes in Tai Bai Yun Sheng. Hopefully, he can quickly become a Gu Immortal and refine landscape as before Gu…"


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