Reverend Insanity
548 Inheritance hidden in Eerie Fire Python’s den
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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548 Inheritance hidden in Eerie Fire Python’s den

Chapter 548: Inheritance hidden in Eerie Fire Python’s den
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

When Fang Yuan opened his eyes, the scene before him had completely transformed.

The sky was light gold in color, the land was like spring, with green agricultural terraces, there were gentle streams flowing, and low-lying mounds, one could see far and wide in this boundless plains.

This was a serene and peaceful world, forming a great contrast to the blizzard outside.

This was northern plains' greatest utopia — Imperial Court blessed land, it opens every ten years, as a reward to the lord of northern plains.

Fang Yuan looked around and found that he was alone.

Although everyone entered from the same gate, after they stepped through the gate, they were separated and randomly transported to any area of the blessed land.

This was as per usual, Fang Yuan was not shocked. According to the earlier agreement, next he had to travel towards the center of the blessed land, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's former place of residence was there — Northern Plains Sacred Palace!

"I am finally in here." Fang Yuan regulated his breathing, the Imperial Court contest was only a prelude, what was truly important was the following events.

He tried activating eagle rise Gu, his crystal purple primeval essence moved according to his will, entering the eagle rise Gu.


With a light sound, followed by intense pain, two broad and huge pitch-black eagle wings grew on his back.

Within Imperial Court blessed land, the use of mortal Gu was not restricted. As for Immortal Gu, they could not be restrained in any blessed land.

The strong eagle wings flapped lightly and brought Fang Yuan into the air.

Flying in the air, feeling the light wind brushing past his face, he could smell the unique scent of nature that permeated the entire blessed land.

Compared to the outside world, this place was extremely peaceful, it was like heaven.

Fang Yuan was in no hurry, he flew slowly as he enjoyed the scenery around him.

Imperial Court blessed land's landscape was quite similar to northern plains. At one glance, it was a huge plain, there were mounds and slopes with beautiful and elegant lines, it was like a stream of jade green flowing smoothly without obstacles.

But different from northern plains, every eight li, there would be a tower on the ground.

These towers made Fang Yuan think of totem pillars. Each one was about twenty-five meters tall, they were tall and straight, with a gold and silver surface, with lots of precious gems adorning it, beautiful and exquisite.

In the tower, there were countless barriers, like a beehive. Inside, were many Gu worms.

When the worm groups in the blessed land give birth to Gu, these Gu worms would detach themselves from the group and live in these towers.

The towers were built by Giant Sun, no matter what type of Gu worm it was, they would be able to find their food inside the towers.

Every tower had tens of thousands of Gu worms. These Gu consists of many species, there were large numbers of common Gu and few rare Gu.

Undeniably, each of these towers were a huge fortune, even Fang Yuan can feel his attraction to them. He could even see a group of about a thousand starlight firefly Gu in one of the towers.

"Unfortunately, I cannot take these Gu as I wish. When the Imperial Court contest first started, some daring Gu Masters tried to steal or even attack the towers, to take the wild Gu inside. In the end, they were like candles, their entire body melted until their white bone skeleton was left, smashed into a pile." Fang Yuan's gaze concentrated.

This was the heavenly power of the blessed land, the power of heaven and earth.

No mortals could resist it.

Even Gu Immortals would be left in a pathetic state when competing against it.

After enough lessons taught, by now, no Gu Master had the intention to attack the towers.

"If we chase the origin, the Gu Immortal who created Imperial Court blessed land was a space path Gu Immortal whose name can no longer be found. Because of this, this blessed land is huge, far larger than other blessed lands. Before Giant Sun Immortal Venerable became an immortal, he inherited this place luckily and became the blessed land's new owner. After Giant Sun became an Immortal Venerable, and obtained unparalleled power, he displayed great methods and set up the tradition of the Imperial Court contest, allowing this ancient blessed land to continue existing until now.

Fang Yuan flew as he recalled.

The methods of an Immortal Venerable were beyond his understanding. Who knows how Giant Sun Immortal Venerable managed to do it, but the result was, under his manipulation, Imperial Court blessed land no longer suffered from heavenly tribulations or earthly calamities.

Hiss hiss hiss...

After flying for an hour, past numerous towers, Fang Yuan was provoked by a giant python on a small valley.

This bright red giant python was at least a hundred meters long, its body was as thick as a tower.

There was a sharp horn on its head, a pair of blood eyes stared at Fang Yuan fixatedly, hissing with its tongue continuously.

Its tongue was a creepy purple color, and there were eerie blue flames on it.

"Eh? It's a rarely seen eerie fire dragon python." Fang Yuan was slightly shocked.

At this moment, the giant python opened its mouth, and shot out a carriage-sized blue purple flame.

The flame approached quickly, as the temperature in the air rose sharply, from a few hundred steps away, Fang Yuan's hair and eyebrows were showing signs of drying up. It showed the terrifying temperature of the blue purple flame!

Fang Yuan's eyebrows rose as he flapped his eagle wings, going to a higher altitude and avoiding the flame easily.

Killer move — Four Arm Wind King!

He activated more than ten Gu worms at once, his crystal purple was expending rapidly, meanwhile two bronze arms grew out of his body.

Thereafter, he flew down like a comet, straight towards the python.


He crashed fiercely into the eerie fire dragon python, engaging in fierce combat with it.

At once, smoke rose as shockwaves were sent out, flames shot out as the valley shook.

Eerie fire dragon python was a mutated beast king, mutated beasts has rank four battle strength, while their king had strength equivalent to a rank five Gu Master. But Fang Yuan was rank five peak stage long ago, and after using his killer move, his battle strength was even higher.

If the eerie fire dragon python laid low and hid itself, Fang Yuan might not have noticed it while being on the move. But since it provoked him on purpose, Fang Yuan felt the urge to hunt and improve his killer move by using it as a training dummy.

After half an hour, the battle was over.

Fang Yuan's body was charred black, he stood in the completely destroyed and ruined valley.

The eerie fire dragon python's huge body was half covered in broken mountain rocks.

Fang Yuan coughed a few times, throwing up some blood.

The improved killer move had much less severe aftermath than before. A part of the reason was that the eerie fire dragon python did not have wisdom like humans, it could not find out Fang Yuan's weakness amidst battle.

If the wind was restricted, Fang Yuan would be in a much worse state.

This battle was not easy.

Imperial Court blessed land was a great environment, there were many Gu worms, thus there was a larger number of fire path wild Gu worms on the eerie fire dragon python. Among them, there were several valuable ones.

Fang Yuan's killer move was strong, but it did not have much defense against fire path.

If he did not need to dodge the flames, the thirty minute battle would be faster by at least a third.

Fang Yuan started collecting his loot.

This mutated beast king's body was full of value. For example, the python blood was a top ingredient in feeding blood path Gu worms. The python skin, tendons etc, would cause a huge commotion if sold in the mortal market.

Especially the eerie fire snake gall, it was extremely valuable, it could even be sold in treasure yellow heaven.

Fang Yuan organised his gains, in order to save time, he only kept the valuable items in his Gu.

"Eerie fire dragon python, they live in caves as a family. If there are any young dragon pythons, I can capture them and place them inside Hu Immortal blessed land to breed. It would be a good investment for the future." Fang Yuan thought about this and searched around.

Very soon, he made a discovery.

"Eh? There's a Gu Master inheritance here." Fang Yuan did not find a baby dragon python, but found a bright red rock, like that of a fire lotus.

With his expertise, he quickly understood that this was a Gu Master's work.

When he got close to the huge rock, this fire lotus-like rock opened up in layers, like a blossoming lotus.

The fire lotus rock opened completely, showing the Gu worms inside as well as a stele.

The stele was one with the huge rock, there were northern plains words on it.

Fang Yuan read it thoroughly and understood its existence.

The fire path Gu Master who left behind his inheritance was called Huo Zheng Jun, he was a righteous rank four fire path Gu Master. He entered this valley by accident, and was attacked by the eerie fire dragon python. Before dying from his injuries, he left behind his Gu worms helplessly and made the inheritance.

In the future, if a fated individual comes here, them this set of Gu worms would be his.

Huo Zheng Jun left behind seven Gu worms. But after these years, four died, and only three remained.

Among the three Gu worms, only one attracted Fang Yuan, it was the rank four fire pupil Gu.

When a Gu Master uses fire pupil Gu, fire would burn at anywhere they looked at, burning their opponents. Such a convenient attacking method often caught people off guard.

But it had its weaknesses.

If it was used for a long time, the Gu Master's eyes would be damaged. They would need to use good healing Gu as well as complementing Gu worms to weaken this side effect.

This fire pupil Gu was Huo Zheng Jun's core Gu worm.

Aside from the Gu worms he left behind, there were Gu recipes that he recorded on the stele.

Fang Yuan looked at it three times, storing the information inside east window Gu.

Although he did not cultivate fire path, these recipes were useful for him when researching about Gu refinement or even in his cultivation, as a form of inspiration. Especially the refinement recipe of the fire pupil Gu, it had high value.

According to this Gu Master, rank four fire pupil Gu was advanced using rank three fire eye Gu, together with sight blow Gu and some associated Gu refinement materials.

Fang Yuan knew about rank three fire eye Gu, it was a one time expenditure Gu used for investigative purposes. It could transform the eyes into fire eyes, having the ability to see through fog, but it did not work every time, once it failed, one would turn blind.

Fang Yuan knew about sight blow Gu too, Hao Ji Liu from the Hei tribe army had one. He had once used it together with rank four location swap Gu.

Fang Yuan kept the fire pupil Gu, he did not intend to go onto the fire path.

Fire pupil Gu did not suit his current style. While the attacking method was convenient, it was very restrictive, it was too reliant on visual contact.

There were too many strange Gu in this world, there were countless methods to prevent eye contact.

There was no strongest Gu worm, only strongest Gu Master.

Gu worms were the hosts of the great Dao, they were fundamentally tools. When Gu master use them together, they could form great effects. Some combinations were even far superior and harder to counter, they were known as killer moves.

"This means, this should be the first Gu Master inheritance I've obtained in Imperial Court blessed land." Fang Yuan thought about it, feeling interested.

In Imperial Court blessed land, there were countless Gu Master inheritances.

It was because of the superb environment, in contrast, many inheritances in the main world were often destroyed by calamities and beasts before the fated person arrives.

Furthermore, all the Gu Masters that entered Imperial Court blessed land were experts that had undergone tough battles, they had to have at least some superior qualities, if they were not heroes or grand conquerors already.

Thus, there were abundant inheritances inside Imperial Court blessed land. Anyone who was fated would have gains.

Fang Yuan kept the three Gu worms inside his aperture, before smashing the stele to bits.

Next, he searched around, finding a cave indeed. He entered the cave and walked to the lowest part of it, at about a hundred meters underground, he found six eerie fire dragon python eggs.

He was troubled now.

If it was a baby eerie fire dragon python, he could bring them away to Hu Immortal blessed land and allow them to hunt freely.

But it was not easy to hatch an eerie fire dragon python's egg. He needed to use eerie fire and python blood to bathe them daily. After the little dragon python hatches, they need to taught by the eerie fire dragon python personally, on how to use their strength to hunt.

Fang Yuan did not have the time or effort to waste just to hatch these eggs.

There was no choice, he quickly kept these eggs before getting out of the hot cave, flying towards the sky and continuing on his journey without any lingering feelings.


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