Reverend Insanity
585 Finally getting through, Fang Yuan requests for an Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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585 Finally getting through, Fang Yuan requests for an Immortal Gu

Chapter 585: Finally getting through, Fang Yuan requests for an Immortal Gu
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

This time, the battle space lasted much longer than before, lasting half a day before it dispersed. The hill-sized giant flying bear phantom appeared once again before everyone.

"Damn it, just like we thought!" Sun Shi Han cried out involuntarily.

"Hmph!" Hei Lou Lan was also not looking well.

There were no injuries on the flying bear phantom's body, a dazzling halo flowing through its snow-white fur. Its eyes were bright and its battle intent soared high; it had seemingly made a complete recovery

Flying bear had a rank five healing Gu which had already been investigated clearly.

As for its opponent - the blood forest wolf - which had been pulled into the battle space, only a pile of white bones remained.

"Can we still fight it?" Even Pei Yan Fei with his raging battle intent, felt indecisive at this moment.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng stroked his beard and muttered: "No matter how serious the flying bear phantom's injuries are, as long as it uses battle space Gu to enter the battle space, it can recover back to its prime state in half a day. And during this time, we can do nothing but to just look on."

"Right, battle space Gu might only be a wild Gu and not under the flying bear's control, but a wild Gu's sense of danger is very sharp, and when it senses danger, it will casually choose a target to pull into the battle space to protect its host."

"Doesn't this mean the wolf groups also cannot be used? Wolf groups have to engage in close combat, surrounding the flying bear, aren't they just the best targets to pull into the battle space?"

"Looks like only us Gu Masters should attack now!"

When someone said this, the scene suddenly quietened.

Throwing out the wolf groups and making Gu Masters assault the flying bear phantom was also not feasible!

The flying bear could quickly pull a Gu Master into the battle space. The Gu Master was sure to struggle bitterly to their last breath, using every method they had to keep on living.

There was a very simple way to break the battle space and not give the flying bear enough time to heal: the Gu Master that was pulled in to the battle space needed to immediately suicide.

But no one would want to kill themselves, survival instinct was human nature.

Even Tai Bai Yun Sheng would not be able to save them; Water Demon Hao Ji Liu's bloody tragedy was a clear example of it.

"The final round is really too difficult. We have gathered so many people with many heroes, but we are actually helpless against this flying bear phantom with our combined strength!"

Flying bear quietly lied down on the ground, vigilantly looking at the crowd. It did not attack and only let out low roars.

"It should not be like this, the crucial thing is we have no way to restrain battle space Gu. We don't have methods of restriction path and qi path."

"Hei tribe leader, I suggest we change the strategy." Ye Lui Sang was also a tribe leader of a super force, others might not dare to speak up, but he could talk bluntly.

Hei Lou Lan gave a snort but did not reply.

His thoughts moved like lightning: 'Looking at this situation, it is almost impossible to resolve the problem of battle space Gu. It seems like there is only one way, that is for me to go into battle and make the flying bear pull me into the battle space. In the battle space, I can use my strength path killer move and kill the flying bear!"

His strength path killer move was extremely powerful, it was a secret technique of Hei tribe.

Hei Lou Lan could not take care of the flying bear with just the dark path cultivation which he showed on the surface. But if he used his strength path abilities, with the amplification from his Great Strength True Martial Physique, it would not be difficult for him to kill the flying bear.

But if he did so, he would be breaking the sealing effect of Immortal Gu Dark Limit, which would quicken the appearance of the disaster of one of the ten extreme physiques.

"The time I have is already not enough, now if I use my strength path killer move to kill the flying bear, this time will shorten even more. And in this short period of time, I still need to attack another floor, clear a hundred rounds and obtain a strength path Immortal Gu, this difficulty is too large!"

"But if I don't cross this round, I won't have a one-edge owner token, so how could I know about the position of the strength path Immortal Gu? Whether I change the strategy or ask for support from the tribe, they both require time!"

"The worst situation will be if I use the strength path killer move, kill this flying bear, obtain a one-edge owner token, but there is no strength path Immortal Gu in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building…"

Hei Lou Lan was hesitating.

This matter concerned his life and death while the path ahead was filled with darkness, even he could not avoid being indecisive and helpless.

"It is not difficult to break the battle space."

One astonishing sentence resounded in the place.

Everyone followed the voice towards its source; it was none other than Wolf King once again.

"Brother Shan Yin, you have another method?" Hei Lou Lan immediately asked.

Fang Yuan smiled: "I should also be making an all-out effort for the fifty-percent reward, right? My plan is divided into three steps. First, we will use long-range methods to exhaust the flying bear's energy as much as possible. Second, we will send a death warrior to engage in close combat; he will have to immediately suicide if he is pulled into the battle space. Third, the flying bear will have no time to take a breather, and we continue with long-range battle; we will definitely be able to kill this beast once we maintain this plan!"

"Good plan!"

"How could I have not thought of it?"

Some people cheered; some people slapped their thighs loudly in pleasant surprise; while some people inwardly muttered of this plan's cruelty.

But no matter what they commented, everyone knew this method could solve the problem.

In northern plains where battles occurred frequently, every single tribe possessed death warriors; it was only a matter of whether they had many or few, whether they were elites or ordinary.

Hei tribe was a super force, the death warriors they cultivated were not only many in number, but were also elites.

"This way…" Tai Bai Yun Sheng slightly frowned, disturbed by this plan.

Sun Shi Han's eyes flashed with brilliance as he looked at Hei Lou Lan without speaking.

Dying in battle and taking the initiative to throw away one's life were two completely different concepts.

The former was the honor of the brave, while the latter was those in power bringing disaster to other's lives for their benefits.

If this plan was really to be carried out, Hei Lou Lan, this Hei tribe leader's reputation would be completely destroyed.

This was against the values of the righteous path.

Being in the righteous path, their biggest concern was reputation.

Those with bad reputation would have a limited achievement in the righteous path. Demonic path was different, no matter what the reputation was, its main value was strength! Thus, within the demonic path, there was the plague-like Hao Ji Liu, as opposed to the life-savior Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

Because of this, Sun Shi Han did not attempt to advise this matter.

He was a smart man and knew no matter how he said it or persuaded, it would not be appropriate.

He had even thought of this method earlier, but did not suggest it.

He did not dare.

The current Sun Shi Han was already an external elder of Hei tribe. Once he suggested this, it would be asking to soil his reputation, would he still be able to stay with Hei tribe then?

"Probably only this sinister and cruel Wolf King can say it without any misgivings." Sun Shi Han secretly glanced at Fang Yuan with hatred and fear, his cheeks seemingly twitching in pain.

But what Sun Shi Han did not know was — to Hei Lou Lan, what use would reputation be when his own life was about to be over?!

When Hei Lou Lan heard Fang Yuan's plan, he immediately decided to use it.

But he still frowned and thought for a long while, hesitating, pitifully sighing and showing a profound 'merciful' expression. Finally, he heaved a long sigh and spoke a pile of erudite words.

The main idea was: They were forced to use this plan. The tribesmen who die will be given grand burial by him as a brother, and he will personally take care of their family, give compensation, and so on.

Everyone knew it, but they could not point it out, this was the game rule of the righteous path.

After going through this process, Hei Lou Lan immediately summoned Hei tribe's death warriors to enter the battle.

These death warriors from Hei tribe were all of rank two cultivation and had been brought up by Hei tribe since youth, imbued day and night with the ideology of loyalty to the tribe.

As for rank three death warriors, it was not that there were none of them. But once they reach rank three, they would become a precious resource and almost every one of them would be free from the status of a death warrior.

Only super forces would have a number of death warriors of rank three and even rank four cultivation, but they would not use them so lightly.

Hei Lou Lan was this generation's Hei tribe leader and if he sent these death warriors to their deaths, they could not refuse him.

If the emperor wants his subjects dead, the subjects need to die no matter what, regardless of their will!

This was the system.

The following battle went without any accidents.

The battle persisted till more than ten death warriors were sacrificed, and the flying bear phantom finally collapsed on the ground, breathing its last.

But when everyone wanted to deliver the final strike, they suddenly discovered they could not even budge.

"What is happening?!"

"It is Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's power making us not able to move!"

"This, isn't this too shameless. Only a move more and we could kill this flying bear!"

Everyone shouted and raged at this stupefying situation.

Only Fang Yuan's expression was tranquil, he had a six-edge owner token and knew that this round was over.

Hei Lou Lan also felt this and immediately took out his owner token, fixing his gaze at it and saw an edge gradually emerging from the originally round owner token.

At the same time, a strong sense of fortune entered the depths of his heart, letting him know that he was in full control of this floor.

'So we had no need to kill the flying bear in this final round and only needed to beat it to near death!' Hei Lou Lan was exulted inwardly, but showed a mournful expression on his face, sighing, "Everyone, do not fret, the battle has ended, we were successful, this round is crossed. Sigh… what happened to my Hei tribe's children was truly a pity. If not for the battle space isolating the connection between the inside and outside, I would have definitely used puppets or wild Gu to replace them."

"Passed… we passed?" Everyone was shocked and excited.

"Tribe leader Hei Lou Lan, I wonder what the rewards for this round are? Is it possible to let this old man broaden his horizons." Tai Bai Yun Sheng inquired. The motive for him entering Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was lifespan Gu. However, lifespan Gu was rare and precious and could only appear as the rewards for ninetieth or above rounds.

Hei Lou Lan revealed a peculiar expression at the inquiry and pointed at the dying flying bear phantom: "That is this round's reward."


"This flying bear phantom?"

"How could it be?"

Everyone was shocked once again, only Fang Yuan knew clearly.

He possessed a six-edge owner token, and knew the rewards for any round of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's current floors like the back of his palm. Before even tackling this round, he knew of this round's reward - it was a rank six phantom path Immortal Gu with a simple to understand name - flying bear phantom Gu.

Sure enough, at the next moment, under everyone's astonished gazes, the dying giant flying bear gradually turned into an enormous ball of white light.

The white light shrunk rapidly, finally turning into a speck of light that flew towards Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan quickly received it and carefully observed it.

He was the master of the owner token, the reward for passing this round was his. He had just come into contact with this flying bear phantom Gu, but easily refined it because of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's power.

Fang Yuan's six-edge owner token was different. It was created from exploitation and could only receive the floor's rewards after taking control of the floor. Naturally, it was not like it could not contest against Hei Lou Lan's owner token, but once they contested, Giant Sun's will would awaken which would cause a great loss to him, or even face a tragic end.

This risk was better not taken if possible.

Flying bear phantom Gu was looking very dim, its aura was weak like it was near death, its condition was extremely poor.

But Hei Lou Lan was unable to take his eyes off it. What was this?

'This is an Immortal Gu!'

He had just sighed with emotions inwardly when a voice sounded in his ears: "This Immortal Gu, give it to me."

The tone of the voice was flat, but it could not suppress the determination within.

Hei Lou Lan immediately frowned, he did not need to look around to know who the speaker was.

Who else had guts to mention such a request besides Wolf King Chang Shan Yin?


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