Reverend Insanity
581 Advance to six-edge, difficulty finding a Gu tester
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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581 Advance to six-edge, difficulty finding a Gu tester

Chapter 581: Advance to six-edge, difficulty finding a Gu tester
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Fang Yuan was a vigilant person, he had always felt that everyone else in this world was unreliable, the only dependable person was himself. Thus, he researched the six arm heavenly zombie king killer move the moment he obtained it.

This killer move was originally created based on the foundation he provided, furthermore during these few days, with Mo Yao's guidance, his refinement path attainment was deepening, and his perspective had widened greatly.

Right now, he had a great understanding of the concept of six arm heavenly zombie king, it was clear as water to him.

At this moment, he looked at the completed killer move, without any experiments, he knew that this killer move was close to perfection.

Mo Yao had reduced many supplementary Gu worms from the original base, while keeping the core and the six zombie Gu unchanged, only adding several supplementary Gu worms in.

Sensing the ingenuity of this, Fang Yuan praised endlessly.

In his mind, Mo Yao's will explained: "This is all thanks to the intention Gu on Pan and Chang. With their experience and insight, I could refine this move to such an extent, we have reached an extreme level of perfection. As long as the time does not exceed thirty minutes, no matter how many times you activate the killer move, it will not accumulate zombie energy in your body and cause zombie speckles to grow."

Fang Yuan nodded, knowing that Mo Yao's words were true.

This killer move was truly refined to its limits, according to this line of thinking, it had already reached its strongest potential. Unless he added Immortal Gu in the future, or changed the core Gu.

But if he added Immortal Gu in, this would destroy the original coordination of the Gu, he would need to reassemble it and the move would become completely different, it would truly be a situation of 'pull one hair and the whole body moves'.

If he changed the core Gu, that would be going into another line of thought. The new killer move would be completely different, rather than calling it 'six arm heavenly zombie king', he might as well give it another name.

In all, the killer move six arm heavenly zombie king, be it the core Gu, the zombie Gu or the supplementary Gu, they were being used to their fullest potential, there was no way to refine this further.

Even though there were still backlashes from using it, if one exceeded thirty minutes, the zombie energy would cause great damage to the Gu Master's body, if the time was too long, the Gu Master might even turn into a zombie.

But this was a problem caused by inappropriate usage by the Gu Master, it could be avoided. The reason was that even if this move was used many times, it would not accumulate the zombie speckles. If the Gu Master activated the move multiple times in a period of time, they could potentially sustain the killer move for a long duration.

Except, Fang Yuan was still not satisfied with this huge result.

"If you have any other ideas to refine this killer move, this grandmaster here is willing to listen." Mo Yao laughed eerily.

"At this point, six arm heavenly zombie king is at its limit, there is nothing to improve. But there is still one part that I am not satisfied with, that is the backlash of the killer move." Fang Yuan said.

"After the improvement, the current six arm heavenly zombie king's power has doubled, and the duration has reached thirty minutes, it is sufficient for you to handle anything in this mortal realm. What are you dissatisfied with? You must know, any killer move represents the combination usage of Gu worms, since it is the use of Gu worms, there has to be weaknesses. A killer move's backlash cannot be avoided, they are only different in terms of severity. This strength path killer move's power is at the top five of killer moves in my memory. Don't be too greedy." Mo Yao lectured.

Fang Yuan snorted.

His potential enemies were Gu Immortals, beings who surpassed mortals!

With six arm heavenly zombie king, even if Fang Yuan abandoned his enslavement path, he could still dominate the mortal realm, but it was far from sufficient to deal with Gu Immortals.

Battling an immortal as a mortal, this aim was too arrogant, it was too much for people to believe. Fang Yuan had no intentions of informing Mo Yao about this.

Immediately after, he said: "Preparedness ensures success, and unpreparedness spells failure. If one day, because of a peculiar situation, I overuse the killer move and become
a zombie, what happens? I am also clear that the killer move six arm heavenly zombie king cannot be improved further, but now, my goal is to resolve this weakness."

Mo Yao finally understood Fang Yuan's intention, she sunk into silence.

Fang Yuan was young and arrogant, Mo Yao did not expect that he had such a cautious side. To speak the truth, Mo Yao was looking at him in a different light now —

"This lad, he has talent, resources, and opportunities. He has great perseverance and is able to lower his head when needed. On one hand, he advances bravely, while on the other hand, he is cautious and vigilant, always considering all sides of the matter. This lad, one day, he will definitely shake the world."

She was silent for a short time, soon, Mo Yao said: "It is very troublesome to resolve this backlash. Six arm heavenly zombie king is not an ordinary zombie, the zombie energy is extremely thick, once the Gu Master transforms, they cannot even use Yin-Yang rotation Gu!"

"As a refinement grandmaster, is there nothing you can do?" Fang Yuan did not believe her.

Mo Yao did not fall for his taunting, she spoke in a calm manner: "I need a rank five Gu Master to fully transform into the six arm heavenly zombie king, after which I will experiment on their body. I need this test subject to cooperate with me fully, and I need to have full control over their condition, in terms of body, mind, and personal experience… These are all important information that I need to consider."

Mo Yao did not want to ponder about this deeply as it would expend too many of her thoughts, she used the same method again, planning to use people as experimental fodder. They would replace her thinking and undergo the most crucial steps for her.

Fang Yuan frowned: "Rank five Gu Master? And a fully cooperative one?"

"That's right, it would be best if they are willingly doing it. Because if slavery Gu is used to control them, their emotions would be affected, their experience and feelings when turning into a zombie would be ruined."

This was troublesome!

If Fang Yuan wanted to resolve the problem of six arm heavenly zombie king, he would need to find a rank five Gu Master, and they would need to be cooperative and listen to Fang Yuan, risking their lives to undergo this experiment.

Where was Fang Yuan going to find such a person?!

Three days later.

Central control room.

From the ink whirlpool, the owner token rose up and flew into Fang Yuan's hands.

Activating the refinement path killer move ink transformation once again, five-edge owner token had transformed into six-edge.

Fang Yuan was both happy and worried.

Happy because he had the six-edge owner token, once Hei Lou Lan's owner token becomes four-edge, he would be able to snatch it and form the ten-edge owner token.

With a ten-edge owner token, he could obtain one of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's true inheritances!

An Immortal Venerable inheritance had a huge attraction to almost anybody.

Worry was because Fang Yuan had expended almost all his resources to undergo this sixth ink transformation. In order to accumulate funds, he had sold the Immortal Gu remnant recipes again and caused these remnant recipes to have no value left.

At the same time, he sold large numbers of rockmen, fox groups, wolf groups, Gu worms, and even the precious hairy men and some air bubble fish.

Like the rank four emotion poetry Gu, golden dragon Gu, golden breeze Gu, as well as rank five Gu including multiple spring egg Gu, vajra stare Gu, turn gold Gu, soft bones Gu, pitch black Gu, and hints and clues Gu.

"Right now, I only have the enslavement and strength path Gu worms left in my aperture. In Hu Immortal blessed land, I have Blood Sea Ancestor's true inheritance, rank four blood skull Gu, as well as rank three bone flesh unity Gu and the yang Gu left after using yin Gu of the yin-yang rotation Gu. Other than that, I still have some stargate Gu, hole earth Gu, connecting heaven Gu, divine sense Gu, burial soul toad, and some supplementary Gu."

These Gu were all of utmost importance, they could not be sold. Some were absolutely necessary, he needed them in the future.

"Hu Immortal blessed land was almost squeezed dry by me, it needs to recover. But now that I have the six-edge owner token, I can control six floors in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building as I wish. All of the rewards in these six floors can be taken by me. These rewards are extremely valuable, if I take them all, my wealth would grow by at least sixty times that of my current foundation!"

Fang Yuan had his plans.

But currently, he could not touch these rewards.

Hei Lou Lan had gathered some experts, and was at the final round of the fifth floor.

Soon, he was going to obtain a one-edge owner token.

With this token, he could check any floor's round rewards in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

If Fang Yuan took the rewards, wouldn't he reveal himself?

"At the final moment, when Imperial Court blessed land is about to close and everyone gets sent out, I will take the rewards then, by that point, nobody would know a thing."



The bear paw smacked and the earth quaked, rocks were sent flying like shrapnel.

As the smoke dispersed, a huge bear paw the size of five to six horse carriages was lifted, showing a huge crater.

The rank four Gu Master who was unfortunately hit by the bear paw had turned into a pile of mushy flesh, mixed with some bone shards and brain matter.

"Too fast! We cannot react to it."

"The final round is truly harder than ascending to heaven…"

"This is only the phantom image of a flying bear, it only has half the strength of the true body. If this was really the desolate beast flying bear, we would not even be able to escape!"

The Gu Masters on the battlefield were all injured, they were in a pathetic state and felt great lingering fear.

It was the phantom image of the desolate beast flying bear that was guarding the fifth floor's hundredth round.

It had a huge body, like that of a mountain, it had white, snowy fur, and a full set of Gu worms in it, each were elite Gu worms. It attacked fiercely, but moved just as agilely, it could dart around like lightning, which was ironic due to its huge bulky figure. After fighting for only thirty minutes, the Gu Masters had already suffered huge losses.

"Lord tribe leader, we should retreat. Our motive this time is to probe it, now that we have understood most of the Gu worms on the flying bear, we have actually achieved our goal already." Sun Shi Han stood beside Hei Lou Lan, advising.

Hei Lou Lan frowned, looking around the battlefield.

He was an expert in leading men to wars and battles, he knew that his troops had low morale now.

"Since I started challenging the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, this flying bear phantom is the strongest opponent I've met. To defeat it, our strength is not enough, we need even more helpers."

Hei Lou Lan assessed in his heart before snorting and saying one word: "Retreat."

Sun Shi Han felt relieved in his heart, and not just him, the other Gu Masters already had the intention to retreat, but because of the Black Tyrant's fierce reputation, no one dared to suggest it.


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