Reverend Insanity
596 Preparations from long ago, Mo Yao’s shock and suspicion
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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596 Preparations from long ago, Mo Yao’s shock and suspicion

Chapter 596: Preparations from long ago, Mo Yao’s shock and suspicion
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The refinement path Gu Masters had solemn expressions while quickly moving into formation. Grey rays of light gradually blossomed and merged into one.

Under everyone's expectant gaze, Hei Lou Lan waved his hand and threw the two-edge owner token into the air.

The owner token floated in midair, and the giant grey radiance which had been condensed in the round formation shot towards the owner token.

The grey radiance was so dazzling that one could not look at it directly.

"Haha, this is the moment." Fang Yuan had been observing this from the outside, and sent a thought at this time.

The two-edge owner token immediately disappeared, landing in his hand the next moment.

He was in control of this floor, teleporting a small owner token was as simple as breathing.

Without the owner token, the grey radiance immediately collapsed and the killer move grey meltdown forcibly ended; the refinement path Gu Masters in the round formation gave a frightened howl, puffing out blood, with almost all of them dying from the backlash in that instant.


Hei Lou Lan, who was in the center of the formation was no exception to this, spurting out a mouthful of blood and retreating back several large steps like he had received a heavy impact.

"My owner token!" He lost his self control and howled with an extremely shocked, angered and doubtful expression.

Everyone was also stupefied by this change.

Sun Shi Han was baffled, Tang Miao Ming covered her mouth and Pei Yan Fei was also despondent.

Even Mo Yao's will was raving in Fang Yuan's mind: "Brat, what did you do? His owner token has no more than two edges now. Adding in your six edges, it is only eight edges! What are you in such a hurry for? Wouldn't it be good if you had waited for his owner token to rise to four edges?!"

"You don't know shit." Fang Yuan sneered and under the cover of his large sleeve, calmly put away the two-edge owner token.

The whole process happened under the bystanders' gazes, but it was completed in total secret without incurring any suspicion.

"This, what the hell happened!" Ye Lui Sang rushed towards Hei Lou Lan with a fretful expression and asked, "Where is the owner token?"

"I... how would I know!!" Hei Lou Lan's eyes seemed to shoot out flames of anger, his voice raised an octave higher as he burst out with foul language, "What the f*ck happened?!"

In the past records of history, there had never been a situation where the owner token suddenly disappeared!

Grey meltdown had been used so many times by all the large forces and the winners in the past, how could it suddenly fade away in Hei Lou Lan's hand?

"Damn it, how do we go on without the owner token?" Fang Yuan also hurried over at this moment, his brows were furrowed into a knot and he had a genuine and heavily anxious expression, making others sympathize with him.

The killer move which everyone had placed high hopes on failed at the crucial moment. The two-edge owner token was also inexplicably lost.

The green vines' offensive was becoming more fierce like a flash flood, not giving anyone the time for a breather.

Morale had fallen to the abyss and many started fleeing in disorder.

"It's over, we are done for." Xi Xue mumbled.

"Will I die in this place? Is this the final ending?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng laughed bitterly. In this recent period, he was being tormented by his conscience and his body looked extremely weak and thin.

However, the next moment, someone shouted in joy: "We can leave, someone left! We can leave!!"

Fang Yuan did not want to get rid of all these people in one go and left a lifeline, allowing the Gu Masters to freely enter and exit this floor.

If Hei tribe was completely annihilated, he would definitely attract the all-out revenge of Hei tribe's Gu Immortals.

Moreover, Fang Yuan still required Tai Bai Yun Sheng to refine landscape as before Gu.

Therefore the collapsed and despairing army started retreating.

"I am actually alive!"

"This time was too terrifying, I don't want to enter there again."

"Boo hoo hoo….father, you died so miserably."

The plaza around the True Yang Building became a scene of gloomy misery.

Hei Lou Lan had convened a large army and entered the tower with grand and vigorous momentum, but such a change while leaving the tower was beyond the expectations of almost everyone.

Hei Lou Lan's expression was ashen as he glanced at the plaza before leaving without any words.

Hei tribesmen followed behind him, silent and heads lowered.

Ye Lui Sang heaved a long sigh and shook his head, leaving the plaza.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng had a complex expression as he looked at Hei Lou Lan's receding figure: "After this expedition, it will probably be difficult to form a presentable party within a short period of time."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was wrong.

The very next day, Hei Lou Lan again formed a large army and attacked the second round.

So what if he lost the owner token?

Even if he could not use grey meltdown, he could use brute force to pass the round!

Hei Lou Lan had deceived two great Gu Immortals in his pledge to take revenge; he could no longer turn back.

He must force himself to continue on!

However, during the night of the defeat, Fang Yuan had quietly entered Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

"You are too impatient, you now only have eight edges. What can you do now!" Mo Yao sneered in his mind.

Fang Yuan walked slowly along the secret treasury corridor while gently touching the crystal wall, looking on as treasure after treasure swept past his gaze.

He had a slight smile on his face, replying calmly to Mo Yao's will: "You are an impressive refinement path grandmaster, a fairy of Spirit Affinity House, just speak clearly if you want to ask, why probe so superficially?"

Mo Yao heard this and immediately changed her expression, smiling coquettishly: "Young man, looks like you already have a plan…"

"That goes without saying." Fang Yuan's steps paused and he lightly stroked the right crystal wall, taking out a treasure stored within.

Ever since he had refined the guest halt stele, he could take out any treasures around this distance.

Fang Yuan walked a few steps further and took out three Gu worms on top of that.

He then moved to the left crystal wall and took out the objects within.

As this went on, Fang Yuan had taken out tens of Gu recipes, over a hundred Gu worms, all kinds of information on inheritances and over twenty documents on cultivation insights.

Fang Yuan kept around eighty of the Gu worms outside while sending the rest into storage Gu worms.

Mo Yao had observed the whole process quietly, getting more curious as time went on. These Gu worms that Fang Yuan left out here did not match together, she really could not tell what he was doing.

The video of central continent's Gu Immortals attacking Imperial Court blessed land in his previous life appeared in Fang Yuan's mind.

There were altogether eleven Gu Immortals who attacked Imperial Court blessed land, men and women, each with extraordinary presence.

A female immortal was the leader, a domineering aura lingered around her which pressured people; other Gu Immortals were cautious and respectful towards her.

She was known as Fairy Black Moon. A half-mask covered her nose, mouth and cheeks, only revealing the upper half of her face which showed her strong contours, sharp and long brows, bright eyes and a heroic aura. A dark gold armor covered her whole body, bringing a heavy feeling of suppression on any that looked at it.

Fang Yuan's current actions were replicating Fairy Black Moon's actions to the smallest details.

The treasures he took out were actually of great background. Countless years back, central continent's Gu Immortals sent outstanding Gu Masters to infiltrate into northern plains; the Gu Masters would pass some rounds with high grade evaluation, entering the treasure room and arranging these treasures here.

The whole process consumed close to a millenium.

Fang Yuan walked past the guest halt stele, and walked over three hundred steps into the long crystal corridor before stopping.

"It is here." He looked around him and after confirming it, began to put the Gu worms he had taken earlier into the crystal wall. Whether it was left or right, top or under his feet, they were placed in a certain pattern.

As for the original treasures within the crystal wall, Fang Yuan took some, left some and shifted the position of some.

"This, could it be…." Mo Yao was bewildered; she had been watching carefully and had gradually inferred some clues with her refinement path grandmaster attainment.

In the range of tens of steps, after Fang Yuan's adjustments, the Gu worms in the crystal wall had ingeniously formed a formation.

"Right, this is precisely the refinement path killer move grey meltdown. No, to be even more exact, this killer move originates from grey meltdown but its effects are much stronger!" Fang Yuan chuckled.

"What in the world are you trying to do?" Mo Yao asked.

Fang Yuan's gazed eerily, a confident smile appearing on his face: "Just watch."

He then sent out several Gu worms which floated in the air.

The Gu worms in the surrounding walls started to shake slightly one by one.

Dust seemed to rise up in the air.

The dust gradually became denser till it formed a thick grey fog.

The grey fog kept on accumulating and soon entirely submerged Fang Yuan; he could not even see his own hands.

Fang Yuan stood within the grey fog with his eyes closed and his right hand clutching the six-edge owner token, as he tried to carefully sense something.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and shouted: "Come back, Fixed Immortal Travel!"


The crystal corridor shook strongly and Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had a sudden tremor.

The twenty-first floor where seventeen rounds still remained, disintegrated into nothingness.

The rewards for the seventeen rounds penetrated through space and appeared before Fang Yuan.

Among them, one Gu worm was dispelling a rank six aura, shining with a green gem-like luster, and flying elegantly like a green jade butterfly.

Its powerful presence pushed the rest of the Gu worms to the side.

What else could it be but Fixed Immortal Travel?

"Immortal Gu! This is Fixed Immortal Travel?!" Mo Yao blurted out.

Fang Yuan stored the other rewards into storage Gu worms while the Immortal Gu Fixed Immortal Travel was left outside, sitting on his shoulder.

Immortal Gu Fixed Immortal Travel was a rank six Gu and at its peak state, his mortal aperture could not store it.

Fang Yuan had not stored flying bear phantom Gu either, instead directly holding it in his pocket.

"There is one more." Fang Yuan licked his lips in excitement.

Another explosive sound rang out.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building shook greatly, the twelve remaining rounds of the thirty-fourth floor were immediately passed!

The rewards appeared in front of Fang Yuan out of thin air and one Gu among them, an Immortal Gu that looked like nothing special, just like a lump of earth, it was —

"Immortal Gu Gruel Mud!" Mo Yao's will blurted out the name.

Fang Yuan laughed and stored the other rewards while putting the Gruel Mud into his pouch.

Back then, he had buried Fixed Immortal Travel and Gruel Mud deep under the ground, waiting for this precise moment.

When Eighty-Eight True Yang Building condensed, it plundered the whole of Northern Plains. This was the arrangement of an Immortal Venerable, his might extended up into the heavens and down into the abyss, nothing could stop his overwhelming force.

Immortal Gu Wooden Chicken had escaped the pursuit of Xue Song Zi and Hei Bai, but was still captured by Eighty-Eight True Yang Building in the end.

The wild Immortal Gu ended up like that while Fang Yuan's meticulously buried Immortal Gu did not even have the will to resist, and were naturally collected by Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

After the capture, they were placed separately as the last rewards for the twenty-first and thirty-fourth floor. But due to Giant Sun's will being in hibernation, the two Immortal Gu had all along been in a half-refined state, just as Fang Yuan had planned for.

"Brat, who in the world are you? Hmph, this is not a small arrangement. You were actually able to mobilize two Immortal Gu. Tell me, which region are you from, which force sent you here?" Mo Yao was unable to hold back after she saw this, and began to ask questions after questions.


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