Reverend Insanity
576 Killer Move Reward
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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576 Killer Move Reward

Chapter 576: Killer Move Reward
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral


"Damn it, another myriad beast king!"

In the huge desert, the heat in the air was distorting one's vision, as sandworms crawled out from underneath the golden sand terrain.

The Gu Masters were occupying the small area of a sand dune, desperately defending themselves.

This was Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's seventh floor, the eighty-ninth round.

Every round was a new area entirely, filled with all sorts of tests.

A sandworm myriad beast king entered the battle, causing ripples to form in the Gu Masters' defenses.

"Hold on, just forty-five minutes more and we will get through this round!" Sole Blade General Pan Ping shouted as he tried to boost morale.

He was a demonic Gu Master who had joined Hei tribe to become their external elder.

He had great battle strength, but this round was focused on defense.

It required the challengers to stay on the specified dune for twelve hours, facing the attacks of the sandworms in waves. Unlike Gu Immortals, mortals had limited strength alone, thus it was the best if more people challenged the round.

But Pan Ping's words had little effect.

By now, there were great losses to the Gu Masters, they were all tired and reaching their limits.

"The f*ck, another myriad beast king, how are we going to survive?" Big Beard wiped the blood and sweat off his face as he shouted.

Nobody knew his real name, because his beard was really thick, he was simply called 'Big Beard'.

In the earlier rounds, he had gotten through the sixth floor's eighteenth round, thus becoming a little famous from his previously unknown background.

He was originally a rank two Gu Master, as common as a pebble in the sacred palace, a true fodder, but because of the reward for clearing the round, he rose to rank three realm.

It was different when a Gu Master becomes rank three.

Rank two were common, rank three were rare, they were mostly elders.

When Big Beard became rank three, his situation improved, and his high quality primeval essence caused his battle strength to surge, allowing him to obtain more battle rewards. Not only this, many middle-sized tribes gave him an offer to join — small tribes could not afford to have an external elder while large tribes had no use for him.

"This is the eighty-ninth round, if we get through this, the reward will be shocking! People like us will not obtain it, but the reward for the mission would allow me to obtain two rank three Gu."

Big Beard thought about this and his heart was burning with desire, as he battled, he looked at the higher-ups on the peak of the dune.

It was them who sent out this mission, gathering a thousand Gu Masters to get through this difficult round.

The sandworm myriad beast king rushed into the defensive line, engaging in fierce combat. Golden light, rain of arrows, flames, all sorts of attacks were unleashed on the myriad beast king, but the beast king's body shone with a yellow luster, as its defense rose and blocked these attacks easily.

It growled continuously, as it whipped up a storm while barging into the people's territory.

Chang Biao stood on the mound, frowning.

"The situation is a little out of hand." He spoke: "This myriad beast king has a rank five golden armor Gu, if we allow it to continue rampaging, our defenses would crumble."

By now, this was the ninth myriad beast king.

According to the Gu worms on the myriad beast kings, their battle strengths differed. This myriad beast king was comparatively problematic because of the good quality defensive Gu in it, but it did not have a strong area of effect attack.

In such a situation, usually Gu Master experts would choose to strike it themselves as that is the only way to hurt it.

After all, soldiers fight soldiers and generals fight generals.

Chang Biao had this intention as well.

Ma Ying Jie who was standing beside him stood up and spoke: "Then I shall do it."

No one objected.

During the appearance of the myriad beast king, everyone took turns to strike, this was what they agreed on, and according to the order, it was Ma Ying Jie's turn.

He was the worthily famous Ma Ying Jie indeed, when he personally struck, he led the pegasus group and easily blocked the sandworm myriad beast king, stabilizing the situation.

"Young Ma Zun is really impressive." On the sand dune, everyone praised.

"Brother Chang, what do you think of Ma Ying Jie?" Pan Ping secretly asked by transmitting his voice.

Ma Ying Jie was once Ma tribe's young tribe leader, his teacher was Ma Zun and after Ma tribe failed, Hei Lou Lan forced them to submit causing the current Ma tribe to be weak, only being a mid-sized tribe.

Chang Biao knew what Pan Ping was saying, he wanted to recruit Ma Ying Jie into becoming a member of the Wolf Killing Alliance.

The Wolf Killing Alliance was a secret organisation to deal with Fang Yuan.

After Pan Ping's inheritance was snatched by Fang Yuan on Xing Jiu peak, he felt extreme hatred on the inside and wanted to take revenge.

Chang Biao had the grudge of Chang Shan Yin taking his wife, it was absolutely irreconcilable.

Fang Yuan had incredible power, he could contest with Hei Lou Lan. Even though Pan Ping and Chang Biao had great gains in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and obtained much rewards, both being rank four peak stage now, they had a low chance of success in dealing with Fang Yuan, thus they needed more help.

Seeing Chang Biao keeping silent, Pan Ping continued: "Ma tribe lost terribly because of Chang Shan Yin! Ma Ying Jie's teacher Ma Zun was killed by him as well, he and Chang Shan Yin have a huge grudge too."

But Chang Biao shook his head, transmitting: "No, Ma Ying Jie is a very determined person, but he is also a great leader. In my opinion, he has placed all his efforts on his tribe now, trying to revitalize the dying Ma tribe, he would not oppose the Wolf King if his intention is this. In fact, he might try to mend their relationship. Wolf King has a huge force, our biggest advantage is that we are a secret organisation, we cannot recruit people recklessly, if not, we will expose ourselves."

Pan Ping was not willing to give up, he continued urging: "Brother Chang, how can we as high achievers worry so much?! Chang Shan Yin is a scoundrel, he has his myriad wolves to defend him, in the future when we fight, our strength might be drained by the wolf group. Don't forget about this person's high attainment in strength path! Ma Ying Jie controls a horse group, he is called Little Ma Zun now, he has the talent to become an enslavement master, we need such experts to deal with the wolf group."

Chang Biao gave Pan Ping a look, feeling unhappy.

Pan Ping was a demonic Gu Master, he was called Sole Blade General, he acted without restraints and was daring and cruel. This was foolishness and rashness in Chang Biao's opinion, he could not achieve anything in life.

Actually, Pan Ping was unhappy too, he felt that Chang Biao was too restricted, he worried too much and was not a true hero.

This was the difference in their personality.

Chang Biao was good at enduring, back then when plotting against Chang Shan Yin, he used another person to achieve his aims. He also loved his reputation, after so many years, he did not dare to acknowledge his son Chang Ji You.

As for Pan Ping, from the Imperial Court contest when he challenged the armies and rushed forward in battle, one could see his personality.

But despite their differences, be it Pan Ping or Chang Biao, they could tolerate each other because they understood clearly that Wolf King was not someone they could deal with alone.

"Pan Ping is from the demonic path, how can he understand the thoughts of us righteous path characters! He wants to take in Ma Ying Jie? Hmph, wishful thinking! The moment we tell him about the Wolf Killing Alliance, we might get betrayed by him the next second, in order to appeal to the Wolf King. Sigh, how can I convince him?" Chang Biao sighed in his heart.

But he was very witty, he immediately had a plan.

He transmitted: "Brother Pan, Chang Shan Yin killed Ma Zun, but don't forget, who was the one who killed Ma Ying Jie's father?"

"Urgh…" Pan Ping was stunned, he went into a daze.

Ma Shang Feng was killed by Pan Ping during the chaotic battle in the end, because of that, he made a great merit and was given many rewards.

The battle merit back then became his biggest obstacle in taking revenge now, this was something Pan Ping did not expect.

But Pan Ping was an obstinate man, he said: "It is true that I killed his father, but that was due to the fight between two armies, we were fighting for our respective masters. Since Brother Chang thinks that Ma Ying Jie cares most about his tribe, I will believe this judgement. In that case, if we use this as the premise and assume that Wolf King is the biggest obstacle to Ma Ying Jie when he wants to restore his tribe, wouldn't that be the best?"

Once he said that, Chang Biao was stunned this time.

He gave Pan Ping a look, thinking: "Wise people might have a moment of folly, while foolish people might have a moment of brilliance, to think that this Pan Ping would have a smart rebuttal for once."

Immediately, his mind worked quickly as he assessed: "Indeed, there is a possibility of that. Ma Ying Jie's weakness is Ma tribe! But how can we plan this so that Ma Ying Jie would willingly join the Wolf Killing Alliance?"

Chang Biao thought of this and had an idea, remembering a small detail that he had heard of earlier.

His gaze turned to the left defensive line.

There was a young rank two Gu Master there.

"He is Ma Hong Yun, he was originally Ma Ying Jie's servant earlier, but now he is one of Ma Ying Jie's most trusted aides. Not long ago, Wolf King hunted the earth chief beast group and Ma Hong Yun managed to escape with his life, he obtained not a small amount of battle gains and contributed it to Ma tribe, causing Ma Ying Jie to reward him with three green copper relic Gu, for his loyalty. He even returned all the Gu worms that were contributed, allowing Ma Hong Yun to keep them.

"This lad's luck is not bad! He managed to leave before Chang tribe and Ge tribe Gu Masters entered the battlefield, the green copper relic Gu is of considerable value too, after Ma tribe became weak, their morale was low and Ma Ying Jie used the green copper relic Gu that he could not use to demonstrate how his men could be rewarded by the act of a good role model."

"Ma Hong Yun obtained the green copper relic Gu that he needed most, getting to rank two realm in one night, that speed is something not even I could compete with."

Chang Biao thought of this and sighed at the mysteries of fate.

Compared to Ma Hong Yun, Chang Biao had a much higher starting point, he had huge amounts of resources provided to him, but even so, Chang Biao took about ten times as long to advance to rank two.

After all, green copper relic Gu were natural Gu, they were rare and produced at random places, it was thanks to Eighty-Eight True Yang Building that Ma Ying Jie obtained them as a reward.

"This lad Ma Hong Yun had prospered due to Chang Shan Yin, earlier, Chang Shan Yin had ordered Chang tribe and Ge tribe to capture some of the Gu Masters who tried to take advantage of the situation, what will happen if I release this information?"

Chang Biao pondered.

"No… just Ma Hong Yun, who is a rank two Gu Master, would be an ant in Chang Shan Yin's eyes. He is still too weak, there is no point in reporting him. Furthermore, Ma Ying Jie will not deal with Chang Shan Yin just because of this tiny Ma Hong Yun. We should continuing planning and waiting for this…"

Forty-five minutes later, the sand dune erupted into cheers.

"Victory, victory!"

"It was not easy, we finally got through."

"I wonder what the reward for this round is?"

Many curious gazes landed on Chang Biao, Pan Ping, Ma Ying Jie and others.

After passing this round, Chang Biao and the others' apertures suddenly had many new Gu worms.

Among them was an east window Gu, storing information.

"Six arm heavenly zombie king?" Chang Biao, Pan Ping, and Ma Ying Jie checked this information and looked at each other.

They had differing expressions.

To think that the reward would be a strength path killer move, according to the description, this killer move's power was phenomenal!


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