Reverend Insanity
558 Giant Sun’s great scheme, treasure within the crystal
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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558 Giant Sun’s great scheme, treasure within the crystal

Chapter 558: Giant Sun’s great scheme, treasure within the crystal
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Fang Yuan was in a long crystal hallway.

Light was flashing in all directions, the four walls were made of shiny crystals, one could see their own reflection in them.

Fang Yuan gazed around, behind him, and to his left and right were walls, he could only move forward.

"I am finally inside the treasure room." Fang Yuan's lips curled into a smile, as he walked forward with huge strides.

The crystal hallway was long and clear, in about five steps, Fang Yuan saw that Gu worms or Gu recipes started appearing on the crystal walls to his left and right. They were like insects sealed in amber, motionlessly fixed in the crystal walls.

These were all the precious treasures in the treasure room, to obtain them, he needed to exchange them with an equivalent item.

"Oh? There's a Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus here." Fang Yuan halted his steps, he found a familiar looking Gu sealed in the crystal wall before him.

This Gu was like a blue and white lotus, as large as a face. It had an amazing origin, it was created by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable.

They were a series, the rank three Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus, the rank four Heavenly Essence Treasure Monarch Lotus, rank five Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus, and rank six Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus.

Among them, Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus was ranked sixth among the top ten Immortal Gu, its value was equivalent to Spring Autumn Cicada, and was held in the hands of Lang Ya land spirit now.

Fang Yuan had once used a Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus, it made up for his lack of aptitude during that period, and was a huge help to him. But to advance the Gu, Fang Yuan lacked the relevant recipes, and the refinement cost was too huge, a natural spirit spring had to be used, and it had to be full of primeval energy as well. Old spirit springs that were running dry could not be used. Once he succeeds, the spirit spring would be destroyed.

Rank four Heavenly Lotus needed seven spirit springs. Rank five needed nine. To reach rank six, it needed eleven.

This sum was counted using southern border's level of spirit springs. If northern plains' spirit springs were used, he would need 60% more of them.

Back then, it was too difficult for Fang Yuan to advance the Heavenly Lotus, and after his aptitude improved greatly, he gave up on the heavenly essence treasure lotus Gu.

But now, he was moved by this rank five Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus.

"The series of Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus are known as mobile spirit springs. Once refined, they can produce primeval essence naturally. There's no point in using the rank three Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus anymore, but the rank five Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus is suitable for my current condition."

But to get his Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus, Fang Yuan would need to exchange for it using an equivalent treasure according to the rules.

"Let's exchange then." Fang Yuan was rather rich now, having a blessed land was like having the foundation of a Gu Immortal.

To exchange for the Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus, others might have to use all of their assets to get it, but for Fang Yuan, it was a question of what to give up.

"What should I use for the exchange?"

Fang Yuan's mind entered his two apertures.

The strength and enslavement path Gu worms inside his apertures were not exchangeable. His first aperture's vital Gu Spring Autumn Cicada was the same.

Other than them, there were still quite a lot of Gu worms in his possession.

The individual value of these Gu worms were obviously lower than Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus, but if one was insufficient, he could put two, or even three in.

"Oh? Why are there eighteen spring egg Gu?"

Fang Yuan was shocked to find a batch of precious rank five Gu inside his first aperture.

But he quickly understood the reason: "I almost forgot, this is the reward for getting past the round with a high grade evaluation. It was directly sent into my aperture by True Yang Building."

Normally, a Gu Master's aperture was the basis of their cultivation, it was their biggest secret. But True Yang Building was truly made by Old Hair Ancestor, with Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's setup, it had great power and could directly send Gu worms into a Gu Master's aperture.

Spring egg Gu was obviously inferior to Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus, but it was still a rank five Gu.

The spring egg Gu looked like a white goose egg, it could be obtained by killing a strong eggman emperor. Placing the spring egg Gu deep underground would give birth to a new spirit spring.

Spirit springs were the foundation for Gu Masters' cultivation. Many large tribes or clans would collect spring egg Gu to strengthen their foundation, in case of need. Even Gu Immortals would often buy them and plant them inside the blessed land, forming a spirit spring and nourishing their inhabitants.

Fang Yuan took out one spring egg Gu and looked at it.

This Gu was not in good shape, the surface was full of cracks, and there were primeval essence traces inside the Gu, someone had used it before.

Fang Yuan's eyes shone with brilliance, he sneered: "It seems that this Gu was snatched by the flying hand snow while it was activated. The rewards in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building are all of such sources."

In order to fulfill his dream of 'hereditary monarchy', Giant Sun Immortal Venerable set up a huge scheme painstakingly while making sure his descendants had the upper hand.

First was the Imperial Court contest, to weaken other tribes. Next, he used the ten year blizzard to send all sorts of treasures and materials from northern plains into Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

After all, a Gu Master's cultivation was heavily reliant on resources.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable set up the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, it was a fatal blow. After the resources were taken, he would give them to his bloodline descendants, destroying the hopes of success for other tribes.

In Fang Yuan's previous five hundred years, central continent Gu Immortals attacked and destroyed Imperial Court Blessed Land using this specialty of the True Yang Building.

They sent pawn pieces into Imperial Court Blessed Land. They then purposely scattered Gu worms and allowed the flying hand snow to take them. Eventually, True Yang Building faced destruction from the inside, causing a fatal loophole to appear.

After central continent Gu Immortals destroyed Imperial Court Blessed Land, they exposed all of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's evil deeds, telling the whole world about his schemes, causing a huge commotion in northern plains as all the mortals went into a frenzy.

But commotion aside, northern plains was still the second strongest region in terms of battle strength, only inferior to central continent. All sorts of super forces, Huang Jin family tribes worked together and caused northern plains to remain stable.

After all, Huang Jin family had controlled northern plains for so many years, they had deep foundations and roots, it could not be easily shaken by public opinion.

However much they reacted, without strength backing them, there was no point.

Fang Yuan placed the spring egg Gu in his hand closer to the crystal wall, towards the wall that sealed the Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus.

As it got closer to the crystal wall, there was a light red light, turning into orange, before finally glowing in yellow.

After the three lights shone, there were no more changes.

Fang Yuan took out another two spring egg Gu, placing them near the wall.

This time, there was a green light shining. But the green light was not strong, it was suppressed by the other three lights.

Fang Yuan sneered as he took out a fourth spring egg Gu, placing it at the crystal wall.

This time, the green light burst out, being balanced with the other three colors.

The crystal wall turned hollow as it vibrated. The Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus inside flew out slowly, while the four spring egg Gu in Fang Yuan's hands left his control and flew into the crystal wall, replacing the Heavenly Essence Treasure King lotus' position.

The Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus landed in Fang Yuan's hands, and Fang Yuan instantly refined it using his primeval essence.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was truly amazing, it allowed Gu Masters to instantly refine Gu inside the building.

"Red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, purple, black… it seems that inside this treasure room, there are eight categories. The more lights there are, the more valuable the treasure. Rank five Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus was only a green light item. This was only mid-tier among the range of treasures in this place."

Fang Yuan evaluated in his heart as his assessment of the treasure room's value rose and his knowledge of it deepened.

He stretched out his hand, touching the crystal wall.

He could feel an icy feeling on his palm, inside, there were four spring egg Gu, the ones he had used for exchange.

Fang Yuan tried to control them, but there was no effect.

He sighed in amazement in his heart.

To speak the truth, in this current world, Fang Yuan was easily among the top three people in terms of his understanding of the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

That was because he had the detailed information given to him by Lang Ya land spirit.

The more Fang Yuan's understanding of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building increased, the more he felt the genius mechanics of this building, it was really amazing.

Forget the others, just look at this crystal wall ahead of him, it had a huge origin.

This crystal wall was made back then by Long Hair Ancestor using tens of thousands of Gu Masters. Using a secret technique, he extracted their apertures. Using their aperture walls as the material, he used profound ice Gu, ice wall Gu, grand jade Gu, slow down Gu, vitality Gu, and others to refine it.

This crystal wall was the best spot to seal Gu worms, the Gu inside would go into deep slumber, they could be stored for hundreds or thousands of years without the slightest harm.

According to his information, a newly refined crystal wall would shine with ripples like that of a water surface, one would walk into it feeling like it was an illusory dream.

But now, the crystal wall no longer had that glamor, but it was still crystal clear.

With enough time, water could pierce through rock.

The power of time was one of the most noble heavenly powers.

Even a rank nine venerable could not defeat the power of time. Although True Yang Building was an Immortal Gu house, it opened every ten years, there was still some expenditure incurred.

If not, during Fang Yuan's previous life, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building would not have been taken down and destroyed.

Right now, the luster of the crystal wall was no more, in fact, there was a thick layer of powder at the corner of the walls.

Fang Yuan continued moving forward.

In the crystal wall, there were all sorts of Gu worms, Gu recipes and special refinement materials sealed, but even more were the cultivation experiences of past generations of Gu Masters.

These experiences were extremely precious. Those who could enter the treasure room were geniuses who passed with high grade evaluation, the things they left behind were definitely top quality.

After walking for a little longer, Fang Yuan stopped his footsteps.

The hallway ahead of him looked endless. But a stele was blocking Fang Yuan's path.

The stele was squarish and smooth, it was about the height of Fang Yuan's knee. There were two words written in northern plains' script— guest halt!

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was set up by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, in consideration of his descendants. But those who entered the treasure room might not necessarily be Gu Masters who had the bloodline of Giant Sun.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable considered this point, and thus he placed the most precious resources behind the stele, outsiders like Chang Shan Yin could only watch helplessly.

But Fang Yuan was not Chang Shan Yin.

"Guest halt? Hmph." Fang Yuan laughed coldly in disdain.

He tried walking past the stele, but was blocked by an invisible wall.

"After so many years, although Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had some expenditure, the guest halt stele is still working properly, I cannot force my way through." After testing it for a while, Fang Yuan sat down facing the stele.

He had planned this for so long, he was naturally well prepared.

Immediately, he took out a Gu worm, and it shot into the stele.

The first step to refining Eighty-Eight True Yang Building has started!


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