Reverend Insanity
577 Young Master, save me...
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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577 Young Master, save me...

Chapter 577: Young Master, save me...
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral


A silhouette flew out like lightning, six arms were like heavy cannons crushing a huge helmet crab to death.

At once, fresh blood spewed in this secret room as limbs flew everywhere.

"Hahaha." Pan Ping combed his messy hair, laughing loudly as he ignored the blood and carcasses on the ground.

"Awesome, amazing! This six arm heavenly zombie king killer move is really amazing! Using the zombie body to avoid requiring my insufficient background in strength path, thus even with my mild cultivation in strength path, I can still use it."

Pan Ping's eyes shone brilliantly as he talked to himself, pondering about the killer move.

He was born from the demonic path, he lacked resources and did not have enough creativity, thus he had never owned a killer move. But one did not need to know how to cook in order to eat, after roaming in northern plains for so many years, Pan Ping's vision had expanded and he knew that this killer move 'six arm heavenly zombie king' really had what was in the description — unparalleled strength!

"As long as I have this, my chances of dealing with Wolf King will be higher by ten percent! Wolf King has a strength path killer move, but so do I! Wolf King, don't be arrogant, one day, I will return all the humiliation that you inflicted onto me by tenfold!" Pan Ping gritted his teeth, his eyes shining with hatred.

At the same time, Chang Biao was also testing this killer move.

"As expected of a reward from Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, this killer move is too strong!"

The power of the killer move was very shocking to Chang Biao as well.

"If I have to mention a flaw, it would be that the appearance is too ugly and evil…" Chang Biao looked at the mirror with a dark gaze.

The Chang Biao in the mirror had green-grey skin, fangs were growing out of his mouth and his eyes were yellow. He has green-red messy hair, looking very horrifying. Especially the six monstrous arms on his back, they were of different shapes and sizes, each were ruthless looking and made people feel a chill when they saw them.

Pan Ping originated from the demonic path, he often lacked resources and lived in terrible conditions, with survival as his main goal, he did not care about appearance or image.

But Chang Biao was different.

He was born in Chang tribe, he was like a noble, a reputable figure in the righteous path, he loved his appearance and placed emphasis on his reputation, if he were to show this appearance to people, he would feel very uncomfortable in his heart.

"However, although this form is ugly, I can only resort to this when dealing with Chang Shan Yin!" Thinking of Fang Yuan, Chang Biao made up his mind.

"To speak the truth, this move is quite similar to his strength path killer move. His killer move creates four arms on his back, together with his actual arms, he would have six in total. Meanwhile, my killer move creates six arms, I would have eight in total. This is a difference in appearance, but also shows that my killer move is stronger than his by a level."

Chang Biao was assessing in his heart, his impression of Fang Yuan's killer move was still the one in the Imperial Court contest.

Suddenly, Chang Biao had an inspiration, he had a guess: "This is quite the coincidence, the two killer moves are so alike… maybe, my version is the original, and what Chang Shan Yin got by chance was only a remnant version that was passed on outside."

The more he thought about it, the more he confirmed his guess.

"Chang Shan Yin is already an enslavement master, with his talent in enslavement path, how can he also have such talent in strength path? Hehehe, in the future when I get rid of him, I wonder what expression he will make when he sees my killer move? I am looking forward to it."

Thinking so, Chang Biao's lips curled into a smile.

Right at this moment, a servant came and told him Pan Ping had arrived.

Chang Biao's mind clicked and he knew what Pan Ping's intention was, he instructed: "Bring him to my study room, attend to him with good tea, I will be there shortly."

Because he was testing the killer move, Chang Biao's clothes were tattered.

After changing his clothes, he came to the study and saw that Pan Ping was gulping the tea that was served to him.

"What a waste of my good tea." Chang Biao sneered in his heart, before cupping his fists and calling out: "Brother Pan, you look especially happy today, there has been progress in the testing of the killer move?"

"Hahaha, Brother Chang is right, that is exactly so. This killer move is simply outstanding." Pan Ping laughed loudly before changing the topic: "However, there are some problems with this killer move, I tested it for three times, and every time after I end the transformation, I would feel a great pain in my stomach area. In fact, the pain gets worse the more I use it. Is this the backlash of the killer move?"

"Oh?" Chang Biao heard this and his gaze concentrated: "My symptoms are different from you, you have a stomach ache while I feel dizziness, even temporary deafness and blindness. I was going to find you to discuss this problem."

The two talked about the issue, but they did not gain any insights.

They were neither expert strength path cultivators nor refinement masters, their so-called discussion was only based on their own experiments, they could not get to the root of the issue.

Pan Ping suggested: "There are three other people who cleared the round along with us. Why don't we invite them over as well to discuss this matter. Relationships are built by interaction, once our relationship improves, we can invite them to join the Wolf Killing Alliance!"

Pan Ping was adamant on recruiting more members into their alliance, Chang Biao laughed as he said vaguely: "I have plans for this already, it will take effect in the next few days."


Imperial Court blessed land. A thousand li away from the sacred palace.

In the lush and green forest, a group of Gu Masters were carefully moving ahead.


With a light, crisp sound, Ma Hong Yun accidentally stepped on a twig.

Everyone's movements stopped, they sent their angry and frightened gazes towards him.

"You idiot! How many times have we told you to notice what you step on, look down!" The group leader suppressed his volume as he chided with his eyes wide open.

"Sorry, sorry, I did not mean to do that!" Ma Hong Yun quickly apologised.

"Shut up, shut up!"

"Shush, quiet, you idiot!"

The Gu Masters nearby were anxious, the people near Ma Hong Yun even covered his mouth quickly in fear.

The leader's expression was solemn, he was anxious and some killing intent leaked: "All of you shut up. If you alert the iron beak bird group, we will be finished. We are only here to steal the eggs this time, we are retreating once we do that, I will personally kill whoever ruins this!"

The leader was the only rank three Gu Master here, he had the greatest strength and naturally, authority.

Hearing his words, everyone nodded quickly, including Ma Hong Yun.

The leader looked around, his gaze paused at Ma Hong Yun for a second as he gave him a fierce stare, deciding in his heart: "Once we go back, I am kicking this idiot from the group. So what if he has rank two strength? I must be blind, looking at how complementary his Gu worms were, I agreed to let him into the group. If a Gu Master is stupid to this degree, so what if he has good Gu worms?"


Right at this moment, there was a sound that resembled waves in the forest.

Largest numbers of iron beak birds flapped their wings as they soared into the sky from the tree branches.

The Gu Masters who saw this felt that they had sunk into an icy abyss.

"What's going on?"

"Oh no, the birds were alerted! Quickly run!"

"Ma Hong Yun, it is all your fault, if I survive this, I will definitely settle the score with you!!"

Everyone were frightened and anxious, some were furious.

"No, the birds are flying south, it was not us who alerted them, it seems that there were others who accepted Chang tribe's mission!" The leader saw the situation and was overjoyed, screaming uncontrollably.

Everyone heard this and looked over, seeing this was the case, their moods changed.

"Save, save us!" A group of Gu Masters were flying quickly, towards them.

Looking at the densely packed bird group that were attracted over, the Gu Master's eyes were almost popping out.

"Don't, don't come over!" The leader shouted: "I will kill you first if you come closer!"

"Leader, looking at their clothes, they are Chang tribesmen." Ma Hong Yun said hesitantly.

The leader's eyes were wide open as he wanted to bash this guy up, shouting: "You idiot, do you still want your life? Go save them if you want to die!"

Ma Hong Yun thought of the time when they faced the earth chief beast group.

He only wanted to remind Jiang Dong, but he was nearly killed as a result.

"If not for my good luck…" Ma Hong Yun thought of this and shuddered, asking the leader: "What should we do?"

The leader gritted his teeth, seeing that the Chang tribe Gu Masters were not listening, rushing over intentionally, he stomped his foot: "What can we do? Split up and run!"

Everyone split up at once, as Ma Hong Yun was in a daze, quickly choosing a direction and running for his life when he realized what was going on.

"Lord, that is Ma Hong Yun, Ma Ying Jie's confidant." The Chang tribe Gu Masters who were running away might look pathetic, but they were all cool headed and had no fear.

Chang tribe group's leader was Chang Biao's confidant, he looked at Ma Hong Yun's figure as he was shocked: "Is this guy a fool? He is not using his movement Gu?"

Chang tribe was scheming, they naturally got all the details of Ma Hong Yun, they knew that he had a complete set of high quality rank two Gu worms.

"I, I am going to be caught, damn it, why are they so fast? They used a movement Gu, ah! Right, right, I have a movement Gu too!" As he ran, Ma Hong Yun patted his forehead as he quickly used his movement Gu, his speed rising drastically.

"He finally remembered, eh? Why is he still running towards the left?" The leader was shocked.

He did not know that Ma Hong Yun had a terrible sense of direction, back when Fei tribe was in turmoil, his father sacrificed himself to give him time to run, but he ran in a circle and turned back to the same spot.

Because of Ma Hong Yun's actions, the situation became more serious.

The leader quickly instructed: "You, you, you, quickly catch up with Ma Hong Yun and protect him. In addition, ask Lady Chang Li to go ahead and prepare!"

"Yes, lord."

Even though the Chang tribe Gu Masters were elites, Ma Hong Yun's random movement often got himself into dangerous situations, the Gu Masters had to attract the bird group while protecting him, they also had to avoid getting detected by him, it was a difficult position. Their plan which was guaranteed to succeed ended up with them sacrificing several elites!

"Sa… save me…" Chang Li was lying on the ground, she was weak and feeble, looking very vulnerable. Her clothes were torn, revealing her alluring shoulder. Her hair was messy and she looked very pitiful, like a fearful rabbit.

Ma Hong Yun ran over quickly, he was looking ahead as he desperately ran, he did not discover Chang Li at all!

Chang Li was stunned, at the last moment, she reacted and stretched out her leg when Ma Hong Yun was about to pass her.


Ma Hong Yun fell face flat, he turned around and was shocked.

"What a beautiful lady…"

He was a dummy normally, but he was also at the age of being attracted to girls.

"Young master, please save me." Chang Li's beautiful voice made Ma Hong Yun's heart flutter.

"Oh, oh." Ma Hong Yun quickly replied, after some fumbling, he carried Chang Li and ran.


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