Reverend Insanity
599 Longevity, Hard, Hard, Hard
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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599 Longevity, Hard, Hard, Hard

Chapter 599: Longevity, Hard, Hard, Hard
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The third true inheritance had huge value, because it talked about the method of extending lifespan.

The saying goes: Better to live a bad life than have a good death.

Unless there were special reasons, there was nobody who wanted to stop living or not live longer.

Gu Masters, although they could cultivate, and reaching rank six would improve the essence of their life, they could not gain lifespan directly.

Ever since the way of Gu had developed, countless talents had tried all sorts of methods to create a method to extend their own lifespan.

Like First Gen Gu Yue on Qing Mao mountain who chose to become a zombie. Or the demonic path Gu Master in southern border Century Boy, using the return to childhood Gu on himself to maintain a child's appearance and reduce the speed of the loss of his lifeforce.

These were only mortal methods, Gu Immortals had even more mystical methods.

This third inheritance was a lifespan increasing method targeted at Gu Immortals. The person who created it was none other than Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

A lifespan increasing method created by an Immortal Venerable! One could imagine the value of this true inheritance!

According to the content, on a certain year, month, and day, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had an inspiration, and it created a brilliant idea.

He named this immortal art — Possession.

The core was a rank six possession Immortal Gu! Other than that, there were about three thousand rank five mortal Gu of all kinds.

"To think that possession Immortal Gu's origin is actually here." Fang Yuan looked at this with a palpitating heart, in his previous life, during the chaotic battle of the five regions, possession Immortal Gu had been extremely well-known, many high ranking Gu Immortals managed to extend their lifespan and that changed the situation of the five regions battle.

Although possession Immortal Gu was rank six, it was a crucial Gu worm that could change the very structure of the world!

In an instant, Fang Yuan had a sudden urge — this is the origin of the possession Immortal Gu, as long as he took it and grasped the origin, in the future during the five region battle, he would be able to sell this possession Immortal Gu and gain a terrifying profit!

Especially with his previous life's memories, he knew who had the greatest need for this possession Immortal Gu, as long as he planned properly, the benefits were unthinkable!

But soon, Fang Yuan calmed down.

The special will on the big soul worm sent even more information.

This true inheritance was only an empty shell, the possession Immortal Gu inside along with the three thousand mortal Gu had all been taken away by someone already.

Inside Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, there were eighty-eight true inheritances that were set up by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

But after so many years, a portion of them had already been taken by people. Mo Yao had once said, during her time, when she explored Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, out of the eighty-eight true inheritances, only fifty-three were left.

Mo Yao was an expert from ten thousand years ago, as Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's rounds were hard to pass, for every ten years of the Imperial Court contest, there were very few occasions in which a winner reached ten-edges. But even so, after so many years, there were some capable individuals who managed to enter the true inheritance secluded domain.

The number of true inheritances left now was definitely smaller than fifty-three.

"Eh? This is…" While communicating with the special will on the big soul worm, Fang Yuan's pupils expanded suddenly.

Although the true inheritance was taken away, Fang Yuan's special will still made some shocking discoveries.

"Using the soul to take over a body, it is nothing but a struggle at death's door, death is still unavoidable. To extend one's life, lifespan Gu is the best option. The road of a Gu Immortal is filled with calamities and tribulations, it is hard for the body to resist them, and it is hard for the soul to exist independently, the maintenance of longevity means the defiance of heaven… it is hard, hard, hard!"

Inside the true inheritance, there was such a paragraph.

These words directly criticized Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's method of possession, the tone was simply too arrogant! After looking at multitudes of lifespan extending methods, lifespan Gu still remained as the best choice. The final three 'hard' words, were truly filled with emotions.

Finally, the person who wrote this also left his name — Spectral Soul Demon Venerable!

Seeing this name, one would feel that it was only natural for the criticism to exist.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had the same status, they were both rank nine Gu Masters. But Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was an Immortal Venerable during the medieval antiquity era, while Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was a Demon Venerable who appeared after Giant Sun.

Two hundred thousand years after Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's demise, the demonic path venerable Spectral Soul who had the greatest nature for murder was born. Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had such a huge reputation, when Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was invincible in the world, he naturally found his way into Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, it was nothing strange.

"Don't tell me possession Immortal Gu was taken by Spectral Soul Demon Venerable? No, the possibility is very slim. Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was the creator of soul path, he was the greatest expert in terms of souls, not even Giant Sun Immortal Venerable could match him in that. From the words that Spectral Soul Demon Venerable left behind, he had no interest in the possession method at all. He wanted to exist alongside heaven and earth, but he as one person was facing increasing difficulties one after another, seeing that a predecessor had also searched for a longevity method, he felt some deep emotions and left behind these words." Fang Yuan analyzed.

Even rank nine venerables invincible in the universe during their time could not resist the flow of time.

Time was the greatest enemies of heroes and beauties.

Lifespan Gu was hard to find, their location was fixed, and they were produced in limited supply, only heaven and earth could create them naturally.

The rank nine venerables searched the lands, using up all of the lifespan Gu, but failed to find new lifespan Gu, thus they can only find new ways to extend their lives.

The number one people in this world, behind their invincible authority, there was the sadness and anxiety towards their limited lifespan.

Thus, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's possession technique made Spectral Soul Demon Venerable lament about the difficulty of longevity.

"Even Immortal Venerables or Demon Venerables, such invincible beings, cannot escape the fate of death. Sigh… the wheel of fortune goes round and round, they may rule for generation after generation, but after their primes they will inevitably break down, and those at rock bottom can have their fortunes reverse. In this world, can there be any eternal existences?" In his mind, Mo Yao had a heavy emotion as she sighed deeply.

But this was not what Fang Yuan thought.

He had an eerie gaze: "The Great Dao of heaven and earth focuses on the balance of all beings, and the restraints they place on each other. But when a Gu Master cultivates, they search all over the world and gather resources, using them to promote the growth of oneself, thus this is really the path that defies the way of heaven. Maybe this is why tribulations and calamities occur. But precisely so, eternal life that surpasses longevity is the goal that is worth my pursuit!"

Thinking so, there was a fire burning in his heart, becoming brighter and hotter!

Immortal Venerables and Demon Venerables could only have a long life, but his goal was the greater level of eternal life! This was a realm that venerables could not reach.

Using a phrase from Fang Yuan's previous world, that would be 'competing against heaven, competing against earth, competing against humans, the joy is endless!'

Water can only produce beautiful waves when they hit on rocks, people can only feel the joy in life when they engage in competition.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, he was only rank six, close to seven.

Towards the rank nine existences, he had never looked up to them, he only felt a strong aspiration in his heart.

Here, he saw another side of the venerables: fatigue, weakness, helplessness. These made his fighting spirit surge to another level!

The true inheritance ahead of him was empty, it was not worth wasting time for.

Fang Yuan continued searching.

Next, he found two ordinary inheritances, they were all involving wisdom path.

These two true inheritances had two rank six Immortal Gu respectively.

One was 'false emotion fake will Gu', and the other was 'loving affection Gu."

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's wisdom path attainment was very profound, this was a well known fact. Especially in terms of emotion Gu, he had expanded it and created many new Gu recipes.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable created a harem and collected beauties, making girls all over the world fall for him, this showed the power of his emotion Gu.

These two inheritances were not what Fang Yuan wanted, he chose to let go.

"Strange, didn't you say that there were not only ordinary true inheritances, but also unparalleled inheritances in this secluded domain? After searching for such a long time, why haven't I found one?" Fang Yuan was confused and asked Mo Yao.

During this period, Mo Yao had not said a word, she seemed to have taken a blow from the possession immortal art, her fighting spirit had dwindled and she had hidden in Fang Yuan's mind without showing herself.

Hearing Fang Yuan's words, she showed her figure and said plainly: "Hmph, how long has it been, you are already impatient? Back in my day, I searched for a whole three months. The secluded domain is extremely huge, and all the inheritances are moving around, there are only a few unparalleled true inheritances, it is normal that you have not found one. Have some patience, lad."

Fang Yuan asked again: "Actually, you came here before, what good inheritances did you find, give me some details about it."

This was his true question.

"Hmph, I saw many inheritances of course, but here, the true inheritances fly around random with no pattern, there is no use in telling you, you can only rely on your luck to search. Heh, beware of the time, the more inheritances you come into contact with, or the longer you stay here, the faster these true inheritances fly, and the more dangerous your situation becomes. Back then, with my Gu Immortal realm, I could only stay for three months, and nearly died here."

As Mo Yao said this, her tone was filled with lingering fear.

"Even you almost died here?" Fang Yuan saw the main point in her words.

"Lad, you are a mortal, you are too weak. I estimate that you can only check eight true inheritances, and can stay for at most a month. Right now, you have already seen five inheritances, you have to be careful!" Mo Yao vaguely reminded him.

"What was it that threatened the life of a grand Gu Immortal like yourself?" Fang Yuan asked.

But Mo Yao only smiled tenderly, saying, "If you are fated for it, you will know when you experience it," before concealing herself.

Fang Yuan's expression turned slightly grim.

He had always held a suspicion.

In the video in his previous life, there were eleven Gu Immortals from central continent, but after they entered the true inheritance secluded domain, after the omitted parts, there were only nine of them who reappeared, all with injuries.

Does that mean, the two missing had died in the secluded domain?

Sometimes, having this Mo Yao's will was advantageous.

Fang Yuan had gotten Mo Yao's reminder and became more careful, slowly investigating.

Three days later, he got close to the sixth true inheritance, and used the special will Gu and big soul worm to obtain the information inside the true inheritance.

This inheritance came from Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, it was similar to the third inheritance in that they were both lifespan extending immortal arts.

It involved a new path that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had created from researching Ren Zu, he called it 'yin-yang path'.

To use this method, two Gu Immortals, one male and one female, have to cooperate and copulate, to achieve the result of one of their lifespans increasing.

But there was a flaw.

If one gains lifespan, the other must lose the same amount.

In other words, it was transferring the lifespan of one person to another.

This inheritance had also been taken by others already.

The popularity of lifespan extending methods could be seen clearly here.

"This is the sixth true inheritance." Fang Yuan muttered, thinking of Mo Yao's reminder.

According to Fang Yuan's endurance, he could see eight true inheritances at most, beyond this number, a huge crisis would descend upon him.

If he wanted to obtain a true inheritance, Fang Yuan needed to be careful now.

After all, he only had two chances left, and at the same time he needed to be wary of the inheritance being emptied out already.

Thirteen days later, Fang Yuan found the seventh true inheritance.

This true inheritance light lump was the size of a washing basin, it was shining brightly in white light and had a stronger aura compared to ordinary inheritances.

"Lad, this will broaden your vision, this is an unparalleled true inheritance!" In his mind, Mo Yao said.


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