Reverend Insanity
563 Nature of the Three Inheritances
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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563 Nature of the Three Inheritances

Chapter 563: Nature of the Three Inheritances
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The night sky of Imperial Court blessed land was covered in silvery light, like silk or fog, it shone down on the land like a vast veil.

A group of azure wolves were running freely in the sky, chasing birds in the air or hunting animals on the ground. They were not hunting for food, it was merely leisure.

Fang Yuan stood above Di Qiu, slowly opening his eyes.

These days, not only did he prepare for the Gu refinement, he even expanded his wolf groups.

Not just the azure wolf group, the land based ordinary wolves, including turtleback wolf, water wolf, night wolf etc, had reached two hundred thousand in numbers.

"The wolf group has previously been spread around a radius of a hundred li, it can be a good method of deterrence. Moreover, the azure wolf group in the sky has already become the symbol of Wolf King, most Gu Masters would understand that Chang Shan Yin is hunting here when they see the wolves, thus they will choose to take a detour."

If they did not detour, it meant that they had ill intentions.

Once these Gu Masters were discovered by the wolves, they would be attacked by them.

Of course, there were innocent people who entered by accident, but Fang Yuan could not care less about them, it is their bad luck if they get killed by wolves.

Fang Yuan turned his gaze towards the sacred palace, although he was far away, he could see the dazzling aurora in the sky.

The sacred palace was shining in bright light once again, it was a beautiful sight — and also the sign that Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was going to materialize the second floor.

This had another meaning in Fang Yuan's case.

The towers sink and countless wild Gu are sacrificed in order to become the mystical power that forms the Immortal Gu house.

This aurora was the accumulation of such power, and it had already reached the point of reaching a qualitative change.

In order to open Di Qiu inheritance, Fang Yuan needed to borrow the strength of this mystical power, and cause it to flow backwards.

"In order to get through the stages, Hei Lou Lan intentionally opened the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building to the public, causing everyone to get excited and all Gu Masters to feel moved. Once the news spread, all the Gu Masters outside the sacred palace came and gathered here. Everyone's attention is on the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building now, this is the perfect time for me to open the inheritance!"

Fang Yuan's gaze shone as he smiled, without hesitation, he struck.

"Go." He patted his belly, and thirty-six Gu worms flew out of his aperture.

These Gu were of peculiar shapes. Their bodies were tiny and were half the size of a fingernail, they were like five-pointed stars, giving off a milky white light.

These were rank one little light Gu, a very famous light path assistance type Gu.

As Fang Yuan willed, these little light Gu flew into Di Qiu's cave. At once, the darkness in the cave was lifted.

Fang Yuan summoned another thirteen light fences Gu.

This Gu was rank three, also from the light path. Once activated, they can turn into fences and restrain the target.

The light fences Gu flew into the cave and mixed with the little light Gu, but there were no changes.

Fang Yuan smiled lightly, he waved his hand and three rank five light path Gu came out.

These three Gu were lightning flash Gu that increased speed, unlimited spring light Gu that healed, as well as the attack type heaven blazing spark Gu.

Lightning flash Gu gave off a blue light, it shone like lightning as it flew into the cave.

The motionless Di Qiu finally had some changes.

As if a mechanism was unlocked, the ground and soil around Di Qiu started to expand and connect.

The blue lightning destroyed the little light Gu from before, and became a light-blue glow, having an extremely powerful aura.

But at the same time, the light fences Gu connected with each other and formed light fences that kept the blue lightning in.

The blue light was about to break out, but at this time unlimited spring light flew in and gave off an unlimited jade-green aurora, it was gentle as water, suppressing the blue light and forming a stalemate.

Eventually, the blazing heaven spark Gu flew in and turned into a bright red light, it pierced the green aura and the blue light, going deeper into the cave.

With some loud sounds, the cave entrance slowly closed. In the deep parts of the land, three lights were mixing together, engaging in a mysterious transformation that Fang Yuan could not describe.

Fang Yuan saw this and his heart settled, he knew that he was right. This was the "light in the soil" part of the quote.

Although he was eighty percent sure, he was worried about mistakes. After all, he only had the latter half of the inheritance's clue, the first half was held in the hands of central continent Gu Immortals' hands.

But this latter half described the method to open this inheritance.

Fang Yuan used his foundation as a refinement master, and together with Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's information, he forcefully interpreted this code and gained the chance to snatch the inheritance midway.

About an hour later, the sounds from under the ground became softer.

But the ground became hotter, even though Fang Yuan was wearing northern plains' deer leather shoes, it could not isolate this heat.

The hole in the ground slowly opened, as the light was gone, leaving pure darkness inside.

Fang Yuan saw this and he became elated.

After 'light in the soil', it was 'shine up to a hundred thousand feet high'. If interpreted literally, it would be a huge mistake.

This quote was a test, to test the refinement ability of the Gu Master.

The quote was regarding refinement path, 'shine up to a hundred thousand feet high' was not just a description of the scenery, it also described the steps for the refinement process!

Fang Yuan was not flustered or worried, he threw two defensive rank five shine back spike Gu, three investigative type high observation Gu, one attack type ten thousand heart piercing arrow Gu, and nine assistance type nine feet flame Gu.

Only to see that inside the cave, grey-yellow smoke was rumbling but did not ooze out. The sounds of chirping birds or flying arrows, shrieking sounds that pierced the air came from within the smoke.

This scene lasted for seven minutes, until darkness returned again.

The ground closed again, as the cave vanished.

This time, Di Qiu no longer gave off heat, but instead cold air was seeping, causing Fang Yuan's legs to turn stiff from the cold.

Fang Yuan breathed out a sigh, turning his gaze towards the sacred palace.

"If my guess is correct, the sacred palace is going to become chaotic now…"

At this moment, in the sacred palace.

At a side hall, the secret door concealed by trees opened.

An elderly man with snow-white hair walked out with a middle aged Gu Master.

"Old sir, please take care." First elder Hei Pei brought Tai Bai Yun Sheng out from the secret door and patted his chest: "Don't worry, with me here, you are sure to have a guest token!"

Tai Bai Yun Sheng laughed: "Since elder Hei Pei is making a promise, I am sure it will succeed. Of course I am assured, you do not have to send me off, goodbye."

"Goodbye." First elder Hei Pei placed his fist by his chest as he bowed, seeing Tai Bai Yun Sheng turn around the corner and vanishing from his vision under the concealment of the trees.

"The allure of an Immortal Venerable inheritance is really huge, to think that even Tai Bai Yun Sheng came to bribe me." Hei Pei sighed.

Ever since Hei Lou Lan opened up the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, elder Hei Pei who was in charge of this matter became extremely popular. Every day, all sorts of people came to visit him in secret, some used their relationships while others talked about and tried to obtain friendship, there were people who bribed him and people who tried to attract him sexually.

But Tai Bai Yun Sheng's visit was a shock to Hei Pei.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng had a huge reputation, he was the number one healer in northern plains, he saved countless people and was an extremely righteous man with great character, his influence was great.

Hei Pei had not expected Tai Bai Yun Sheng to bribe him of all people.

"In the end, Old Sir Tai Bai is still a mortal. There are only so many guest tokens, if it was me, I would not be able to resist it either." Hei Pei laughed, raising his head subconsciously towards the top of the sacred palace.

There, an aurora of dazzling lights had condensed into a thick fog.

Within the thick fog, the second layer of the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was already visible.

"In no time, the second layer will materialize." Not far away, Tai Bai Yun Sheng raised his head and looked.

The colorful aurora shone on his white hair and his wrinkled face.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was in a daze, an event deep within his memories resurfaced.

That day, the sunset was bright like a fire, burning in the sky.

This was the fourteen year old Tai Bai Yun Sheng, who had just met the old beggar who changed his life forever.

"Young lad, you gave me a bowl of water, you saved this old beggar's life. What do you want, say it, I will try my best to fulfill your wishes!" The old beggar had messy purple-red hair, he was slightly insane at times, while unconscious sometimes. But when he was awake, his gaze was deep as the ocean, he gave off a disposition that could be etched into a person's memories.

"I want to be a Gu Master!" The young Tai Bai Yun Sheng said.

"What kind of Gu Master do you want to be? Hehehe, I have three complete inheritances! The first can allow you to bathe in flames and step on fire, surpassing mortals. The second can allow you to control wind and the air, roaming the world freely. The third can surpass life and death, allowing you to help the people in the world." The old beggar laughed and his rotten yellow teeth were exposed.

The young Tai Bai Yun Sheng frowned and thought about it, before choosing the third inheritance…

As he snapped out of his daze, returning from the trip to his memory lane, Tai Bai Yun Sheng laughed bitterly, muttering: "In the end, I am a person that is afraid of dying."

When he was young, he did not have such feelings, in fact, he became indifferent after witnessing many situations of death.

When Tai Bai Yun Sheng got old, his healthy body slowly became weak and feeble, he started reminiscing about the times in his youth.

Often, people's thoughts changed with their circumstances.

On Earth, one could not surpass the limits of life and death, they had no choice but to accept it. But here, as long as there was a trace of hope, they would struggle and fight!

Only when he was faced with such a situation, when Tai Bai Yun Sheng became closer and closer to death did he become aware of this great terror!

Because of this, he secretly observed and waited for several rounds, before clearly understanding the situation, deciding to participate in this Imperial Court contest and enter Imperial Court blessed land.

"If I can obtain lifespan Gu from Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, I would be able to increase my lifespan. Although lifespan Gu is hard to find, and even harder to buy or sell, I'm sure there are some inside Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. If in the end, I cannot obtain a lifespan Gu, I can only attempt to ascend to Gu Immortal realm." Tai Bai Yun Sheng evaluated in his heart.

The inheritance the old beggar gave him was outstanding, it was an entire inheritance that allowed one to cultivate all the way to rank six Gu Immortal realm!

The inheritance stated very clearly the method for a mortal to ascend to Gu Immortal realm.

Thus, Tai Bai Yun Sheng was very clear of the risks he had to take to reach Gu Immortal realm.

To advance to Gu Immortal realm, one needed to gather and fuse the elements of heaven, earth, and man. If either of the three aspects were insufficient, they would die and their soul would dissipate.

If he was not desperate, Tai Bai Yun Sheng did not want to ascend to Gu Immortal realm. That was because even if he ascended to Gu Immortal realm, it could not raise his lifespan.

But in Tai Bai Yun Sheng's inheritance, there was hope left for him.

But this hope was very difficult to obtain, he needed to succeed in advancing to Gu Immortal realm for there to be a possibility.

These years, Tai Bai Yun Sheng had been searching for lifespan Gu, but lifespan Gu were created from heaven and earth, they could not be located easily and were hard to catch, Tai Bai Yun Sheng made no progress.

"There should be lifespan Gu inside Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, I can definitely find lifespan Gu there!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng looked at Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's figure as he cheered for himself secretly.

But the next moment, his pupils expanded as he saw an unbelievable scene!


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