Reverend Insanity
561 Deciphering the code
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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561 Deciphering the code

Chapter 561: Deciphering the code
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This was a very obvious problem, but normal people would easily overlook it.

Why did this mysterious Gu Immortal go through such great trouble, brave enormous risk, tamper with and use Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's arrangement to set up their inheritance?

"Thinking from their perspective, if I was this Gu Immortal, why would I insist on digging out Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's loophole to set up my inheritance? I could set up one by myself perfectly by just spending a little effort!"

"Eighty-Eight True Yang Building is a rank eight Immortal Gu house and was personally arranged by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable. There was truly an enormous risk in using its loophole. If I wanted to wholeheartedly leave behind an inheritance, there would be absolutely no need to go so far and intentionally take risks. Unless…"

Fang Yuan's eyelids drooped as a cold light flashed quickly past his dark pupils.

"Unless — the inheritance required such an arrangement!"

The moment he thought of this, the fog in Fang Yuan's mind seemed to be pushed aside by two large hands.

Humans always have objectives in doing things.

Only an enormous objective could make a Gu Immortal take such huge risks!

Maybe this Gu Immortal did not like Giant Sun Immortal Venerable or had hatred against him. But Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had already passed away for countless years, so this possibility was close to zero.

Removing the factor of emotions, then there was only the factor of benefits.

"For this benefit, the mysterious Gu Immortal was willing to brave the fatal danger of messing with Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's arrangement. What in the world did they intend to use Eighty-Eight True Yang Building for?"

Fang Yuan involuntarily thought of the information Lang Ya land spirit gave him.

He had already studied this information hundreds and thousands of times. Even on the day before the large battle of the Imperial Court contest, he had been studying non-stop.

Even after reading so many times, every time he read it again or recalled it, he could not help having a feeling of admiration.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was indeed of exquisite workmanship, its design was spectacular.

This was a fantasy turned into reality, it was a miracle!

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was essentially an Immortal Gu house.

Back then, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable made plans for his descendants and took the initiative to find Long Hair Ancestor, requesting him to refine an everlasting inheritance treasure.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's demand was too great, and as such Long Hair Ancestor had to rack his brains and think painstakingly for a hundred or so days to meet the standard.

One day, he suddenly had an inspiration and took an alternate way, coming up with a unique method.

The Immortal Gu house was truly overly enormous. Long Hair Ancestor could only settle for the second best option, and divide it into countless sub-bodies which were the small towers.

The quantity of these small towers reached untold numbers and attracted wild Gu worms for ten years.

As the ten year period neared its end, they would sink one after another, sacrificing the wild Gu inside and simultaneously resonate with the blizzard outside to form a heavenly power.

The heavenly power condensed bit by bit to generate a qualitative change, condensing into a floor of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

As layers and layers formed, they would finally become the complete Eighty-Eight True Yang Building!

From a different perspective: every time Eighty-Eight True Yang Building formed, it was the process of a new refinement.

Long Hair Ancestor was indeed worthy of being known as the number one refinement path immortal of all times, his Gu refinement attainment had already crossed the realm of mortal into a realm of divinity. It was already not easy for ordinary Gu Masters to refine a Gu successfully. It was the same for Gu Immortals as well when they refine Immortal Gu.

But Long Hair Ancestor had already surpassed the limits of the normal Gu refinement to a level of perfection.

So did Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's refinement succeed?

In truth, the refinement was not a complete success.

If a general standard was applied, the truly complete Eighty-Eight True Yang Building would be a tower that would exist for eternity in the blessed land, towering over the sacred palace.

However, this standard was too difficult to fulfill.

Back when Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had mentioned it, Long Hair Ancestor's brows had furrowed deeply and had immediately said: If the refinement truly succeeds, then this Immortal Gu house would be at rank nine realm!

What was the meaning of a rank nine Immortal Gu?

The Gu in legends like strength Gu, wisdom Gu, fate Gu and so on were all rank nine Immortal Gu. These Immortal Gu were priceless even among the priceless and had already vanished, their radiance only being revered in <>.

Just like rank nine Gu Immortals who were given the title of 'venerable'; throughout the boundless history, only ten of them appeared.

There had never been a rank nine realm Immortal Gu house, but Giant Sun Immortal Venerable did not give up on his request.

Long Hair Ancestor could only agree to the request, fearing the might of an Immortal Venerable.

Finally, he thought of a solution that was not a solution, to create a 'rank nine Immortal Gu house that could only exist for a short period of time' — thus, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building ended up being at rank eight realm.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had not been pleased with it, but his attitude changed after inspecting it, and was full of praise as he said: Eighty-Eight True Yang Building itself holds the secret of a mortal becoming a Gu Immortal!

Why did he say that?

The reason was that a mortal had to cross over the hurdle of the three elements to become a Gu Immortal.

Element of heaven. Heaven above, with immeasurable might, mysterious and mighty.

Element of earth. Earth below, virtuous, stable and profound.

Element of man. Man in the center, the spirit of all beings, exerting oneself to soar above.

Mortal were like tiny insects, and only by connecting with heaven and earth, could they be free of their mortal state and make themselves go through a fundamental evolution.

And Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's formation made use of these three elements.

The Imperial Court contest was to spread the element of man. The ten year blizzard was a cruel and vicious element of heaven. The small towers sinking into the ground were borrowing the blessed land's element of earth.

The three elements combine into one, and a mortal becomes an immortal.

The three elements combined to form Eighty-Eight True Yang Building that plundered northern plains' resources to give rise to Huang Jin family's super tribes, and allowed Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's influence to be inextinguishable for countless years.

"Wait a moment, don't tell me?!"

Fang Yuan's body shook slightly as a bright light blossomed in his eyes.

"The small towers are a part of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, the mysterious Gu Immortal who set up Di Qiu inheritance broke this small tower and created a hole."

"When the hole formed, according to the principle of the refinement of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, there should be a backflow of heavenly power to condense into a new small tower."

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was a rank eight Immortal Gu house and was very difficult to destroy. But the small towers could be easily destroyed, this was like the difference between a Gu Immortal and mortals. Thus, when Giant Sun Immortal Venerable arranged these small towers in the blessed land, he used the strength of Imperial Court blessed land to protect them tightly and isolate them from most sources of damage.

Long Hair Ancestor was the number one immortal in refinement path, so he naturally had considered the situation of the small towers being destroyed. Thus, every ten years, during the time of the formation of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's main body, the condensed heavenly power would first flow back to repair the gaps in the small towers before condensing into the main body.


"Di Qiu inheritance had already been set up for many years, but the small tower over it has still not been repaired. Moreover, this mysterious Gu Immortal used some method to seal up this gap and deceive Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. I understand now, the reason they did this should be none other than to make use of the heavenly power that condenses into Eighty-Eight True Yang Building!"

"Light in the soil, shine up to a hundred thousand feet high, swimming in the sky for a hundred li, praising plum fragrant snow… it seems this secret phrase is the method of Gu refinement!"

In fact, Fang Yuan had guessed this before.

However, he did not have conclusive evidence back then.

Now, although it was still a guess, but after testing and probing it, Fang Yuan was much more confident.

Time always seemed to move faster when one was pondering deeply.

Hei Lou Lan and his group were defeated by the golden-white tiger phantom, and were sent out of the tower. To not attract any suspicion, Fang Yuan could only use the glass owner token to get out of the tower.

A group of people suddenly appeared at the entrance of the first floor of the tower.

"They have appeared, the lords have returned!"

"Subordinate greets lord tribe leader and all the lords."

The guards sitting there, who were of Hei tribe's direct line of descent, immediately came forward to greet.

Hei Lou Lan and the group all looked battered and exhausted or were covered in blood.

Although they had failed, they had made much progress and gains as they were even able to push forward for over ten rounds.

However, the situation this time was special, Hei Lou Lan and others' gazes landed on Fang Yuan, revealing the intent of probing, curiosity, doubts and investigating.

"Hahaha, everyone worked hard and contributed highly for this expedition, especially Wolf King who can be said to be the number one in contribution this time. After returning, organize a banquet immediately, we will celebrate for three days!" Hei Lou Lan laughed loudly and lightly patted Fang Yuan's shoulder, showing off their close relationship.

High grade evaluation made Fang Yuan's worth rise by another level in his heart.

"I gained some insight from this trip, I need to undergo closed cultivation to consolidate them. I hope Lord Hei Lou Lan would not blame me." Fang Yuan lightly smiled and directly turned down Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan's smile froze before immediately recovering the next moment and said it was not a problem, showing the disposition of a magnanimous leader.

As for how furious he was inwardly, or how much the others were envious, Fang Yuan did not care. He wanted to return now to study the secrets of Di Qiu inheritance meticulously.

Six days later.

Fang Yuan pushed open the window and looked down at the sacred palace, his eyes flashing with a light of joy.

He had fully solved the secret of Di Qiu inheritance.

One only required a correct direction for such riddles and it would only be a matter of time.

Just as Fang Yuan guessed before, the cipher was a recipe for refining Immortal Gu.

The mysterious Gu Immortal who arranged the inheritance used the loophole of the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, borrowing the power which would condense into Eighty-Eight True Yang Building to refine an Immortal Gu.

As long as one followed the words of the secret phrase and refined the Gu step by step, even a mortal Gu Master could refine it successfully.

It was because the Immortal Gu refinement was not relying on the mortal Gu Master's power, but was borrowing from the strength of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

But as for what this Immortal Gu was, Fang Yuan did not know and could only make conjectures from the secret phrase.

"This Gu Immortal should very likely be from central continent. The Gu refinement method is filled with central continent's style. And adding on my previous life's video, this inheritance should be in the form of a chain and what I obtained was likely only a part of it." Fang Yuan estimated in his heart.

In Fang Yuan's past life, central continent Gu Immortals planned to use this loophole to breach Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. They should have discovered some preceding clue to this inheritance.

This was not strange.

Many Gu Masters, when setting inheritances, would arrange them step by step, and leave behind clues after clues. If the fated ones had enough ability, they could inherit the whole inheritance. If their ability was not up to par, they could only receive a part of the benefits.

Central continent Gu Immortals should have obtained the preceding clues to this inheritance and should not have known the latter part of the secret phrase.

Otherwise, they definitely would not waste the chance of obtaining an Immortal Gu.

And what Fang Yuan accidentally obtained was only the latter part. Without the preceding clues, it became extremely incomprehensible. If not for Fang Yuan having the intel of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and his previous life's memories, he would not have been able to comprehend it even if he was given ample time.


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