Reverend Insanity
571 Deserves death without pity
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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571 Deserves death without pity

Chapter 571: Deserves death without pity
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Boom boom boom...

The earth rumbled, wolves charged out like tides, they were endless like the flood water, charging forward relentlessly.

Tens of thousands of wolves sprinted, the wolf group was in chaos. There were wind wolves running like they were flying, water wolves with their snow-white bodies, night wolves who were slim and stealthy, turtleback wolves who were stable and sturdy, vermillion flame wolves who were burning fiercely.

Hundred wolf king, thousand wolf king, and myriad wolf king led the army along with the mutated wolves, they were travelling in packs and were very conspicuous.

Like the blood forest wolf, with a bone forest on its back, tall as a mountain. The shark fin wolf with with skin like that of an elephant, while being amphibious. The frenzy wolf with three silver-grey eyes, being a battle maniac.

Inside Imperial Court blessed land, in the light golden sky, there were azure wolves running in the air, howling as they gave off a strong aura.

Fang Yuan sat on an azure myriad wolf king's back as the strong winds could not affect his determined and resolved expression.

His eyes were dark like the abyss, he was looking down with his thoughts unpredictable.

Although the wolves were scattered when he first entered Imperial Court blessed land, Fang Yuan had been handing out missions to others and had been recalling the old wolves as well as recruiting new wolves since. By now, he had about five hundred thousand wolves running below him like the tides of the sea.

At this point, he was truly at the peak of the mortal realm.

During the Imperial Court contest, he was one of the five beast kings together with Jiang Bao Ya, Ma Zun and others. After the Imperial Court contest, just looking at northern plains alone, he was the current generation's number one enslavement master.

Other than his enslavement attainment, he also displayed great technique in his strength path cultivation, and was also a flying master, it was truly a shocking achievement.

Who did not respect and revere the great Wolf King Chang Shan Yin?

In the entire northern plains, how many could actually put up a challenge before him?

But at this moment, in Fang Yuan's mind, there was a voice 'discouraging' him.

"Hehehe, young man, you want to combine strength and enslavement, that is really a tall order. I would advise you to give up on that as soon as possible."

Mo Yao's will continued: "Strength and enslavement are very distinct from each other. The combination of strength and enslavement has been an age old problem. It was not easy for you to even dual cultivate them, why don't you change them now while it is early, there is no need to do something so meaningless and troublesome, I had gone through this back in my days. You need to know, there are countless paths and ways to be a Gu Master, our strength is not reliant on the number of paths we are on, but the depth of our attainment."

Mo Yao explained to him patiently, but Fang Yuan scoffed, arrogantly refusing: "Problems are meant to be solved, what is there to be afraid of? Enslavement-strength dual cultivation is an age old problem, that is because I had not been born back in those days. I will eventually have the world in my palms, my name will go down in history, just like Star Constellation, Red Lotus, Paradise Earth and others."

Star Constellation, Red Lotus, Paradise Earth were all rank nine venerables. In the long history of mankind, the river of time flowed endlessly, but there were only ten of them throughout the ages.

Fang Yuan was a mortal, but he was aiming to be such a person, it was like an ant trying to become an elephant.

Such lofty ambitions and tone, even Mo Yao's will was tongue-tied when she heard it.



"Kill, kill all of these earth chief beasts!"

"Where is the healing Gu Master? Someone is injured, quickly come and help!"

The beasts were growling, the Gu Masters were shouting, a small-scale fight was reaching its climax.

On the relatively small battlefield, there were holes on the ground, broken limbs and blood everywhere. Five to six Gu Masters were surrounding the earth chief beast king, engaging in fierce combat. There were large numbers of earth chief beast corpses surrounding them.

These earth chief beasts had a humanoid body and a snake tail, their face resembled bats, and their nose were pointed up. They had large ears and a black body covered in flesh armor. All around their chests, there were five to six flesh whips, ranging from tens of centimeters to meters long.

The whips were like hands, agile like snakes as they flung with huge force, both offensively and defensively.

The earth chief beasts lived underground, but they only lived near the surface and not deep underneath.

They had great value, be it their eyes, fur, or tail, they were rare and valuable Gu refinement material. What was most rare was their flesh whips, the longer they were the better, whips that were six meters or longer were often priceless, almost none were sold in the market.

Right now in northern plains, earth chief beasts were almost going extinct. But in Imperial Court blessed land, they lived in huge numbers, for example at this area, for the surrounding ten thousand li, there were earth chief beast groups living underground.

Money moved people's hearts, because this was close to the sacred palace, many Gu Masters often gathered in groups and hunted at this place.

This battling group was one of them.

The Gu Masters in the group had hunted down the earth chief beasts for several times already, they were quite experienced.

But this time, they encountered trouble. Although they attracted an earth chief beast group, there were only a hundred of them which was manageable for them. However, the beast king was not an ordinary hundred beast king, but an old thousand beast king. Although this old beast king could not battle and was old and sickly, it had many wild Gu in it, and had truly the battle strength of a rank three.

Among mortal Gu Masters, rank one were students, they had just started and were weak, being the most commonly seen ones. Rank two were the foundation of tribes, the main source of manpower, they were quite common.

Rank three were elders, they were the pillars of support for the clan, and were much more rare than rank two Gu Masters. Rank four were the leaders, capable to leading ten thousand men. Rank five was the peak of the mortal realm, they were the rarest of the mortal Gu Masters.

Earth chief thousand beast king was not a problem by itself, but the rank three that it had were too much for this group to handle.

During the start of the battle, the leader Jiang Dong was decisive and had great experience, ordering his group and bringing some people to break into the beast group, stalling the earth chief beast king, while the others slaughtered the earth chief beasts. Otherwise, the group would have crumbled already.

"Everyone, put in more effort! This old beast is going down, we will win if we can endure!" Jiang Dong shouted to raise the group's morale.

Everyone replied quickly, raising their concentration and mental focus.

From the start of the battle until now, an hour had passed. The Gu Masters were almost out of primeval essence, but because of northern plains' culture, these Gu Masters all cultivated strength path as well.

The Gu Masters fought bravely, using close combat primarily, only using their primeval essence when they had no choice to save themselves or others.


Right at this time, the old beast king swung its snake tail, causing the air to crackle. The snake tail hit one of the Gu Masters and sent him flying. When he landed, this Gu Master's chest was smashed and his bones were all broken, he was beyond dead.

Humans had intelligence, beasts had their craftiness too.

The old beast king was really weak, but that did not mean it was powerless. When it burst out its remaining strength, it killed one person immediately.

The Gu Masters were stunned, their morale fell rock bottom.

"Oh no, we were already at a stalemate earlier, that that we are one man down, and my primeval essence is less than twenty percent left, what will we do?" Jiang Dong's eyes rolled as he thought of escaping.

This hunting group was only established at a whim, although running away would ruin his reputation, what was reputation compared to death?

Northern plainsmen were battle lovers, it was true that they were ferocious and brave, but they were not stupid.

"In the past, life was tough and I could only fight desperately to survive. Now that I am inside Imperial Court blessed land, with ample resources lying around, I should be accumulating my foundation and soaring into the sky. How can I sacrifice my precious life here?"

"I have parents and children back at home, although these hunting gains were good, the primeval stones are only enough to sustain my own cultivation. That rascal at home will be starting his cultivation journey in half a year… thus, sorry everyone!"

Jiang Dong's gaze shone for a while, as he retreated suddenly, using all his remaining primeval essence on his movement Gu.

He tore through the air, with a 'swoosh' sound, he vanished like the wind.

The remaining Gu Masters were stunned again, the leader ran away in battle, what can they do now?

Immediately, everyone scattered as morale became non-existent.

The earth chief beast king growled, chasing after them.

"The f*ck!" Jiang Dong looked back and cursed, his soul almost flew into the nine heavens.

This old earth chief beast king chose to chase after him out of all the people, most likely his ruthless attacks and fierce offense enraged the old beast.

"Oh no, my life will be over at this rate!"

The two ran and chased, as time passed, his primeval was expended and Jiang Dong fell into despair.

"Lord Jiang Dong, please run!"

At this time, a voice could be heard from afar.

Jiang Dong turned around and saw a young man at the left, it was Ma Hong Yun who had joined the group not too long ago. He had rank one cultivation and was a support Gu Master with little battle strength. From the start of the battle, he had been dispatched and was used to investigate the area.

"What a foolish lad!" Jiang Dong was overjoyed, he changed directions and ran towards Ma Hong Yun.

Ma Hong Yun's eyes were wide open, he saw the old earth chief beast king chasing Jiang Dong and had the urge to remind him. To think that Jiang Dong actually lured the old beast king towards him.

Ma Hong Yun ran immediately, but Jiang Dong was even faster, in a few breaths' time, he got close to him.

Jiang Dong laughed loudly: "Lad, you saved my life today, your death is not in vain."

Saying so, he used his Gu worm and knocked Ma Hong Yun unconsciously, stretching out his hand and tossing him behind.

But the old earth chief beast king ignored that free meal and still chased after Jiang Dong non-stop.

Jiang Dong's laughter came to an end, his mood went from heaven to hell.

Just as old earth chief beast king got close to him, he could hear rumbling in his ears as the ground started to shake.

Next, from far away in the sky, a line was getting bigger and clearer.


Why are there so many wolves?!

The wolf tide rained down from the sky, the grand aura it gave off was like flood water that was engulfing the world.

The old thousand beast king froze, after being in a short daze, it shuddered and turned around to run away.

"Vermillion flame wolves, turtleback wolves… such a wolf group, that's right, there was an announcement, Wolf King was going to hunt at this area! Ahahaha, my life is not meant to be over, I am saved!"

Jiang Dong cheered loudly after his initial shock. He sat on the ground, his body shivering in excitement, the hope after despair was making him feel great relief as tears flowed out of his eyes.

But the next moment, the wolf tide came without slowly down, charging like a waves as it tore him into pieces in a few seconds.

In the golden sky, atop the azure wolf, Mo Yao's will spoke in Fang Yuan's mind with a sorrowful sigh: "Fang Yuan, you allow these wolves to kill every living thing in their path, be it enemy or ally. Your killing intent is too strong, are you not afraid of going against the natural order, are you not afraid of other Gu Masters' opinion?"

"Hmph, I announced my hunt long ago. These people are overwhelmed by greed, they are like ants, there is no pity for them when they are blocking my path." Fang Yuan replied plainly.


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