Reverend Insanity
584 Demise of Water Demon, Fang Yuan’s enlightening words
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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584 Demise of Water Demon, Fang Yuan’s enlightening words

Chapter 584: Demise of Water Demon, Fang Yuan’s enlightening words
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With such a sudden event, everyone's expressions changed.

"What happened? Where did they go?"

"He vanished!"

"Don't tell me this round has some secret behind it?"

Everyone was guessing as they discussed among themselves.

Hei Lou Lan was frowning, feeling very perplexed.

Sun Shi Han's expression was grim and uncertain, he seemed to have thought of something as he spoke in a hesitant manner: "Is it the battle space Gu?"

"Battle space Gu?" At once, everyone's attention was focused on Sun Shi Han.

Hei Lou Lan's eyes shone with brilliance as he said deeply: "This is indeed a space path Gu worm, but if it is the battle space Gu, then elder Hao Ji Liu is in trouble."

"Battle space Gu vanished for so many years, to think it would reappear here today." Tai Bai Yun Sheng sighed, it seemed he had confirmed it.

He had obtained an Immortal inheritance from the old beggar, he naturally had great knowledge.

"What is the battle space Gu?" Everyone asked.

Ye Lui Sang's gaze was grave, he was the current tribe leader of Ye Lui tribe, a super tribe, but because they lost, he had to join Hei tribe.

He owned a mysterious fire path Immortal Gu, he was well-learnt and had a wealth of knowledge, at this point, he started explaining: "The battle space Gu is a rank five space path Gu worm. Once activated, it can send both the enemy and the user into a unique space. In there, they will fight to the death, so only when the winner is decided, or when the time runs out, would they be released from that space."

"Sigh, to think that the flying bear had such a Gu worm hidden!" Hei Lou Lan sighed as he looked at the sky, speaking with a hateful tone.

Everyone's expression was grim as ever, expressing their worry towards Hao Ji Liu's safety.

The flying bear phantom was so strong, even with everyone's combined strength, they could not kill it, how could Hao Ji Liu face it all on his own?

The result of this match could be easily predicted by anyone — the flying bear wins and Hao Ji Liu loses.

Although Hao Ji Liu had first rate escaping methods like water image Gu, Ye Lui Sang had already said that the space created by battle space Gu would only close when one side has a clear victory, decided by life and death.

Even if Hao Ji Liu used all his escaping methods, he would be captured and killed by the flying bear phantom eventually.

Unless he had an opposing space path Gu.

But Hao Ji Liu was a water path Gu Master, everyone knew that.

Even among all the experts present, none of them were in the space path, thus there was nothing they could do to the battle space Gu.

"Maybe there is still some hope, tribe leader Ye Lui Sang said earlier that 'only when the winner is decided, or when the time runs out', this 'time runs out' means?" Tang Miao Ming asked.

Ye Lui Sang sighed deeply: "Sigh, this time restriction is for Gu Masters. To maintain the battle space Gu, primeval essence will be expended constantly. If a Gu Master uses it, the battle space would vanish when their primeval essence is completely used up."

At this point, everyone lost their hope.

The flying bear phantom's battle space Gu was a wild Gu.

Wild Gu absorbed the primeval energy in the air, and as the primeval energy in the air was continuously supplied, there was no way for the 'time limit' to end.

"If we can absorb all the primeval energy in the air, would that work?" Bian Si Xuan gave a very good suggestion, everyone's eyes were shining.

But it was no use.

After discussing for a while, everyone found that to deal with the invisible and formless primeval energy, qi path methods were required.

But qi path was an ancient path, it had once flourished but had been replaced later by the rising strength path.

By now, strength path had declined, not to mention qi path.

Qi path had been near extinction for a long time.

It was extremely rare to see a qi path Gu Master.

Even though Tai Bai Yun Sheng had roamed northern plains for so many years, he had only see three qi path cultivators. The most recent one, who was also the strongest, was Liu Wen Wu's sworn brother — the variant human Mo Shi Kuang.

But this person had followed Liu Wen Wu since long ago, he was part of Liu tribe, why would he serve under Hei Lou Lan?

Even if he could help, he was an attack type Gu Master, he might not have the ability to deal with the primeval energy. In any case, no one could enter Imperial Court blessed land anymore at this point.

"Qi path is not the most important. The most crucial thing is to break the connection between the primeval energy and battle space Gu, we do not need to get rid of the primeval energy in this area." Tai Bai Yun Sheng said as he stroked his beard.

But this was something no one could do.

Breaking the connection between the primeval energy and wild Gu was the signature ability of restriction path.

Restriction path was also a rare path, there were very few restriction path Gu Masters.

Among everyone present, no one was a restriction path Gu Master.

"Sigh, earlier when I obtained a high grade evaluation and entered Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's treasure room, I found the restriction path primeval break Gu, it could be used in this scenario. But who could I have predicted this, I ended up exchanging something else." Lui Shuang patted his thigh, expressing his regret.

Fang Yuan was folding his arms, expression and not speaking as he stood at one side.

"Think harder, there has to be a way." Hei Lou Lan had just spoken, when the space shook, the huge body of the flying bear phantom appearing before them.

It opened its mouth and roared, showing its frenzy nature.

Everyone's heart sank, quickly looking for Hao Ji Liu's traces.

If he is alive they must see him, if he is dead they must at least see the corpse, but they could not find it anywhere.

"Quick, look at the flying bear's mouth!" Sun Shi Han was an investigative Gu Master, he was the first to find the trace.

Everyone looked over and saw that the flying bear's mouth had traces of blood, and there were some cloth stuck in between its teeth.

This cloth was very familiar to them, everyone pondered about it and quickly realized, wasn't this Hao Ji Liu's clothing?

They understood at once.

Hao Ji Liu was eaten by the flying bear!

What a pity for Hao Ji Liu, the great demonic path expert, known as the "Water Demon", displaying great brilliance in the Imperial Court contest, yet he died at this very place.

Fate was full of uncertainty, the cruelty of reality made everyone feel a strong sense of pity and dread.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng could do nothing either.

Although he had man as before Gu, but it needed a target to use it on, right now Hao Ji Liu's corpse was chewed up by the flying bear, and swallowed into its stomach.

How could he be saved?

The Gu Masters' morale fell.

"The flying bear phantom is too ferocious, how can we fight it?"

"It is so cramped inside the battle space, the flying bear has the five element bear skin Gu, wind tiger cloud dragon Gu, star river Gu, and grand chaotic dance Gu, if we fought it alone, who could be its match?"

"We could never have expected this final round to be difficult to this degree!"

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's rounds got harder towards the later stages, and the final, hundredth round was the hardest.

Right now Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had already created more than ten floors, the Gu Masters were working hard to clear all the rounds for rewards, but most of them were stuck at the ninetieth or so round.

This final round was the first one everyone had arrived at.

"Damn it, morale is so low, it is hard to fight anymore, do we return empty handed this time?" Hei Lou Lan's expression was grim.

This time, they created a huge party for this challenge, yet they lost an expert without gaining anything. This was a huge blow to his reputation and prestige.

Disregarding that, what Hei Lou Lan wanted was a strength path Immortal Gu, meaning he needed a one-edge owner token.

If he could not clear this floor, he would only have an ordinary edgeless owner token.

If he gave up on this floor and chose other floors to challenge, he would need to expend a lot of time.

Time waits for no man, and this too went for him, Hei Lou Lan!

Just as the troop's morale was sinking, Fang Yuan slowly said with a calm expression: "What difficulty is there in killing the flying bear?"

Once he said so, dozens of gazes turned around to look at him.

But soon, they lowered their gazes.

Wolf King was no longer the Wolf King in the rumors.

In the past, Wolf King Chang Shan Yin was a great heroic character in northern plains, a legend who exterminated Ha Tu Gu and his band of bandits.

The current Wolf King was a flying and enslavement master, the number one fierce general publicly recognised in this current Imperial Court contest. During the final battle, he took down the enemy's commander easily from amidst the army, showing his great strength!

He had become even more arrogant and aloof, even becoming cruel and ruthless, striking as a means of persuasion. Hei Xiu Yi who was nearly killed by him was a prime example.

Looking back in time, there was another example, Sun Shi Han.

He had once been attacked by Chang Shan Yin in public, his entire face was trampled on the ground under everyone's watchful eye, he had lost all his pride and face.

Only Hei Lou Lan's gaze approached him, only the 'Black Tyrant' had no fear towards the unrestrained and arrogant Chang Shan Yin.

"Brother Shan Yin, I would like to hear your brilliant plan!" Hei Lou Lan cupped his fists.

Fang Yuan laughed lightly: "It is not a brilliant plan, there is no harm in saying it."

He paused before saying: "This battle space Gu is quite special, but it is only rank five, there has to be restrictions on it, particularly in range. In my opinion, as long as we fight it from afar and avoid the range of battle space Gu's effect, we will be fine."

Hei Lou Lan was shocked, these words truly made him feel as though he was waking up from a dream!

Everyone's eyes were shining, some patted their head as they said excitedly: "I was too frightened by battle space Gu's reputation."

Indeed, any Gu worm had its range of effect.

The battle space Gu's range should not be wide, otherwise, it would not have waited for Hao Ji Liu to get close before activating it.

Of course, battle space Gu was a wild Gu, so the range had to be assessed more carefully.

"Next, I will manipulate the wolf group and encircle the flying bear, you guys will attack from afar using long range methods." Fang Yuan commanded.

Hei Lou Lan was overjoyed, he could not command Fang Yuan to move, now that Fang Yuan was voluntarily entering battle, he quickly said: "We will do as Wolf King says!"

Battle ensued again.

The wolf group was inside trapping the flying bear. The Gu Masters were outside unleashing a rain of attacks from afar.

Like this, the scene of a group of ants eating an elephant was formed.

Flying bear roared continuously, using star river Gu, wind tiger cloud dragon Gu, grand chaotic dance Gu and others, causing great casualties to the wolf group.

In contrast, the Gu Masters were all safe and sound, no more deaths occurred.

Hei Lou Lan was initially afraid of Fang Yuan withdrawing due to huge casualties in the wolf group.

But Fang Yuan showed a strong attitude, he did not retreat even though he was having losses, he even disregarded the wolf corpses.

Hei Lou Lan was perplexed, but after thinking about it, he attributed Fang Yuan's reason for not retreating no matter what to his earlier promise — once they cleared this, Wolf King would get fifty percent of the reward!

What he did not know was, Fang Yuan's true motive was his owner token.

Hei Lou Lan wanted to elevate his owner token, that suited Fang Yuan's interests, after his owner token becomes four-edge, Fang Yuan would snatch it away and form the ten-edge owner token, obtaining a Giant Sun true inheritance.

Because of Fang Yuan's intervention, the scales of victory tilted towards the Gu Masters.

Flying bear's injuries became heavier, as blood flowed down the mound like a waterfall.


Suddenly, the flying bear roared again, shooting out another invisible bubble.

The rank five battle space Gu was activated once again.

The Gu Masters were prepared for this, retreating quickly, but the bubble was targeted at a blood forest wolf.


With a light sound, the flying bear and the blood forest wolf vanished.

"Using the same move again, what's the use?" Someone saw this and laughed.

"As long as we do not get closer, why would we be afraid of the battle space Gu? Hahaha!"

"All of you shut up!" Hei Lou Lan screamed furiously, showing a very annoyed and irritated expression.

Not just him, Fang Yuan, Tai Bai Yun Sheng and the others also had a grim expression.


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