Reverend Insanity
603 Sleepless Nigh
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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603 Sleepless Nigh

Chapter 603: Sleepless Night
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

"No, don't abandon me…"

"Save me, save me, benefactor!"

The voices were reverberating in Tai Bai Yun Sheng's ears, he opened his eyes suddenly and sat up on his bed.

Huff, huff…

He was panting, with his body covered in sticky sweat, it was very uncomfortable.

Another nightmare!

Under the dim light, this rank five peak stage expert's face showed an old and weary expression befitting his age.

In the silent room, Tai Bai Yun Sheng's breathing sounds became softer, as his frown slowly eased.

Sitting on his bed, he fell into deep silence, like he was in a daze, there was an extreme fatigue hidden in his gaze.

Ever since he failed the round, he had been in deep guilt and self-blame for causing Gao Yang and Zhu Zai to be sacrificed due to his own greed.

Almost every night, he had the same nightmare.

In the nightmare, blood was pouring everywhere, the smell was overbearing. All sorts of ugly blood beasts bared their claws and fangs as he was encircled, facing Gao Yang and Zhu Zai's pleas.

They called him benefactor, they asked him to save them.

But every time, even though Tai Bai Yun Sheng had an aperture full of primeval essence, he would be unable to move, watching Gao Yang and Zhu Zai get surrounded by blood beasts and eventually consumed, leaving behind their pale white bones.

Throughout the process, Gao Yang and Zhu Zai would sometimes beg him, sometimes they would protect him, or curse furiously, or taunt him.

Eventually, when they turn into pale white skeletons, lying in the pool of blood, they would still say with their remaining skulls—

"I believe in Lord Tai Bai, he is so kind and righteous, he will definitely never abandon us!"

"Mm, I believe in him too! Even if I die, I will believe…"

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was in pain, he felt sadness, helplessness, and regret!

Especially at the end, he would kneel on the ground helplessly in his dream, letting the blood dye his white hair red as he cried profusely.

He felt that he was no longer Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

This experience made him reevaluate himself.

But every time he examined, it resulted in a severe negative answer.

Sometimes when he looked in the mirror, he felt that he was looking at a stranger!

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was not the only person who had a sleepless night.

It was late at night.

Imperial Court blessed land's night was dazzling with silver light, shining on the land.

Hei Lou Lan looked out of the window, above the sacred palace, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was still forming new floors, the dazzling aurora was shining brightly in the sky, creating a beautiful scenery.

"Damn it! The owner token went missing, what in the world happened?" Thinking back to the time when he challenged the round, Hei Lou Lan gritted his teeth, he clenched his fists as his eyes shone with ruthlessness, ready to devour people with one glance.

Throughout history, there had never been any Lord of the Imperial Court who lost their owner token, but this had to happen to Hei Lou Lan.

"Forget it! So what if I don't have the owner token, so what if I cannot use the Grey Meltdown killer move? Whatever the difficulties, they cannot stop me from getting the strength path Immortal Gu! Mother, if you can watch this from the afterlife, see how I take revenge for you!"

Fang Yuan was slowly walking in the sacred palace's garden.

His expression was not nice, he had a grim look on his face.

In the flower garden, there was a jade fountain and a stone bridge, with flowers blooming and flourishing like it was spring, this beautiful environment was not something he could currently enjoy.

Right after coming out of the white jade hall, Fang Yuan was feeling vexed about the matter of subduing Imperial Court land spirit.

In his mind, Mo Yao's will chuckled: "Hehehe, to think that Imperial Court blessed land's condition for ownership was like that. Lad, with your gloomy personality, it will not be easy for you to find a woman that you love, while she also has to be deeply in love with you."

Not long ago, Fang Yuan faced Imperial Court land spirit Frost Jade Peacock, and was told the condition to become the owner of Imperial Court — true love!

To make the Frost Jade Peacock willingly submit to a master, and obey every command, one person was not enough, it had to be a Gu Master couple who were deeply in love.

It was very easy for Giant Sun Immortal Venerable to fulfill this condition.

But for Fang Yuan, it was filled with difficulty.

Not mentioning the other parts, just requiring Fang Yuan to be truly in love with a certain woman was a near impossible matter.

"If this was in my previous life, I would be able to fulfill it. But now…" Fang Yuan took a few steps and stopped at the stone bridge, he rested on the railing and looked at the jade lake below the bridge, laughing coldly.

The lake was like a mirror, under the radiance of the silvery night sky, it was a dazzling sight.

What he did in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building that night was really a scary experience, but that was over now.

At this moment, he was basking in the beautiful scenery around the sacred palace, compared to the dangerous predicament he was in earlier, this truly felt like a dream or illusion.

"Life is like a dream, like morning dew and nocturnal flower, like the shadow of a bubble…" Fang Yuan muttered, going into a daze.

The light breeze caused ripples on the surface of the lake.

Among the ripples, a blurry image of a woman's figure seemed to appear in Fang Yuan's absent-minded gaze.

That was the woman he had buried deep in his memories.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, he had faced disaster and was a destitute wanderer, during the lowest time of his life, he had met her, the world's encounters were just so amazing, and the toying of fate was simply cruel and merciless.

"If we are talking about true love… why am I thinking of her?" Fang Yuan's fingers which were holding the railing exerted force unknowingly.

He frowned suddenly, and his gaze turned ice cold, the woman's figure silently vanished, and the surface of the lake appeared before him once again.

Fang Yuan fell into deep thought.

The current situation was not looking good!

Frost Jade Peacock was formed from the obsession of the blessed land's original owner, although it was arrogant, it would acknowledge true love.

But it was near impossible for Fang Yuan to meet its requirements.

If he could not subdue the land spirit, then Fang Yuan's plan for taking over Eighty-Eight True Yang Building would fail completely, he would have to stop here.

"No wonder the central continent Gu Immortals in my previous life chose to destroy Imperial Court blessed land, and destroy Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. Gu Immortals have lots of deep secrets and often have extreme personalities, it is harder for them to experience true love than mortals."

"After using Gruel Mud, even though the melting is slow, the land spirit's seal is getting weaker. After being sealed for hundreds of thousands of years, the land spirit is filled with hatred and desires freedom badly, it will definitely try to break the seal. Although Giant Sun's will is still slumbering, when the seal melts to a certain degree, or if the land spirit continues to resist, it will definitely awaken!"

This was Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's will!

When an Immortal Venerable rages, blood would flow like a river, all beings would mourn. But the land spirit has the territorial advantage, as long as the blessed land remains intact, it would have a continual source of strength.

When the two contest, it would be scarier than deities fighting. At that point, those who were mortals like Fang Yuan would suffer.

Especially when Fang Yuan was the culprit who released the land spirit, if he was targeted by Giant Sun's will, he would face a terrible end, there was no way out!

Fang Yuan's original plan was like this.

First, he would enter northern plains and make his way into Imperial Court blessed land.

He achieved this flawlessly, using his previous life's memories, he killed the Wolf King Chang Shan Yin who was at his last breath, taking over his identity and becoming a higher-up of Hei tribe army. Next, he hid within the alliance army and got into Imperial Court blessed land.

The second step was to get into Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and gain the most benefits for himself. Using the video from the central continent Gu Immortals in his previous life, he would subdue the land spirit and without alerting the Immortal Venerable's will, he would become the new owner of Imperial Court blessed land.

The third step, after becoming the owner of the Imperial Court, he would not be in a rush to take down Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, instead he would hide in the background and develop in secret.

Within Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, there was an Immortal Venerable's will, it was not easy to deal with. Imperial Court blessed land was a sacred place in the hearts of northern plains' Gu Masters, it could not be defiled or tainted.

If he was discovered, Fang Yuan would face the assault of the entirety of northern plains!

Such frightening power, even if Fang Yuan escaped to other places, it would be pointless. There would not be a single super force that would protect him from the pressure of the whole of northern plains' forces.

Unless it was during the chaotic five regions battle, when no one had the spare energy to bother with him, and when all five regions suffer setbacks, Fang Yuan would survive even if he was exposed.

After becoming the land spirit's owner, Fang Yuan would order the land spirit to stay inside the white jade hall, while cooperating with Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's operations.

This way, everything would progress smoothly.

First, he could use Imperial Court blessed land's strength to deal with the Gu Immortal Tai Bai Yun Sheng. This way, he would have a greater chance of success, and regardless of how their battle end up, Fang Yuan would not lose. Even if he failed to take the Immortal Gu Landscape as Before, Fang Yuan would not be in any mortal danger due to the land spirit's protection.

Secondly, Fang Yuan could use Fixed Immortal Travel to move between Hu Immortal blessed land and Imperial Court blessed land freely. Hu Immortal blessed land was being covetously eyed by Immortal Crane Sect, and every once in a while, there would be an earthly calamity, it would be the centre of many struggles and not the ideal place to cultivate peacefully.

By becoming the owner of Imperial Court blessed land, he could use Hu Immortal blessed land as his cover and Imperial Court blessed land as his true base. While cultivating, he could scheme against Immortal Crane Sect to gain the most benefits. If it failed, he could discard Hu Immortal blessed land and retreat into Imperial Court blessed land.

Imperial Court blessed land was protected by an Immortal Venerable's setup, it was hard for wisdom path Gu Immortals to make deductions involving it. Moreover, Fang Yuan would continue to fix and repair the loopholes in the future, thus it would be much safer than Hu Immortal blessed land!

Thirdly, Fang Yuan would own this precious resource, every time True Yang Building opens up, he could collect all these vast amounts of resources including Immortal Gu without putting himself in danger. When the time comes, he would do what he did in his previous life, subduing a blood path Gu worm and becoming a blood path Gu Immortal. It would be slow and steady, safe and sound.

But though the plan was perfect, reality was not.

Fang Yuan put in his best effort, but he was stuck at the second step.

Unable to become the land spirit's owner, he could not borrow its strength, as a mortal, there was nothing much he could do.

The situation was progressively getting worse, Giant Sun's will was definitely going to awaken. If Fang Yuan wanted to escape, he could use hole earth Gu and connect to Hu Immortal blessed land to flee. But he could not bring these few Immortal Gu with him!

Moreover, even if he obtained landscape as before Immortal Gu, how would he quickly and safely return to Hu Immortal blessed land?

Without the land spirit's help, as a mortal, Fang Yuan could not do that.

"At present, the plan can only be to first think of every possible method to convince the land spirit. If I am on its side, we can deal with Giant Sun's will together, and I might be able to borrow some of its strength. Sigh… I really do not want to use that final method."

Fang Yuan thought about it for a while, but could not think of any better ideas.


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