Reverend Insanity
543 Victory has been decided
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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543 Victory has been decided

Chapter 543: Victory has been decided
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The terrifying strength Fang Yuan displayed inflicted heavy pressure on everyone in Ma tribe army.

Despair was quickly spreading in their heart!

"Now, we can only rely on Rat King, only the rat group can contend against the wolf group!" Ma Shang Feng's face was ashen, Ma Zun's death made him feel like he had fallen into an ice cave. But he was Ma tribe leader, and under this desperation, he looked towards Jiang Bao Ya's direction.

However, the next moment, the only hope left in Ma Shang Feng's eyes was also obliterated.

Rat King had actually fled!

"Heavens, this Wolf King is a monster! Eagle King, Horse King, Cheng Long, Cheng Hu and Wu Ye were all killed by him, will I be able to survive if I don't run away now?"

Blood flowed out of all seven facial orifices of Jiang Bao Ya as he ran away.

He could not do anything about this, he had sworn the poison vow when he joined Ma tribe army. Now that he was deserting in the battle, he naturally suffered the backlash of the poison vow.

But Jiang Bao Ya wanted to retreat even if he had to risk the backlash!

Fang Yuan's terrifying performance had already completely obliterated all will to battle in his heart.

"Rat King, return right now!!" Ma Shang Feng shouted.

But Jiang Bao Ya ignored him and ran madly.

The blood from his seven facial orifices was dying the path, showing his determination to run!

His fleeing attracted the people around him and soon, a large number of Ma tribe Gu Masters began to retreat with large number of tribes gathering their forces as they retreated from the battlefield.

"One really shouldn't rely on outsiders!" Ma Shang Feng spurted out a large mouthful of blood before he blacked out and fainted.

Ma tribe army was utterly crushed, the situation was set!

Despite having the snowman elite troops, they could not turn around the situation.

Gu Master experts also started to retreat one after another.

'I almost had to break my seal and use my true martial physique to fight. Luckily! Luckily!' In a battle ring, Hei Lou Lan who had been attacked from all around, was gasping, his body full of injuries and his primeval essence heavily depleted, but the ominous glint in his eyes was becoming colder and sharper.

Under his order, Hei tribe army began a ruthless hunt.

The more they killed, the more battle merits they would obtain. Even a fool understood this.

Fame and fortune incited Hei tribe army to be like brutal famished wolves.

At first, the elite troops were covering Ma tribe's retreat, but soon Hei tribe's elite troops rushed to them and pinned them down. Ma tribe army had thoroughly collapsed and countless people were escaping to all directions.

Fang Yuan did not move, instead calling the wolf group to protect him.

"Heavy internal bleeding, soul has been weakened to five hundred man soul…" Fang Yuan inspected his body, swallowing the blood in his mouth as waves after waves of dizziness attacked him.

His two bronze arms quietly disappeared. The repercussions of four arm earth king killer move was much more serious than what he had expected.

"The several experiments before only scratched the surface. Now that I used it to its extreme, even going beyond the theorised time limit, a problem has occured. Sure enough, genuine knowledge comes from practice."

Killer move was an exquisite coordination between Gu worms.

But a killer move was not perfected by just planning it.

Only by putting it into practice and revising it continuously, could the killer move be perfected. And this process to perfect it could last a very long time, lasting generations and even over ten generations of continuous deductions and adjustments.

Four arm earth king was a result of Fang Yuan using his five hundred years of experience along with a moment of inspiration. It was made in a hurry and was still in experimental phase.

Fang Yuan was soon able to understand what caused such heavy repercussions.

"It is the rank five earth overlord Gu. This killer move was originally based on ground fight, the longer one is touching the ground, the lighter the repercussions. But I was flying almost all the time in this battle. Thus, this problem was exposed."

"It seems four arm earth king killer move has a lot of shortcomings. From this battle, I can see flying is much more convenient than charging crash Gu, and possesses much higher threat to enemies. Since I have master level attainment in flying, I should make full use of this superiority."

He was not willing to give up flying, so the four arm earth king killer move had to be greatly altered.

Fang Yuan sat on the aged night wolf emperor, quietly pondering while looking at the wanton slaughtering by Hei tribe army.

"Damn it… still vigilant, not giving me even a little chance!" Assassin Wu Ming was hiding in a distant while observing Fang Yuan.

He had been thinking of taking advantage of Wolf King's negligence after the battles, to sneak attack him.

If he succeeded and killed Wolf King, Ma tribe would still have a chance to regroup and make a comeback.

But Fang Yuan did not give him any opportunity, almost as if he saw through his plan.

Wu Ming waited for a while more, but because of Hei tribe experts moving about more frequently nearby, he could not endure anymore and quietly retreated.

Ma tribe was fleeing in defeat, and while they were fleeing, Ma tribe leader Ma Shang Feng woke up.

He was still not resigned and after they fled to the defense line, he tried to hold on by relying on the defense line.

But Tai Bai Yun Sheng's mountain as before Gu wrecked his plan. Hei tribe army broke through the defense line, Pan Ping used his sole blade Gu and luckily managed to get Ma Shang Feng's head in the chaotic battle.

With Ma tribe leader's death, Ma tribesmen no longer had the will to battle.

Tao tribe, Yang tribe and Qi Lian tribe surrendered one after another. The surrendering process unavoidably attracted most of Hei tribe's attention.

"Move faster, faster, faster!" Zhao Lian Yun was urging from inside the carriage.

Fei Cai was taking the coachman position and used all his strength to lash at the horse, the carriage's two wheels moved at a rapid speed.

Fei Cai was Ma Ying Jie's head servant and being in charge of Ma tribe's young tribe leader's everyday life, he naturally had to accompany Ma Ying Jie to the battle. Zhao Lian Yun was homeless and so could only follow behind him.

Ma tribe was defeated, these two and other mortals also fled for their lives.

However, just relying on the horsepower, the carriage's speed simply could not surpass a Gu Master. While they escaped, they were thrown far behind by Gu Masters.

But because Fei Cai and Zhao Lian Yun were mortals, the army chasing after Ma tribe army let them go.

The battle merits in killing mortals were next to nothing.

Of course, if they encountered Gu Masters in a bad mood or those who liked to kill or wolves who did not care if they were mortals, just one or two casual moves from either of these could send them to their grave.

However, Fei Cai and Zhao Lian Yun's luck were really good, not only did they not encounter such situation, they were actually able to smoothly escape out of the battlefield under countless Gu Masters' eyes.

The two put in all their efforts in escaping.

The old horse pulling the carriage foamed in exhaustion and finally fell on the grassland.

The carriage overturned soon after and broke apart.

Fei Cai and Zhao Lian Yun broke out of the broken carriage in a miserable state. Although they were injured, it was not serious because of the soft grassland.

"Now where should we go?" Fei Cai was indecisive; they were in a vast land without any soldiers or Gu Masters chasing them.

Zhao Lian Yun panted heavily without replying, she was also feeling flustered and helpless.

'Wolf King Chang Shan Yin… there is actually such a terrifying monster in this world! Damn it, if I had known you were this fierce, why would I persuade father to travel so far to side with Ma tribe?'

As she thought of Fang Yuan's terrifying figure rampaging in the midst of innumerable troops, Zhao Lian Yun's body and mind trembled.

Remembering her father who had died in the battlefield, their current homeless situation and the ruthlessness of fate, Zhao Lian Yun began to weep in grief.

"Xiao Yun, don't cry, don't cry, don't worry, I am still here." Fei Cai immediately comforted her.

Zhao Lian Yun buried her head in her knees and cried even louder.

Fei Cai panicked as he comforted and apologizes repeatedly, cutting out a very clumsy figure.

Zhao Lian Yun cried for a while, then suddenly raised her head: "What's the use of your apology! I am really miserable, how could I come to such a world! Now our situation is desperate with nothing to eat or even drink. At night, the bloody odor on the battlefield will attract groups after groups of beasts to forage. Sooner or later, we will starve to death, die of thirst or even freeze to death."

"Eh? Then, then what should we do?" Fei Cai looked at Zhao Lian Yun with an expression that was seeking help.

Zhao Lian Yun rolled her eyes and furiously shouted: "You are really trash! You are older than me, can't you think of something! You want me to think of everything, do you think I am Dong Fang Yu Liang?!"

Fei Cai lowered his head after being scolded, only daring to look at his feet.

Suddenly, he raised his head with bright eyes: "I, I have thought of a good way."

"Ah? What way?" Zhao Lian Yun raised her brows in amazement, this fool had actually thought of a way?

"I feel that as long as we have a horse, we can escape far away from the battlefield. With no odor of blood, we will be able to avoid the beasts."

Zhao Lian Yun fiercely kicked Fei Cai: "Do you think I don't know?! You fool, you big idiot! What good method is this? I also want a horse, where will you get me one?"

Fei Cai jumped in pain from Zhao Lian Yun's kick.

Suddenly, he pointed ahead and shouted: "Look, there is a horse."

Zhao Lian Yun turned around to look and was stupefied, blurting out: "The fuc... there really is a horse!"

But she quickly reacted: "There are no lack of horses in northern plains, but what we lack is the method to capture and tame it. Fei Cai, do you have any method?"

Fei Cai exclaimed, his hand still pointing ahead as he shouted: "Look, there is a person on the horse!"

Zhao Lian Yun concentrated, there really was a person.

As the horse neared the two, Zhao Lian Yun's eyes suddenly opened wide because of the identity of the injured person on the horse's back: "Ma Ying Jie!"

"Congratulations brother, congratulations. Hei tribe has won this battle, even if Ma tribe gets support from Gu Immortals, they cannot reverse the situation." Hei Bai who had been observing the battle all along, saw Hei tribe was already beginning to clear up the battlefield through investigative Gu, and impatiently congratulated Hei Cheng who was beside him.

Hei Cheng lightly smiled: "Congratulations to you too. Hei Lou Lan, this kid did not betray our expectations. Ah, right, the demonic path Gu Immortal who supported Ma tribe has been discovered, it is Xue Song Zi of Snowy Mountain's sixth peak."

Hei Bai's expression immediately turned heavy: "Hmph, so it was him. If not for him meddling and fighting with me over wooden chicken Gu, the Immortal Gu would not have escaped the bindings, and I would have already been in possession of wooden chicken Gu."

Hei Cheng comforted him with a smile: "Brother, no need to worry, it will be the same thing if we can obtain wooden chicken Gu with the help of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. This is called: the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks. Once you obtain wooden chicken Gu, you will become an expert among Gu Immortals immediately."

"I don't deserve such praise!" Hei Bai immediately bowed at Hei Cheng and sincerely said: "If not for elder brother's generous help, how could I have such financial ability like Xue Song Zi? Elder brother is really wise and far-sighted, investing so much immortal essence stones, it was an amazing decision. As expected, stocking up the wolf groups before sending them out for support all at once truly caught Xue Song Zi unprepared. This time, even if Xue Song Zi wants to continue sending help, there is no one to receive it."

"Hahaha." Hei Cheng laughed brightly before sighing, "Without investment, how could there be profits?"

He paused a moment and continued: "Also, we were fortunate that other famous super tribes did not really make their move in this Imperial Court contest. There was also the information from Fairy Tan Bi Ya which allowed us to know of the secret relationship between Ma tribe and Snowy Mountain. Another point, this Wolf King Chang Shan Yin is truly a spectacular junior, his performance was outstanding, the one with the most radiance in this contest such that his brilliance surpasses this generation's Gu Masters in northern plains."

Hei Bai also nodded, having the same feeling: "I have already investigated Chang Shan Yin in detail, he is a person of Chang tribe and was very famous, even us Gu Immortals knew of him. Later, he mysteriously disappeared for over ten years, he clearly had a fortuitous encounter. Now, he cultivates both enslavement and strength path, I saw the killer move he used just before, its repercussions are not small but it is indeed somewhat interesting."

Fang Yuan could conceal his injuries from the surrounding people, but he could not conceal it from Gu Immortals.

Hei Cheng was silent for a while before speaking: "This is a Gu Immortal seed, I plan to take him into Hei tribe. After he enters Imperial Court blessed land, we will properly observe him. If he is willing to join us and offer his loyalty, he might be able to become our Hei tribe's external supreme elder in the future."

Hei Bai smiled: "The difficulty of ascending to Gu Immortal realm is unspeakable, elder brother truly thinks highly of him. In my opinion, Tai Bai Yun Sheng is also quite good, we can also ask him to join Hei tribe."

"Mm… but he is a little old." Hei Cheng nodded.

In these Gu Immortals' eyes, only Chang Shan Yin and Tai Bai Yun Sheng piqued their interest and gained their attention among the entire Hei tribe alliance army!


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