Reverend Insanity
546 The way forward for the insignificant people
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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546 The way forward for the insignificant people

Chapter 546: The way forward for the insignificant people
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Moving carriages and neighing horses.

The huge group of nearly a million advanced towards the central Imperial Court region of northern plains.

The blizzard outside was blowing intensely, causing the big stomach horse to lower its head helplessly.

The white snow on the ground was knee-deep, as everyone moved with extremely difficult steps..

One by one, the blue farm slug Gu moved forward. Their stomachs were stuffed with all sorts of resources, turning their original size of three elephants into a mound-like hill.

Carriages after carriages followed behind the blue farm slug Gu. In order to shield these mortals from the approaching blizzard, they were covered in frost.

To prevent the slug Gu from freezing to death, three Gu Masters would be in charge of one slug Gu, removing the frost on them while using fire path Gu worms to give them warmth, maintaining their temperature.

The army pressed forward towards the Imperial Court. As the blizzard became larger, the army's speed became slower.

Large number of mortal slaves fell during the journey, and never got up again.

Hei Lou Lan could order Gu Masters to save them, but he did not do so.

Even though the Imperial Court blessed land was huge and could accommodate five million people, in Hei Lou Lan's opinion, the resources within the blessed land were his, why would he distribute them to these lowly slaves?

Every extra person meant he had to lose another bit of benefit.

Using the blizzard to sacrifice large numbers of useless mortals, this was a hidden rule among all past lords of the Imperial Court.

Mortal lives were cheap. They were like grass, once the blizzard was over, they would rapidly grow again, increasing in numbers and using up northern plains' scarce resources like leeches, awaiting the next ten year blizzard.

As the blizzard became stronger, the people move against the force of the wind.

Fang Yuan was inside the large lizard house Gu, he could hear the wind outside the windows.

Within the large lizard house Gu, it was warm as spring. Using it to move in such an environment had about five to six times the primeval essence expenditure as before.

But to Fang Yuan, just his rank five peak stage ninety percent aperture could easily sustain this expenditure with no problem.

Moreover, his second aperture had also advanced to rank five upper stage recently.

Fang Yuan came before the window, looking outside the tightly sealed glass window, towards the left.

Ma tribe's members were there.

After Ma Ying Jie took the role of tribe leader, Ma Hong Yun appeared, even Zhao Lian Yun was beside him.

Fang Yuan had already confirmed this secretly, and even instructed Ge tribe to pay special attention to Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun.

In his memory, Ma Hong Yun obtained an inheritance of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. In Fang Yuan's following plans, he was a very useful pawn piece. As for Zhao Lian Yun, she was still just a child, she posed no threat. At the same time, she was very close to Ma Hong Yun, Fang Yuan wanted to observe them further.

"In my previous life, Ma Hong Yun appeared. Now, despite my influence, Ma Hong Yun still appeared. Then in the future, will he and Zhao Lian Yun still reach that level of achievement just like in the previous life?"

After rebirth, Fang Yuan had been deeply interested towards the topic of changing history, a desire to know growing deep inside his heart.

The flow of history had inertia, as well as changes.

With his personal experience, the butterfly effect theorized on Earth was slightly off.

Five hundred years in his past life, Ma Hong Yun was given a surname and allowed to cultivate as a Gu Master. That was because he obtained a relic Gu and gave it to Ma Ying Jie.

Right now, it was because of Hei Lou Lan's pressure, that caused Ma Ying Jie to have no choice but make this decision. This decision, gave birth to a new Ma Hong Yun.

The process was different, but the result was the same.

The event that unfolded before him made Fang Yuan ponder, as he uncontrollably thought of one word — fate!

Fate, this was a word much more mysterious and ethereal than space or time.

Legend says that there was a luck path among Gu Master paths, but until today, no one could confirm it.

However, there were many important characters that were connected to fate.

In <>, it clearly indicated the existence of destiny Gu.

The second generation Immortal Venerable of the Heavenly Court, the creator of wisdom path, controlled this Gu, thus being able to plot against three future Demon Venerables.

In three kings blessed land, Fang Yuan was informed by the land spirit — Red Lotus Demon Venerable was a great hero, breaking the restriction of destiny, allowing all life in this world to regain control of their own fate.

In fact, Fang Yuan had vaguely heard such a rumor: Giant Sun Immortal Venerable controlled a luck path Gu worm, thus he had extremely good fortune and ease in his cultivation journey, avoiding disasters and gaining great blessings.

"In this world, is there really a thread of fate that connects all living beings together?" Fang Yuan went into deep thought.

In the five hundred years of his previous life, although he became a Gu Immortal, he only managed to unravel a tiny portion of this world's mystery and secrets.

Be it his previous life, or this life, the more he progressed, the stronger he got, the more he felt his own ignorance and insignificance.

The more insignificant and ignorant he felt, the more interest he had in moving forward, he wanted to progress further!

"Compared to this world, I am merely an ant…" Fang Yuan's blood was filled with pride and humility, obstinance and understanding.

Collecting all his scattered thoughts, Fang Yuan concentrated his attention on the matter ahead.

"Imperial Court blessed land rejects Gu Immortals, I am already rank five peak stage, this is likely the first and the last time I am entering the Imperial Court, to physically come into contact with Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

"But this time, Hei Lou Lan purposely went over to warm pond valley to force Ma tribe to surrender, this was a strange move." Fang Yuan's gaze became solemn.

Ma tribe had already lost terribly, and they had the Huang Jin bloodline, why would Hei Lou Lan do this?

This was understandable in his previous life.

Back then, Ma tribe was not completely helpless, they had strong defense and was a turtle shell that was hard to take down. Hei Lou Lan had no choice but to force them to surrender.

Now that Ma tribe was declining, Hei Lou Lan still moved his army and laboriously forced Ma tribe to surrender, he spent so much effort to suppress Ma tribe, did he have deep enmity with Ma tribe personally?

Fang Yuan shook his head.

There were no evidence that could support this thought.

"Nevermind, maybe Hei Lou Lan was just spurred on and wanted to raise his merits. This is only a small detail, my own strength is always the most important thing."

Thinking so, his mind entered his aperture.

The injuries from using the killer move four arm earth king had already recovered.

As for the killer move, he had several adjustments.

He changed earth overlord Gu to wind overlord Gu. As for the other supplementary Gu worms, they were adjusted accordingly.

This way, he would not need to step on the ground, and would fight best in the wind. The stronger the wind, the more battle strength he can display, and the smaller the drawbacks he would face after using the killer move.

But Fang Yuan was not satisfied.

This was only a temporary compromise, the weakness of this killer move had not been reduced.

If he fought in an environment without wind, the consequences of using the killer move would not be any better as before.

For Gu Masters, there were way too many methods to restrict the wind.

Once his weakness was exposed publicly, his killer move would no longer have any threat to his enemies, they would have no fear towards it.

"Actually, no matter how good my modifications were, I would not be satisfied. My true aim is to eliminate the weakness of my strength-enslavement dual cultivation. The killer move four arm earth king is merely a starting point."

But this result could not escape from the limits of transformation path.

What Fang Yuan wanted was to completely and utterly modify his body, he did not want to achieve such temporary transformation.

Nevertheless, reaching this point had already expended Fang Yuan's five hundred years of knowledge accumulation.

After all, Fang Yuan was a blood path Gu Immortal back then, his attainment in strength and enslavement paths were merely subsidiaries, he merely touched the tip of the iceberg.

If possible, Fang Yuan wanted to quickly become a blood path Gu Immortal. But it was different now after rebirth. His vital Gu was not a blood path Gu.

A crucial condition for becoming a Gu Immortal was the vital Gu.

Originally, after Fang Yuan got the second aperture Gu, he would have a second chance. But that crucial blood path vital Gu was still buried in the inheritance, it had not appeared yet.

Fang Yuan could not wait in vain, the situation was forcing him, he could only choose to strengthen himself now, to deal with the challenges ahead, and all the enemies lurking around him.

Staying alive, that was the most important thing!

Fang Yuan had also realized that his foundation in strength and enslavement paths were lacking. His involvement in a wide range of paths in his previous life allowed him to easily control Gu worms of many paths, while being skilled in the combination of different Gu worms. Among them, his attainment in enslavement path was the highest.

But to resolve the issue of strength-enslavement dual cultivation, an age old question, he would need to move ahead of history and undergo creative and daring experiments, his foundation was lacking in this aspect.

Even though Fang Yuan had clues to Luo Po valley now, maybe after he obtains Luo Po valley, he would be able to convert to the glorious soul path.

But Fang Yuan never liked placing his hopes on certain possibilities in the future.

Even if he changes to soul path in the future, his hard work in enslavement and strength would be a precious resource and would greatly benefit his future cultivation.

Knowing his own inaptitude, Fang Yuan had been reading intensely these few days.

He used his huge pool of battle merits to exchange for dragon horse spirit, three hearts combination soul, all sorts of killer moves, as well as dozens of small strength path inheritances. He also got the recorded journal of four enslavement masters, among them, rat epidemic, thunder explosion. leopard rush, and horse barrage, these four killer moves were invaluable.

Fang Yuan's foundation had always been thick, these days he had been reading laboriously, his understanding and knowledge in strength and enslavement path surged greatly by several times compared to before.

Different from his previous life where he studied these paths as a side path, he had personally experienced these paths this time, and together with his theories, he gained countless inspirations.

But these inspirations could not resolve his problem now.

"Actually, looking at information about the transformation of the body, the first records were in <>. When Ren Zu fell into a certain-death situation, in order to save her own father, Desolate Ancient Moon came to Cheng Bai mountain and killed the rockman…"

Fang Yuan had a burst of inspiration as he flipped <> beside him.

This was the first classic of the Gu Master world, countless mysteries were hidden within it. Even existences like Gu Immortal kept a copy of it with them at all times, occasionally flipping and learning from it.


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