Reverend Insanity
572 Successfully refining the Earth Chief Zombie Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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572 Successfully refining the Earth Chief Zombie Gu

Chapter 572: Successfully refining the Earth Chief Zombie Gu
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The wolf groups were like a tsunami leaving trail of blood wherever it went in the blessed land.

Fang Yuan was sitting indifferently on the back of an azure wolf king, turning a blind eye to the massacre happening in front of him.

In his mind, Mo Yao's will frowned slightly.

She was a fairy nurtured by Spirit Affinity House, a person of the righteous path; she was naturally not happy at Fang Yuan's casual massacre.

"This young man could disguise his identity and sneak into Imperial Court blessed land under the eyes of northern plains' Gu Immortals; he is a dauntless and crafty person. He also deciphered the clues of my inheritance and refined the Immortal Gu, he was not only fated but also had extraordinary methods. Even more importantly, he knows to bow and submit, when he knows that things cannot always go his way, he immediately compromises, this person is extremely shrewd as well! What is his origin?"

Mo Yao's will could not help but wonder about that question.

She had just recently come out of Water Pavilion and resided in Fang Yuan's mind; she had analyzed many of Fang Yuan's thoughts and immediately learned many of his secrets.

However, Fang Yuan's response was quick and immediately took preventive measures, making her progress slow down greatly.

Thus, Mo Yao's will learnt of Fang Yuan's secrets but what she knew was limited.

Among them included the secrets Fang Yuan revealed to her of his own accord.

She still did not know that Fang Yuan possessed Spring Autumn Cicada, thus she had no way of knowing Fang Yuan's biggest secret of being a transmigrator.

This was the world of Gu.

Mo Yao had already perished and what was left was only a portion of her will. Unable to use Gu worms, Mo Yao's will could only take advantage of Fang Yuan's low attainment in wisdom path.

"I had just recently awakened, I do not know what his background is. This young man has absurdly firm willpower and is extremely opinionated. I should just bide my time and guide him to return Water Pavilion to the sect first. It will not be too late to persuade him to do good once we arrive at Spirit Affinity House…"

Mo Yao's will had inherited some intelligence of the main body and immediately kept quiet when she realized any persuasion would be in vain.

There was no resistance at all; Fang Yuan's dark and eerie gaze slowly retracted, closing his eyes to rest on the wolf's back.

He was not someone who slaughtered willfully.

There was a reason for letting the wolves massacre at full force today.

One was to attract the earth chief beast groups underground. earth chief beast was a wild beast, the thick smell of blood would attract and stimulate their savage nature, making them risk emerging from the ground.

Second was that the massacre would produce large numbers of souls. Since the start of the Imperial Court contest, Fang Yuan had been using soul burial toad to collect the souls. He had Dang Hun mountain, and as long as Dang Hun mountain did not die completely, the more souls he had, the better it was for him.

Third reason was aimed at Mo Yao's will in his mind, he was trying to probe her.

As for the nasty repercussions from wantonly killing Gu Masters, Fang Yuan was happy instead of afraid.

Not mentioning that he had already made a public announcement, making the consequences clear to everyone, even if the public stirs and the resentment and hatred towards him rises, so what?

He was at the peak of mortals, the famous Wolf King Chang Shan Yin! He was no longer the minor character several years ago who had to act cautiously.

In this Imperial Court blessed land where Gu Immortals could not enter, his one shout could cause countless Gu Masters to tremble. His stomp could shake the sacred palace. With one thought, the wolf groups would instantly create a bloodbath.

There was a famous saying on Earth — Political power comes from military strength.

A strong fist is power and power is the truth!

But on Earth, power was concentrated in the masses. Besides violence and fists, one needed to use righteousness to conceal the truth and compromise according to the public sentiment.

But here, individual strength was far above the group. Public sentiment and righteousness were much weaker. Not mentioning anyone else, just take the current Fang Yuan as an example — who cares about your dogshit hatred and grudges, whoever comes will face decimation! Whoever is not pleasing to the eyes, they can be slaughtered with no care at all!

Looking disdainfully at all lives, trampling on the public sentiment, without restraints and free like the wind!

But in Fang Yuan's pursuit of the Great Dao, he had no interest towards casually slaughtering ants. Today's large scale massacre was no more than a small step towards his majestic target.

As he thought of this trip's goal, Fang Yuan slowly opened his eyes.


A beast roar echoed to the skies.

A mound bulged up from a distance before bursting open; mud and stones splattered around as a fifty feet tall earth chief myriad beast king jumped out.

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed with a chilly light as he sneered: "You shall be the one."

At once, he commanded the wolf group to attack, endless thoughts flew about in his mind like an endless drizzle.

If one looked from a high altitude, one would see an extremely spectacular scene of innumerable wolves rushing forward like an endless tide.

As they neared the earth chief myriad beast king, the wolves suddenly split into several groups like ants trying to climb up an elephant. At the same time, azure wolves howled and flew down, spiralling around earth chief myriad beast king like birds.

Earth chief myriad beast king jumped towards the wolf group and started rampaging, soon, wolf blood splattered and wolf corpses covered the ground. Its giant legs would leave behind terrifying blood pits in its trail.

Fang Yuan had a smile as he observed the battle from the skies.

Under his control, the wolf groups advanced and retreated, sometimes slowly and sometimes fast, as they charged forward waves after waves, forming a situation of ants devouring an elephant.

Earth chief myriad beast king roared again and again while valiantly charging all around, causing large numbers of casualties in the wolf groups.

In Fang Yuan's mind, Mo Yao gave a soft exclamation of surprise, slightly shocked at Fang Yuan's enslavement path attainment.

"Wow, I had not expected this kid to have so much talent at this young age, commanding these wolves as naturally as breathing, and with such ease like he is moving his arms, he has mastered the art of attrition battle of enslavement path, fighting the strong with a weak force, this is a master level attainment…"

But it was nothing more than a slight shock.

Mo Yao had seen and experienced a lot in her life and was not an ordinary Gu Immortal, but a certain generation's fairy of Spirit Affinity House; her horizons were broad and masters as young as Fang Yuan were not few in her memory.

The battle lasted for a while, earth chief myriad beast king was roaring again and again, its energy was consumed by the wolf groups and could no longer display its fierce might...

Large numbers of earth chief beasts jumped out of the underground and joined the battle.

Fang Yuan chuckled indifferently, commanding the wolves with ease as he had already expected this.

The outcome of this large battle was foreordained from the start. How could a myriad beast scale earth chief beast group be his match?

Such a large battle covered a range of a thousand li, but this was ingeniously divided into dozens of sections of battle circles by Fang Yuan; using the weak wolf groups to surround and then using the strong and vigorous mutated beasts to form an arrow head that charged forward.

The first section of the battle circles was taken down by the wolf group, as they joined with the next group to destroy the second section, the third section; the dominance accumulated and the scales of victory was inclining more and more towards Fang Yuan. Finally, the wolf group's annexing speed increased faster and faster till they butchered earth chief myriad beast king.

"This kid's enslavement path cultivation is indeed not ordinary. Although his commanding ability is exquisite and bold, using sharp and mild tactics together, he is still far away from grandmaster level attainment." Mo Yao thought inwardly.

Gu Master raised, used, and refined; no matter which aspect, they were all very profound and deep.

Gu Masters might be using the same Gu worms, but some Gu Masters' performance would be extremely outstanding to the point that it could be called an art. These people were known as masters!

Master could be discovered but not sought, and could not be cultivated just by investing resources. Not only did it require innate talent, the Gu Master also needed to have capability.

But above master was grandmaster.

Comparing master and grandmaster was like comparing grass and tree. Besides talent, aptitude and resources, grandmaster attainment also required fortuitous opportunities and comprehension.

As long as one reached grandmaster level, they could gain comprehension about any path using their own as a foundation, they could understand about yin-yang and heaven and earth, they could learn about the profoundness of the universe, surpassing the mortal realm and become immortals among immortals, sages among sages.

Mo Yao was a refinement path grandmaster, although she had perished, her broad vision still existed.

She had seen countless masters in her life; the main reason why she felt Fang Yuan's attainment was impressive was because of his young age.

Not long later, earth chief myriad beast king fell down loudly, having died due to the heavy injuries.

Blood flowed out rapidly and soon formed into a pool of blood beside it.

Fang Yuan descended and personally skinned it, immediately started refining Gu next to the blood pool with wolf groups surrounding him.

Mo Yao's modified earth chief zombie Gu required the freshest flesh, with the flesh of earth chief myriad beast king being the best, thousand beast king being the second best and hundred beast king being the last option.

Thus, Fang Yuan moved out in a large scale and personally killed the earth chief myriad beast king.

The Gu refinement continued for three days and three nights before succeeding perfectly.

Fang Yuan reached his goal, thereafter he dismissed majority of the wolf groups to hunt in the wild, only taking the elite mutated beasts with him as he returned back to sacred palace without stopping.

The battlefield fell into deathly stillness; suddenly, a bloody person made his way out of a hill-sized blood forest wolf corpse.

The bloody person swayed unstably as he moved and had only walked a few steps before falling down to the ground.

He gasped roughly, an incredulous look in his eyes as he muttered: "I am still alive?"

He vigorously rubbed his face, revealing his face.

It was none other than Ma Hong Yun.

After he had been knocked unconscious by Jiang Dong, he had remained down on the ground.

That old earth chief beast king ignored him and chased after Jiang Dong.

But soon after, wolf group engulfed the area and slaughtered all living beings, and Ma Hong Yun ended up in a wolf's mouth.

If it had been an ordinary wolf like turtleback wolf, water wolf or wind wolf, Ma Hong Yun would already have been torn into pieces and would be lying in the wolf's stomach.

Fortunately, it was the hill-sized blood forest wolf that had eaten him.

This wolf opened up its large mouth and with one lap of its tongue, directly licked the ground within a hundred steps. Ma Hong Yun along with the old earth chief beast king's corpse went down into the blood forest wolf's stomach.

If it had continued normally, Ma Hong Yun would already have been digested by the blood forest wolf sooner or later and turn into a pile of wolf faeces.

But following the battle with the earth chief beast group, this blood forest wolf was attacked from all around and died on the battlefield; its chest and belly was torn open which allowed air to flow in.

Ma Hong Yun dizzily woke up and hurriedly drilled his way out. At this time, the battle had already ended and the battlefield was covered with beast corpses. Occasionally, some wild beasts that were at their final moments would gasp for air, emphasizing the deathly stillness in the surrounding.

After Ma Hong Yun breathed enough, his strength started to gradually recover and the thick bloody odor assailed his nose.

He realized the situation was anything but reassuring: "I need to leave this place quickly, wild beasts will be attracted by the odor of the blood not long later."

Ma Hong Yun had been born and raised in Northern Plains, this survival common sense was already deeply ingrained in his bones.

He immediately stood up and made sure of the direction towards sacred palace and immediately set off.

But he had just taken few steps when he stopped.

His sight was attracted by a Gu worm.

This was a wild Gu on the corpse of an earth chief beast.

The earth chief beast had died, the wild Gu on it should have perished or flown away, but this wild Gu was unexpectedly held back by a fractured bone and could not fly away.

"This should be a rank two… something something Gu." Ma Hong Yun could not remember it clearly, but it did not hinder him from knowing the value of this Gu.

"Good Gu worm, this is a good Gu worm, after getting it, even if I can't use it for myself, I can sell it for a lot of primeval stones."

Ma Hong Yun felt a rush of excitement and immediately walked over, easily grabbing the Gu worm.


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