Reverend Insanity
557 Three grades of evaluation, clearing with high grade?
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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557 Three grades of evaluation, clearing with high grade?

Chapter 557: Three grades of evaluation, clearing with high grade?
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Fang Yuan felt his body stiffen as a strong sense of pressure assaulted him as he entered the building.

But soon after, the pressure lifted.

He had entered True Yang Building completely, there was a lake in front of him.

The sky was blue, there was ripples on the surface of the lake, and the surroundings were shrouded in vague foggy mountain shadows.

The guest token in his hand turned into a puddle of cold molten iron, flowing down the gaps between his fingers.

Each guest token could only be used once.

Fang Yuan shook off the liquid from his hand, until they were all gone.

He looked around, finding himself on an island at the center of the lake. There was someone beside him, it was Hei Lou Lan.

"This is the 54th round." Hei Lou Lan did not look at Fang Yuan, instead facing forward: "Look, that is the problem brother Shan Yin has to deal with."

Fang Yuan looked at the same direction, and saw that not far away, there was another island.

On the island, there was a group of water snake lions.

These water snake lions had a body of bright blue fur, they were extremely smooth. Its limbs were not claws, but were webbed feet like that of frogs. Their tails were poisonous snakes, coiling around the water lion's back or standing straight up, hissing with their tongues.

Without Hei Lou Lan's introduction, a barrage of information from a mystical source entered Fang Yuan's brain at the same time —

"Use the hedgehog fish on the island and break past the water snake lions' defense, occupy the island over there."

Fang Yuan retracted his gaze, turning to look at the island around him.

In the jade-blue water around the island, he saw the shadows of hedgehog fish swimming.

At this time, Hei tribe elders came in one by one, standing beside Hei Lou Lan.

"Be it water snake lions or hedgehog fish, they are wild beasts from the medieval era. Right now, they can only be found in the deep areas of eastern sea." An elder sighed.

"In my opinion, this round is extremely unfair. The water snake lions are very strong, one of them can compete against five or six hedgehog fish. But the number of hedgehog fish we have here is only about twice of the water snake lions." A Hei tribe elder looked at the island ahead as he explained the situation to Fang Yuan.

"No need to worry brother Shan Yin, we are here today for practice." Hei Lou Lan patted Fang Yuan's shoulders.

After all, Fang Yuan enslaved wolf groups. But now, it was a fish group, and it was even an extremely rare, nearly extinct hedgehog fish in northern plains.

Hei Lou Lan had failed about eight to nine times already, his best result was only killing thirty percent of the water snake lions. This made Hei tribe Gu Masters understand the difficulty of this round.

Although Chang Shan Yin was an enslavement master, this was the True Yang Building set up by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

Fang Yuan looked for a while and frowned.

He estimated, with his abilities, controlling these hedgehog fish to kill the water snake lions was not hard. In fact, it was almost a guaranteed success.

But although this round seemed simple, it was very elaborate.

Back when Giant Sun Immortal Venerable set up the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, the purpose was to leave an inheritance for descendants, and reward the outstanding ones. Thus, every round in True Yang Building would be split into low, middle, and high grade.

Getting through with low grade would reward the least rewards, they would directly go to the next round.

Getting through with middle grade would have twice the reward of low grade, during the next round, they would receive information about it.

As for getting through with high grade, not only would they get twice the reward of middle grade, they would even be transported into a deep part of True Yang Building, a place called treasure room.

This treasure room was filled with countless treasures, there were even several true immortal inheritances by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

But the things inside the treasure room cannot be taken away easily, the person who cleared the round would need to exchange for them.

Be it Gu worms, Gu recipes, or even their own cultivation experience, all these could be used for exchanging the items within.

When the person finishes the exchange, they would go to the next round.

Hei Lou Lan only needed a low grade pass to get to the 55th round, that would satisfy him. But Fang Yuan's goal was different.

He needed high grade pass to enter the treasure room. Only within the treasure room can he be alone, to use the methods he had prepared to obtain the greatest benefits!

"Low grade pass is easy as breathing. But middle and high grade, I do not know what are the conditions for those. I can only try now!"

Thinking so, Fang Yuan breathed in deeply, and nodded at Hei Lou Lan, indicating for him to start.

Hei Lou Lan took out a token and waved it at the sky.

This token was different from the guest token, it was the the owner token. When Hei Lou Lan first entered Imperial Court blessed land, this token appeared before him, signifying his prestigious status.

The owner token vibrated, as ripples formed in the air, dozens of fish enslavement Gu appeared, of rank one, two, and three.

When Fang Yuan received these Gu worms, he easily refined them, the other people were immobilized by an invisible gentle force, no one could assist him.

Only Hei Lou Lan could still speak, he advised: "Brother Shan Yin, mind the time. You have only fifteen minutes."

Fang Yuan nodded, and waved his hand, as the fish enslavement Gu in his hand flew out with dozens of mystical lights.

Everyone saw Fang Yuan's casual action and was shocked in their hearts.

If it was Hei Qi Sheng, he would need to enslave them one by one, being extremely careful. When using enslavement Gu, the Gu Master would definitely face the resistance of the fish group. If they were careless, the enslavement would fail. If it was severe, the Gu Master would suffer some backlash on his soul.

"Was Wolf King too overconfident?"

"I've never seen such an enslavement method before!"

"He's in troub…"

Everyone's heart was pounding.

But immediately after, they stared with huge eyes as the fish group swam away towards the island immediately after the enslavement. It was as if they belonged to Fang Yuan from the start, not a single enslavement failed.

The water snake lions were alerted by this, they stopped their lazy actions and sat up, the lion head roared as the snake head hissed.

Many of the water snake lions jumped into the water, setting up their defense lines.

Meanwhile, Fang Yuan was standing upright, his arms behind his back as he did not waver at all. The enslavement attainment as well as foundation of the soul he displayed made almost everyone praise him in secret.

"Oh heaven, he did it!"

"Just this alone was an eye opener."

"Wolf King is an enslavement master indeed, he is different from ordinary people."

"A master is a master, maybe he can succeed this time, who knows."

Everyone's eyes began to show a look of anticipation. Even Hei Lou Lan was looking with a hopeful expression.

But the fish group did not attack the water snake lion group like they wished, instead they were swimming around the area, surveilling the place.

"This… what is Wolf King thinking?"

"Wolf King is being careful, it seems he is trying to get familiar with the fish's habits!"

But as time passed, the fish continued to swim. Everyone did not get to see the fight between fish and lion as they wished.

By now, even Hei Lou Lan was a bit anxious, he urged: "Brother Shan Yin, there isn't much time left."

"No rush." Fang Yuan was calm as he replied casually.

The water snake lions saw that the fish group did not attack, some of the water snake fish crawled out of the water, onto the island. The strong defense around the island weakened.

After a moment, Hei Lou Lan urged again:" Brother Shan Yin, half the time has already passed!"

"No rush." Fang Yuan waved his hand, his eyelids drooping, as if he was very sleepy.

Even more water snake lions went onshore. The old lion king even sprawled on the ground, shutting its eyes in slumber.

Everyone was greatly disappointed, they were cursing in their minds.

"This Wolf King is merely strong on the outside, to think I thought so highly of him earlier!"

"So what if he is a master level, this is True Yang Building…"

"It seems that this time, Chang Shan Yin's goal is to get familiar with the fish group, to accumulate experience for the next assault!"

Seeing that the time was going to be used up, everyone's remaining bit of hope was expended.

"What a waste of a token, expended like this."

"What shall I eat for dinner tonight?" 1

"After failing this time, I wonder how lord tribe leader will deal with Chang Shan Yin?"

Just as everyone were thinking about random things, Fang Yuan suddenly laughed, manipulating the fish group to charge, attacking the water snake lion group from all directions.

"As expected!" Hei Lou Lan's eyes shone with brilliance.

He had guessed in his heart already: "Chang Shan Yin wants to save his efforts for the next attempt, then this time, he would definitely familiarise himself with the fish group and their attacking pattern. He would also need to probe the strength of the lion group!"

The fish group's sudden attack caught the water snake lion group off guard.

The hedgehog fish group was like a hungry shark, devouring the small number of water snake lions in the water in an instant.

"So that's it! Chang Shan Yin was training the fish group earlier while making the lion group let their guard down."

"This attack has already taken down thirty percent of the lion group, as expected of master level!"

"What breathtaking beast enslavement attainment, Hei Qi Sheng is like a baby compared to Chang Shan Yin."

Everyone stared intently, shocked by Fang Yuan's amazing talent.


Seeing that its subjects were being slaughtered, the old lion king roared, leading the lion group into the water to take revenge on the hedgehog fish.

But what was peculiar was that Fang Yuan stopped his powerful assault, and under his manipulation, the fish group retreated.

The lion group chased after him, but at when they got to one area, the group fell into chaos.

"What happened?" Everyone was perplexed.

"So there was a hidden whirlpool here!" Hei Lou Lan mumbled.

Immediately after, the elders' eyes shone: "I get it! Wolf King was making the fish scout the area, it was not just to train them, he also wanted to investigate the terrain!"

"That's right! When beast groups fight, it is like war between two armies. Not only would they need to consider both of the armies, they also need to care about the terrain." Many Gu Masters saw this and almost wanted to pat their legs and scream.

The water snake lion group was trapped by the whirlpool, as the fish group turned around and attacked.

The lions had huge bodies, they were more affected by the water currents. As for the fish group, they were barely affected by it due to their small size.

An exceptional battle strategy unfolded before the crowd.

The strong water snake lion group was as fragile as a piece of water. Under Fang Yuan's manipulation, the fish group was like an elite troop, they cooperated well and attacked and retreated at will, taking down their opponents one by one.

The fish group gathered and spread at will, attacking fiercely. At times they scattered, causing the lions' attacks to miss.

"He has them dancing in the palm of his hands!"

"Amazing, incredible!! In just a dozen breaths' time, Wolf King became victorious!"

"We got through, we got through!"

Hei tribesmen were shocked and exhilarated, their gaze towards Fang Yuan revealed admiration, amazement, and fear etc.

"Good, what a great Wolf King!" Hei Lou Lan laughed as he clapped.

Fang Yuan also laughed heartily, because when he finished killing the lion group, an information went into his head — high grade evaluation!

The next moment, Fang Yuan vanished on the spot.

"What happened?" Hei tribesmen were shocked at this, their eyeballs also fell out.

"He got a high grade evaluation!!" Only Hei Lou Lan was shouting in his heart.


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