Reverend Insanity
601 Profiting from the situation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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601 Profiting from the situation

Chapter 601: Profiting from the situation
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"Supreme true inheritance!" Fang Yuan's pupils enlarged and his gaze burned brightly.

When the true inheritance light lump was still a thousand steps away, Fang Yuan felt its surging aura.

This was a feeling which ordinary true inheritances and even unparalleled true inheritances did not have.

Under the effect of this aura, thoughts started to gather in Fang Yuan's mind; countless thoughts emerged out of thin air and his memories flashed past continuously.

If his mind was like a deep pond during normal times, then right now, the rapidly increasing thoughts were like a huge waterfall crashing down into this deep pond.

Thoughts surged madly, creating waves after waves!

This feeling was incomparably wonderful, and Fang Yuan was not able to find an accurate word to describe it.

The memories buried deep within his mind started to emerge one after another, the dust on them removed as they realistically and vividly appeared in his mind.

Great numbers of inspirational lights flashed past and all sorts of lively ideas emerged in Fang Yuan's mind. Some problems and doubts regarding cultivation were being instantly solved under the inspirational lights.

An extremely strong self-confidence involuntarily arose in Fang Yuan's mind.

This was an indescribably wonderful feeling, as if everything was within his control, as if there were no problems he could not solve…..

This was a special 'power' that people could not help but be deeply addicted to.

"Lad, wake up quickly, I also know how intoxicating this feeling is, but if you don't want to die, don't lose yourself in it! Look at yourself quickly!" Mo Yao shouted.

This voice awakened Fang Yuan, and when he looked at himself, he was pale with horror!

In just a short moment, his body had become weak and exhausted, his glossy forehead now had wrinkles, his strong arms gave a feeling of being old and decayed and were turning even more weak.

If not for Mo Yao's reminder, Fang Yuan might have lost himself in that wonderful feeling and overlooked the changes to his body.

"This Gu is...?!" Fang Yuan thought of an incomparably shocking answer, and at the same time, used his movement Gu to quickly retreat!

True inheritance secluded domain did not prohibit the use of Gu worms.

The supreme true inheritance also was not chasing Fang Yuan and just continued to fly on its path.

Fang Yuan rapidly pulled distance with it before fearfully looking at this supreme true inheritance that was flying far away, cutting open the dark space.

"This is only the aura of a supreme true inheritance and it almost made me lose myself and die. How difficult would its test be?" Fang Yuan exclaimed in shock.

He could not even get near human qi Gu, an unparalleled true inheritance. There was no need to speak of supreme true inheritance; let alone approaching it, just by nearing it a little, the aura it leaked out almost took his life.

Just like Mo Yao said, Fang Yuan as a mortal was too weak!

This inheritance was definitely a great thing but he did not have the strength to bear it. It was like a bee picking honey, if the honey was as big as a fist, the bee would instead drown to death.

"The Immortal Gu of this supreme true inheritance, could it be… that legendary Gu?" Fang Yuan spoke with almost eighty percent certainty. But this answer was too shocking, making him somewhat unable to believe it.

"Hehehe." Mo Yao laughed, "Lad, your guess is correct. Even I did not dare to believe it back then, but the truth is right before your eyes, there is no choice but to believe it! Right, the Immortal Gu contained in this supreme true inheritance is the rank nine Gu of legend, wisdom Gu!"

Wisdom Gu!

It was recorded in <>.

This was a rank nine Immortal Gu which could give endless wisdom to the Gu Master!

But the price to use it was extremely high.

The legends of Ren Zu clearly recorded that Ren Zu and Desolate Ancient Moon had to give their middle age to it to obtain its help.

In other words, using wisdom Gu meant using up lifespan!

Fang Yuan had not even approached it, but his lifespan had been worn down rapidly; wrinkles appeared and his body aged in just a short period of time.

In regards to Fang Yuan, wisdom Gu was a true death god!

"I really don't know how Giant Sun Immortal Venerable obtained it back then and even more, what heaven defying methods did he use to seal it here. No wonder Giant Sun Immortal Venerable thought up all kinds of methods to extend lifespan, he must have used wisdom Gu a lot." Fang Yuan was deeply moved.

Mo Yao instead sighed: "Giant Sun Immortal Venerable probably used wisdom Gu for one reason - to extend lifespan. Unfortunately, the more wisdom Gu was used, the shorter his lifespan became, and in the end, he did not obtain the solution he wanted as well."

According to the historical records, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable lived for over eight thousand years before dying.

Eight thousand years was already a result on the middle to upper level among rank nine venerables. Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable who had the longest lifespan, lived for twenty-five thousand years. The one with the shortest lifespan was Red Lotus Demon Venerable who only lived for three thousand years.

Other venerables generally had a lifespan of around seven thousand years.

"There are three supreme true inheritances in true inheritance secluded domain. Tell me, what are the other two like? I really want to experience them." Fang Yuan's eyes let out an indescribable radiance.

Mo Yao felt something wrong with his tone, and quickly persuaded: "Lad, don't have stupid thoughts, pick up an ordinary true inheritance quickly and leave! You have the ten-edge owner token and can only take away an ordinary true inheritance anyway. Even if you pass the test of an unparalleled true inheritance, you cannot take them. Don't even mention supreme true inheritances, your weak body that can be blown away by the wind cannot even endure their aura!"

Fang Yuan laughed loudly: "Your words make me even more interested to see them! This opportunity is extremely rare, I am afraid I won't get another chance if I miss it this time."

"Brat, have you gone mad? Do you not know you lost at least two years of your lifespan just a few moments ago! If you continue squandering time like this, and the true inheritances start flying with the speed of a meteor, you won't be able to get anything, and you might even lose your life!" Mo Yao was anxious.

Fang Yuan kept on laughing without being moved.

He continued to wander, detouring far away when he saw ordinary true inheritances and unparalleled true inheritances, with not even a bit of intention to take them.

Mo Yao's will became more anxious: "You lunatic! Heavens, what in the world are you thinking in your brain? You are letting so many true inheritances go away just to broaden your horizons? You idiot, if you die, what should I do? What about Water Pavilion?"

"If I die, this will of yours will also not be able to survive, but you can rest easy, you still have a will left in Water Pavilion. You can wait for a fated person and entrust this precious task upon them." Fang Yuan unhurriedly replied.

Mo Yao tried to persuade him again, but Fang Yuan was adamant in doing things his own way.

He kept on exploring non-stop, and after several days, the true inheritances were moving faster; Fang Yuan went into dangerous situations every now and then.

Several times, he faced the danger of losing his life, but narrowly managed to escape in the end.

Mo Yao had been trying to persuade him the whole time, the anxiety making her go mad: "Lad, I surrender, you are truly stubborn! Alright, you don't have to continue, I will tell you about the other two supreme true inheritances."

"The first is a luck path inheritance founded by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, using his unique luck path attainment, he was able to become invincible in the world! Second is the control rights of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. This tower was refined by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable and Long Hair Ancestor; it can plunder the Gu worms of a region, there would be endless Gu cultivation resources for one who obtains it!"

She was truly anxious.

Normally, she might not necessarily be in the mood to provide such inside details to Fang Yuan even if he asked. Now, however, she revealed it, afraid Fang Yuan would continue acting foolishly.

But what she was afraid of happened.

Fang Yuan chuckled and as if he had not heard anything, continued to wander.

Several days later, the true inheritances' flying speed was already as fast as birds. It was extremely easy for Fang Yuan to evade one or two, but true inheritance secluded domain seemed to be shrinking and all sizes of true inheritances had to fly in the narrowing space. The long tails of all sorts of colorful lights they dragged were almost interweaving a thinly spread light web. Fang Yuan could only survive moving through the cracks of it.

At this stage, Fang Yuan was using all his concentration and did not dare to relax for even a moment, for a moment of carelessness would lead to the tragedy of his death.

"Leave quickly. You can't even take away ordinary true inheritances now. As long as you continue to stay here, the danger will increase by each second. Sigh, you have actually gone crazy in such a crucial moment!" Mo Yao was getting dispirited from all the persuading.

Fang Yuan's gaze was burning, suddenly asking: "Tell me, is there a possibility I can find an opportunity to reap benefits when two true inheritances collide?"

Mo Yao was stunned upon listening to this.

But soon, she shouted in a shrill voice: "You fool, you idiot! Would the grand Giant Sun Immortal Venerable commit such a clear mistake? So you were thinking like that, I overestimated you! I overestimated you too much! You have clearly become a victim of your own ingenuity, how could there be such an obvious loophole for you to exploit? You have thought too wishfully, you are too naive!"

"Eh, so it was just my wishful thinking." Fang Yuan chuckled, his expression undisturbed as he continued to explore.

Actually, he had already known this, but intentionally said it to provoke Mo Yao.

"Why are you still not leaving? Are you looking to die?!" Mo Yao was provoked and was completely driven mad by Fang Yuan.

"Whether I die or not is my matter, it is none of your concern. You have already died, why is a dead person making such a din?" Fang Yuan indifferently ridiculed her; his expression still tranquil as if the one in danger was not him.

"Damn it! Scoundrel! Idiot!" Mo Yao's face flushed with rage and started hurling out curses.


Right at this time, an explosion suddenly occurred a great distance away.

Fang Yuan gazed at the source of the sound, seeing two true inheritances colliding which then sprang towards different directions.

Fang Yuan was dumbstruck.

He had not expected his nonsensical words to come true, true inheritances actually collided!

Especially when one of the inheritances seemed to be a supreme true inheritance!!

Mo Yao was also dumbstruck.

"How is this possible?" Her voice rose an octave higher into an ear-piercing sound that had no demeanor of a refinement path grandmaster, "Back then, when I explored this place, why did not I encounter such a good thing?!"

But soon, her eyes opened wide, coming to a realization: "So it was like that! That is the luck path supreme true inheritance, back then I did all I could to open up a crack in it to obtain the fortune rivalling heaven Gu, but in the end it flew away. I could only use the other inheritances I obtained to settle for the second best option, refining calamity beckoning Gu!"

Mo Yao had created a crack in this supreme true inheritance, because it was no longer in a perfect state, the original balance was tilted, allowing true inheritances to collide into one another.


Another sound of a collision.

Fang Yuan's eyes opened wide, this collision seemed to have caused a Gu to fly out from the luck path supreme true inheritance?

Fang Yuan was stumped: "What is that?"

Mo Yao was also stupefied before shouting: "That is a luck path Gu worm, what are being dazed for, aren't you going to take it?"

Fang Yuan, however, hesitated: "If I try to take this Gu, wouldn't I be met with the luck path true inheritance's test?"

Luck path true inheritance was a supreme true inheritance, Fang Yuan would never be able to endure its test.

"What damned test! The collision has enlarged the crack in the true inheritance light lump, it is breaking down. Take it and leave quickly, if you don't leave now, you are going to die here!" Mo Yao shouted.

Fang Yuan chuckled and moved forward, dodging here and there, before being able to approach with great difficulty and pick up that Gu worm.

This was a rank five mortal Gu and not an Immortal Gu.

"Lad, you are still not leaving?!" Mo Yao was almost howling by now.

"Haha, what's the rush." Fang Yuan laughed heartily, but did not leave, instead staying within true inheritance secluded domain, observing everywhere.

"Looking at the time, with the current chaos, it is almost ready." he mumbled.

"Lad, what did you say?"

Mo Yao had just spoken when Fang Yuan sprinkled many Gu worms which activated together to form a whirlpool.

The whirlpool let out a majestic force of attraction, absorbing all the true inheritance lights.

Several breaths later, the whirlpool slowed down and crumbled with a loud sound, revealing a door.

"All according to plan!" Fang Yuan threw himself in without hesitation.

The next moment.

He saw the land spirit!


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