Reverend Insanity
573 Human Experimentation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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573 Human Experimentation

Chapter 573: Human Experimentation
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The silver light shone on the garden where the plants were swaying gently.

In a pavilion, Fang Yuan was fiddling with earth chief zombie Gu.

This Gu's shape appeared like an earthworm, bright yellow in color and was the size of an infant's forearm. Right now, it was twining around Fang Yuan's fingers like a wriggling snake.

Through Mo Yao's improved recipe and the flesh of earth chief myriad beast king's corpse, its refinement was successful.

But Fang Yuan had not used it.

He was cautious in nature, this earth chief zombie Gu was refined from a modified recipe, what would he do if there was a problem?

Although he had reached a compromise with Mo Yao's will, Mo Yao was a fairy of the righteous path's Spirit Affinity House as well as a refinement path grandmaster; he could not put his guard down.

'But grandmasters are truly worthy of their name, my refinement path attainment has already reached the master realm, but when compared to Mo Yao, I am young like a child.'

Recalling the process of refining earth chief zombie Gu, Fang Yuan was still feeling moved.

During the whole Gu refinement process, Mo Yao only spoke three sentences, but they were the crucial guides, the vital finishing touches. Fang Yuan was able to gain a lot of insight from them.

He, however, did not know Mo Yao was also inwardly moved at this moment.

'Double master attainment… I had not expected this kid to not only be an enslavement path master but also refinement path master. Double master attainment at such a young age, such aptitude and talent are rare even in my memory. No wonder he has such grand ambitions of wanting to rise to the realm of venerable, equal to Thieving Heaven, Paradise Earth, Giant Sun....'

'It is also natural to be arrogant and conceited after getting success at this young age.' Mo Yao still scoffed at Fang Yuan's 'goal' of being equal to venerables, but she understood.

'Becoming a master can't be done with just talent and aptitude, it also requires sufficient resources and even guidance from great teachers. It seems this kid's background is quite deep.'

Previously, Mo Yao already knew the secret of Fang Yuan possessing Hu Immortal blessed land. Now, with the intel of 'double master attainment', she sensed the deep origin of Fang Yuan.

"Lord Wolf King, Ge tribe's and Chang tribe's leaders have come forward to have an audience." Right at this time, a servant reported from outside the door.

Fang Yuan collected his thoughts, these two had been called by him. He indifferently said: "Let them in."

"Yes." The servant respectfully retreated.

Not long later, two people came forward and kneeled, kowtowing three times to pay their respects, an extremely respectful and fearful expression could be seen on their faces.

Going through the baptism of Imperial Court contest and being at a high position with no lack of resources, under the shade of a large tree like Wolf King, Ge Guang and Chang Ji You were already rank four Gu Masters.

Fang Yuan glanced and asked without allowing them to rise: "Have you completed the things I told you a few days ago?"

After Fang Yuan succeeded in his expedition and returned to the sacred palace, he gave an order to the two tribe leaders to gather all their tribe's Gu Masters to clean up the battlefield.

"As per Lord Wolf King's words, the battlefield has been cleaned up, altogether…" Ge Guang was about to report the gains, but was interrupted by Fang Yuan.

He did not care about these battle spoils, asking: "How many Gu Masters did you arrest?"

Ge Guang did not reply this time, instead signalled Chang Ji You who was at the side, with his eyes.

Everyone knew Chang Ji You was Chang Shan Yin's own son, and after Fang Yuan took control of Chang tribe, he appointed Chang Ji You as the tribe leader.

Ge Guang was letting Chang Ji You reply to Fang Yuan's question, in light of this relation and to express his goodwill to Chang Ji You.

Chang Ji You spoke with a respectful expression, his gaze revealing a crazed fanatical worship: "People's hearts are unfathomable with insatiable greed. Despite lord father's public announcement, there were still many Gu Masters who sneaked into the battlefield to steal beast corpses or wild Gu. Over these few days, I and tribe leader Ge Guang combined our strength and were able to arrest over one hundred and eighty Gu Masters who are locked up in the prison now. But there were still many crafty and treacherous scoundrels who took advantage of when we were not on guard to sneak in and make some free gains. I have interrogated the prisoners and have much intel on them already. As long as father commands, I will definitely spare no efforts to lock up all these escapees!"

Although Chang Ji You was kneeling on the ground, his upper body was upright as he spoke in an unafraid tone; his aquiline nose, dark brows, broad back and thin waist gave him a heroic aura.

Fang Yuan smiled, he had no interest in capturing these escapees: "The battlefield is vast and is not restricted with doors or obstacles, you have already done great by capturing so many Gu Masters. As for the others, it is their skill that they were able to escape, there is no need to chase after them. You can leave now, and bring those detained captives here."

"Yes, this subordinate (this child) heeds your command!"

Not long later, the two escorted close to two hundred captives to Fang Yuan.

With Fang Yuan's command, a large hall had been created to lock up these Gu Masters.

"You guys go out and close the door, guard the entrance and don't let any outsiders enter within a hundred steps. If some experts arrive, inform me in advance." Fang Yuan dismissed everyone, the hall now only had him and the captives.

The door was locked and as no lanterns had been lit, the hall sank into darkness.

This no doubt increased the unease and anxiety in the captives' hearts.

"Lord Wolf King, what are you intending to do by capturing us? I am a Hei tribesman and talking of relation… Hei Lou Lan is my older cousin!" Among the captives a young Gu Master shouted.

Fang Yuan sneered and with a snap of his fingers, activated a Gu.

Tch. A soft sound was heard and the young Gu Master's head burst out like a watermelon, spurting out white brain matter.

A huge clamor instantly occurred as the captives were terrified and fell into panic.

Soon, someone took the lead and the others also followed suit, kneeling down one after another.

"Lord Wolf King, I deserve death!"

"I shouldn't have gone to steal lord's battle spoils, my conscience was blinded!"

"Lord, please forgive us, lord have mercy…"

Fang Yuan had a terrifying reputation, and now he casually killed without even saying a word.

None of these Gu Masters were experts, most having only rank one or rank two cultivation. Their background was not good and they were unable to enter Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, facing a rank five peak stage expert like Fang Yuan and trying to resist would only be looking for death, so they could only ask for forgiveness.

"Noisy". Fang Yuan shouted in a soft voice, but his voice echoing in the hall.

He casually waved his hand, killing the person that was begging in the most mournful voice, even though they were quite far apart.

"I will kill anyone who dares to make more noise." Fang Yuan indifferently said, his voice was not loud but it lingered in the captives' ears.

The whole hall instantly fell into deathly silence out of fear; even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

Fang Yuan only then felt satisfied and asked Mo Yao's will in his mind: "Now how should I experiment?"

Mo Yao chuckled: "This is easy, little brother just needs to arrange Gu worms according to my instructions."

She directly addressed Fang Yuan as 'little brother, giving a feeling of intimacy. Fang Yuan snorted inwardly, but did not retort and followed Mo Yao's instructions.

Every time Mo Yao notified, Fang Yuan would respond by sending out a Gu worm.

These Gu worms were the Gu worms to form six arm heavenly zombie king killer move; earth chief zombie Gu, asura zombie Gu, heavenly demon zombie Gu and so on. Some were thrown towards the roof and some were placed in the corners.

As the Gu worms made an arc through the air, trails of colorful light appeared in the captives' eyes.

These people were very anxious, but they did not dare to ask anything. They stood on their spots without even daring to move a little just like little whelps.

The headless corpses of the two captives Fang Yuan had killed were still around them, the odor of blood gradually pervaded the hall as the blood flowed out of the severed necks.

After arranging these Gu worms to their spots, Fang Yuan successively started to pour primeval essence into them according to Mo Yao's instructions.

This process of pouring the primeval essence was quite specific; one moment, he had to choose a Gu worm in the southeast and the very next moment, it would be northwest, and suddenly, it would be the Gu worms to the sides. The main Gu at times, and the supporting Gu worms at times.

Even Fang Yuan felt baffled and had inwardly put up his guard.

When all the Gu worms were activated, the light from them gradually linked together and soon formed a pale yellow light house that covered the hall, including all the captives within.

"This is?!" Fang Yuan's thoughts shook and his pupils widened.

Mo Yao's will softly smiled as she explained: "This is a Gu house."

Fang Yuan involuntarily blurted out: "Is the essence of this six arm heavenly zombie king a Gu house?"

Mo Yao chuckled: "Foolish kid, could it be that you don't know the true nature of a Gu house is a killer move? … Six arm heavenly zombie king is a killer move, a Gu house is also a killer move, their essence is the same, so they naturally can be mutually switched."

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed brightly as he sensed the unspoken implication of Mo Yao's words, immediately asking: "From your words, couldn't all killer moves turn into Gu houses?"

"Of course." Mo Yao unhesitatingly replied, "Man is the spirit of all living beings while Gu is the essence of the world, carrier of the Great Dao. A Gu worm has one ability. What is a killer move? It is an assembly of different Gu worms stacking their abilities; it can raise the strength of one ability to a very high level or produce multiple abilities which can handle different aspects."

Mo Yao did not explain further, whether Fang Yuan could have some comprehension from this was his own matter.

Fang Yuan stared blankly, inspirations started flashing incessantly in his mind!

Mo Yao's words seemed to pierce through a paper window, allowing his insight to rise to a whole new height.

"Right! A Gu house's essence is a killer move which has solidified. For example, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building can be compared with Water Pavilion. The former covers the Imperial Court, influences northern plains, plunders resources and holds inheritances. The latter can be concealed, and has the ability of defense and storage. These functions were not provided by just a single Gu worm, but were the result of Gu Masters assembling these Gu worms."

"From another perspective, a Gu house is just one form of manifestation of a killer move. Since six arm heavenly zombie king can only take effect on me, one person, why can it not form into a Gu house and simultaneously take effect on many people?"

At this thought, Fang Yuan looked ahead.

In the Gu house, those Gu Master captives' bodies were already beginning to show changes.

"Wha... what is happening to me?!" Everyone was shouting in fright as they saw golden scales growing out rapidly on their skin.

"Ahhh, it is painful, it is painful!""It itches, it is too itchy, I can't endure this, just kill me!" Soon, they fell down to the ground one after another; some madly grabbed their skin and tore off their clothes, while others bent their body like shrimps, covering their chest tightly as blood flowed out of their mouth and nose.

"This, what is this thing? Why is there a monstrous arm growing out of my back!" Not long later, the alarmed screams reached the peak, the soundwaves even shaking the roof.

All sorts of arms started growing one after another; some were dark green, some dark purple, some yellow, and their thicknesses were also different, the deformities looking very unsightly.

But Fang Yuan had never bothered with these minor details to external appearance, his eyes slightly squinted when he felt the dangerous aura the Gu Masters started releasing; he felt very happy as well as apprehensive —

"Mo Yao's understanding of killer moves is extremely profound. But why do others have no such comprehension? Is it because most Gu Masters and even Gu Immortals don't have the skill to casually transform killer moves into Gu houses? Refinement path grandmaster… this is truly a terrifying realm!"


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