Reverend Insanity
600 Supreme True Inheritance!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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600 Supreme True Inheritance!

Chapter 600: Supreme True Inheritance!
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

"Unparalleled true inheritance!" Fang Yuan's gaze brightened upon looking at the lump of burning white light in the distance.

He quickly took out special will Gu and a big soul worm. He condensed a will and moved it into the big soul worm, looking as it flew towards the true inheritance light lump.

"Unparalleled true inheritances far surpass ordinary true inheritances, I want to see what is so different about it." Fang Yuan was waiting expectantly.

But an unexpected thing happened.

As the big soul worm approached closer to the true inheritance light lump, Fang Yuan sensed his connection with the big soul worm was weakening.

When the big soul worm had not even reached three hundred steps from the light lump, the connection between it and Fang Yuan had thoroughly broken.

"This… What is this situation?" Fang Yuan was startled, looking at the unparalleled true inheritance flying away leisurely in its original orbit. And the big soul worm he had released showed no signs of movement, being completely still. Saying it was dead was also not appropriate, but no matter how Fang Yuan commanded it, it quietly hovered without the slightest bit of response.

"Eh? This unparalleled true inheritance is not simple, be careful." Mo Yao's will also gave a sound of surprise and warned Fang Yuan.

"What is going on?" Fang Yuan curiously and cautiously approached the big soul worm, picking it up for examination.

There was no signs of injury on the big soul worm, but the will that had been instilled into it was completely gone.

Big soul worm was a rank two Gu; and its wild will was removed after being refined by Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's will occupied its body, thus he could maneuver it like moving his fingers.

But right now, Fang Yuan's will that was in it, refined into special will by using special will Gu, had inexplicably disintegrated with not even a trace remaining.

The big soul worm had become completely ownerless, anyone would be able to send a trace of their will and instantly refine it.

This was also the reason why Fang Yuan could not command it regardless of what he did.

The previous several times, Fang Yuan had exploited special will to probe out true inheritances, ingeniously avoiding the test of the true inheritance. This method had been proved successful time and time again, he had never expected it to fail before even verifying the unparalleled true inheritance.

What was this unparalleled true inheritance hiding that could completely clear Fang Yuan's will?

"Ah, I remember! So it was this." Just as Fang Yuan was hesitating, Mo Yao suddenly spoke up.

She laughed coquettishly: "Kid, should I say it is your good luck or bad luck? There are not many unparalleled true inheritances but there are not few either, and what you are encountering now is the most special among them."

"Please advise me." Fang Yuan's expression turned calm.

"I saw this true inheritance before and it also left behind a deep impression on me. Back then, even I had to expend a lot of effort to approach it. Hehehe, inside it is a rank seven Immortal Gu Giant Sun Immortal Venerable personally refined, called human qi Gu. Its ability is mysterious and could even be said to be strange, even I had to spend a lot to investigate it clearly." Mo Yao sighed.

While Mo Yao was alive, she had been a rank seven Gu Immortal, a fairy of Spirit Affinity House with awe-inspiring reputation.

However, she had to pay a considerable price to approach this true inheritance. Fang Yuan was only a mortal now, it was natural for him to not even be able to approach it.

"Human qi Gu…" Fang Yuan pondered over this crucial name.

He had a realization and asked: "Could it have some relationship with the three elements of immortal ascension?"

"Lad, your guess is correct." Mo Yao sighed and explained, "In the advancement to Gu Immortal, the three qi of heaven, earth and human are particularly crucial. When advancing into a Gu Immortal, you would need to completely shatter your aperture and take in the heaven qi and earth qi. The more heaven qi and earth qi you can take in, the higher your chance of succeeding. But heaven qi and earth qi cannot be accumulated limitlessly, they need to be on an equal level with human qi."

"And human qi is the sum of the Gu Master's own accumulation. The Gu Master's battle strength, toughness of their physical body, the depth of their soul, familiarity with Gu worms, understanding of heaven and earth, awareness of their own nature as well as luck, talent, aptitude, fortuitous encounters, insights and so on would transform into human qi when advancing to Gu Immortal."

"The more the Gu Master has accumulated, the more human qi they would have. The more human qi there is, the more heaven and earth qi they can take in, and the higher their chance of advancing to Gu Immortal. And this human qi Gu's purpose is to take in the human qi of other people, purify them and add it to oneself when advancing to Gu Immortal, thereby greatly raising the chance of the breakthrough, as well as deepening the foundation and the potential of Gu Immortals."

Mo Yao's words greatly broadened Fang Yuan's vision.

He could not help but praise: "There is actually such an Immortal Gu, created with such an idea! Terrific!"

In human history, Gu Immortals had always been in extremely few numbers. The difficulty of advancing to a Gu Immortal, among numerous famous rank five Gu Masters, there might only be one who could successfully advance.

Among the crucial keys of advancing to a Gu Immortal, one was at the top - the Gu Master's accumulation.

Many Gu Masters don't have deep accumulation; the human qi they could condense when advancing to Gu Immortal would be very little but the amount of heaven and earth qi instead appears in very high amounts. As such, the balance would not be reached, heaven and earth qi would suppress and swallow the human qi, finally the Gu Master would be assimilated by heaven and earth and perish.

But if there was human qi Immortal Gu, this difficult test would be eliminated.

By collecting other's human qi, purifying them and gathering it into one's body; even if the accumulation is not enough, it would not matter.

One could say, with human qi Immortal Gu, the chances of advancing to Gu Immortal would increase to the extreme, raising the numbers of Gu Immortals.

And raising the numbers of Gu Immortals would mean a distinct increase in a region's strength.

No doubt, this was a Gu that could change the battle situation of the five regions! As long as the news was leaked, all super forces would fanatically rush over like ducks.

However, human qi Immortal Gu was too strong, it was at rank seven, higher than the Spring Autumn Cicada currently.

Fang Yuan had a mortal body, he could not endure the might of human qi Immortal Gu.

His will had been devoured by the Immortal Gu before it was even able to approach it, purified into a negligible amount of human qi and stored.

If not for Mo Yao giving the information, Fang Yuan would still be in the dark and unknowing of what happened.

"Human qi Gu is definitely good, but it does not suit me." Fang Yuan regretfully glanced one final time at the burning white light lump and sighed, shaking his head before leaving in another direction without the least bit of reluctance.

Human qi Gu's realm was too high, Fang Yuan simply did not have the qualifications to control it.

Man is the spirit of all living beings; Gu is the essence of heaven and earth. To Gu Masters, Gu were tools. But human qi Immortal Gu was too strong; if it was an ice blade, Fang Yuan was an infant, he would be frozen by the cold aura let out by the ice blade before he even approached it.

"The most crucial point is that I cannot use human qi Immortal Gu. I need to breakthrough from mortal to advance to Gu Immortal, before that I simply cannot handle human qi Gu. And if I become a Gu Immortal, what would I need human qi Gu for?" Helping others?"

Human qi Immortal Gu was not suitable for the lone Fang Yuan. Only those super forces would need it.

Unless Fang Yuan formed his own force.

He slowly flew around in the true inheritance secluded domain.

Fang Yuan gradually comprehended something and said after a moment of silence: "Mo Yao, I realized the danger you spoke of."

"Hehehe." Mo Yao smiled, not surprised, "When Gu Masters enter the true inheritance secluded domain, every time they come in contact with a true inheritance or the longer the time they stay here, the faster these true inheritances would move around. Thus, urging the Gu Masters to quickly choose a true inheritance. By the end, the true inheritances would move as fast as meteors, Gu Masters simply would not be able to capture them. Because of this, the Gu Masters could lose their lives at any minute."

Pausing a while, Mo Yao continued: "And the danger to life originates from the true inheritances. You saw the unparalleled true inheritance just before. Your will had not even neared it before it was refined into human qi by human qi Immortal Gu. Think about it, if it crashes into you with the speed of a meteor, you won't have any time to dodge, what will happen then?"

Fang Yuan lightly snorted.

He could completely imagine that scene.

If a mortal body was struck by the burning white light lump, no matter their physical body, soul or will, everything would probably disintegrate and be refined into human qi.

"Like I said before, you are too weak, only at the mortal realm. Even the tests of the ordinary true inheritances are a difficult hurdle to you. Unparalleled true inheritances are even more troublesome. Let me tell you, there is a higher level of inheritance above unparalleled true inheritance - Supreme True Inheritance." Mo Yao revealed a sensational piece of information.

"Supreme true inheritance?!"

"In this whole true inheritance secluded domain, there are only three supreme true inheritances." Mo Yao sighed with deep emotions, seemingly immersed in the depths of her memory, "It is simply impossible for a mortal to receive these three supreme true inheritances. The difficulty of an unparalleled true inheritance is already extremely high, moreover Imperial Court blessed land prohibits the entry of Gu Immortals. This is also the reason for Eighty-Eight True Yang Building being able to stand tall for so long, among the eighty-eight true inheritances, there are still over half remaining."

Fang Yuan carefully pondered and approved of Mo Yao's words.

Entering true inheritance secluded domain was extremely difficult, and the opportunity was very uncertain. First of all, one needed to be the winner of the Imperial Court contest held every ten years. Secondly, they needed to complete at least ten floors of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. Finally, after entering, they still needed to successfully pass the test of the true inheritance.

In other words, every ten years, among the many heroes of northern plains, there would only be one who would rise above others and take control of the owner token.

Simply relying on the owner token was still not enough, the winner must have a strong force which should not be exhausted too greatly in the Imperial Court contest, and also should have enough experts beside him. His force should have enough talents in all fields and involving a wide range of paths, only then could he hope to pass ten floors.

After fortunately being able to enter true inheritance secluded domain, the tests of the true inheritances would further wipe away a batch of these winners.

The tests were very difficult, even Fang Yuan, a reborn old monster, almost suffered a setback, let alone these people.

What was more absurd was that even if they passed the test, would that true inheritance be coincidentally suitable for them?

Not necessarily.

Those who could reach this step were usually dragons among dragons, phoenixes among phoenixes, heroes among heroes, with all three aspects of aptitude, talent and fortuitous encounters. Such characters would have extremely high aspirations, and would naturally think about it a lot and look through more options.

As such, by the time they could no longer stay within true inheritance secluded domain, it would be too late for regret.

Who is to say they might not die here?

"The true inheritances' flying speed is getting faster, you have one more chance left. No matter which true inheritance it is, take it quickly and leave… eh?! Not good, leave!" Just as she was persuading him, Mo Yao's tone suddenly changed and let out a startled cry.

Fang Yuan turned his head around to take a glance and saw a true inheritance, the size of an adult man, blossoming with all kinds of mysterious colors, whizzing towards him. In the dark secluded domain, it had a very long dazzling and burning tail trailing behind it.

A light lump the size of a large bowl was an ordinary true inheritance.

A basin sized light lump was an unparalleled true inheritance.

Then what was a light lump the size of an adult?

Fang Yuan instantly thought of the name - Supreme True Inheritance!

In the whole true inheritance secluded domain, only three supreme true inheritances existed, and now, one was heading towards Fang Yuan!


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