Reverend Insanity
568 Mo Yao’s Will
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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568 Mo Yao’s Will

Chapter 568: Mo Yao’s Will
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Fang Yuan carefully observed calamity beckoning Gu.

This Gu was a rank seven Immortal Gu and after going through the nurturing process in the giant vermillion bowl, it had already completely formed.

It was the size of a little finger, was completely grey and looked very delicate like a silkworm cocoon.

As Fang Yuan played with it and calamity beckoning Gu continued to absorb his aura, he could sense that the connection in the depths of his mind with calamity beckoning Gu was deepening further.

Ripples appeared in Fang Yuan's heart.

It would be a lie to say that he was not moved.

In his previous life, he had suffered untold difficulties and slaughtered many lives to refine a rank six Spring Autumn Cicada. And now with the advantage of his rebirth, he had yet to become a hundred years old but had already obtained calamity beckoning Gu which was a rank higher than Spring Autumn Cicada.

Although the use of calamity beckoning Gu was extremely peculiar, offering oneself as a sacrifice by attracting earthly calamities and heavenly tribulations, Fang Yuan believed firmly that the use of a Gu depended on the wits of the Gu Master.

Like Chainsaw Golden Centipede which would be used in a different manner in the future by a rank four mortal Gu Master 'Chainsaw Mad Demon'. So, why would Fang Yuan not be able to create new uses for calamity beckoning Gu?

"Not speaking of other things, just the existence of calamity beckoning Gu proves that the legendary luck path truly exists."

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was extremely lucky his whole life and it was rumored that this was because he had created unique luck path Gu worms.

However, there had never been conclusive evidence regarding this rumor.

Now, Fang Yuan was holding calamity beckoning Gu, a luck path Gu; an Immortal Gu refined by refinement path grandmaster Mo Yao by interaction with the divert disaster Gu of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

Divert disaster Gu and calamity beckoning Gu were luck path Gu worms.

The ink text in the bowl was a very strong piece of evidence.

Mo Yao even directly wrote in the ink text that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's luck path Gu worms could steal other people's good luck and transfer it to himself, and could also transfer his bad luck over, bringing trouble to others.

As a complete path, luck path also had a methodical structure, including aspects of offense, defense, movement, healing and others. It was only that what it targeted was the incorporeal and formless luck which everyone possessed.

After Giant Sun Immortal Venerable innovated the luck path, he kept it hidden and made great profits without making any commotion.

"Giant Sun Immortal Venerable stole luck wantonly and with his death, the luck thief had finally perished." Mo Yao poured her feelings in the text, this strange woman had quite a temperament, daring to criticize an Immortal Venerable like this.

She even speculated Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's luck path inheritance was very likely to be in the treasure room of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building!

"If I can obtain this inheritance, could I duplicate Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's success?" Fang Yuan's heart thumped in excitement.

He pondered for a while before placing calamity beckoning Gu in the giant vermilion bowl again.

Although calamity beckoning Gu had completely taken form, Fang Yuan could not refine it.

The connection between them had thickened to the extreme, but there was still a gap before he could truly become the master of calamity beckoning Gu.

Fang Yuan was still a mortal currently and did not have immortal essence to refine it.

This situation was different from when he refined fixed immortal travel Gu.

At three kings blessed land, he was able to refine fixed immortal travel Gu with the assistance of the land spirit, he was the leading refiner. Thus when fixed immortal travel Gu was born, it became his Gu. But he could not use it, and if not for the land spirit's help, Fang Yuan would not have been able to travel to Hu Immortal blessed land.

The whole process of refining calamity beckoning Gu, however, was done through the backflow of the heavenly power of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, Fang Yuan was an assistant at best; this was already extremely great considering he did not have the help of a land spirit.

"I can only truly refine it when I become a Gu Immortal. Before that, I can only leave it here."

Without advancing to Gu Immortal, there would be no immortal aperture to store calamity beckoning Gu. If it was brought out openly, the Immortal Gu aura would spread which was sure to attract countless coveting people.

Fang Yuan was not worried about Hei Lou Lan, Tai Bai Yun Sheng and the others; he had many wolf groups now and his strength path cultivation was also sufficient.

What he was worried about was Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's will in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

Previously, the Immortal Gu was in its early form and had a weak aura, but now it had already taken shape, so if it was brought out, it might stir up Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's will and awaken it.

Fang Yuan was not willing to take that risk, more so when his main plan had yet to be completed; he needed to keep on hiding and waiting.

"Who would think that this nameless valley holds a rank seven Immortal Gu? But for now, I should first refine a part of this Water Pavilion before leaving." Fang Yuan pondered.

Water Pavilion was a famous Immortal Gu house. It looked like Fang Yuan was overestimating himself by trying to refine it as a mortal, but this attempt was greatly feasible.

Even the formidable Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had a crack, allowing Fang Yuan to study it in-depth. While Water Pavilion was now a ownerless object, it could naturally be easily exploited.

But to talk about this, we need to know about the inherent nature of Gu houses.

What is a Gu house?

Not mentioning Fang Yuan's past life, after the rebirth alone, he had encountered many Gu houses.

The most common among them included the Gu house three star cave. It would turn into a seed when it was collected. After planting the seed, it would grow into an enormous hollow tree with three floors.

There was lizard house Gu with the appearance of a lizard, sporting different colors. Its eyes were windows and its mouth was the door; it could move by its own will.

There was also the mushroom forest Gu house which was formed by planting a large number of mush room Gu. Many mushroom houses would form into a courtyard.

These were mortal Gu, there were also Immortal Gu houses like Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and Water Pavilion.

There were too many complicated Gu houses to talk about in their development till this day. But if one were to investigate their origin, the publicly recognized founders were the seven Lui Gui siblings.

These seven were demonic Gu Masters of the olden antiquity era, they were born as septuplets, and from birth to death, they moved together.

They were experts in defence and each of them was a rank five peak stage Gu Master. They also had a defensive killer move formed by combining their strength called 'turtle house'. Relying on this move, they were able to defend against three attacks from a Gu Immortal, establishing a tale called 'three moves pact' in history.

And this turtle house was the first Gu house in Gu Master history!

Thus, basically speaking, Gu houses were killer moves formed by the combination and solidification of ten or more various kinds of Gu worms.

Mushroom forest Gu house was a model example. It was a courtyard formed by the gathering of large numbers of mush room Gu.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was the apex of examples, possessing the ability to defend, gather, store and other effects. It was formed by countless small towers, divert disaster Gu being one of the main cornerstones. Sacrificing the gathered wild Gu, it created a power that would form the main body.

There was also White Bone Chariot.

Back then, Proud Bone Demon Lord Shen Jie Ao had outstanding and shocking talent. When he became a rank six Gu Immortal, he lacked a rank six Gu. So he came up with a killer move known as White Bone Chariot.

The White Bone Chariot was formed from many rank five Gu, such as the White Bone Wheel, and had power comparable to a rank six Gu!

This White Bone Chariot was actually a Gu house!

As for three star cave, lizard house and large lizard house, they were all branches developed from simplified forms of Gu houses.

Normal Gu houses were formed from the combination of several Gu worms. As three star cave and the others were formed from just one Gu, thus their might was greatly reduced and became commonly used Gu houses.

Water Pavilion was a rank seven Immortal Gu house, this signified there was at least one rank seven Immortal Gu among the Gu worms used to create it!

"With my current level, I cannot refine Immortal Gu. But refining the mortal Gu is still possible."

This was where Fang Yuan's confidence in refining Water Pavilion lay in.

There were not many difficulties during the refining process.

Water Pavilion was one of the symbols of Spirit Affinity House, wielded by Fairy Mo Yao back then.

Mo Yao betrayed the sect for her love and refined calamity beckoning Gu, sacrificing herself. This Immortal Gu house thus became ownerless.

As such, to Fang Yuan, Water Pavilion was like a little beauty that had its arms wide open and he was free to play with it.

"Amazing, there were actually no less than three thousand Gu worms used in the assembly of Water Pavilion. And every Gu worm was closely interrelated and had a faint resonance between them. The core was rank seven Water Harmony Gu which allows the Gu Master to completely merge and hide in water; as long as the water was not extinguished, they won't die. Besides this, there were also two assisting Immortal Gu - rank six movement Immortal Gu Worldly Wave Trace and wisdom path Immortal Gu Delight in Water and Mountain."

The process of refining was in fact, the process of deepening his understanding of Water Pavilion.

Refining an Immortal Gu was far beyond Fang Yuan's ability, so there was no need to attempt it in vain. What he could make a move on were the rank one and rank two mortal Gu.

Fang Yuan spent six hours in refinement till he was dizzy, completely refining five hundred rank one and rank two mortal Gu.

"I now have ten percent control over Water Pavilion. Even if someone discovers it, this ten percent of authority will be able to block them for a while. This time will be enough for me to be alerted and rush here in time."

He refined for another two hours and increased his control authority to thirteen percent.

The difficulty of the refinement continued to increase at the later stages.

"Unfortunately, I have Spring Autumn Cicada which is like a ticking time bomb. I cannot use time path's instant success Gu and other Gu to help me in the refining process, otherwise my progress would not be just this."

Fang Yuan felt his head spinning and knew he had already reached the limit. The primeval essence in his two rank five peak stage apertures was also almost exhausted.

But just when he thought of pulling away, a figure suddenly appeared in his mind.

"After such a long time, I finally meet the fated one today."

Following the indistinct sigh, the graceful figure of a woman with a slim body, shining dark eyes, and a veil covering her face, appeared in Fang Yuan's mind.

"This is Fairy Mo Yao's will, when did it enter my mind?!" Fang Yuan was inwardly shocked.

So much time had passed, Mo Yao was not a venerable but she was still able to leave behind her will, one could tell how strong a cultivation she had back then.

Fang Yuan actually already had taken precautions, but Fairy Mo Yao clearly had some special methods that allowed her will to silently enter Fang Yuan's mind.

Such an ability was not trivial.

Mo Yao's will had entered Fang Yuan's mind, if she wanted to unceremoniously create difficulties for him, then Fang Yuan would absolutely have to suffer the consequences.

Fang Yuan was not a wisdom path expert, only wisdom path Gu Masters had the power to subdue this kind of will.

The most crucial thing was that when people pondered, their thoughts would first emerge. These thoughts would clash with each other in the brain and then transform, creating a new thought. This was the process of thinking.

Now, Mo Yao's will had entered Fang Yuan's mind which meant she could hear all his thoughts clearly!

What would happen once Mo Yao's will learned of Spring Autumn Cicada?

"No need to be afraid, fated one, I have no intention of harming you. I only want to ask you a question." Mo Yao's will faintly asked.

Fang Yuan did not even need to guess to know what she was going to ask. He told her about the fact of Bo Qing's defeat on the spot.

When she heard this grievous news, Mo Yao's will shook to the point of collapsing!

Fang Yuan was rejoicing covertly, but he had to be disappointed because Mo Yao's will was able to maintain her form in the end.

Her dark as night eyes were filled with tears. Fairy Mo Yao's expression was extremely complex; there was sadness, but there was relief as well.

Like she said in her poem 'too long has passed, emotions and hatred have already lasted for a long time' , her love and hatred with Bo Qing was a long tale that was touching and deeply intertwined.

"Fated one, since you can refine calamity beckoning Gu and also found this place and have begun refining Water Pavilion, you should already have a general understanding. Since he is already dead, then let everything go. Sigh… maybe this is the fortune of the living."

Mo Yao's will paused before continuing: "I have already let down Spirit Affinity House, my only wish now is to return this Water Pavilion. As compensation, I will impart my life's refinement path attainment insights to you. Besides this, I will also tell you the secret information of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building!"


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