Reverend Insanity
569 Six Arm Heavenly Zombie King
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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569 Six Arm Heavenly Zombie King

Chapter 569: Six Arm Heavenly Zombie King
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

The entire sacred palace was shrouded in an aurora.

The light was dazzling and shone for the radius of a hundred li.

Looking at the top of the sacred palace, two layers of the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had already formed, huge numbers of people were entering and exiting daily.

Retracting his gaze, Fang Yuan softly closed the windows.

Half a month had passed since he refined calamity beckoning Gu and returned from the Water Pavilion.

During this period, Hei Lou Lan opened up Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and did not charge any fees, allowing people to enter as they wished.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building — Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's inheritance ground, it had incredible attraction to all Gu Masters.

Countless Gu Masters with Giant Sun's bloodline entered like torrents of water, even if they could not get through, they wanted to observe the glory of the event.

Especially after Eighty-Eight True Yang Building underwent a transformation and formed two layers, it triggered the people's desires to explore.

As for outsiders, they could only enter using the guest token.

The guest token was a one time expenditure item, it could only be obtained on occasion when getting through a round.

Until now, there had only been seven guest tokens obtained. Each fetched an astronomical price, but it did not deter any of the expert Gu Masters who did not have Giant Sun's bloodline.

Fang Yuan had the glass owner token now, he could freely enter and exit Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, and even enter the treasure room. But in order to conceal himself, not long ago, he still paid a hefty price to buy a guest token.

"Young man, I would advise you to prepare the ink transformation killer move that I taught you. That way, once you enter the central control hall, you would have less trouble."

A female voice resounded in Fang Yuan's mind.

It was none other than Fairy Mo Yao's will who had stealthily sneaked in.

Fang Yuan heard this and frowned, in his heart he snorted and replied: "This killer move is too outdated. Some of the Gu worms have already disappeared, if I want to collect them now, it will take quite some effort, how can it be rushed?"

Mo Yao's will laughed: "Young man, you are quite fortunate to have Hu Immortal blessed land. You should make good use of treasure yellow heaven, it is not hard to purchase these Gu worms."

Fang Yuan frowned even more tightly.

He deciphered the code and obtained Di Qiu inheritance, even successfully refining calamity beckoning Gu, but he also gained a huge problem known as Mo Yao's will.

Mo Yao's will was now lurking inside his mind, it was a huge threat.

When Fang Yuan thinks, thoughts would be generated.

Mo Yao's will could read these thoughts and understand Fang Yuan's secrets.

In half a month's time, she learnt about many of his secrets, including Hu Immortal blessed land.

Right now, Fang Yuan could only use space thought Gu to think.

Using space thought Gu as the main component, and other Gu worms to assist it, the thoughts formed had the power of space imbued in them, Mo Yao's will could not read them even if she caught them.

But such a situation was only temporary.

Will ruled above thoughts, Mo Yao's will was inside Fang Yuan's mind, after interacting with these space thoughts for a long time, she would become familiar with them, and this line of defense would not be able to stop her.

"Young man, you are young but you have many secrets. Hehehe, really interesting." Mo Yao's will floated in the air, moving up and down.

She laughed as she covered her mouth, her eyes were watery and her posture was alluring, she was truly a past generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House.

After staying with Fang Yuan for a while, she became more active, and even more curious, her nature of wanting to probe people's secrets showed itself.

Every generation of Spirit Affinity House's fairies was the cream of the crop, one out of ten thousand, she would be talented and beautiful, pure and elegant like a sacred lotus. But Mo Yao was different, her dark pupils contained some craftiness, if she was in the demonic path, she would definitely be a demoness.

She created an illusory robe, covering her body while showing the contours, she looked at the bubble-like thoughts as she grabbed one of them.

Next, she exerted strength and with a 'pop', this thought exploded with some force.

But she did not gain anything, because this thought's content was two words, 'eating dinner'.

She gasped lightly, her beautiful lips curving into an arousing angle: "Young man, you are not cute at all. Every time you think about something, you will make up all sorts of random thoughts to conceal the important points. Do you know that this will, in fact, make this big sister even more curious?"

"Hmph, with your age, you have the face to call yourself big sister?" Fang Yuan snorted, threatening, "You are dead, you should rest in peace. Don't think that I cannot do anything to you now that you are in my mind. Who knows, I might make your will perish the next moment."

"Hehehe, so scary…" Mo Yao patted her plump chest, laughing without any concern: "But during this half a month of time, you attacked me twenty-eight times using nineteen methods. Don't tell me, you are not only a strength-enslavement dual cultivator, but you also cultivate in wisdom path?"

"Hmph!" Fang Yuan's heart was surging with killing intent.

" Aiyaya 1 , young man, don't be like this." Feeling Fang Yuan's sharp killing intent, Mo Yao waved her fingers: "I am your benefactor, isn't calamity beckoning Gu your Immortal Gu now? You are still a mortal, it is an amazing accomplishment to have an Immortal Gu. Don't worry, don't worry, once you return this Water Pavilion to Spirit Affinity House, my wish would be fulfilled, and this will would no longer have any reason to exist."

Return the rank seven Immortal Gu house Water Pavilion?

The juicy meat had already entered Fang Yuan's mouth, why would he spit it out?

Fang Yuan did not want to do so, obviously, but he had no other choices.

Not mentioning the piece of Mo Yao's will in his mind, there was also a portion of Mo Yao's remnant will inside the Water Pavilion.

That meant, this Mo Yao was quite impressive.

History said that she was a refinement grandmaster. But in terms of wisdom path and soul path, it seems she was even more skilled in them. Fang Yuan's multitude of mental attacks were all easily dispelled by her.

Fang Yuan had a huge headache now.

Even though he obtained Di Qiu inheritance, he did not earn much.

He took a huge risk and made great investments to carry out Gu refinement. In the end, he obtained calamity beckoning Gu but it was unusable. Mo Yao's will even entered his mind, causing him to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vase, this was his greatest burden at the moment.

"Had I known this, I would not have gone after this dogshit Di Qiu inheritance."

This thought was not concealed at all, Mo Yao easily read about it.

"Young man, that is not true. The refinement path killer move ink transformation that I taught you over these days is priceless. Didn't you want to make use of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's loophole, hehe, you are so daring, almost at the same level as me. Don't worry, I will help you, as long as you return Water Pavilion to Spirit Affinity House." Mo Yao urged.

"Hmph, calamity beckoning Gu is mine, but I also want Water Pavilion, even Eighty-Eight True Yang Building might become my possession! You are a mere will, how can you stop me, a living person?" Since they had fought for dozens of times already, Fang Yuan rejected her outright.

But this time, Mo Yao did not make fun of him, her gaze shone as she recalled something.

Her expression was lonely as she sighed deeply: "Sigh, are all men like this? Even if they did something wrong, they would act in such a confident manner, unrelenting in their convictions being right."

"In this world, what counts as wrong? Who is right, who is wrong? Everyone's way of life is just different."

Mo Yao's expression changed, she laughed cheekily: "Young man, this is an interesting answer. But I've heard another answer, it was much more domineering than yours. He said —'In this world, anything I think or do is right. Those that differ from me are wrong.' Hehehe, is that domineering enough?"

Fang Yuan's gaze shone: "Sword Immortal Bo Qing said that? Unfortunately, he did not succeed in that final step."

These words made Mo Yao sink into silence, her face was full of sadness as she shut her eyes, memories were pouring in her mind as her long eyelashes were slightly trembling.

She hid her figure, vanishing from Fang Yuan's mind.

"Damn it, she did this again!" Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, every time Mo Yao's will hid herself, it would be like she did not exist, no matter how Fang Yuan tried to find her, he would not even see a trace of her.

Mo Yao's attainment in soul path and wisdom path greatly exceeded Fang Yuan's. This resulted in her having free reign in his mind.

But this time, he was not going to leave empty handed.

In his mind, he found one of Mo Yao's will's thoughts.

The content made Fang Yuan's heart shudder.

This was a killer move, named — Six Arm Heavenly Zombie King!

Fang Yuan had been trying to find a way to combine strength and enslavement paths, he thought hard and obtained an initial result, it was his strength path killer move — Four Arm Earth King.

Using this move, he went on a killing spree in the final battle of the Imperial Court contest, defeating Ma tribe army and pushing Hei Lou Lan into Imperial Court Blessed Land.

But four arm earth king was only a casually created killer move, it was full of flaws and after Fang Yuan improved on it, it became the killer move four arm wind king.

After that, he found a crucial borrow strength Gu inside the treasure room of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, allowing the killer move four arm wind king to gain a huge improvement.

After Mo Yao's will entered his mind, he purposely exposed a portion of his secrets, among them was this killer move, as well as his thoughts about improving this killer move.

"Fantastic!" Fang Yuan praised.

With his foundation, and Fairy Mo Yao's attainment, six arm heavenly zombie king was a killer move nearing perfection.

It used borrow strength Gu as the core, six types of flying zombie Gu as the supplement, and another thirty-six Gu worms in order to design this killer move with an amazing and specialized structure, Fang Yuan was in great awe.

"However, I know about the five great flying zombie Gu, but this killer move needs a sixth flying zombie Gu? What Gu is that?"

The killer move in the thought was not complete, it still lacked the final crucial step.


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