Reverend Insanity
586 Using flying bear, Mo Yao speaks of phantom path
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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586 Using flying bear, Mo Yao speaks of phantom path

Chapter 586: Using flying bear, Mo Yao speaks of phantom path
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

When Fang Yuan publicly requested the flying bear phantom Gu, Hei Lou Lan's immediate reaction was to object immediately.

This was an Immortal Gu!

Even an ordinary Gu Immortal would not obtain one easily. No matter how amazing Wolf King was, he was only a mortal, he dared to make such an absurd request?!

Moreover, this flying bear phantom Gu was extremely easy to use.

With just a single thought, and a toss of the Gu, one could make the Gu worm transform into the flying bear phantom and engage in combat.

Although the flying bear phantom's battle strength was not as terrifying as the desolate beast flying bear, it definitely had half-immortal battle strength, with this Gu, one could easily dominate the mortal realm.

If during the Immortal Court contest, Hei Lou Lan had such an Immortal Gu...

There would be no place for Fang Yuan to display his abilities!

Fang Yuan opened asked for it, it was very rude. However, even though Hei Lou Lan was furious, he felt that this was only natural.

After all, only a person like Chang Shan Yin would have the guts to make such a request in public.

Looking at the flying bear phantom Gu in his hand, Hei Lou Lan slowly calmed down.

"Not good, the flying bear phantom was half beaten to death by us, this Immortal Gu's condition is extremely poor, it cannot be used now, it has to recover for some time."

"An injured Immortal Gu needs an Immortal Gu to heal it. Other than that, it can only self recover, but during that period it would need to consume lots of food, unceasingly."

"If I did not remember wrongly, this flying bear phantom Gu's food is the desolate beast flying bear's flesh and blood. This is problematic! How can I have such a thing? I have to seek help from the tribe's immortals."

The more Hei Lou Lan thought about it, the more his anger subsided.

He was of the ten extreme physique's Great Strength True Martial Physique, he needed a strength path Immortal Gu to ascend to Gu Immortal realm and escape the threat of death.

The flying bear phantom Gu was not something he needed, what he desperately wanted now was a strength path Immortal Gu.

"My most important priority at the moment is to find a strength path Immortal Gu. Immortal Gu are often only given at the final round of a floor, during the process of completing this, I will need everyone's strength."

Although Hei Lou Lan was not afraid of Chang Shan Yin, if he forcefully kept the flying bear phantom Gu, then the Wolf King would definitely become enemies with him. With that gap between them, there was no way he could utilize the Wolf King's strength again.

He might as well give this Immortal Gu to him, to exchange for his strength, and truly help and benefit Hei Lou Lan himself.

This way, Hei Lou Lan's reputation could be preserved as well, no one would say that he went back on his words.

Hei Lou Lan made many considerations, but this was only a moment in real time.

"Hmph hmph," Sun Shi Han snickered, " Lord Wolf King, this is an Immortal Gu, you want to take it just like that? My tribe leader promised you half the rewards earlier, but that does not mean we need to give you the Immortal Gu."

"It seems the lesson I gave you earlier was not enough." Fang Yuan heard this and frowned lightly, his gaze turned ice cold as his killing intent was released fully, towards Sun Shi Han.

Sun Shi Han's expression changed instantly, and he could not help but move closer to Hei Lou Lan.

No one questioned if Fang Yuan would have the guts to directly execute the killing blow.

The ferocity of Wolf King was ingrained in everyone's hearts.

"Hahaha." Hei Lou Lan laughed loudly, walking towards Fang Yuan as he patted his chest: "A true gentleman never goes back on his words! Earlier, I promised the Wolf King half the rewards, then it shall be fifty percent. It was all due to brother Shan Yin's brilliant plan that allowed us to get through this round, I will add another ten percent of reward, but the Immortal Gu is unique, its value is immeasurable, even with your sixty percent reward, in what way are you going to compensate the remaining forty percent to us?"

"That's right, we put in much effort too!"

"I have heavy injuries now, I did not retreat amidst the fierce combat, everyone can be my witness. Even Lord Water Demon Hao Ji Liu died because of this!"

"I believe Lord Wolf King will give us a good solution."

Everyone said in agreement, it was all targeted at Fang Yuan.

Even though Fang Yuan had great strength, but wealth moved people's hearts, everyone was filled with envy, jealousy and hatred upon seeing that an Immortal Gu was going to fall into his hands. Thus, they pushed all of their unhappiness towards Fang Yuan.

Under everyone's gaze, Fang Yuan frowned deeper and deeper.

Hei Lou Lan laughed secretly: "Wolf King, oh Wolf King, even with your ferocious reputation and outstanding strength, you will still eventually be captured by me."

Seven days later.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's seventh layer, the ninetieth round.

In the maze, the flying bear phantom was roaring at the sky.

Its body was covered in wounds, blood was oozing at its mouth, and several of its sharp teeth had broken. Its right eye was blinded, hanging outside its socket like a grape, it was in bad shape.

But it only had one enemy.

He was floating in the air, with six arms on his back, compared to the hill-like flying bear phantom which had a massive body, he was very small.

But the flying bear phantom was serious and vigilant like it was facing a strong enemy. After they had battled for fifteen minutes, it could deeply feel how powerful this 'tiny' enemy was.

"Flying bear phantom Gu, it is deservedly an Immortal Gu! Even after turning into the flying bear phantom, it retains much wisdom, and is quite shrewd, in the future when I face strong foes, I can use it to restrain them and that can help me save a lot of energy."

Fang Yuan looked at the flying bear phantom below him as he evaluated in his heart.

Seven days ago, Hei Lou Lan gathered the band of experts and broke through the final round of the fifth floor, obtaining the flying bear phantom Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan was blunt and unrestrained, as he immediately asked for it.

Even though the other Gu Masters were jealous and envious, trying to come up with endless excuses against this, Fang Yuan announced that he was willing to compensate the remaining half of the Gu's worth, while giving an unrelenting attitude. Eventually, Hei Lou Lan gave this Gu to Fang Yuan.

With this Gu, Fang Yuan went to Hei Lou Lan that night and borrowed resources, establishing a contract with him in secret.

After returning, he used Hu Immortal blessed land to connect to treasure yellow heaven, exchanging for the relevant Gu worms and food, and during the sixth day, the flying bear phantom Gu was restored to its healthy state.

By the seventh day, Fang Yuan secretly entered the seventh floor of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, personally testing the flying bear phantom Gu and the finalized killer move six arm heavenly zombie king.

Fang Yuan ordered the flying bear phantom Gu to attack him without holding back, while he himself used the six arm heavenly zombie king to fight back.

Flying bear phantom Gu was an Immortal Gu, it had half the battle strength of the flying bear, but it was not Fang Yuan's match when he was in six arm heavenly zombie king mode.

Fang Yuan was very satisfied with this result.

He thought about it in his mind: "The killer move six arm heavenly zombie king is indeed formidable! It uses borrow strength Gu as the core to borrow the natural strength of heaven, earth, fire, water and others, sustaining itself by allowing a steady and endless torrent of strength to be supplied."

"Most amazingly, it can transform my body into a zombie's body temporarily, this way, my body will be in a half-dead state, my recovery speed will increase greatly and my sense of pain will reduce, I would be in the state of near unlimited energy and strength, I can do anything!"

If it was an ordinary living body, constantly using strength would tire it out. But by becoming a heavenly zombie, Fang Yuan could avoid such a weakness.

This kind of strength and feeling was intoxicating for Fang Yuan, but it also made him more alert.

"I can only maintain this form for a short period of time, during intense battle, I will have to commit to the battle fully and I would not recognise the flow of time. Although this killer move is great and gives me a good feeling, it is easy to get addicted and lost when using it. I must never forget the time limit of this killer move, otherwise the consequences would be severe!"

The killer move six arm heavenly zombie king was powerful, but had a time limit. Once the time limit was exceeded, the Gu Master might turn into a real zombie from over usage.

The severity of this surpassed even the ten extreme physique's disaster, even if he used the yin-yang rotation Gu, he could not recover.

Fang Yuan wanted to get rid of this weakness, but Mo Yao's requirements were too strict, Fang Yuan could not find a suitable person to test the Gu.

"Actually, you have not fully unleashed the true power of this flying bear phantom Gu." At this time, Mo Yao's will in Fang Yuan's mind spoke.

"Oh, what do you mean?"

Mo Yao had some understanding regarding phantom path: "Phantom path, it focuses on the forms of phantom and solid, during the initial stage from rank one to five, phantom is the foundation, using phantom form to avoid attacks. Thus, phantom path Gu masters often lack attacking power, but have ample defensive measures. But at rank six and above, phantom path Gu Immortals have both offense and defense, by turning into phantom and solid form at will, they can go into the defensive phantom mode, nullifying all forms of attacks, and also turn phantom into solid, attacking people when they least expect it."

"The flying bear phantom Gu is a phantom path Immortal Gu, it was created by killing the desolate beast flying bear and using all of its skin, bones, flesh, blood, and soul to refine it. Just the flying bear phantom Gu alone has half the strength of the real flying bear. But if it was given accompanying Gu worms, like the battle space Gu, grand chaotic dance Gu, five element bear skin Gu and others, its battle strength would surge greatly."

Mo Yao's words made Fang Yuan nod repeatedly.

He recalled the fight when they were at the final round, precisely because of the flying bear phantom's Gu worms could it have a huge boost in battle strength, even causing the band of experts to be helpless.

But after the battle, battle space Gu was taken by Hei Lou Lan, and the remaining Gu worms were also taken by other people.

Fang Yuan was fighting the flying bear phantom alone in secret, the flying bear phantom had no Gu worms left, thus, Fang Yuan could have the upper hand when fighting.

He had some degree of comprehension in this: "Looking at it from another angle, complementing the flying bear phantom Gu with other Gu worms is exactly like using multiple Gu worms at once. Isn't this a killer move?"

Killer moves are a Gu Master's unique creation, using many Gu worms at the same time together to create an effect greater than when used individually, unleashing great strength.

Mo Yao nodded in agreement: "Your comprehension is completely right, that is so. However, what truly complements the flying bear phantom Gu are only phantom path Gu worms. Forget the rest, just a single turn phantom Gu would allow the flying bear phantom Gu to turn from solid to phantom form, evading all sorts of attacks."

"Turn phantom Gu?" Fang Yuan's heart shook uncontrollably.

He could completely imagine that when the turn phantom Gu is used with the flying bear phantom Gu, it would become an extremely troublesome enemy.

This could transform the usage of flying bear phantom Gu completely, achieving a true qualitative change to a degree.

Mo Yao laughed lightly, saying: "Lad, as long as you return Water Pavilion to Spirit Affinity House properly, I will tell you the details of three phantom path inheritances, among them, one is likely to be a phantom path Gu Immortal inheritance."

"We'll talk about that later." Fang Yuan calmed down, replying in a plain tone.

He had never removed his alertness towards Mo Yao.

Although Mo Yao did not displayed any hostile intentions, Fang Yuan had always felt a sense of danger in his heart.


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