Reverend Insanity
552 Giant Sun Immortal Venerable
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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552 Giant Sun Immortal Venerable

Chapter 552: Giant Sun Immortal Venerable
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Fang Yuan looked at the ground.

He saw that there was a mound protruding high up above the ground.

There were no forceful contours on the mound, there was an opening on it that showed a huge hole, like a tunnel underground.

As for the surroundings of this mound, it was a huge swampy area.

There were sparse trees in the swamp.

On the southwest side, there was a river. The river water was not clear, but it was a very long river, both the start and end of the river were beyond Fang Yuan's field of vision.

"Light in the soil, shine up to a hundred thousand feet high, swimming in the sky for a hundred li, praising plum fragrant snow." Looking at this scene, Fang Yuan could not help but think of this phrase in his mind.

"Is this Di Qiu inheritance ground?" Fang Yuan had a flash of inspiration as he felt dazed.

Back then, he had obtained information about Di Qiu inheritance from a fake grey-white stone slab. The painting idea Gu on the grey-white stone slab etched this map into his brain.

Thus, Fang Yuan had a clear memory of it, he could not forget it even if he tried.

He flapped his wings and flew around it in the sky, confirming that this terrain was exactly as he remembered.

"So this is it. I was wondering before, an inheritance using terrain as a clue was not reliable. If this was outside in northern plains, the terrain could be easily changed or destroyed. But in Imperial Court blessed land, that would be a different case." Fang Yuan thought.

This Imperial Court blessed land opened once every ten years. The victors of the Imperial Court contest would enter and might change the terrain due to battles.

However, when Imperial Court blessed land closes, the terrain slowly recovers.

Until ten years later, it would reopen after being restored to its original state.

"Di Qiu inheritance… since it was set up inside Imperial Court blessed land, and even had an innovative idea of using a fake grey-white stone slab to do it, the owner definitely put in huge effort and time for this. The inheritance should not be bad."

With such thoughts, Fang Yuan slowly flew to the mound, after observing the mound's entrance for a while, he summoned several azure wolves, and entered the dark hole.

Fifteen minutes later, the azure wolf returned to Fang Yuan unscathed.

This deep hole looked pitch black from the outside, but once someone entered, they would realize that it was full of glowing moss, it was not dark at all.

There was nothing inside the hole, the air was moist and there were only rocks and moss.

Fang Yuan personally entered to check it out, but still found nothing.

He frowned slightly, leaving the place. He was prepared for this result long ago: "This inheritance is not simple, if it can easily obtained, others would have gotten it long ago. Of course, I cannot rule out the possibility that someone else got it before me."

But Fang Yuan analyzed and realized that the possibility of that was very low.

"To come here, there are two conditions, one is to obtain the clue to the inheritance, and decipher the grey-white stone slab, a Gu Master skilled at appraisal is needed to do it. Secondly, they need to enter Imperial Court blessed land, that means they need to survive the Imperial Court contest, thus they need to have a keen eye, in order to be part of the victors."

"This inheritance is not simple at all. It seems that to get it, I will need to interpret the cipher." Fang Yuan concluded.

Light in the soil, shine up to a hundred thousand feet high, swimming in the sky for a hundred li, praising plum fragrant snow.

What was this cipher trying to say?

Fang Yuan thought about it but he got no answers. Even though he had many thoughts, none of them lead to any conclusive ideas.

"Nevermind, I'll leave it at that. There is still some time left inside Imperial Court blessed land."

Fang Yuan flapped his wings and flew, bringing the wolf group with him towards the blessed land's central sacred palace. That was the most important part of his plan, he spent so much time disguising himself, it was all in order to enter Imperial Court blessed land.

Obtaining landscape as before Gu was his top priority, but other than that, it was the inheritance of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable inside Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

Not must him, most of the strong Gu Masters would choose to go to the sacred palace.

The sacred palace was the central area of Imperial Court blessed land, it was the essence of the blessed land.

The sacred palace was one of the four resting chambers of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, it was also his most important resting chamber. His other chambers were in eastern sea, western desert and southern border.

In central continent, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had an even larger and grander resting chamber in the sky, it was situated within Longevity Heaven.

In history, there were ten rank nine Gu Masters, known as 'Immortal Venerable' and 'Demon Venerable'.

These ten existed across the long river of time, from the immemorial antiquity era to the remote antiquity era, to the olden antiquity era, to the medieval antiquity era, and finally, the late antiquity era. Each one of them was the absolute expert of their time, they were unparalleled and invincible in the world. At the same time, they each had their specialities and unique abilities, they were all very different.

The bloodthirsty Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, the mysterious Red Lotus Demon Venerable, the knowledgeable Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, the peaceful Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable…

Similarly, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was also a person full of legends and incredible stories.

He was a demonic path Gu Master born of northern plains. He was always lucky and fortunate in his life, having lots of good events. Not only could he avoid dangers, he could even turn them into blessings.

After he became a demonic path Gu Immortal, he was a casonova and toyed with women everywhere, no one could restrain him. Even the number one fairy of Spirit Affinity House in central continent back then, one of the top ten sects, became his wife.

Because of that, he became an external supreme elder of Spirit Affinity House, and converted over to the righteous path.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had a dissolute nature, after becoming an Immortal Venerable, and ascending to the Immortal Court, he became the fourth generation Immortal King. He next build five great resting chambers, and had over several tens of millions of concubines.

He was extremely energetic, when he was a thousand years old, he was still taking in young girls from all over the world to expand his harem.

Thus, among all of the venerables, he had the most offsprings.

He had too many children, he could not even remember most of their names.

These children were spread all over the five regions. Right now, they were mostly concentrated in northern plains, and those Gu Master who had Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's bloodline, were collectively known as the Huang Jin family.

"Women are like clothes while brothers are like our hands and feet.""Hereditary monarchy!""Beauty is the natural dowry of a woman.""I wish I could marry every single woman in the world!" All these were his catchphrases.

Even though time flowed mercilessly, and eras changed, he still left behind a dazzling proof of his glorious existence in history.

Especially in northern plains, Huang Jin family controlled nearly the entire region, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was still influencing every generation thus far.

Sacred palace, the central control hall.


The silvery brilliant light shone on Hei Lou Lan's face.

He raised his head as he looked at a plaque on the central control hall. His giant bear-like body stood upright under the silver light.

As the alliance leader, with the Huang Jin bloodline flowing in him, once he entered Imperial Court blessed land, he would automatically arrive in the sacred palace.

This plaque in the central control hall was huge. It was sixty meters long, twenty-five meters wide, and there were two huge words on it — Hereditary Monarchy!

The golden light shining off it was clear and dazzling.

The central control hall was huge and grand, like the house of a giant. Under this plaque, even Hei Lou Lan's fat body seemed tiny.

"Hereditary monarchy huh…" He looked with a complicated expression, there was pain and hatred, admiration, anger, and aloofness.

"Lord." Cunning Gentleman Sun Shi Han came over, calling out softly.

"What is the matter?" Hei Lou Lan turned around, his expression had been completely sealed away, he returned to his usual arrogant, boorish, and irritable attitude.

Cunning Gentleman did not feel anything amiss as he took out a letter from his pocket, reporting: "This is Sole Blade General Pan Ping's letter. He said in the letter that Wolf King Chang Shan Yin devoured an inheritance alone, extorting him in public and made very vile actions. He hopes lord can seek justice for him."

"Oh?" Hei Lou Lan stretched out his fat right arm.

Cunning Gentleman quickly passed the letter to him with both hands.

"Lord, I am not trying to be nosy, but this Chang Shan Yin is getting more overbearing. He actually bullied and humiliated his own alliance mate. Sigh, Lord Pan Ping was too kind hearted, he thought about old relationships and wanted to share an inheritance with Chang Shan Yin. But the result was that he was treated like this. Wolf King Chang Shan Yin has great merits indeed, but this does not mean he can act as he wish. Otherwise, if everyone was like him, wouldn't we be in complete chaos?"

Cunning Gentleman carefully chose his words while Hei Lou Lan was reading the letter.

Hei Lou Lan snorted, stretching out his hand: "Hand it over."

"Ah, lord you mean…" Cunning Gentleman was shocked.

"This is only Pan Ping's side of the story, Zhu Zai should've sent a letter too." Hei Lou Lan had a sharp gaze.

Cunning Gentleman quickly laughed: "Lord is truly wise and mighty, I am in complete awe."

Hei Lou Lan took the second letter and swept through the content, he was expressionless and Sun Shi Han could not read his intentions at all.

This letter was merely Zhu Zai seeking credit for his actions, combined with the first letter, Hei Lou Lan understood what had happened.

He squeezed with his hand and the two letters were corroded into nothingness by a dark light.

"After Pan Ping and the others arrive, go to the supply camp and give them some compensation." Hei Lou Lan instructed.

"Yes, lord." Cunning Gentleman bowed, but after a while, he raised his head in confusion as Hei Lou Lan did not speak further: "Are we not punishing that Wolf King Chang Shan Yin?"

"Punish? What a joke!" Hei Lou Lan laughed: "Why do I need to punish him? If it was me, I would've done the same time. Except I would not do it in such an ugly way."

Sun Shi Han was indignant, urging: "Lord, I am different opinions. This Wolf King Chang Shan Yin regards himself highly and is untamable, we cannot tolerate his actions. Although he has great achievements, without lord's tribe funding him, would he have such a huge wolf group? He is a northern plains hero, he has great reputation. If lord does not punish him, he is just going to become more overbearing. In fact, he might even overthrow you and in the end, everyone would know the name of Chang Shan Yin, but not lord's name."


"Lord, why are you laughing?"

"Shi Han, you're overthinking it. After this happened, what reputation would Chang Shan Yin still have? Bullying the weak because he is strong, greedily taking an inheritance for himself, it would ruin his reputation. Furthermore, he does not have the Huang Jin bloodline, without a guest token, he cannot enter the True Yang Building."

After pausing for a while, Hei Lou Lan continued: "From this matter, we can see that Chang Shan Yin is only a mortal. He has desires, and greed, that makes things easy. Moreover, I have Chang tribe and Ge tribe in my hands now. He is already rank five peak stage, such a genius like him would definitely want to progress further. But I will only reveal to him the method to reach Gu Immortal realm after he joins Hei tribe."

"I know you hate Chang Shan Yin, but later, I still need him when challenging True Yang Building. Do not bother me in the future with such tiny matters. Do you understand?"

"Yes lord." Cunning Gentleman lowered his head, his voice slightly trembling.

"Mm, you may leave."

"This subordinate takes his leave." Sun Shi Han brought his disappointment with him as he left the central control hall.


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