Reverend Insanity
565 Everyone with their own intentions
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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565 Everyone with their own intentions

Chapter 565: Everyone with their own intentions
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's shocking change was a traumatic experience for everyone in the sacred palace, countless people were worried, scared and helpless.

Fortunately, the situation stabilized not long after Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's first floor collapsed.

The aurora no longer reduced and was instead beginning to increase again.

Maybe because it was provoked, the speed of this aurora's increase was somewhat faster than before.

Several days later, the thick as water aurora condensed back to the first floor of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

After it had completely formed, Hei Lou Lan and the others immediately entered it anxiously. Their entry to Eighty-Eight True Yang Building proceeded smoothly.

This made Hei Lou Lan greatly relieved and he gradually calmed down.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was extremely significant to him, he needed to become a Gu Immortal to avenge his mother. As the possessor of one of the ten extreme physiques, Great Strength True Martial physique, his only hope of becoming an immortal was to obtain a strength path Immortal Gu from Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

This was depicted in <>.

For humans to live, it was okay if they did not have strength or even wisdom, but they could not lose hope.

Hei Lou Lan regained the hope of saving his life, his mood gradually turned better as he started to plan his next breakthrough of the hundred rounds.

The first floor of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had formed anew, so the checkpoints had reset, making Hei Lou Lan's previous efforts turn into smoke; he needed to overcome everything again.

To Hei Pei and the other elders, this was a very good thing.

"This is joy after extreme sorrow, going through the rounds again will allow us to get even more rewards!"

"Maybe that was a small joke by old ancestor Immortal Venerable…"

"Every floor in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building has a hundred rounds with the difficulty increasing sharply at the later rounds. Looking at history, there were very few Imperial Court winners who were able to cross through every round, we should not be optimistic in being able to overcome the final round. As long as we can put all our efforts in passing the earlier rounds, our tribe's strength will rise greatly!"

The elders were filled with joy, but this was bad news to Hei Lou Lan.

There were only two ways for him to obtain a strength path Immortal Gu from Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

First was to get a high grade evaluation and enter the treasure room, then use his bloodline identity to exchange for the Immortal Gu inside.

Second was to pass the final round of every floor which could give him the chance to obtain an Immortal Gu.

To Hei Lou Lan, the first method required him to bring out an equivalently valuable treasure to exchange, and thus was not practical. The only probability of success was in the second method.

Passing through the last few rounds would be extremely difficult. The rounds were reset now; they would have to overcome these rounds again, which no doubt would waste his precious time.

Time waits for no man, once their time was up, they would be sent out of Imperial Court blessed land. If he could not get a strength path Immortal Gu before this happens, Hei Lou Lan would not only be unable to take revenge, but would also have to welcome his death.

For this reason, Hei Lou Lan stubbornly maintained his stance in spite of others' wishes and started recruiting other tribes' Gu Masters, completely opening up Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

Everyone could casually enter or exit Eighty-Eight True Yang Building free of charge. Other than Hei tribe elders, everyone in the sacred palace was celebrating in joy.

"Hei Lou Lan has a grand demeanour, doing something that no other Lords of Imperial Court have done before. I, Ye Lui Sang, am in deep admiration!" Ye Lui Sang was the first to enter Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, his face covered in a joyful glow.

He was the current tribe leader of Ye Lui tribe and had been a popular candidate to win the prior Imperial Court contest; the tribe's Gu Immortals supported him greatly, not even stinting on lending a fire path Immortal Gu to him.

But he lost in the end and to preserve the fire path Immortal Gu, he had no choice but to side with Hei Lou Lan.

They finally won and succeeded in entering Imperial Court blessed land, but as one of the super forces, he felt that it was a disgrace to be a subordinate of Hei tribe. He was sure to be treated coldly, abandoned and even punished when he returned to the tribe.

"If I can have good gains in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, then I can make up for the earlier mistakes and return grandly to the tribe!" Ye Lui Sang's emotions surged.

"Chang Shan Yin, don't be proud of yourself. As long as you don't become an immortal, I will have a chance. Eighty-Eight True Yang Building is my cornerstone to rise up!" Chang Biao had a cold look in his eyes. He was also among the first batch of experts to enter the tower.

He was not moving alone and had a companion beside him.

It was Sole Blade General Pan Ping.

Previously at Xing Jiu mountain peak, Pan Ping's opportunity had been openly seized by Fang Yuan, which created a lot of indignance in his heart.

Chang Biao learned of this situation and intentionally approached Pan Ping; the two hit it off, becoming partners.

"Go, go, become the vanguards to open my path, use your lives to broaden my way." Hei Lou Lan sneered inwardly, using his owner token while calmly looking at the grand flow of people entering the tower.

After the flow of people had gradually become sparse, Tai Bai Yun Sheng ,with his simple and aged appearance, tall and sturdy physique, clothed in a white robe, he appeared at the top floor of the sacred palace.

"Old Sir Tai Bai." Hei Lou Lan greeted him.

"Lord tribe leader has astonishing mettle, this old man is overwhelmed." Tai Bai Yun Sheng exclaimed in admiration.

He had an elegant demeanour and leisurely attitude. Since everyone could casually enter and exit now, they were not restricted by the quota. He also did not anxiously enter the tower immediately since the rounds which might give lifespan Gu as the reward would definitely be the later rounds.

The two exchanged a few words before Tai Bai Yun Sheng entered the tower.

"There is strength in numbers." Hei Lou Lan was feeling overwhelmed in his mind.

From the information sent by the owner token; in just a short period of time, because of the enormous quantity of Gu Masters, they had successively gotten through the first thirty rounds.

However, at the fortieth round and above, just numbers would not work, they required specific Gu Master experts to cross those rounds.

Pan Ping, Chang Biao, Ye Lui Sang and Tai Bai Yun Sheng made their moves one after another, and were able to push to the fifty-third round. But here, their momentum came to a stop, they encountered a problem; they needed an enslavement path master to pass this round.

"Looks like we must have Wolf King to pass this round." Tai Bai Yun Sheng muttered while stroking his snow-white beard.

In this Imperial Court contest, Fang Yuan's performance left behind an extremely deep impression on everyone. The glorious title of the number one enslavement path Gu Master of this generation in northern plains was already given to him.

Thus, as they encountered this problem, everyone's first thought was Fang Yuan.

"Strange, why don't I see Chang Shan Yin?" Ye Lui Sang looked around him, but could not find Chang Shan Yin.

"Wolf King has been taking his wolves out for hunting these few days." Soon, someone replied.

"Chang Shan Yin is indeed an extraordinary person, we can casually enter and exit Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, but his heart is actually not moved!" Sighs and admiration could be heard among the group.

Pan Ping snorted, speaking in a gloomy tone: "Everyone, please don't forget that our Lord Wolf King has already entered the tower before. According to a reliable source, he passed with high grade evaluation. After he exited the tower, he immediately went to closed-door cultivation and even refused many invitations from tribe leader Hei Lou Lan."

The crowd here knew of the conflict between him and Fang Yuan, and as no one wished to offend this uprising Sole Blade General, the praises and admiration towards Fang Yuan immediately stopped.

Everyone sank into a momentary silence.

Many Gu Master experts also had a slight change in expressions as they showed a somewhat unexpected look on their face.

Pan Ping had a sinister motive in mentioning Fang Yuan had obtained a huge benefit before, leaving it to everyone's ample imagination as to what reward it was, and with this, succeeded in inciting jealousy in their hearts.

If it was before when these people did not have any experience of the enormous benefits provided by Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, it would have been slightly better. But now that they had experienced it as they passed the rounds, the fire of envy was lit up in the depths of their hearts!

At this moment, a young Gu Master's voice broke the silence: "Since Eighty-Eight True Yang Building is opened for everyone, everyone can obtain benefits. Lord father being able to obtain the benefits was due to his own ability!"

The crowd's gazes quickly moved towards the source and discovered it was none other than Chang Shan Yin's own son — Chang Ji You.

Immediately, Pan Ping's expression turned sharp as he viciously gazed at Chang Ji You.

Although Chang Ji You was somewhat weaker than Pan Ping, his heart was filled with reverence towards his father, so he did not back down and instead returned Pan Ping's gaze with his own furious gaze.

Killing intent surged in Pan Ping's mind, but he did not dare to make a move. He was unexpected put on the spot by Chang Ji You, a junior!

The person with the most complicated feelings right now was Chang Biao.

He was Chang Ji You's own blood father, but right now, he had to look on at his own son defending his greatest enemy.

Grievance and hatred were surging up non-stop in his heart!

"Cough cough." Tai Bai Yun Sheng stood up to alleviate the tension, "Everyone, let's concentrate on this round."

"At this point, we can only request Lord Wolf King's assistance."

"Among us, Old Sir Tai Bai has the highest reputation; as long as you personally send a letter, Wolf King will definitely accept the request."

The Gu Masters spoke one after another, but Chang Biao and Pan Ping glanced at each other, their hearts filled with worry.

If Wolf King comes, he was sure to pass this round.

But with this, not speaking of the rewards he would get from passing the round, his prestige would increase even more. This was a situation these two were not willing to see.

Pan Ping wanted to speak up but hesitated.

He had the mind to prevent this, but it was not easy getting a chance to interrupt Tai Bai Yun Sheng and make him back down. If Chang Ji You again interrupted here, his face might be lost completely!

Chang Biao was secretly observing Pan Ping's expression and saw Pan Ping opening his mouth several times but did not manage to speak in the end. He inwardly cursed Pan Ping for being a coward, then looked around and signalled a planted agent among the crowd.

This planted agent immediately comprehended the signal and shouted out: "In my opinion, Lord Wolf King is occupied with important matters, it probably won't be easy to invite him. Why don't we request Lord Tang Miao Ming instead? Her enslavement path attainment is already very close to master realm."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng's thoughts could not help being shaken.

He did not have much interaction with Fang Yuan, but he knew deeply of the latter's 'arrogance'. Instead of taking the risk of facing embarrassment from being refused, it might truly be better to let Tang Miao Ming try first.

Flap flap flap….

Groups after groups of blissful snow bats flew from all around like rivers converging into the sea, as they flew towards Di Qiu cave.

The peculiar fragrance had spread for a hundred li.

It was this rich fragrance that had attracted the blissful snow bat groups.

At this stage, the Gu refinement was already approaching the end.

"This is using the lives of beasts as sacrifices, it is a wonderful method that is similar to the workings of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. It is just that in case of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, the small towers sacrifice the wild Gu to combine their strength."

As he personally put it into practice, Fang Yuan gained an even more profound understanding of this Gu refinement.

The peculiar fragrance gradually dissipated, and without its temptation, the small number of remaining blissful snow bats flew away in disorder.

"It is about to finish!" Fang Yuan's breathing turned rough and his gaze staring at the cave fixatedly, unable to conceal his excited expression.


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