Reverend Insanity
574 Mo Yao’s weakness
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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574 Mo Yao’s weakness

Chapter 574: Mo Yao’s weakness
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

In the deeply secluded hall, only Fang Yuan was standing.

There was a deathly silence.

The faint yellow light merged into one, forming the shape of a Gu house, inside the house of light was a floor of corpses.

Almost two hundred Gu Masters died a terrible death.

Among these corpses, some had scales on their bodies, some were hard as steel, some grew weird limbs and had a grimacing expression, some self-detonated and caused their broken limbs to fly all over the place.

Fang Yuan's expression was grim, he questioned Mo Yao in his mind: "This is the killer move that you thought of?"

Mo Yao replied with unphased confidence: "These Gu Masters were certainly going to die. Six arm heavenly zombie king is a strength path killer move, it has high requirements towards the body. Now it seems, even with your strength path foundation, it is unable to endure such an intense move."

Fang Yuan scoffed, expressing his unhappiness: "This is your explanation? You think I could not tell? This killer move has so many flaws, initially fifty to sixty people died, midway about a hundred had died, and towards the end we were only left with six to seven Gu Masters. There are at least seventeen flaws! Do not forget that we have an agreement."

"Hehehe." Mo Yao chuckled, she felt nothing from being threatened, as she replied: "Little brother, don't be so rash, six arm heavenly zombie king has only been created roughly, it is normal to have flaws. As we continue to improve on it, it will eventually meet our expectations."

She replied to Fang Yuan as she thought: "This lad is not simple, he could detect seventeen flaws… with his refinement master attainment, he should only be able to find eleven at most, it seems that his strength path attainment has also reached the edge of master level."

Mo Yao did not know that Fang Yuan was playing mind games here.

"I could only see seven flaws, I purposely added ten in order to probe her, it seems that this killer move's flaws are more than just seventeen." Fang Yuan assessed in his mind.

Mo Yao was testing out his level of attainment, but Fang Yuan was also probing her foundation as well.

Six arm heavenly zombie king was full of flaws, all of the Gu Masters used for the experiment were dead, but Fang Yuan was happy instead of being worried.

"Logically speaking, Mo Yao has refinement grandmaster attainment, even if it is a roughly made killer move, there cannot be so many flaws! But while Mo Yao is indeed a refinement grandmaster, this is only a part of her will that she left behind…"

Fang Yuan's compromise was real, but he had never given up on his goal to get rid of Mo Yao's will.

Through his current probing, he found out one weakness of Mo Yao's will.

"Although I am not familiar with wisdom path, I had spent a great fortune and bought much costly information from treasure yellow heaven, they are valuable knowledge."

"Wisdom path seeks the path of knowledge, it is split into 'thought, 'will', and 'emotion'. Thought is the foundation, when a person thinks, thoughts are created. When many thoughts are gathered, will is formed. With many wills intertwined, emotions would form. Thoughts are like weeds, they can be easily created or destroyed, will can be everchanging, firm as steel, empty like vacuum, or fierce like fire… As for emotions, they are like water, a small stream when thin, but cannot be cut easily or steered by reason. When deep, they will be like the sea, having great control and power over oneself."

"Out of these three, emotion is the hardest to get rid of, while thoughts are most easily destroyed and created. I should be glad that what is inside my mind now is Mo Yao's will and not Mo Yao's emotions."

"When a person thinks, thoughts are created. When thoughts collide, they either get destroyed or fuse. The eventual thought would be the result obtained from thinking. Then what about a portion of a person's will? Hehehe."

Fang Yuan thought of the brilliant part and he snickered in his heart continuously.

Wills do not form by just gathering randomly scattered thoughts together. But will is truly the linking together of countless thoughts.

When a will thinks about a question, it will use its own thoughts to fuse and create new thoughts, getting the results of their thinking.

"Mo Yao is a refinement grandmaster, her will also inherited her grandmaster attainment, but the flaws created in thinking about six arm heavenly zombie king were not due to her limited abilities, but because she did not dare to think too deeply as she had to worry about her own safety."

By now, Fang Yuan had discovered Mo Yao's weakness!

A living person would feel weakness in their body if they thought about things non-stop, not to mention a simple will?

The more a will thinks, the more damaged they would get, and the weaker they would be.

If Mo Yao was alive, the expenditure that her will incurs would be replenished by her main body. But now — Mo Yao was already dead!

Why did her will sleep inside Water Pavilion, only awakening when Fang Yuan entered?

That was because her will could not stay awake all the time, one thinks extensively when they are awake, the more she thought the weaker her will would be, and the faster it would perish.

Look at Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, this majestic rank eight Immortal Gu house, containing Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's will.

Even for someone as strong as Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, the will that he left behind was also slumbering!

Be it Giant Sun's will or Mo Yao's will, they were without a power source, they could not be replenished and could only weaken as time passed.

"While my wisdom path attainment is low, I have the greatest advantage in that I am alive! At this point, I cannot contest with Mo Yao's will, but as long as I have enough time to stall it out, I will definitely win."

After pondering to this point, Fang Yuan stopped this train of thought.

After all, Mo Yao's will was inside his mind. Reflecting for overly long would create more thoughts, although he could use space thought Gu to hide them, there was no guarantee that Mo Yao would not find a way around it.


In the grand hall, Fang Yuan's sigh could be heard.

Mo Yao was a huge burden, Fang Yuan had to be wary all the time when he thinks.

Originally, getting into Imperial Court blessed land and taking Immortal Gu Landscape As Before was already taxing on him, having to make so many considerations. Coupled with such a huge enemy now lurking inside his brain, Fang Yuan had to be very careful of the danger while attempting to solve it, every time he thought about a problem, he would have to mix in some random thoughts to conceal his intentions.

This kind of thinking would be easily achieved in the past if his heart was calm. But now, Fang Yuan felt that it was very taxing, he felt a strong mental fatigue.

Mo Yao's will heard this sigh and misunderstood Fang Yuan, consoling: "Hehehe, little brother, you are so young, but already so hardworking, why are you sighing? I have revised the killer move, you need to change six Gu worms and add in three more."

"Oh?" Fang Yuan's brows rose, he said expressionlessly: "I am listening."

Mo Yao told him the details.

Fang Yuan had Hu Immortal blessed land in his possession, it was not a problem to connect to treasure yellow heaven and exchange for a few mortal Gu.

At the same time, Fang Yuan instructed Ge Guang and Chang Ji You to secretly bring captured Gu Masters into the hall.

Three days later, another round of human experimentation begun.

The experiment's result was better than earlier, but there were still flaws.

Mo Yao summed up the results and gave another revised suggestion.

Fang Yuan acted accordingly, he showed no impatience even after many rounds. He knew clearly: Mo Yao's will had refinement grandmaster attainment, but the more she thought, the weaker she would be, the rounds of experiments were so that they could replace the strain on her thoughts by using test subjects.

But even so, Mo Yao's will had to think of the revision herself. When she thinks about this, thoughts would generate!

The more she does this, the weaker her will would be.

Fang Yuan did not intend to alarm her, he was prepared for a drawn out battle.

After half a month, during the fifteenth experiment.

In the hall, corpses were scattered everywhere.

Fang Yuan kept the dozens of Gu worms used for six arm heavenly zombie king, looking around and giving a satisfied nod.

The test subjects had low cultivation level, they could not endure such a strong killer move like six arm heavenly zombie king, they were sure to die.

But how they died, and what happened to them after they died was the important thing.

Right now, among these corpses, some has turned into zombies, some had yellow scales, some had six arms on their backs, some had sharp spiky scales, some had thick arms with bulging muscles, some had pitch-black claws on their hands, created by their sharp nails.

"Six arm heavenly zombie king uses borrow strength Gu as the core, and the six flying zombie Gu as the foundation, with eighteen Gu as the complements. Strictly speaking, this is a transformation path killer move, gathering the zombie energy to turn a person into a flying zombie. That way, the Gu Master's body becomes more than ten times as strong, and can hold even greater strength." Fang Yuan spoke slowly, concluding his gains from these previous days.

"But precisely because of this, the zombie energy is extremely dense and the backlash of this killer move is very severe. Even if we had three life force type Gu among the complementing Gu worms, we can only sustain the killer move for seven minutes. That's about it, right?" Fang Yuan asked Mo Yao's will in his mind.

Mo Yao laughed: "Little brother makes much sense, that is true indeed. Using borrow strength Gu to borrow the strength of the natural phenomena in heaven and earth, but even a rank five strength path expert cannot use it casually. Thus, I thought of using a zombie body as the strength of a zombie body surpasses living flesh, it has great regenerative abilities and complements borrow strength Gu really well."

"But Gu Masters are alive, while zombie energy is the power of the dead, the longer you maintain the six arm heavenly zombie king transformation, the more zombie energy would be in your body, and when it devours your lifeforce, you will turn into a zombie completely, unable to change back. That is the backlash of this killer move."

"Sigh, life force and death energy, they are entirely distinct from each other and like archenemies. The fusion of life and death is also an age old question, it is out of my capabilities. It was my limit to place three life force boosting Gu worms in the killer move. If we put more of these Gu, it will disrupt the zombie energy and the killer move's power will fall, or even completely collapse. If we use too few of them, the time you can use this transformation will shrink, and it will turn into an impractical move."

Fang Yuan heard this and nodded on the surface, expressing his agreement, but he was chuckling in his heart.

These words from Mo Yao were a suspicious change in topic.

The fusion of life and death was indeed an age old question, there had never been a case of a person being simultaneously dead and alive, the two could not co-exist.

But Mo Yao was a refinement grandmaster, could she not think of any other killer moves?

Why must she use six arm heavenly zombie king? That was because this could greatly reduce the thinking she had to do, since Fang Yuan provided the base of the killer move 'four arm wind king', she just had to improve on it.

Fang Yuan was almost certain, with her grandmaster attainment, Mo Yao could easily start all over again and think of a brand new killer move.

"Mo Yao is a variant human, she is an inkman. As someone of a different race, she definitely has a different standpoint. These days, we used up to a thousand Gu Masters to experiment, she is a righteous path person, the fairy of Spirit Affinity House, but she watched coldly by the side. Her lover is the great Sword Immortal Bo Qing, it seems that within her affection, there was also the element of being attracted to the strong?"

Bo Qing was the 'pseudo-Immortal Venerable who split the five regions with his sword', compared to him, Fang Yuan was only a mortal, in Mo Yao's heart, was he about the same as those test subjects who died?

"Thus, in this world, one has to depend on themselves. Only you yourself are the most reliable person." Fang Yuan sneered in his heart, but he did not point it out, he asked Mo Yao instead: "So, has the killer move six arm heavenly zombie king been completed?"

Mo Yao shook her head: "Not yet, we only experimented on low rank Gu Masters, we still need high rank Gu Masters, preferably rank five, if they are a strength path rank five, that would be the best."

"Rank five strength path?" Fang Yuan frowned, other than himself, there was nobody he knew who met the criteria.

Fang Yuan shook his head, he decided to put this matter aside: "No rush, I have already obtained the materials for ink transformation. It is time to explore Eighty-Eight True Yang Building again!"


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