Reverend Insanity
553 Imperial Court Sacred Palace
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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553 Imperial Court Sacred Palace

Chapter 553: Imperial Court Sacred Palace
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The wind was blowing past the ears.

In the golden sky, brilliant rays were shining down.

The azure wolf group moved in the sky, as Fang Yuan rode the azure wolf king, allowing the wind to blow his hair backwards.

His gaze was solemn, he was pondering internally. These days, he had been trying to decipher the quote from Di Qiu inheritance, but he was making no progress.

A glorious palace gradually appeared in his vision, emerging from the plain horizon.

Sensing this, Fang Yuan looked over as he swept the scattered thoughts in his mind away.

A trace of relief flashed past his face.

Sacred palace, he was finally there!

As Fang Yuan got closer, the large palace slowly showed its full features.

It had eight levels, each was about two kilometers tall. The first level, which was the bottom level, had the greatest surface area. The second level was above the first level, and so on.

Each level had walls around it, forming a hollow tube.

The snow-white walls were nine meters thick, the walls were joined together with no gaps. On the walls, there were rainbow colors towers at set intervals. Each tower had different colors, red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, purple, respectively.

After many levels were stacked together, the entire sacred palace looked like a tall mountain.

As Fang Yuan got closer, it was as if the sacred palace was rising from the ground, shooting up and piercing the heavens!

Grand and spectacular, the sacred palace!

Even with Fang Yuan's depth of knowledge, he was gasping in admiration when he saw this.

"What's that thing flying in the sky 1 ?"

"Wolf King has arrived!"

"Just like what the information said, that should be the azure wolf group."

Fang Yuan's arrival attracted the attention of the Gu Masters inside the sacred palace.

At this point, there were almost ten thousand people in the sacred palace. These people were lucky, after entering the blessed land, they landed close to the sacred palace. Thus, they were earlier than Fang Yuan.

Hei Lou Lan had given instructed already, thus the Gu Master tasked to welcome him quickly reacted.

When Fang Yuan landed, there were already people standing at the huge gate of the first level.

The moment Fang Yuan's myriad wolf king touched the ground, the escort Gu Master came to greet him: "Lord Wolf King, you have arrived. It is my honor to bring you into the city. Your place is residence is on the eighth level, we have already prepared the room for you."

"Mm, no rush, bring me around the place first." Fang Yuan said lightly, getting off the azure wolf. As a form of respect to Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, Gu Masters were not allowed to ride their steed inside the sacred palace, they could only walk.

"As you wish lord, this is my honor."

Fang Yuan followed the escort Gu into the sacred palace.

Inside the sacred palace, there were large numbers of pavilions and terraces, palaces and courtyards. Looking from outside, the edges of the roof were curved outside, they were silver and golden in color, looking magnificent and grand.

All sorts of buildings were interconnected. At some places, there was lots of free space and buildings were huge. At some places, the pathways were intercrossed and halls were everywhere, making it easy to get lost.

As for the interior of the pavilion hall, be it the pillars or the main support, they were carved with lots of beautiful images and decorations, it radiated an aura of prosperity.

"Lord, this is entertainment palace, the noble ancestor Giant Sun would hold a grand music festival here in this palace daily when he lived here. According to history, during each festival, there would be large numbers of concubines fighting to present their dance, in order to get ancestor Giant Sun's attention."

"Lord, this is spring soup hall, it has the largest hot spring in northern plains. Ancestor Giant Sun would come here weekly with a thousand concubines, to soak in the water and have fun."

"This is floating scent yard, ancestor Giant Sun had once moved the legendary 'wine pool' and 'meat forest' here. Every morning, the meat forest would produce all sorts of delicious meat fruits. At night, the wine pool would produce lots of fragrant wine."

The escort Gu Master introduced each area they went to, he was very eloquent.

Fang Yuan walked casually, looking around, he found it very interesting.

At the sacred palace's fourth level, the escort Gu Master brought Fang Yuan into the main palace.

"Lord, this is one of the eight main palaces of sacred palace, drawing palace. Ancestor Giant Sun was very talented, he was very skilled at drawing beauties. All of the drawings inside this palace were done by him alone. Please come this way."

The escort Gu Master opened the side door of the palace, inviting Fang Yuan in.

The eight main palaces of sacred palace had main doors, but only Giant Sun Immortal Venerable could use them. Although he was dead already, this rule was passed down, and his descendants followed this rule as a form of respect and reverence towards Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

Once they entered the palace, a large wall of drawings filled Fang Yuan's vision.

There were nothing in this drawing palace, but huge walls. On these walls, there were all sorts of beauties, alluring ones, innocent ones, smiling ones, or those deep in thought. They were in all sorts of postures and positions, there were eighty thousand drawings!

"Those that were drawn here were well-liked by ancestor Giant Sun for a period of time. Of course, it is a woman's greatest honor to be hand-drawn by a venerable. Ancestor Giant Sun had lots of concubines, but those recorded here were the cream of the crop, they could be preserved eternally here."

The escort Gu master said with a look of admiration.

Fang Yuan did not speak, he only looked and thought to himself: "I wouldn't call this eternally. At least in my previous five hundred years, Imperial Court blessed land was destroyed by central continent Gu Immortals, and the sacred palace became history. Sigh, true immortality is something that not even someone as strong as an Immortal Venerable could achieve…"

When people came here, they would be stunned by the sacred palace's grand and imposing aura, even if they were not overwhelmed, they would feel great admiration.

But Fang Yuan could sense a trace of decay and rot in this brilliance.

Without eternal life, so what if you were as strong as a venerable?

Even the casanova Giant Sun had turned into ashes now. His traces were still here, proving his existence, but in Fang Yuan's opinion, such a proof was filled with the mockery of failure, it was truly pitiful.

His interest had waned.

"Let's go, bring me to the eighth level's accommodation." Fang Yuan sighed, instruction.

The escort Gu Master got out of his daze and said hesitantly: "But lord, sacred palace has a lot of famous sites, we just started! Other than these, there are also beauty palace, young girl palace, alluring palace, innocent palace, and unique scent palace. Back then, female variant humans lived there, there were even hairy men. There is also jade statue palace, meant to sculpt beauties, and offer them to the ancestor."

The escort Gu Master was anxious, all these places that he mentioned were not accessible with his status.

He wanted to use this chance to satisfy his curiosity.

But Fang Yuan did not fulfill his wish.

During Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's final years, he rarely went to the mortal realm to stay in sacred palace. He lived in Longevity Heaven, in a reclusive manner.

As for northern plains, large numbers of girls would be chosen for him to fill the sacred palace.

The last time Giant Sun Immortal Venerable came to the sacred palace, he did not meet these girls, instead he built the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and established the rules for the Imperial Court contest, before vanishing from this world completely.

The sacred palace thus faded out of history and those beautiful yet pitiful women became sparrows trapped in cages.

Although Imperial Court blessed land was huge, it had no freedom, it was a prison even though the place was large.

Eventually, they stayed there obediently and exhausted their lifespan. They could not escape, and no one had the guts to save them either.

Under Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's glorious and noble light, countless women were buried in pain, grudge, and sadness.

In Fang Yuan's eyes, the sacred palace did not have high value.

It was merely Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's inheritance, no Gu Masters dared to set up their inheritance here. As for the precious resources he left behind, they had been taken by previous generations of Gu Masters already. Even the central continent Gu Immortals who came later could not find anything valuable.

The only thing valuable in the sacred palace, was also the entire Imperial Court blessed land, no, more accurately, the most valuable thing in northern plains.

That was at the peak of the eighth level — Eighty-Eight True Yang Building!

As Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had suggested, the Gu house made by Long Hair Ancestor personally.

Rank eight Immortal Gu!

But now was not the time.

At the peak of the eighth level, it was complete emptiness. Only when the ten year blizzard strike would the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building show up.

In the following days, Fang Yuan lived in seclusion, cultivating as he waited for True Yang Building to open.

The azure wolf group was taken care of by others, he did not need to bother with it.

During this period, Hei Lou Lan sent people to invite him, and revealed the intention to recruit him.

To join Hei tribe, and become an external elder?

Towards this suggestion, Fang Yuan said he needed to consider it. Although he showed a moved expression, he would definitely refuse this in this heart.

Human skin Gu could disguise him as Wolf King, but it was a mortal Gu, the investigation of an Immortal Gu could expose him.

The recruitment of external elders was a common trick used by northern plains' super forces. This way, demonic path Gu Immortals could become become righteous, and it would help the Huang Jin tribes greatly in managing northern plains.

As for the incident on Xing Jiu peak, Hei Lou Lan did not mention a word about it. There was a rumor growing however, that Wolf King was extremely overbearing, describing his actions on Xing Jiu peak as vile and evil, using his strength to suppress the weak, the description was extremely biased but it sounded very convincing.

Fang Yuan laughed in his heart, someone was obviously trying to ruin his reputation behind the scenes.

"It is likely to be Pan Ping or Sun Shi Han who has motives to do this, or even Hei Lou Lan. But so what if my reputation turns sour?"

Back then, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had a terrible reputation, he was a demonic Gu Master who toyed with women all over the region. But now? He was a revered Immortal Venerable!

When he expanded his harem, how many women's lives and happiness were ruined by him?

But now, no one publicly accused him of anything.

In this world, strength was everything.

On Earth, one had to be mindful of rumors, it was easy to ruin a person's life with some malicious lies. But that was because they were all mortals, the laws of the world was different, individuals could not surpass the power of society.

But here, it was different.

That was one of the reasons why Fang Yuan loved this world.

Half a month later, there was a water-like ripple in the golden sky.

The entire land started shaking.

Out of nowhere, there was wind as a piercing light shone at the peak of the sacred palace.

The light lasted for forty-five minutes, as it gradually dispersed. A tower appeared at a previously barren area.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building!


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