Reverend Insanity
589 The bond between father and son, real and fake affection
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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589 The bond between father and son, real and fake affection

Chapter 589: The bond between father and son, real and fake affection
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Fang Yuan wiped Chang Ji You's tears and said with a mild tone like a spring wind: "What are you crying for, I am Wolf King and you are my son, you can only shed blood and not tears."

Chang Ji You's mind shook fiercely like he had been struck by lightning, when he heard the word 'son'.

An enormous joy engulfed Chang Ji You's mind like a tsunami: 'Father finally recognizes me as his son, he called me son with his own mouth!!!"

The grievances that had accumulated in his heart, the pressure he felt, the anger and shame he had put aside, the sorrow at his adoptive father's death, everything was dispelled at this moment.

He involuntarily was about to cry tears of joy but Fang Yuan's words lingered in his ears and he endured painfully, his expression twisted and he even bit his lips, but the tears still flowed out with no end.

He opened his mouth, wanting to call out 'father', but did not dare, and could only keep on apologizing as he sobbed: "Sorry, I am sorry…"

Fang Yuan lightly patted his shoulder and warmly said: "Do you know what your greatest deficiency is?"

Chang Ji You was slightly shocked.

Fang Yuan continued with a decisive tone: "Your greatest deficiency is that you are not strong enough."

"Not strong enough?" Chang Ji You stopped sobbing, his eyes that were hazy with tears looked at the imposing figure in front.

"This is a yellow gold relic Gu, enough for you to advance to rank four peak stage. Also a purple crystal relic Gu which will help you advance rapidly in rank five." Fang Yuan took out two relic Gu and handed them to Chang Ji You.

Chang Ji You dazedly accepted it, soon a surging grateful feeling filled his wild heart.

"This, isn't this paternal love!? So many poets praised paternal love to be as heavy as a mountain and as deep as the sea…..I can finally enjoy it today!"

"Father…" Chang Ji You was choked with emotions, he gazed at Fang Yuan before kneeling down again.

"An eagle chick cannot grow firm, iron-like wings without going through the tempering of wind and frost. A horse foal cannot run like the wind without experiencing falling down. I have already heard of Chang tribe's misfortunes, but I will not concern myself with it. Become strong, go through such temperings, take control of the tribe, use this pretext to establish your might, this is something you need to do. I will be watching you from behind."

"Lord father, son, son is ashamed…" Being given such earnest attention by his 'blood related father', this made Chang Ji You excited and also brought a fearful feeling in him.

Fang Yuan waved his hand: "I know your misgivings. You are worried your aptitude is not enough and you cannot break through to rank five, right? No problem, I will now raise your aptitude and also impart you a strength path killer move set which will increase your strength to an unimaginable level! This is father's special skill and even at the decisive battle of Imperial Court, I only used thirty percent of its power."

"Ah?" Chang Ji You involuntarily opened up his mouth, shocked and happy.

Father actually had ways to raise aptitude, moreover was also imparting a strength path killer move!

Even during the decisive battle with Ma tribe, father only used thirty percent of this killer move's power!

'My father is after all my father. Godfather Chang Biao might have treated me very well, but that is nothing compared to my father. This is the deepest bond between blood. Lord father is nurturing me with all his efforts!' After the shock, Chang Ji You felt a surge of happiness.

"Now I am going to raise your aptitude. Relax your mind, pacify your heart. Sleep, sleep, take a good sleep first." Fang Yuan spoke gently while secretly using hypnosis Gu.

Chang Ji You's mood was not stable and he had already been exhausted, and with his extreme trust in Fang Yuan, he soon fell asleep under the effect of Gu worm.

Fang Yuan lightly smiled as he took out blood skull Gu.

This Gu had a crystal like texture, the size of an infant's skull and could be held by a palm.

But right now, it was full from drinking blood and shone with a demonic blood light.

This blood was absorbed from the Chang tribesmen Fang Yuan had secretly killed over these days.

The sound asleep Chang Ji You had a slight smile on his face, a happy smile. He had never even expected the killer who had assassinated Chang tribesmen in these days was his most loved and respected 'blood related father'.

Even Hei Lou Lan and other outsiders were also in the dark, not having the least bit of doubt towards Fang Yuan.

"Go." Fang Yuan willed and the blood skull Gu slowly flew out of his palm and circled around Chang Ji You.

The blood skull Gu then stopped over Chang Ji You's head; it opened its mouth and puffed out blood with a thick stench.

The blood directly sunk in through Chang Ji You's head, skin and hairs, followed his veins and finally converged in his aperture.

Chang Ji You's aperture began to slowly but steadily advance.

By the time Chang Ji You woke up, Fang Yuan had already gone away.

The previous encounter was like a dream, making Chang Ji You feel doubts.

But the Gu worms on the ground and plentiful food left behind, were the best proof that everything was true..

"Heavens, my aptitude really advanced, now it is at ninety-six percent!!" Chang Ji You shouted out with joy after he checked his aperture.

"Stay here for few days and cultivate properly. Use all the relic Gu father left behind, your cultivation will reach rank five upper stage with these. I am temporarily lending the other Gu worms on the ground to you. Among them is an east window Gu which records the contents of the killer move, read it and practice it."

A message echoed into Chang Ji You's ears.

Chang Ji You was extremely excited: "Ahh, this is father's voice. Lord father, son will not disappoint you. Son will definitely become a rank five Gu Master and master this killer move!"

Chang Ji You felt extremely bold and was filled with fighting spirit. He sat down cross-legged on the spot and took a yellow gold relic Gu into his aperture.

Fang Yuan was secretly observing this.

"This is the Gu tester you chose? He is truly a good choice." In his mind, Mo Yao's will let out a cold sneer, "It is only that you clearly indicated the flaws of six arm heavenly zombie king in the east window Gu. And you have also not tampered with the Gu worms you lent him, are you not afraid he will worry about the flaws and be careful, not completely transforming into a heavenly zombie?"

"Hehe, Mo Yao, you don't need to worry. I still have the ability to grasp people's hearts. You haven't used six arm heavenly zombie king, so you don't know how intoxicating the feeling of endless strength you get when transforming to the heavenly zombie state can be. Even I was intoxicated. Chang Ji You is young and does not have enough control over his heart. When he practices the killer move, he will naturally search for wolf groups to battle with. This here is my territory, I will just lead more wolves towards him when the time comes, no need to be afraid he won't change into a heavenly zombie!" Fang Yuan spoke with confidence.

"Hmph, you humans are so sinister and crafty. This blood skull Gu you used, we inkmen would absolutely never refine such an evil Gu worm which is used to harm our own people." Mo Yao sneered.

Fang Yuan was not angry, instead smiling: "Eh, aren't you Spirit Affinity House's fairy, a representative of the righteous path? Why didn't you stop me?"

"That is possible only if I had the ability to stop it. Moreover, why would I stop the internal conflicts between you humans? Hmph, I would rather the whole of your human race died. Then, us variant humans can have space to survive." Mo Yao rolled her eyes.

Her identity was special, she was a past generation's fairy of Spirit Affinity House with an extraordinary relationship with Bo Qing. However, she was also an inkman and was not a purebred human.

The feeling with which she looked at humans fighting each other was the same feeling humans had when they watched internal strife between snowmen or beast groups.

'Just that, you truly don't have the ability to stop me?...' Fang Yuan suppressed this doubt within his heart.

Three days later, Chang Ji You finished using all the relic Gu and succeeded in advancing to rank five upper stage.

Immediately afterwards, he began to practice the killer move six arm heavenly zombie king.

Just like Fang Yuan expected, he was addicted to the vast power of the killer move and gradually began to forget its flaws.

Under Fang Yuan's intentional manipulation, he fought an intense and prolonged battle.

Chang Ji You rampaged around to his heart's content in the battle, forgetting the time.

Only when the battle ended, did he make a frightening discovery; he had already completely transformed into a heavenly zombie.

Two days later, Fang Yuan appeared before him again.

"Father, save me!" The monstrous Chang Ji You kneeled on the ground and begged with terrified expression.

"Son, how did you become like this?!" Fang Yuan asked in great shock and rage, "I clearly warned you to never use this killer move over the limit. You, you, how could you forget such a crucial thing!"

"Father, son is ashamed, I was muddled for a while and forgot time. By the time I discovered it, it was too late for regret!" Chang Ji You was extremely ashamed as he looked at Fang Yuan with tear filled eyes while kneeling.

Right now, he had transformed into this monstrosity, his only hope rested in Fang Yuan.

"Sigh… this is difficult. Your appearance, even if we use yin-yang rotation Gu, it won't be able to treat it. This killer move has extreme power, but also because of this, the after-effects are very severe. Even father does not have a way." Fang Yuan held out his hands, showing an expression filled with sadness and anger.

"Ah?! Even father does not have a solution?" Chang Ji You walked towards Fang Yuan on his knees with despair and fear on his face.

Fang Yuan lamented again and again: "This killer move's origin is not simple. Father took extreme risk and charged through a Gu Immortal's inheritance alone, risking a fatal danger before I was able to luckily obtain this immortal killer move."

"This is an immortal killer move? No wonder, no wonder it is so powerful!" Chang Ji You was stupefied, Fang Yuan might have a lofty figure in his heart, but there was no doubt he paled in comparison to a Gu Immortal.

Chang Ji You had been Chang tribe's young tribe leader, he had not been familiar with Gu Immortals, but was also not completely unfamiliar.

"I was wrong, I made a big mistake, how could I seek instant gains!" Chang Ji You wailed, his wail was sharp and unpleasant like a night owl's.

Suddenly, he started kowtowing to Fang Yuan and sobbed: "Father, son failed to live up to your hope. Son made a mistake, son has disappointed you!"

"No, it is this, I needed you to transform into this.' Fang Yuan was laughing inwardly while on the surface, he supported Chang Ji You.

"My son, I told you so many times, don't cry! You cannot cry! Although you made a mistake, the fault lies within me as well. I have only been exploring this maze round over these days and did not look after you. Father believes there is always a way out, we will research together and find a way to turn you back into a human! There is definitely a way, believe in father and believe in yourself!" Fang Yuan said with emotions, with tears in his eyes.

"Father!!!" Chang Ji You wailed again.

He was thoroughly and completely moved.

He had become a monster and he, himself, did not not dare to see his face. But his father, Chang Shan Yin, did not loath him. It was clearly the son's fault, but he took the blame upon himself.

Now that his son had changed to such an appearance, he still did not give up on him.

"This is the most profound bond between father and son!"

"This is my father, my dad!"

Chang Ji You was extremely moved, a spark ignited in his despair filled heart, giving him the confidence to continue living.

"Son, stay here and let father think properly on how to change you back. As for Chang tribe, father will personally manage it. You don't need to worry, just recuperate here, with us father and son working hand in hand, what is there to fear about a measly killer move's zombie transformation?"

Fang Yuan's words made Chang Ji You feel a source of assurance in his heart.

"Yes, son will listen to father!"


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