Reverend Insanity
590 Endurance, Shatter, Death
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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590 Endurance, Shatter, Death

Chapter 590: Endurance, Shatter, Death
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral


The pitiful scream was so shrill that it could pierce eardrums.

Chang Ji You was in so much pain that he was shivering from head to toe, his muscles were exploding, as the six arms behind his back were dancing around chaotically, making loud sounds like that of stirring wind and rolling thunder.

But Fang Yuan only needed one hand to hold him tightly in the air.

At this moment, his eyes were like lightning as he manipulated his Gu worms, shouting loudly: "My son, endure it! Now is the time!"

Chang Ji You was about to lose his sense of reasoning due to the pain, this was an inhuman pain.

Even though he transformed into a heavenly zombie and almost lost his sense of pain, he could still feel every single piece of his skin and every muscle tearing and breaking ruthlessly.

But Fang Yuan's words were like cold spring water that were sprinkling on Chang Ji You's heart.

Chang Ji You was forcing himself to his limit, just as he was about to faint, the intense pain dissipated like a subsiding tide.

"Su… success?!" Chang Ji You breathed roughly, his head was hurting intensely and he barely managed to open his eyes, seeing that the skin on his arm had already turned back into living flesh and blood.

In fact, the six arms on his back were also slowly shrinking.

There was nothing more attractive to Chang Ji You than turning back into a human.

This moment, he was almost going to cry of joy.

"Oh no!" Suddenly, Fang Yuan spoke, his tone extremely solemn.

Chang Ji You's newly recovered arm turned back into the heavenly zombie state in an instant, like that of a rotting log.

The six arms on his back grew back as well, becoming tougher and stronger.

"No, no! Why did I change back?! Father…" Chang Ji You was screaming in fear, subconsciously turning towards Fang Yuan for help.

But when he saw the intense fatigue that Fang Yuan was pretending to show on his face, Chang Ji You could not say a word.

"Father is tired! That's right, these days, he had been helping me, thinking of hundreds of methods to solve this without any rest or sleep. He expended countless Gu worms in the process. I saw at least seventy to eighty rank five Gu! What reason do I have to blame father? This is all because I was too careless, and committed a grave mistake! Father, this son has not lived up to your expectations and nurturing…"

Chang Ji You was heartbroken and ashamed, he had a sensation of bliss from being taken care of by Wolf King as his child, like a small strand of grass being shielded by a tall tree.

"Damn it, this heavenly zombie form is really stubborn. Even this method is not working!" Fang Yuan gritted his teeth secretly, he asked in his mind: "Mo Yao, what other ideas do you have, tell me!"

The dozen ideas that Fang Yuan came up with were all proven to be useless one by one.

The current experimental method was all Mo Yao's idea.

This was also one of Fang Yuan's schemes.

On one hand, he was experimenting on Chang Ji You continuously and attempting to find a way to restore him back to human. On the other hand, he was trying to get Mo Yao's will to think and expend her limited energy.

Mo Yao was silent for a while before saying: "There is still a way, but it is quite dangerous, the person testing the Gu will endure three times the pain as before! Most likely, he would die from the pain alone!"

"He is a heavenly zombie, he is technically dead. How can he feel pain?" Fang Yuan was confused.

"He is only half dead. The body is dead, but his soul still remains in his body. Unless his soul was absorbed into the door of life and death, then he would truly be considered dead." Mo Yao explained.

The door of life and death was a secluded domain of heaven and earth, it was very famous and was recorded in <>.

But the current era was different from the immemorial era.

The life and death door had vanished, and after going through numerous owners, its control over souls of the demised had weakened greatly. This was the reason for the existence of monsters like zombies.

Mo Yao's idea carried huge risks, it could shatter the person's soul due to pain, breaking into irrecoverable pieces.

Once Chang Ji You's soul shatters, he would be truly dead.

Mo Yao urged: "Lad, when there is gain, there is also loss. The killer move has unrivalled attack power, thus the flaws will be extremely hard to get rid of. These few days, you have experimented so many times, and spent a huge fortune, even borrowing extensively from Hei tribe, I'm sure you understand the difficulty of this now."

"This is my final method, I cannot guarantee that it will work. Moreover, this method is extremely dangerous, there is barely a chance of success! You can decide whether or not to do it. Your 'son' has already turned into a heavenly zombie completely, he has good battle strength. He listens to your words obediently, it is too wasteful to sacrifice him like this. I would suggest that you keep him by your side as a helper."

Fang Yuan was silent and did not reply.

"Father, please rest more, I am not anxious…" At one end, Chang Ji You muttered.

Fang Yuan concentrated and looked over, although Chang Ji You had turned into a heavenly zombie, and looked very ugly, his eyes were crystal clear, showing great admiration and love for Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan smiled lightly: "Son, I have thought of a good method. But this method is extremely dangerous, your life will be in danger. The success rate is very high though, thus father cannot decide…"

"Sigh…" In his mind, Mo Yao sighed deeply.

Although Fang Yuan said this, Chang Ji You who hated his current self and wanted to recover would only make one decision.

As expected, once Chang Ji You heard this, he hesitated for a moment before his eyes shone brightly: "Lord father! Please use this method, living in my current form is simply worse than death!"

Fang Yuan stared at Chang Ji You's eyes intensely: "But, you are my only child…"

"Father!" Chang Ji You cried, he kneeled on the floor as he hugged Fang Yuan's leg: "I cannot bear to part with you either, father. But son really cannot live with such an appearance, even if there is some bit of hope, I will work hard and fight for it!"

Fang Yuan was silent for a while, before sighing a long, deep breath: "Alright. Humans should live according to their own wishes. Father is unwilling to see you live in such agony as well! Go rest for a few days, father will go prepare. A few days later, we will go with the final try!"

A few days later.


Chang Ji You's screaming voice had already turned hoarse.

"Endure it for a bit more." Fang Yuan's gaze was warm, but his heart was cold as ice, as he encouraged.

But the next moment, Chang Ji You's screams and cries came to a stop.

This was the three hundred and seventh time he had fainted from pain.

"Hmph, completely useless!" Fang Yuan's expression was dim as water, he snorted unhappily as he stopped using the Gu worms.

This experiment had to be undergone when Chang Ji You was conscious and awake, otherwise it would not work.

Chang Ji You fainting meant that his soul was already forming cracks and chips, he was at the brink of collapsing.

Fang Yuan had to stop and use soul path Gu worms to nourish and heal his soul.

"I said before, this method has little hope, it is better to preserve his life." In his mind, Mo Yao spoke in a sad tone.

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, squinting as a cold light flashed across his eyes: "One more try, we will try it one last time!"

Chang Ji You slowly woke up, his vision turning from blurry to clear. He looked at Fang Yuan beside him, in his eyes, his 'father' was extremely worn out and exhausted.

This made his heart tighten as tears flowed down his eyes again in shame, he choked as he said: "Father…"

"Let's try again, don't lose hope." Fang Yuan laughed as he encouraged.

"Father, if I still faint this time, then stop trying it. Father, this was all my fault, you really need to take a rest." Chang Ji You said.

"Yes, after trying this, it is really time to rest." Fang Yuan sighed, the precise deeper meanings in his tone were not able to be perceived by Chang Ji You.

First, three rank five Gu worms were activated together.

Next, more Gu worms were added, these Gu worms were all floating around the face of Chang Ji You, some drilled into his skin while others mixed into his blood, flowing towards his heart.

"Ah…" The intense pain assaulted him again, Chang Ji You gritted his teeth in pain but he soon opened his mouth and growled, his expression twisting from the pain.

Fang Yuan's movements were smooth and methodical as he continued adding in Gu worms.

The more Gu worms that were added in, the more intense the pain Chang Ji You felt. He struggled desperately, his eyes rolling as he felt pain to the point of losing reason, almost as if he was becoming deranged.

"Stop, his soul cannot take this." In his mind, Mo Yao urged.

But Fang Yuan acted like he did not hear it, continuing to add Gu worms regardless of what was going on.

"Enough, this amount has exceeded all our previous attempts, he is really going to collapse." Mo Yao could not bear to see this.

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, not saying a word.

"This is too much, if you continue messing around like this, he will really die!" In his mind, Mo Yao's will protested.

"What can we achieve if we do not take risks?" Fang Yuan laughed coldly, adding more Gu worms until it was the limit.

His eyes were shining with an excited light: "Just three more Gu worms and we will see the effect. This is the first."

"Alright, this is the second!"

"Fantastic, this is the final one, success or failure will depend on this…. eh!"

Fang Yuan's expression froze, the surrounding Gu worms were breaking apart like the scattering of fireworks.

Chang Ji You no longer struggled, he was floating in the air motionlessly.

He was dead.

His soul had shattered and dissipated from the pain.

His expression however, was very calm.

The surroundings became dead silent.

"You've killed him." In Fang Yuan's mind, Mo Yao's will spoke coldly.

"Yes, I've killed him." Fang Yuan's brows lifted, laughing lightly: "He did not die in vain after all, at least I got to find out how stubborn this killer move's flaw truly was."

Mo Yao did not speak, she did not want to respond to Fang Yuan's cold and unscrupulous nature. She hid her form and vanished from Fang Yuan's mind.

Fang Yuan's smile gradually vanished.

He was progressively discovering how big of a threat this will of Mo Yao in his mind was.

Did she know about the way to resolve the flaw of the six arm heavenly zombie king killer move or not?

Did she know the method, but was unwilling to say it, or was she not thinking so as to preserve herself?

Especially when this killer move's flaw is so severe, if Mo Yao's will attacks Fang Yuan's mind during the crucial moment and cause his thoughts to become chaotic, he would not be able to stop the killer move even if he wanted to.

"What was the Gu used to create this will of Mo Yao's? These days, I have been collecting information on wisdom path, and purchased many wisdom path Gu worms that could create wills. But I have not found any Gu worm which can allow her to hide and completely conceal herself like this, this is such an unfathomable will!"

"Sigh, I don't have much time left. Right now Eighty-Eight True Yang Building has formed about sixty floors already. Hei Lou Lan is attacking the thirty-ninth floor right now at full force. It seems his target is the wooden chicken Gu."

"I have to work faster, I cannot wait anymore!"


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