Reverend Insanity
580 Perfecting the Killer Move
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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580 Perfecting the Killer Move

Chapter 580: Perfecting the Killer Move
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral


Wolf howls suddenly echoed out, a large group of turtleback wolves appeared ahead.

"Wolves, how could there be a wolf group here?" Pan Ping's movement slowed down, shouting in surprise.

Chang Biao's expression sank. Because of the connection with Fang Yuan, the animal he hated the most now was the wolf.

But he had never even thought that Fang Yuan would be controlling this round, and said in a gloomy voice: "Our priority this time was to probe, now that there has been a new change, we should see what happens after killing these wolves."

"Okay!" Pan Ping nodded in agreement.

The two cooperated and started killing the wolves.

At first, the two were occupying the upper hand even to the extent that it could be called a slaughter; how could ordinary turtleback wolves be their match?

But soon, other species of wolf started appearing continuously in front of them - vermillion wolves, water wolves, wind wolves and so on. Even mutated wolf groups like frenzy wolves and white-eyes wolves started appearing.

The two were gradually becoming unable to endure this.

"How could there be so many wolf groups?"

"Could it be this round also tests the Gu Master's ability to fight?"

Large numbers of thousand wolf kings entered the battle along with myriad wolf kings; Pan Ping and Chang Biao's expressions gradually turned unsightly.

"This round is so difficult!" Pan Ping sighed woefully.

"In Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, the difficulty keeps on increasing as one passes the rounds, with the ninetieth to hundredth rounds being the most difficult." Chang Biao responded.

After a while more, the two could not continue fighting much longer.

"We have already probed the situation, the ninetieth round not only has a maze, but also wolf groups!" Chang Biao summarized in a heavy voice.

"We have walls on both sides, the terrain is narrow, we already are restricting the large crowds attacking us, what else can we do? Pan Ping frowned.

"Let's talk after retreating." Chang Biao sighed.

He and Pan Ping did not have Giant Sun bloodline, and had used guest tokens to enter Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

Guest tokens were precious, thus they had to spend a lot of resources every time they entered.

"Alright!" Pan Ping already had the thought of retreating, he glanced at the wolf groups with hate, "These damned wolf beasts, there will be a day when I will step on your Wolf King and humiliate him! Hahaha…."

He cursed and vowed, the 'Wolf King' he was speaking of naturally referred to Fang Yuan.

"Eh!" The next moment, Pan Ping's laughter suddenly came to a stop, shock and fear replacing it.

"What's going on? We can't go out?" Chang Biao who was at the side also discovered this serious problem.

The two had used guest tokens to enter the tower and could leave with just a thought. They had already entered and exited many times, and were very familiar with this.

But now, this floor was under Fang Yuan's control, the five-edge owner token was many times more powerful than a guest token. These two were like birds within a cage, trapped in a predicament.

"Damn it, what should we do? I only have thirty percent primeval essence remaining!" Pan Ping shouted in panic.

Chang Biao's expression was grim as he shouted: "Calm down!"

His condition was a little better than Pan Ping with fifty percent primeval essence remaining in his aperture. But even if their primeval essence was full, it would be exhausted sooner or later in front of these endless wolf groups.

"This situation is very rare, how could we not get out of this tower? This round is strange, what it might be testing is the Gu Master's courage! We cannot act cowardly!" Chang Biao thought for a while and shouted.

Pan Ping heard his words, and slightly calmed down his panicked mind. He remembered that there were indeed strange rounds recorded in the past history, testing none other than the Gu Master's mind. Often in these rounds, the more cowardly the Gu master becomes, the stronger the monster they would have to face.

Pan and Chang forcibly calmed down, and then tried to break through the wolf groups' encirclement.

But Fang Yuan was in control of this round and was clear of every corner of the maze.

He mobilized the wolf groups with extreme smoothness; no matter how Pan and Chang tried to break through, there would always be wolf groups encircling and cutting off their path.

"No, I cannot die here! Damned wolf beasts, take my killer move!" With no alternative, Pan Ping used up almost all his primeval essence to activate the killer move 'six arm heavenly zombie king'.

He turned into an eight armed zombie; his battle strength rose explosively, creating surging waves wherever he moved. The wolves suffered severe losses with none being able to resist his attacks.

Chang Biao took the valuable chance to preserve his primeval essence by following behind Pan Ping, and was able to save quite a bit of strength.

The good situation did not last long and soon, Pan Ping's primeval essence was thoroughly exhausted.

Chang Biao quickly moved to save him: "In this time of danger, we need to work as one to have the hope of escaping alive. Take a rest and use primeval stones to recover your primeval essence, I will protect you!"

Chang Biao also used six arm heavenly zombie king and firmly protected Pan Ping.

With this kind of assistance between the two, they were able to stabilize the situation.

Seven-eight days went by like this, Chang Biao and Pan Ping's primeval essence were completely exhausted, no longer able to carry on.

"Am I going to die here?" Pan Ping roared at the sky.

"Damn it, there is definitely a way out, definitely!" Chang Biao had lost his earlier demeanour as he started shouting and roaring.

Just at this time of despair, the two suddenly saw a large pile of primeval stones in the corner ahead.

"Primeval stones!"

"Such a mountain of primeval stones, I am not hallucinating, right?"

Finding a way out of death's door, the two were elated and summoned all their bravery to kill their way through. The situation was stabilized once again as they used the primeval stones to recover their primeval essence.

"I understand, I understand now, this round tests the Gu Master's endurance!" Chang Biao shouted with wild joy.

"So it was like that." Pan Ping also came to a realization.

The two were so happy they did not realize the strange changes on their bodies.

As they started using 'six arm heavenly zombie king' more often, their bodies were now growing some irrecoverable zombie speckles.

"This hill of primeval stones is sufficient to last us two-three months." Pan Ping pounced on the primeval stone hill, crying tears of joy.

"Quickly use this time to recover primeval essence. We can't just keep sitting idly, there should be other primeval stone hills. When thirsty, we can drink wolf blood, and when hungry, we can eat wolf meat, maybe we can pass this round if we persevere like this." Chang Biao's eyes shone brightly.

"Brother Chang, you are right!" Pan Ping stood up quickly, his face flushed red as he imagined the scene Chang Biao portrayed, "This round is so difficult, it is almost an absolute death ground. There should definitely be a great reward for passing it!"

Chang Biao resisted the wolf groups' offense, sighing: "I finally know why we can enter but not exit this round. If we could easily leave, how could this round test the Gu Master?"

It was truly a pity these two still did not know this primeval stone hill was intentionally arranged here by their great enemy Fang Yuan. His goal was to make them use the killer move more, and continue the experiment.

The situation was fully within Fang Yuan's control. Even if these two had not been willing to use the killer move and only used their own moves, Fang Yuan would have controlled the wolf groups to continue attacking them, creating a dangerous set of circumstances where these two would have no choice but to use the killer move.

Fang Yuan's worry was unnecessary in this aspect.

As these two used the killer move, they started gradually becoming dependent on it, using it more and more. And in the following battles, they rarely used their own methods.

When their zombie speckles became denser and seriously affected them, they came to their senses.

But it was already too late.

"I don't accept this, I don't accept this, dying right here! Wolf King, I won't let you go even as a ghost!"

Pan Ping was the first to die.

Before he died, he cursed Fang Yuan.

Several days later, Chang Biao also died with exhaustion in the battle.

He died with grievance, mumbling to himself as he neared death: "Exit, where the hell is the exit?"

He had a lot of worries, too many things he could not let go.

Wolf Killing Alliance was only just being set up, the scheme of forcing Ma Ying Jie to join it had only just started, but even more than these, what made him the most unreconciled was his own son - Chang Ji You.

Truthfully speaking, Chang Biao was a pitiful person.

For his reputation, he dared not admit his own biological son and was only able to hear Chang Ji You call him 'godfather', 'godfather'...

Even so, he did not feel secure and to cover it further up, he adopted several orphans as his adopted sons and daughters. Among them was Chang Li.

He had made such painstaking efforts, laid low his whole life, planned so much, but now as he faced death, nothing had come to fruition.

He was unreconciled, full of regrets and annoyance, but what could he do?

"I really… really wanted to hear him call me father…" At this moment of death, his intense thoughts burst out as a sorrowful and regretful voice, passing away with the light of his life.

"The killer move was activated two thousand three hundred and eleven times, although he was exhausted in death, the main reason for fatality is the accumulation of zombie energy in his body." Fang Yuan appeared beside Chang Biao's corpse out of thin air.

He slightly smiled, the experiment had attained the expected purpose, but he found a problem —

Even if the killer move was used every time, it could not surpass a certain time limit, but instead the more it was used, the zombie energy in the body would accumulate till it led to the Gu Master's death.

Whether it was Pan Ping or Chang Biao, they both died because of this.

Fang Yuan took out the Gu worms from the two's corpses and stored them in his storage pouch.

This round was under his control, making it impossible for Pan and Chang to detonate their Gu worms even if they wanted to.

Chang Biao possessed a set of wind path Gu worms, all of them of excellent quality. Pan Ping's Gu worms were also not ordinary, but with Fang Yuan's current scope and capital, they were only considered better than nothing.

Only that sole blade Gu had some collection value, making Fang Yuan look at it for a moment.

Several days later.

In a study, Fang Yuan was thinking with his eyes closed while grasping an east window Gu.

"Hostile intent Gu can condense hostile intent. The hostile intent is strong and fiercely encroaching as fire, but it somewhat lacks flexibility and does not have the power to persist for long."

"Sharp intent Gu can condense sharp intent. The sharp intent is very sharp like swords and spears, however it can be subdued through soft tactics and is very difficult to restore."

"Reckless intent can condense reckless intent. Nothing is a taboo for the reckless intent and it can easily spread unchecked, but it is difficult to control and can easily injure the Gu Master."

This east window Gu, which Fang Yuan had purchased from treasure yellow heaven, recorded a fairly intact wisdom path inheritance. He paid all his small savings of immortal essence stones for it.

But it was worth it, Fang Yuan made some gains after reading it.

Fang Yuan pondered: "This inheritance records fourteen wisdom path Gu worms with six that touch upon the aspect of intent - hostile intent Gu, sharp intent Gu, reckless intent Gu, changing intent Gu, cold intent Gu and chaotic intent Gu. The first three are used to condense will, with each having their own pros and cons."

Wisdom path was the most mysterious among Gu Master paths, extremely broad and profound. It originated from Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and had existed from Remote Antiquity Era. The Gu Masters who cultivated it were extremely few in numbers, but it still remained and passed down till today, never declining.

"Then what is Mo Yao's will classified as - hostile intent, sharp intent or reckless intent?"

Fang Yuan was researching these wills to guard against and deal with the enormous hidden danger in his mind.

"Hostile intent is fierce like fire, sharp intent is sharp like a spear, reckless intent is flamboyant and difficult to control, but Mo Yao's will is mysterious like the sea, hidden and indistinct. From the confrontations I had with her, it felt like I was not able to display my strength, like punching cotton."

Fang Yuan carefully analyzed and perceived Mo Yao's will was not any one among this list.

This inheritance he had gathered was only a corner of wisdom path; there were definitely many other wisdom path Gu worms.

"It seems I still need to continue gathering information on wisdom path…" Fang Yuan inwardly sighed.

Fang Yuan was not able to easily use his methods against Mo Yao's will because he was not familiar with wisdom path, and did not know her trump cards.

"As the proverb goes, know yourself and know your enemy, and you will go unscathed through a hundred battles. I need to bear with this for the moment, make her think continuously and wear herself down, while also using her to help in exploring True Yang Building."

Right as he was thinking, Mo Yao's will appeared with her indistinct figure in Fang Yuan's mind.

"It is done, the six arm heavenly zombie king this time is truly perfected, there are no more unsuitable factors." Mo Yao said with a weak tone and exhausted expression.

'Looks like she had been worn down a lot from all the thinking over these days." Fang Yuan was inwardly happy, and as he looked at the modified killer move, this hidden happiness gradually turned into exultation!


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