Reverend Insanity
542 Dual Cultivating Two Paths!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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542 Dual Cultivating Two Paths!

Chapter 542: Dual Cultivating Two Paths!
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

People all around Ma Zun kept on persuading strongly; Ma Zun's expression was ashen as he resolutely refused: "No, my Ma tribe only has warriors who will fight to death, not cowards who will run away. I am a symbol of Ma tribe, it will be a heavy impact to our army's morale if I run away! I cannot leave, we have yet to lose, I still have my pegasus group!"

With a shift of his mind, the pegasus flew into the air like clouds.

These grand beasts had snow-white fur, their mane fluttered in the wind as they unfolded their pure white wings.

These pegasus were Ma tribe's pride.

A grand feeling emerged in Ma tribesmen's hearts as they looked at these pegasus, the feelings of fear quickly calmed down.

"Right, we still have pegasus…. ah!?" Ma Ying Jie was speaking, when suddenly he exclaimed in shock and terror!

Fang Yuan was shooting towards them like a meteor, fiercely crashing through the pegasus group without any intent to dodge.

The pegasus which had rank four battle strength were smashed through, their blood spurting high.

The horse group neighed in panic, their pure white feathers helplessly drifted in the air as their corpse fell down to the ground.

Fang Yuan moved straight through pegasus group and reached above Ma Zun and the group with none able to block him!

Ma Zun was stunned, the Gu Masters beside opened their mouth wide as they looked at Fang Yuan, their heart filled with extreme shock, helplessness and fear.

Fang Yuan's ghostly figure deeply imprinted itself in the depths of their heart, never to be forgotten!

"No, I have not lost yet!" Ma Zun freaked out and was about to use his killer move when he was blocked by Ma Ying Jie.

"Uncle, let me do it. Once you use this killer move, your cultivation will fall. Ma tribe can lose me, but it can never lose you!" Ma Ying Jie shouted, his gaze filled with determination.

"Ying Jie!" Ma Zun's body shook, he looked at this junior whom he appreciated and was most hopeful about, and felt his will to fight to the death.

Ma Zun did not want his nephew to sacrifice for him.

But just like Ma Ying Jie said, Ma tribe could lose Ma Ying Jie, but it needed him, Ma Zun, to command horse group. The eagle group had crumbled apart now and the rat group could not be counted on, if they lose the horse group as well, Ma tribe's defeat will be certain!

"Also, my death is not certain. Uncle, leave quickly!" Ma Ying Jie turned solemn, mobilizing his primeval essence into several Gu worms.

Killer move — Dragon Horse Spirit!

This was a killer move that was specially prepared for them by Snowy Mountain's demonic path Gu Immortal Xue Song Zi.

Neighhh Neighhh...

Many horses beside Ma Ying Jie raised their front legs and gave desperate and crazy neighs.

Large amount of blood seeped out of their body; they fell down one after another as they lost their life.

But at the same time, diverse and gorgeous horse souls resembling rainbows pierced out of the corpses.

"Mutated horse souls..." Fang Yuan's pupils slightly shrunk.

Normal souls were simply impossible to be detected by ordinary people.

But these horse souls had a pair of coral-like dragon horns on their head and were also of every size, as if they were alive, and they also shone with all kinds of colors; only the blind would not be able to see them.

Dragon horses floated up and charged towards Fang Yuan in a very fast speed.

Fang Yuan flew away, pulling apart some distance while also making probing attacks.

These horse souls were troublesome because they were souls. Ordinary physical attacks had no effect on them. At the same time, their self-destruction had the power equal to the soul explosion of the previous shark fin wolf!

Fang Yuan's killer move was strong, but it was not a soul path killer move; if three horse souls self-destructed at the same time, he would not be able to endure it.

After all, his soul cultivation was still at thousand man soul.

"But why would I face you head-on?" Fang Yuan scoffed and slowly landed on the ground.

He was not simply a pure strength path Gu Master, he still had enslavement path methods.

Next moment, wolf smoke surged and healed the wolves beside him. Wolf howl resounded raising the wolves' battle strength by several times.

The wolves then charged towards Ma Ying Jie and Ma Zun like hungry sharks.

"Damn it!" Ma Ying Jie immediately experienced Fang Yuan's insidiousness and unscrupulousness!

He had sacrificed large numbers of horses beside him to form into mutated horse souls for the killer move 'dragon horse spirit'.

But Fang Yuan did not face his horse souls, instead sending his wolf group to death.

The wolves used their lives to wear down the horse souls' strength, and the mutated horse souls started becoming dimmer as they defended against the wolf group's fierce attacks; some dispersed and some self-destructed.

Large numbers of wolves died in exchange for a sharp reduction of the horse souls.

Fang Yuan was displaying the essence of the enslavement path to the extreme.

Enslavement path Gu Masters used cannon fodder to exhaust the enemy's precious strength. For example, consuming their primeval essence, and right now, it was to perish along with the horse souls.

Ma Ying Jie could do nothing to Fang Yuan!

Mutated horse souls were strong, but after slaughtering so many wolves in such a short period of time, they were now powerless to be of any threat to Fang Yuan.

"Uncle, leave! You are our Ma tribe's hope, leave quickly!" Ma Ying Jie shouted, persuading Ma Zun to leave again.

Ma Zun's cheeks streamed with tears, his heart filled with pain, hatred, anger and hesitation.

He gritted his teeth to the point of almost breaking them, but in the end, under the urging of his rationality, he slowly moved his body and led a group of horses, leaving Ma Ying Jie and retreating towards Ma tribe camp.

"Hmm?" Fang Yuan immediately sensed Ma Zun's movement.

Ma Zun was an enslavement path master, hundred times more significant than Ma Ying Jie! Fang Yuan immediately flapped his wings and flew to the sky. He gave up on Ma Ying Jie and began to chase Ma Zun.

"Wolf King, don't leave!" Ma Ying Jie hurriedly mobilized horse souls to fly into the sky to intercept Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan coldly smiled in disdain and made an exquisite turn in the air, throwing all the horse souls behind him.

He was a flying master while these mutated horse souls were no more than Ma Ying Jie's puppets.

Looking at Fang Yuan rushing towards them with killing intent, the Gu Master guards beside Ma Zun immediately became fearful.

With no choice, Ma Zun also used the killer move 'dragon horse spirit'!

Under his control, mutated horse souls formed into a tight defense line; their might was much more than what Ma Ying Jie showed.

Even if Fang Yuan had flying master achievement, it would be difficult for him to break through.


A dragon roar resonated at this moment.

An enormous shadow shrouded over Fang Yuan.

The three clawed, golden horn giant dragon once again charged at Fang Yuan!

Cheng Long had been defeated in one move by Fang Yuan and had fallen down to the ground miserably. He had barely crawled out of the hole when he was attacked by several enemies, and after spending all his strength to thwart and beat away these obstacles, he chased after Fang Yuan in rage, to take revenge.

"You actually came to send yourself to death." Fang Yuan coldly smiled, not in the least moved as he looked at the dragon claws that were rapidly approaching him with an invincible might.

The eagle wings on his back flapped and he easily brushed past the dragon claws.

Relying on his exquisite flying skill, he made the giant dragon go circles around him.

"Not good, I am not Wolf King's match in the air!" Cheng Long soon realized his disadvantage, but it was already late.

Fang Yuan grabbed this gap to fly to the dragon head.

His two bronze arms ruthlessly pounded on the the two eyes of the giant dragon like a battle spear or a sharp sword.

The dragon eyes burst and blood splashed in all directions.

The giant dragon immediately went mad, roaring miserably due to the intense pain.

Fang Yuan was splashed all over with scarlet blood, but he did not stop, he gave a sinister smile and continued piercing deep into the eyes with his two hands, directly attacking the brain membrane. While his other two hands smashed at the dragon head like a heavy hammer.


Huge sounds echoed out again and again as Fang Yuan continued to hammer at the dragon head like pounding on a war drum.

The giant dragon started falling down, it struggled with mad fervor and its long tail twisted into a braid.

Stones and mud flew, and the dragon tail lashed out, sending both humans and beasts flying.

Fang Yuan did not stop his attack, he continued to pound for twenty to thirty times and was finally satisfied when the dragon head was thoroughly smashed into pieces.

White brain matter and blood spurted upon his whole body.

He took a deep breath, the intense odor of blood instead making him feel satisfied! Especially when he looked silently at this giant dragon corpse that he had conquered.

"Man, no matter which world they live in, all lives to conquer; conquer the enemy, conquer themselves…" Fang Yuan sighed with emotion.

Although the dragon had already died, the dragon corpse had not transformed back, one could see how profound Cheng Long's achievement in transformation path was.

"His head was quite tough, but he was no more than an impulsive fool." Fang Yuan lightly commented before looking towards Ma Zun again.

"He… he even killed Cheng Long!"

"Is this still Wolf King? Wasn't he an enslavement path master?!"

The scene of Fang Yuan stepping on the corpse shocked many.

Most of them simply did not dare to believe their own eyes.

How could Wolf King change from an enslavement path master into such a fierce warrior that rampaged in the battlefield?

Meanwhile, the wolf group howled and charged waves after waves without any pause, showing Fang Yuan's exquisite beast controlling skill.

Ma Zun's face was pale, his primeval essence was gradually exhausted as he kept on maintaining the killer move 'dragon horse spirit'.

The mutated horse souls had formed a tight defensive battle formation; the wolf group throwing their lives as they charged forward waves after waves.

Fang Yuan remained unmoved at these sacrifices, only sneering inwardly: 'Now, let me show you the true power of dual cultivation in enslavement and strength path.'

With a shift of his mind, the wolf group immediately changed their offensive pattern, dividing into several groups and breaking forward like sharp cones. The mutated souls' battle formation was unavoidably pulled apart.

As the defensive line became thinly spread, Fang Yuan took the initiative to launch an assault.

Ma Zun felt a chill in his heart and promptly maneuvered the mutated horse souls to intercept Fang Yuan, but this caused the defensive line to turn chaotic.

Fang Yuan laughed and changed the direction of his assault while making the wolf group charge ahead by three hundred steps.

Ma Zun blocked left and right, soon being unable to hold off the attacks.

If he guarded against Fang Yuan's assault, the wolf group would be free to charge forward. If he defend against the wolf group, he would not be able to guard against Fang Yuan.

After several rounds, Fang Yuan saw a gap and fiercely charged towards Ma Zun. The first strike broke Ma Zun's defensive barrier, the second punch seriously injured Ma Zun and the third punch killed this famous enslavement path master!

Ma Zun died!

The horse group crumbled apart and Ma tribe's army's morale lowered to the abyss!

"If I had not seen it personally, I would never have believed this!"

"Horse King actually died by enslavement path master Wolf King's beheading the leader tactic!!"

"Wolf King concealed himself too deeply, he actually cultivated both enslavement and strength path. He simply does not need to fear beheading the leader tactics, how can we deal with such an enslavement path master?"


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