Reverend Insanity
583 Killing flying bear, Accident at the final momen
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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583 Killing flying bear, Accident at the final momen

Chapter 583: Killing flying bear, Accident at the final moment
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Although wild Gu absorbed energy from the air directly, being able to use their abilities freely without any limits on primeval essence.

But during an intense battle, towards the end, the wild Gu would become more and more passive, if they sensed that the battle was going south, they would leave their host and escape on the spot using their instinct of sensing danger.

Thus, when attacking a wild beast, especially beast kings or desolate beasts, during the first half of the battle, it would usually contain the most firepower, after a while, the attacks would slowly become weaker and less oppressive.

"Even so, we cannot allow the fox group and eagle group to suffer such losses, we should invite Lord Chang Shan Yin to step in." At the side, Hei Xiu Yi said.

"Step in… to what end?" Fang Yuan folded his arms, scoffing arrogantly as he heard this: "According to our battle arrangement, I will strike first while the two of them take over after me, with such intervals, we have to each hold on for fifteen minutes. Right now, they have not even been there for half the allocated time, it is not time for me to step in yet."

If they entered the battlefield now, the wolf group would only face the cruel slaughter of the flying bear phantom, although it would weaken the flying bear phantom as intended, if he could reduce his losses, Fang Yuan was very willing to watch on the fence.

As for the others' losses, was that Fang Yuan's problem?

Hei Xiu Yi was furious upon hearing this, but because of Fang Yuan's status, he could only hold in his anger: "Lord Wolf King, everyone is putting in their full effort for this battle, right now Tang Miao Ming and Hei Qi Sheng are fighting with their life, but lord is watching by the side, isn't this too much?"

"Hmm? You dare to lecture me?" Fang Yuan frowned as his killing intent surged.

Although he was folding his arms, a monstrous arm grew out from his back.

The monstrous arm was extremely powerful and strong, but it also moved extremely fast, directly assaulting Hei Xiu Yi.

Never in Hei Xiu Yi's dreams did he think that Fang Yuan would dare to publicly, and especially during such an important battle, try to kill him?!

Before the fist hit, he felt the intense winds blowing towards him, causing his face to feel pain already.

An incomparable feeling of fear and danger instantly filled his heart.

At the crucial moment, his battle senses from many years of fighting saved his life successfully.

He reacted before even thinking, activating his defense Gu and putting up three lines of defense.

He was a defensive Gu Master originally, and because his specialty was defense, Hei Lou Lan had once sent him to Fang Yuan as a form of protection.

But during the battle, Hei Xiu Yi cherished his own safety and forgot about his mission, abandoning Fang Yuan on the battlefield.

The monstrous arm was unstoppable, it smashed the three defenses quickly and hit his chest.


A crisp sound could be heard.

Hei Xiu Yi's rib bones were all crushed, the monstrous strength sent him flying like a cannonball.

He vomited blood while flying in the air.

Then with a rumble, he crashed on a small mound several hundred steps away.

When the sound of the impact was heard and the dust settled, he was half embedded into the mound, falling unconscious and losing his battle strength.

"Lord Wolf King?!"

"What happened? What happened! Why did they fight?"

"Hei Xiu Yi urged Lord Wolf King to battle, the two could not get along and Wolf King suddenly burst into anger, sending Hei Xiu Yi flying!"

Seeing such a shocking event, everyone was gasping.

Internal conflicts were always so sudden, so severe.

Hei Xiu Yi's identity was not simple, he was one of the three commanders of the black banner army, an important person within the Hei tribe higher-ups. Fang Yuan attacking him with such intensity was no different than openly taunting Hei Lou Lan.

Once Hei Lou Lan and Chang Shan Yin stood on opposing sides, this battle would not only end up in failure, the entire sacred palace would also fall into political turmoil!

"Wolf King, what happened? I would like to hear your explanation." Hei Lou Lan's expression was like still water as he came over to question Fang Yuan.

He usually called Fang Yuan "Brother Shan Yin" to show their close relationship, but now that he called him "Wolf King", it showed his anger.

But no matter how angry he was, would Fang Yuan be afraid?

Immediately, Fang Yuan stared back at him with no fear, his killing intent dispersed as he snickered: "Tribe leader Hei Lou Lan, you came at a good time, your subordinate was truly stepping out of line, he dared to lecture me? Such a lack of respect with a complete disregard for seniority, I punished him for you, no need to thank me, don't forget about our friendship after all."

Using "disrespect" and "seniority", he sent two reasons over just like that.

His final sentence mentioning "our friendship" had even deeper meaning.

It was like he was trying to say that they had a great friendship, but it could also mean that they had no friendship at all!

Hei Lou Lan stared furiously!

"This Chang Shan Yin is too arrogant! He dared to hit my man! Looking at his lawless manner, does he really think I cannot do anything to him just because of his great battle strength?" Black Tyrant roared in his heart.

He was cultivating dark path on the surface, but in truth, because of the Great Strength True Martial physique, his real cultivation was in the strength path.

His battle strength was superb, but he could not use his strength path methods because that would accelerate the disaster of one of the ten extreme physiques.

"I'll endure it! Right now, we are at the crucial moment of attacking the flying bear phantom, if we get into an argument now, it would all go to waste! What is most important now is to find my strength path Immortal Gu and ascend to become a Gu Immortal!"

As long as they killed the flying bear phantom this time, Hei Lou Lan would be able to get through this floor and his owner token would immediately become a one-edge owner token.

With the one-edge owner token, he would be able to inspect the reward of any round of any floor, the one with a strength path Immortal Gu would be his focus and target.

Precisely so, it was extremely important to kill the flying bear phantom, even with Hei Lou Lan's temper and cruelty, he had to endure it.

"I'll let you be arrogant for once! One day, I will make you kneel down at my feet and lick my toes, if I tell you to shut up, you will keep quiet. If I ask you to bark, you will wag your tail!"

Hei Lou Lan was extremely furious, veins were popping on his forehead, but his eyes were fixed on Fang Yuan intensely.

Just as everyone was feeling a heavy atmosphere from this silence, and were feeling uneasy, Hei Lou Lan suddenly raised his head and laughed loudly: "Good, brother Shan Yin did a good job, such a disrespectful person should be taught a lesson indeed."

This was akin to Hei Lou Lan taking a step back, those who knew his poor temper were all shocked.

"His tribesman was beaten till he was unconscious in public, Hei Lou Lan actually agreed with him?"

"Wolf King is too strong, he did not care about the super force Hei tribe, now even Hei Lou Lan need to take a step back."

"Bullshit, this is tribe leader Hei Lou Lan caring about the big picture! He did not want to stoop to the level of Chang Shan Yin! Chang Shan Yin beat us Hei tribesmen, one day, he will pay the price."

Everyone had their comments as they conversed in secret.


The flying boar's roaring attracted everyone's attention again.

The eagle and fox groups were facing great losses.

"I have let down all the lords." Hei Qi Sheng's nose was bleeding, his face was full of shame.

Tang Miao Ming's expression was pale, as her slim body was swaying with weakness.

"Protect the two of them." Tai Bai Yun Sheng shouted.

"Both of you have had a huge contribution to this, I can see your sincerity. After this battle, you will be greatly rewarded." Hei Lou Lan had an amicable expression as he came forward to console them.

The flying bear lost its obstacles and charged forward towards everyone.

By right, the wolf group should be charging up to continue weakening the bear.

But Hei Lou Lan looked at Fang Yuan who was folding his arms arrogantly, not saying a word, in fact his wolves were retreating faster than anyone on the battlefield.

"I'll endure! One day, I will make you pay a huge price!" Hei Lou Lan gritted his teeth, knowing that he could not make Fang Yuan do anything, if he forced Fang Yuan and got rejected in public, he would take a huge hit to his reputation and be deeply humiliated.

Thus, Hei Lou Lan shouted loudly: "Strike, initiate the second step of the plan!"


Immediately, two people flew out like lightning.

One was a slim and elegant person wearing a fluttering blue dress, it was White Fairy Xi Xue.

The other was muscular and stable, wearing a yellow robe, it was Gu tribe leader Gu Guo Long.

White Fairy Xi Xue flew into the air, her sleeves were waving as she shouted in an alluring manner, causing snow to descend immediately.

It was her signature rank five Gu worm — flying snow Gu.

Gu Guo Long ran on the ground, his legs were moving like turbines, everywhere he went, smoke rose as rocks were sent flying.

It was also a rank five Gu, called flying sand moving rock.

At once, white snow was floating in the air, while sand and rocks were rolling on the ground.

The giant mountain-like flying bear phantom was stuck between the snow and sand, its speed reduced drastically as its vision was also obscured.

It roared loudly, waving its paws in the snow and sand, but the air currents generated from its attacks made the sand and snow even more intense, blurring its sight.

Seeing this, Hei Lou Lan laughed cruelly, ordering: "Third step!"

This time, almost ten people charged into the battlefield.

Every one of them was an expert, there was Bian Si Xuan, Hao Ji Liu, Pei Yan Fei, Gao Yang, Shu Zai, Dou E, Nie Ya Qing, Tao You, Lu Shuang…

These Gu Masters were either rank four peak stage or rank five experts.

Adding in Gu Guo Long and Xi Xue, they were truly a powerful formation.

They drilled into the snow and sand, attacking furiously towards the flying bear phantom.

The flying bear phantom roared continuously, it was very agitated and attacked randomly, but had little effect.

On the other hand, the Gu Masters had used their investigative Gu worms from the start, their vision was clear as they constantly avoided the bear while unleashing strong attacks.

Pei Yan Fei grew wings as his swallow wings were like scissors tearing through the sky.

Swallow wings Gu.

Golden coat Gu.

Rainbow transformation Gu.

Killer move — Golden Rainbow Strike!

He turned into a golden flash of lightning as he charged down with fierce crackling.

The flying bear roared in pain, blood was spewing as a huge injury appeared on its chest, from the left shoulder to its right waist.

Nie Ya Qing followed closely after.

He was a rank five Gu Master, using the iron hook silver slash Gu.

His palm formed into an eagle claw shape as he aimed at the flying bear phantom, slashing with his fingers.

Immediately, several flashes appeared in the air, some were as dark as steel while some were shining like silver.

His claws continued to tear at the sky, as countless flashes attacked the flying bear phantom's eyes, nose, and mouth.

Nie Ya Qing attacked its weak points, causing the flying bear to take the hit passively.

"Overlapping shadow." Bian Si Xuan shouted lightly, as the shadow sword in her hand waved.

A dark sword shadow flew several hundred steps and attacked the flying bear's right leg noiselessly, leaving a ten meter long wound.

"Protect me." Ye Lui Sang shouted, raising both his palms as a fireball appeared above him, growing and expanding at a rapid speed.

The fireball became larger and larger, as the battlefield was dyed red, the light from the fireball could not be concealed by the snow and sand.

The flying bear felt the danger too and struggled, charging towards Ye Lui Sang who was in the air.

But the next moment, it was attacked by Dou E, Gu Guo Long, and Tao You.

Dou E was a transformation path Gu master, turning into a giant crocodile as he battled and retreated.

He opened his mouth, shooting out his teeth one by one.

The teeth hit the flying bear's body and were embedded into it, in a few breath's time, they exploded, causing the flying bear's body to be covered in flesh and blood.

Gu Guo Long waved his sleeve and dozens of Gu worms flew out.

These Gu worms landed on the ground, causing the earth to grow into a mound.

The mound broke and rockmen-like giant statues appeared, standing up and attacking the flying bear phantom.

Tao You was an earth path Gu Master.

But he and Gu Guo Long had different methods, he continued to absorb the earth energy as he gathered it into himself.

Next, he punched consecutively, with each punch shooting out earth energy. Flying in the air, they transformed into meteors and crashed onto the flying bear's body.

Bam bam bam…

As the intense meteors collided, the flying bear's attacks towards Ye Lui Sang slowed.

Finally, Ye Lui Sang was finished with his charging and he pressed his palms down, as a giant fireball was sent down like a descending mountain, hitting the huge flying bear phantom without regard for its welfare.


With an intense explosion, ears were deafened.

The intense wind stirred, spreading everywhere, blowing the snow and sand away to the edge of the battlefield.

The Gu Masters who were there were blown by the intense winds, getting shocked as their clothes and hair were pulled along by the wind.

When the dust settled, a huge crater formed on the battlefield.

All around the deep crater, a sand-like surface could be seen due to the strong heat from the fire.

The flying bear phantom was curled up into a ball, making no sounds. Its body was covered in five lights that were interchanging, black, white, red, yellow, and azure.

Rank five — five element bear skin Gu.

This Gu could greatly reduce the damage from metal, wood, water, fire, and earth path Gu worms, but under the attacks of so many experts, the flying bear's body was covered in injuries as blood spewed everywhere, and some injuries were so deep bones could be seen.

Gu Masters were standing at the edge of the crater, watching the flying bear.

Although the flying bear was strong, after two rounds of battle, such results had been obtained.

"Be careful, do not forget that it still has the grand chaotic dance Gu." Sun Shi Han reminded.

The Gu Masters had a serious expression as some nodded lightly.

Grand chaotic dance Gu was a rank five Gu, it could cause the flying bear to go into a frenzied state, increasing its strength and speed greatly, at the same time its four limbs could be twisted at will.

Once this wild Gu was activated, the flying bear's danger level would surge, if one was not careful and got caught, they might be turned into meat paste in no more than a few breath's time.

"What's there to be afraid of, don't forget we have Old Sir Tai Bai here, whoever charges first will be heavily rewarded by me!" Hei Lou Lan shouted, his promise of rewards made the Gu Master's eyes shine brightly.

When great rewards are offered, brave people emerge.

"I'll do it!" Hao Ji Liu shouted, whipping up a wave as he charged towards the flying bear.

Under everyone's gazes, he advanced towards the flying bear quickly.

A thousand steps, five hundred steps, three hundred steps!

The flying bear suddenly raised its head, its eyes were blood red as it growled loudly, shooting out an invisible air bubble.

The bubble expanded at lightning speed, covering both Hao Ji Liu and the flying bear, as it contracted quickly and vanished completely.

In an instant, the flying bear and Hao Ji Liu both vanished!


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