Reverend Insanity
564 Heavenly Power backflow shocks the Sacred Palace
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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564 Heavenly Power backflow shocks the Sacred Palace

Chapter 564: Heavenly Power backflow shocks the Sacred Palace
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

The whole sacred palace fell into shock and fear.

After a while, a large commotion suddenly rose up.

"This… what the hell is going on?!"

"What happened, why is the aurora shrinking?"

A scene that had never occurred before was happening in everyone's sights.

The second floor that had been gradually condensing into form was slowly becoming fainter. Great amounts of the thick aurora were reducing and becoming lighter at a visible speed.

"What happened?!" Hei Lou Lan's brows furrowed into a knot as he grabbed elder Hei Pei's collar with his thick arm and pulled towards him.

His expression was twisted and his eyes opened with fury as he shouted: "Investigate it! I must know what the hell happened!"

Hei Lou Lan possessed one of the ten extreme physiques - great strength true martial physique. Only by becoming an immortal, could he avoid the pressure of death.

However, for ten extreme physiques to become immortal, they required the help of relevant Immortal Gu.

Hei Lou Lan placed his hopes on Eighty-Eight True Yang Building to find the key to become immortal — a strength path Immortal Gu, so how could he let an accident happen to Eighty-Eight True Yang Building?

Elder Hei Pei's body shivered in fright, Hei Lou Lan asked him to investigate the details, but he was only a mortal, how could he investigate it? What could he investigate? In a sobbing tone, he answered: "This… this subordinate does not know, there were no instances of this happening in historical records…"

"It is getting lighter, it is becoming even more light!" Someone shouted while pointing at Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

The aurora became smaller, and the thick light, dimmer.

Many Gu Masters looked up in a daze, panic quickly spreading everywhere.

"Is Eighty-Eight True Yang Building damaged?"

"This is something our Immortal Venerable old ancestor personally arranged."

"Could it be that Eighty-Eight True Yang Building also cannot compete against the flow of the river of time?"

Some had pale expressions while even more covered their heads, their gaze filled with fear.

"They are in chaos." From far away, Fang Yuan looked with an eerie gaze and a cold smile on his face.

Even if he was far away, the panicked shouts in the sacred palace still reached his ears.

The culprit behind this terror glanced at the sacred palace before looking down at Di Qiu cave below.

His gaze shone with a strange light as he praised: "Amazing, truly amazing!"

Fang Yuan had originally estimated that only ten percent at most would be absorbed, but he had never thought when he activated the mechanism, the backflow of the heavenly power would surpass his estimation!

Based on just this, Fang Yuan could tell this Gu Immortal's understanding of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was absolutely not beneath his.

"Who is this mysterious Gu Immortal? What identity do they have? I had a fortuitous encounter, the advantage of rebirth and also the first hand information from Lang Ya land spirit. But how was he or she able to have such a deep understanding of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building?"

Right now, the cave was filled to the brim with light, almost to the point of overflowing, but it was firmly restrained by the layer of black light at the entrance.

The aurora surged freely; the intense light that was brewing inside was becoming more and more vigorous.


Cracks started appearing on the first floor of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

Hei Pei and the other elders went pale as they looked at this scene in a daze.

As for the other Gu Masters at the lower floors of the sacred palace, many were already kneeling on the ground, kowtowing non-stop.

Some shouted, some wept and some begged —

"Don't collapse, don't collapse!"

"Old ancestor, what mistake did we commit, why are you punishing us like this?"

"We beg old ancestor to show mercy, please give another chance to us unfilial descendants!"

All these voices entered Hei Lou Lan's ears as he stared at the first floor of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building rigidly.

The cracks were continuously spreading on the first floor.

Even if Hei Lou Lan was a rank five Gu Master with an extreme physique, an existence at the peak of mortals, right now he was feeling bewilderment, helplessness, hesitation and weakness!

"No, this can't go on! I cannot allow this to happen!!" Hei Lou Lan shouted in fury, his expression malevolent and his gaze filled with hot fury.

'I have yet to avenge mother! My vengeance! My strength path Immortal Gu!' He screamed in his heart.


A soft sound was heard, but the earth shook!

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's first floor, which was completely condensed, collapsed completely and turned back into the free aurora light.

The light was like a flood that had broken the dam as it gushed out and spread rapidly; in just a few breaths of time, it enshrouded the whole sacred palace and dyed the horizons.


Hei Lou Lan's gaze lost its focus as suffocation filled his stomach, he involuntarily spurted out stagnated blood that had flowed in reverse towards his throat.

"No! I won't allow this! Form back right now! Come back!" He opened up his palms and tried to grab the aurora.

And as if it was responding to his effort, the aurora that were gushing out gradually reduced and the surrounding lights also started falling back.

Hei Lou Lan's gaze flashed, a spark of hope had just ignited in him, but was completely gone the next moment.

The aurora light might have gathered back together, but it did not condense back to the image of the first floor. The light continue to reduce as if a giant incorporeal beast was swallowing it.

"No, don't…" Far away, Tai Bai Yun Sheng mumbled, his expression becoming spiritless.

"Do the heavens want my Hei tribe dead?" First elder Hei Pei clutched his hair.

A problem occurred in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building in Hei tribe's hands, this meant Hei tribe was completely finished. Other super forces and Huang Jin tribes would not let them go.

"Heavens, what happened? Eighty-Eight True Yang Building is actually…" Ye Lui Sang grabbed his chest in fear. Near his heart resided the fire path Immortal Gu which was lent by Ye Lui tribe's Supreme Elder Ye Lui Lai before the Imperial Court contest. Right now, this fire path Immortal Gu was trembling non-stop.

Almost at the same time, Fang Yuan's expression also had a slight change.

In his aperture, Spring Autumn Cicada revealed its true body, trembling continuously and was emitting its Immortal Gu aura, causing his rank five aperture to creak from the pressure.

"This is the resonance of the Great Dao in heaven and earth." Fang Yuan was well aware of this.

Man was the spirit of all living beings, Gu was the essence of heaven and earth, a vessel of the Great Dao. If a mortal Gu was said to hold only a tiny fragment of the law of heaven and earth, then an Immortal Gu would hold a corner of the Great Dao, an intact piece of the rules of heaven and earth.

Because of this, there could only be one Immortal Gu of its kind.

Every time an Immortal Gu was born, other Immortal Gu in the surroundings would tremble and respond.

The more closely related or conflicting the law inside Gu worms' bodies are, the stronger the resonance between them, and the greater the extent they would tremble.

"From the extent of Spring Autumn Cicada's trembling, this Immortal Gu that is about to be born is not of the time path." Fang Yuan estimated, but his gaze was tightly looking at the cave without the least bit of negligence.

Inside the cave, the aurora from Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was continuously being absorbed before fading away as it nurtured the intense light within.

This intense light was becoming more and more flourishing; the black membrane at the entrance was starting to show signs of not being able to restrain it.

"That'll do. If I don't make a move now, the black membrane will burst and the aurora will shoot to the sky and expose me. It is still a small matter if Hei Lou Lan and the rest are the ones that discover me, but in case it awakens Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's hibernating will, then it will just take one thought from the Immortal Venerable's will to turn me into ashes."

Fang Yuan had endured the impulse to make a move several times before, and now the timing was fully ripe, he made his move, throwing in large numbers of Gu worms.

Gu worms from rank one to rank five from all paths sprinkled down like rain.

This situation looked disorderly and complex, but it actually had a special profoundness to it. The Gu worms were not only divided into separate groups, they even had particularly specific distances from each other, to the extent that some Gu worms fell slightly slower while some fell faster.

This was a high grade technique of Gu refinement called the sprinkler. Gu Masters with natural talent and aptitude could master enslavement path and flying skills. But even the Gu Masters with higher natural talent required thousands of tries before they could display a decent use of the sprinkler technique.

Fang Yuan's attainment in this technique was beyond the level of just a decent performance, and was enough to make other refinement path masters exclaim in surprise.

After the Gu worms sprinkled down, the aurora slowly changed color into that of blue water or the sky, before becoming still.

In the blue light, countless white lights flew like birds and swam like fish. Specks of white light would occasionally gather into a heap and from time to time scatter like stars. Just glancing at this for a moment caused Fang Yuan to feel dizzy.

He quickly moved his gaze towards the sacred palace.

The clamors in the sacred palace had already decreased. After the aurora light enshrouding the sacred palace decreased by around half, the speed of its reduction slowed.

Seeing that no one was paying attention here and the scattered wolf groups were also not sending any battle signals, Fang Yuan inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

"Everything is going smoothly, it should be the final step now." He was extremely cautious and did not even have the slightest intent of being conceited, instead he was even more vigilant.

Whether it was the history of this world or on Earth, how many cases were there of people failing at the last hurdle?

Moreover, this final step would create a huge commotion and was the step where a problem was most likely to appear.

Fang Yuan slightly flicked his wrist and and a smelly fart Gu that he had been holding lightly flew into the cave.

Immediately a peculiar fragrance spread out of the cave.

The peculiar fragrance flew even without wind, soon spreading out.

"Stopped, it has stopped!" After a while of shock and fear, the Gu Masters in the sacred palace became wild with joy.

"Lord, the aurora has stopped reducing and has begun to slowly increase again!" A Hei tribe elder shouted excitedly, and was kicked by Hei Lou Lan.

"I can see that!" Hei Lou Lan kicked the elder to the ground, his gaze was ruthless but the deep voice could not conceal his joy.

However, his heart was extremely nervous.

The reduction of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's aurora and even the collapse of the floor had never happened before.

What had happened?

Hei Lou Lan's mind was filled with doubts.

He did not know why there was a problem, it caused him to worry greatly. What made Hei Lou Lan even more helpless and indignant was that Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was the work of an Immortal Venerable —"even if I knew where the problem was, I probably would not be able to solve it with just my ability…"

If he was to know that it was all caused by Fang Yuan single-handedly, then he would probably risk his life and tear off the seal placed on him by Immortal Gu Dark Limit, to pit his life against Fang Yuan.


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