Reverend Insanity
570 Compromise
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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570 Compromise

Chapter 570: Compromise
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In the dark secret room, there was a soothing sandalwood smell.

Fang Yuan sat on the cushion, holding an east window Gu in his hand.

This Gu was of the information path, rank four and shaped like a ladybug, the armor on its back was square, like window panels, specially used to store important information.

This Gu was purposely bought in treasure yellow heaven by Fang Yuan.

The content was all about wills.

Ever since Mo Yao's will had lurked in his mind, Fang Yuan had been buying and collecting information in this regard, he spent many immortal essence stones.

This east window Gu was not the first.

Long after, Fang Yuan slowly opened his eyes, his gaze clear as water.

After reading so much precious information, he had a deeper understanding towards wills.

Thought, will, emotion, the three were of the same branch, the former two belonged to the wisdom path and had much connection to many paths.

Wisdom path, when first created, was a path for Gu Masters that seeked wisdom solely.

When people think, thoughts would appear in their mind, when these thoughts collide, fuse, or cancel each other out, new thoughts would be formed, this would be the thinking process.

These thoughts were classified into different categories, they were all different and had their own specialities.

Among them, the most famous one was the obsession.

When a Gu Immortal dies, their lingering obsession would combine with the heavenly power and form the land spirit within the blessed land.

Gu Masters used these thoughts to create countless related Gu worms, like Dong Fang Yu Liang's star thought Gu, and Fang Yuan's space thought Gu, as well as Gu Immortals' commonly used divine sense Gu.

A few thoughts gather, forming 'will'.

The saying goes: Will can be understood, but not described.

Will cannot be expressed in words, the essence of will has surpassed the limits of written expression, only by using one's heart, using a human's spirituality, can it be felt.

Initially, wisdom path Gu Masters created heaven's will Gu. This Gu was used to comprehend the mechanics of the great Dao of heaven and earth, allowing one to further gain knowledge about heaven and earth, in order to improve on their own attainment.

After that, as the path continued to develop, more Gu were created, killing intent Gu, casual Gu, one's wishes Gu, proud Gu, evil intent Gu, painting idea Gu and others.

Among them, the most famous one was recorded in the legends of Ren Zu, the legendary unexpected Gu.

As wisdom path continued to develop, generations of Gu Masters continued to research, and they found out that when a few 'wills' merged together, they become 'emotion'.

Estrus Gu, gentle feelings Gu, and emotion poetry Gu were all from this path. Enchantment path was derived from this.

The most famous Gu in this path similarly came from <> — Love Gu.

"Thought, will, emotion…" Fang Yuan sighed.

The more he learnt, the more he understood — with his current foundation in wisdom path, he could not get rid of Mo Yao's will!

The difference between them was too great.

For example, in terms of their attainment in will, Fang Yuan was like a mound, while Mo Yao's will was like a tall mountain. As for how tall this mountain was, or how grand it was, Fang Yuan could not tell as it was shrouded in a thick layer of mist.

Mo Yao's attainment had greatly exceeded Fang Yuan's understanding. During these days of interaction and probing, it left a deep impression on Fang Yuan, he felt that she was truly on another level, her attainment was as deep as an abyss.

Facing such great trouble, if he could not get rid of it, what would he do?

Sitting on the cushion, after pondering for a while, Fang Yuan's gaze turned cold as he made a decision.

His consciousness entered his mind, and with just a thought, Mo Yao's will felt it and her alluring figure appeared from within the pitch-black area in the mind.

"I accept your suggestion, I will return Water Pavilion to Spirit Affinity House." Fang Yuan transmitted his second thought.

Mo Yao's eyes flashed with a peculiar light.

She did not expect that Fang Yuan would compromise so quickly.

According to their interaction these days, she understood clearly that Fang Yuan was that type of person with immense willpower, he was very assertive and his personality was tough and bold.

Character decides one's fate, this kind of person would either become a conqueror or a hero, they were destined to be a man above man, an elite among the elite.

She left behind the six arm heavenly zombie king killer move, but she had some reservations and did not give him the entire thing. Instead of a bait, this was more like an indication of her attitude.

She knew that with Fang Yuan's intelligence, he would understand what she was trying to say.

She had estimated that Fang Yuan would choose to negotiate with her in about seven or eight days. But in truth, he came to look for her after a day's time.

"Sigh, a wise man submits to circumstances, a great man is one who is resilient… Unfortunately most people in this world think too highly of their own abilities and refuse to lower their head due to pride. Throughout history, countless experts knew the logic of taking a step back and compromising, but it was easier said than done, when it was their turn, how many people could take that step?" Mo Yao's will sighed as she said with deep emotion.

"Although Water Pavilion is good, it is not useful to me. You know my situation, right now because of Hu Immortal blessed land, Immortal Crane Sect has declared that I am a member of their sect. Spirit Affinity House and Immortal Crane Sect are both part of the top ten sects in central continent, it will not be easy for me to return Water Pavilion to them." Fang Yuan said.

"Hehehe." Mo Yao's will chuckled: "Young man, I know what you mean. Don't worry, you are my inheritor, the calamity beckoning Gu is yours, I have no intention to harm you. Returning the Immortal Gu house is a huge matter, I understand the risks clearly. To accomplish this mission, you need to be a Gu Immortal at least. I will do my best to help you become a Gu Immortal, and I will also assist you in obtaining Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. As for my refinement attainment, it will depend on how much you can learn."

Mo Yao said so as she waved her hand, and a thought floated in Fang Yuan's heart.

The content was the final crucial part of the killer move six arm heavenly zombie king.

Fang Yuan immediately asked unhappily: "Earth chief zombie? Are you serious, this is the so-called sixth flying zombie Gu?"

Earth chief zombie Gu, he knew about it.

This was obtained by killing an earth chief beast, using its skin and tendons as the materials, combined with tens of Gu worms, and using the yin soil that was nine hundred li deep in the ground, as well as mountain absorbing grass that were hundreds of years old, dark tide flowers and other materials to refine.

Although it was quite strong, a rank five Gu just like asura zombie, heavenly demon zombie, blood wight, nightmare zombie and plague zombie, it could not fly.

Without flying abilities, how could it be a 'flying zombie' Gu?

Facing Fang Yuan's suspicion, Mo Yao laughed arrogantly: "Ordinary earth chief zombie Gu would not do. But who is this big sister? Hehe, I modified the recipe long ago, and refined a new earth chief zombie Gu. When a Gu Master uses it and becomes an earth chief zombie, even without wings, they can make use of the natural magnetic field to soar into the air, and fly as they wish."

Saying so, she transmitted another thought, it was the recipe of the modified earth chief zombie Gu.

Fang Yuan looked at it and his eyes shone.

Mo Yao had daringly added several new materials into this Gu recipe, among them was original magnetic essence as the main ingredient. That was the most important element in this modification of the Gu.

Fang Yuan thought about it and with his five hundred years of experience, he knew that this Gu recipe was usable, he could not help but praise in amazement.

Mo Yao's will was in his mind, she laughed smugly: "Young man, you really know your stuff. Not bad, you have some talent in refinement. But you have to be careful, this killer move was only created based on what you provided me, I would advise you to test it out on a few people before trying it yourself."

Fang Yuan nodded.

The killer move six arm heavenly zombie king had great power, it was about ten times as strong as four arm earth king and four arm wind king.

Because it was so powerful, once it fails, the backlash would also be equally powerful.

Fang Yuan could test the four arm earth king himself earlier because the risks were not great, he could endure them. But this six arm heavenly zombie king was another story.


"The third layer, the third layer has formed!" In the sacred palace, cheers resounded throughout the area.

The rainbow colored aurora was still thick as ever.

As time passed, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was forming faster and faster, especially the newly formed third layer, it made everyone's urge to explore it go wild.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's floors each have a hundred rounds, the earlier rounds were easy. But as they progressed, they got harder and the rewards were greater.

Most Gu Masters do not have the strength to tackle the later rounds, but the earlier rounds had rewards that they would fight for.

A group of Gu Masters, about a dozen, were leaving the palace in a hurry.

When they were about to get past the sacred palace's eastern entrance, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's third layer formed and these Gu Masters stopped in their tracks.

Jiang Dong looked at Eighty-Eight True Yang Building which was at the peak of the sacred palace, snorting and saying to Ma Hong Yun who was in the group: "You Huang Jin tribe Gu Masters are so lucky, any reward inside Eighty-Eight True Yang Building can allow you to soar to success and gain great riches!"

Ma Hong Yun laughed sheepishly: "Leader is right, hehehe. Sadly, my bloodline is not thick enough, I cannot enter Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. Otherwise, I would go in to expand my vision."

Even though Huang Jin tribesmen were Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's descendants, they were not guaranteed entry into Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

If their ancestors had diluted the bloodline too much by marrying outsiders, they would not reach the requirement and would not be able to enter.

Jiang Dong heard this and the bitterness and jealousy in his heart lessened. The other Gu Masters in the group also looked at Ma Hong Yun more gently, someone even patted Ma Hong Yun's shoulder and consoled: "You are really unlucky, but never mind, you can earn a fortune this time by coming with us to kill the earth chief beast as well!"

"Yes, yes, yes." Ma Hong Yun nodded as he bowed, laughing apologetically.

He had saved Ma Ying Jie coincidentally. After Hei tribe forcefully took over Ma tribe, due to a series of events, he changed his surname and became Ma Hong Yun, finally allowed to cultivate.

Right now, he was a rank one Gu Master, his aptitude was neither good nor bad.

Of course he could enter Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, but with his strength, there was no point in that at all. During his stay in the sacred palace, he could mix around with hunting groups daily and go out to hunt, it allowed him to earn enough to cover his daily expenses and accumulate primeval stones to cultivate.

As for what he told Jiang Dong, that was Zhao Lian Yun's instruction before he set off.


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