Reverend Insanity
594 Plan activated!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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594 Plan activated!

Chapter 594: Plan activated!
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Strong winds blew and snow wreaked havoc.

Demon Blood Hill which used to have dark red grass growing all over was now a scene of whiteness.

The lofty hill also had surrendered to the power of ten year's blizzard, appearing weak as a baby.

Roar Roar Roar….

Enormous figures that were as tall as thirty feet, appeared and disappeared in the blizzard. These were monsters that only appeared during the blizzard — snow monsters.

These snow monsters were stronger the larger their size.

A thirty feet tall snow monster could battle a rank three Gu Master. Forty feet tall had the strength of a rank four Gu Master. And fifty feet tall had the terrifying power of a rank five Gu Master.

Following the blizzard, the snow monsters began to devastate the whole of Northern Plains.

They slowly converged together and attacked several surviving areas of Northern Plains, bringing destruction to the dying humans and living beings.

But there is a weakness to everything, snow monsters were snowmen's prey.

Snowmen could rapidly propagate by devouring snow monsters' meat and blood, even prolonging their lifespan.

Hei Bai and Hei Cheng stood on the summit of the Demon Blood Hill for a while.

Their black robes were exceptionally conspicuous in the white snowy land.

Beside them were corpses of hundreds of snow monsters. Unless snow monsters that had reached the height of sixty feet appeared, even in great numbers they could only be trash throwing away their lives when fighting Gu Immortals.

Hei Bai and Hei Cheng had already waited for a long time now.

Suddenly, Hei Bai's expression shook as he got a response, his sharp gaze looking at his left.

There, maelstroms of wind and snow started to form in the air.

Within a blink of an eye, they turned one by one into whole giant hands formed from wind and snow — flying snow hand.

After the enormous flying snow hands condensed completely, they grabbed at Hei Bai and Hei Cheng.

"Haha, we have been waiting for you." Hei Bai laughed brightly and flicked his finger repeatedly, sending out large numbers of rank five Gu worms.

Hei Cheng also made his move.

The enormous flying snow hands grabbed Gu worms and soon each of them clenched tightly. The snow hands crumbled apart while the Gu worms inside disappeared without a trace, captured tightly by a power that took them into Imperial Court blessed land.

Hei tribe's two Gu Immortals did not resist in the slightest and let the Gu worms be taken by the flying snow hands.

Such a situation lasted for a whole hour before all the rank five Gu worms were captured away. Hei Bai and Hei Cheng only then stopped, looking at each other with a smile before flying away rapidly, disappearing into the horizon in a blink of an eye.

"Support has arrived!" After some time, Hei Lou Lan got a response, his gaze burned as he gazed above at Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

At the peak of the sacred palace, an aurora was shaking.

The sixty-eighth floor was still condensing with the hundredth round already being formed before. The still not formed sixty-eighth floor was only in its embryonic stage, the aurora around it continually shook like liquid, holding the large numbers of Gu worms captured just before from outside the blessed land.

A part of these Gu worms were wild Gu whereas a portion came from Hei Cheng and Hei Bai, two Gu Immortals.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building chose the strongest among them to form the ninety-ninth round, ninety-eighth round….

Hei Lou Lan carefully sensed it for a while before slightly frowning: "The two from Hei tribes have already made their move but that Xue Song Zi is still biding his time, hmph!"

He had bribed Xue Song Zi to reach an agreement. One of the contents of the agreement was Xue Song Zi help him at a designated time period.

However, Xue Song Zi was not showing any signs of movement at present.

Hei Lou Lan was displeased, immediately sending a letter through a Gu worm.

Soon, he received the reply.

In the letter, Xue Song Zi complained about how the two Gu Immortals from Hei tribe were pressuring him these days and how his snowman business had taken a dive, already running at a loss. He also added how he had already supported Hei Lou Lan with many rank five Gu for wooden chicken Gu some time ago. And it was beyond his power to send support now.

"Lies!" Hei Lou Lan was furious, almost pinching this letter Gu to death, "There is indeed no one good in the demonic path, they all are treacherous and sly bastards."

But soon, Hei Lou Lan's anger subsided.

Truthfully, he had predicted this.

After all, he was only a mortal while Xue Song Zi was a lofty Gu Immortal. A mortal dealing with a Gu Immortal was like an ant negotiating with an elephant.

The two were simply not at the same level. If the Gu Immortal refused to acknowledge and reneged back on the promise, the mortal could do nothing about it.

Hei Lou Lan was secretly worried.

The sixty-eighth floor was in the process of condensing and the longer the time went by, the weaker the effect of a Gu Immortal's support would be.

"It seems, I need to first obtain wooden chicken Gu to make Xue Song Zi help me!" Hei Lou Lan sneered, immediately sending an order to convene everyone.

Wooden chicken Gu was on the thirty-ninth floor of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

For months now, Hei Lou Lan's efforts had been concentrated on this floor. He also had Xue Song Zi's help, thus the progress was very smooth, succeeding in pushing to the last round.

Wooden chicken Gu was exactly the reward for this final round.

This last round; it was difficult in a sense, but it was also very simple.

What it tested was patience in putting in effort over a long period of time.

Hei Lou Lan had personally led people and attempted the round for forty to fifty times altogether, now already having grasped its details. Every time, he would progress slightly and the accumulation of such progress gave shocking results. He was only a paper-thin distance away from success.

"This is good too. Grasping this thirty-ninth floor would raise the morale for when we tackle the sixty-eighth floor." Hei Lou Lan thought for a while and immediately took action.

The next day, he mustered large numbers of people, convening all the Gu Masters in the sacred palace, and held a pep rally.

That very evening, he led everyone and successfully broke through the hundredth round, obtaining rank six Immortal Gu Wooden Chicken.

Just like Hei Lou Lan expected, the breakthrough of the round raised morale and fighting spirit greatly, sweeping away the haze of Tai Bai Yun Sheng's defeat.

With Immortal Gu Wooden Chicken, Hei Lou Lan's confidence rose greatly and he used it to lure Xue Song Zi into helping him.

Seven days later, the sixty-eighth floor had completely taken form.

Hei Lou Lan impatiently led everyone to charge into the floor.

However, after arriving at the floor, he did not tackle the rounds anxiously, instead commanding the Gu Masters to spread out.

Over a hundred refinement path Gu Masters were included in the troops.

These people were all carefully selected and their loyalty could be trusted. Although they had not attained master level, they were elites.

The refinement path Gu Masters formed a round formation upon which Hei Lou Lan slowly walked into the center.

He sat down cross-legged and took out the two-edge owner token.

The two-edge owner token slowly flew into the air and at the same time, Hei Lou Lan's body also began to let out grey light.

The light rays were sharp as needles, piercing into the air.

Not only Hei Lou Lan, the remaining refinement path Gu Masters also let out sharp grey radiance.

These needle sharp light rays continued to strengthen, becoming thicker and longer, flooding the whole round formation.

The individual needle sharp rays started to touch each other, instantly linking together. A giant grey radiance slowly stretched out from the round formation, directly piercing into the two-edge owner token which was floating in the air.

Outside the round formation were large numbers of Gu Masters spectating this while guarding against emergencies.

"What are they doing?" A young Gu Master asked in confusion.

An aged senior beside him patted his shoulder: "Hehe, this is the ability of super tribes! Kid, watch properly, the next scene will make your eyes open and jaw fall down."

As he was saying this, the owner token suddenly shook.

The tremor was weak, but following the dissemination of the giant sharp grey radiance, the scope of the tremor quickly increased.

By the time this tremor spread to the round formation, it had already become a heavy tremor.

The grey light rays condensed in the round formation like a light lake. From this heavy tremor, the lake suddenly erupted with dazzling light, forcing everyone to narrow their eyes.

The grey light shone on every corner of the first round's area.

Just like the melting of snow, the world in the round gradually started turning transparent before completely dissipating.

It was like a cover had been lifted, and as if the second layer underneath was revealed, Hei Lou Lan and the group arrived at the second round.

"This is?!"

"We actually passed the round without even making a move?"

After a moment of silence, many young Gu Masters started making a big fuss.

That young Gu Master from just before had eyes wide open and his jaw hanging down: "What in the world is this method?"

The aged Gu Master beside replied with satisfaction: "This is a refinement path killer move that all super tribes have — Grey Meltdown. It can be used to rapidly pass rounds in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. Kid, the scope of your vision should have expanded, right?"

The young Gu Master whose vision was expanded, nodded his head nonstop and praised: "Amazing! Truly an amazing method! But, what do they need us for with such a method in their disposal?"

The aged Gu Master's smile turned forced: "This method is not effective every time. Some rounds can be crossed with this method, while some cannot."

"Tsk tsk, this trick is quite interesting…" In Fang Yuan's mind, Mo Yao revealed her body.

Her posture was enchanting and her eyes had a hint of seduction. She mumbled to herself in an analytical way: "This should be digging into the hibernating will of Giant Sun's control, attacking with coordination from both outside and inside. The Gu Masters outside the blessed land would release Gu at certain places, and these Gu worms would be absorbed into Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, refined into the rounds. But Giant Sun's will is hibernating, so the speed in refining the Gu worms has become slower. At best, they could only be considered half-refined."

"The so-called killer move grey meltdown uses the owner token to connect with the half-refined Gu worms. As such, the core of the round will be directly refined. The round will naturally not be able to continue anymore and switch to the next round."

"To do this, the crucial key is time. The state of the half-refined Gu won't continue for long. Even if Giant Sun's will is hibernating, as long as there is sufficient time, it will completely refine these Gu worms. In the case that these Gu worms are refined, the Gu Masters tackling the round cannot induce any reaction and the chance to forcibly refine them would be thoroughly lost."

"Hehehe, you are indeed a refinement path grandmaster, being able to analyze so thoroughly with just a glance." Fang Yuan laughed in his mind, not stinting on his praise towards Mo Yao.

To speak bluntly, this method was fighting with Eighty-Eight True Yang Building to refine the Gu worms.

If Giant Sun's will was awake, the Gu worms would be refined instantly, not leaving behind any opportunity.

But it was hibernating now, the refinement had become slow and as such, there was a loophole that could be used.

Fang Yuan was from the future, thus he knew this clearly.

In his previous life, after central continent's Gu Immortals had broken through Imperial Court blessed land, they had shown this method in the image clips they had disseminated everywhere.

But this method could only be used as support.

What central continent's Gu Immortals truly relied on was still the glass owner token.

This secondary owner token could be considered a divine treasure! Who knew how much energy and resources central continent's forces had to spend for it, and now it was in Fang Yuan's possession, raised to six edges.

Taking advantage of everyone concentrating on the second round, Fang Yuan secretly took out the six-edge owner token.

He stroked the six edges of the owner token and sighed, muttering inwardly: "Such a long time of planning and now it is finally time for the plan to begin in full. Flying bear strength Gu with my flying bear phantom Gu, isn't that what it should be? Hehe, I also think so."

With that and a thought in his mind, he instantly grasped control over this floor!


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