Reverend Insanity
541 Four Arm Earth King!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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541 Four Arm Earth King!

Chapter 541: Four Arm Earth King!
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Very soon, Hei Lou Lan and the rest started to feel a pressure as heavy as a mountain!

"Not good, the enemy has gone crazy, we won't be able to hold on for long!"

"Black banner troops, come over to reinforce us quick!!"

"Pei Yan Fei, Zhong Fei You, Tang Miao Ming, you guys also come over to protect Wolf King!"

"We cannot continue to defend passively like this, we need to take the initiative to attack. Otherwise, the residual force of the battle will still endanger Wolf King!!"

Ma tribe was absolutely not resigned to losing.

If they lost, they would be completely finished!

They began to stake their lives, the heavy rewards alluring them to brave dangers. The situation quickly escaped out of Hei Lou Lan's control and the battlefield soon changed into attacking and defending Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's safety and danger directly concerned the result of this battle.

The enemy rank four Gu Masters and rank five Gu Masters all rushed over, creating a huge chaotic scene.

This was a majestic spectacle that was rarely seen in the former Imperial Court contests.

In the battle rings, rank four Gu Masters were already reduced to a supporting role. Even rank five experts could not act freely and were in a risky situation.

Hei Lou Lan, Ye Lui Sang and others had still been paying some attention to Wolf King at first. But soon, they were finding it difficult to protect themselves, surrounding them were flames, ice and snow, sound waves and all sorts of attacks that flew chaotically among the battle rings. The enemy did not remain in a fixed place, fighting anyone they met. There were times they even attacked their own people.

The number one assassin Wu Ming stood at a distant, helplessly looking at the giant chaotic battle ring.

He was an assassin, an expert at getting close while hiding before striking the fatal attack.

But right now, the battleground had become so chaotic with all Gu Masters attacking madly, all kinds of investigative Gu worms scanning around, and Gu Masters killing anybody they came across. The situation was already out of control, the offense too overwhelming, and some rank four Gu Masters had already become hysterical to protect themselves.

Wu Ming was doubtful, if he entered stealthily, he might be discovered within a few breaths of time. It might even be his own people who might attack him in the heat of the moment!

"Even if I don't make a move, Wolf King will find it hard to keep his life in such a situation!" Wu Ming smiled coldly and kept on watching the show.

Soon, his eyes brightened and saw a rank four Gu Master of his side moving towards Wolf King from the side.

"Cheng Hu!" When he saw the person clearly, Wu Ming almost shouted in excitement.

Someone had struck Cheng Hu from behind and sent him flying towards Fang Yuan.

Previously, Fang Yuan had Bian Si Xuan guarding him from the side.

But just moments ago, Bian Si Xuan had taken the initiative to draw away the encroaching Fei Sheng Cheng. She was not a defensive Gu Master and also did not have any intention to sacrifice her life for Fang Yuan, thus she felt that was the most sensible choice.

"Which scoundrel sneak attacked me!" Cheng Hu fell on the ground and immediately stood up, furiously roaring before turning around and charging towards the direction he came from.

"This?!" Wu Ming did not know what to say at this scene.

However, Cheng Hu had only walked five-six steps when suddenly he seemed to have been struck by a body immobilization spell as he stopped on the spot. He furiously turned around and rigidly stared at Fang Yuan who was within his reach.

After few breaths of being dazed, he finally came back to his senses.

"The guys who sneak attacked me, I really love you!! Hahaha!" Cheng Hu's pores opened up in excitement and looked at Fang Yuan like he was looking at five million battle merits and endless fame and fortune!


He pounced forward, his limbs instantly transformed into a gorgeous tiger the moment he landed.

Transformation path killer move!

Slant-eye tiger roared, a reeking wind pounced towards Fang Yuan.

"Damn it! Hide quickly!" Bian Si Xuan glanced back and involuntarily screamed.

"Success!!" Wu Ming felt his blood pumping and his body shivering with excitement.

The tiger opened its bloody mouth, leaped to the air and pounced down! The huge shadow shrouded over Fang Yuan's face. The tiger's sharp teeth was almost closing at his head!

"I had not thought such a heaven-shaking contribution will fall to my hands… huh?!" The tiger's eyes suddenly flashed with a shocked look.

A pair of large hands grabbed the tiger's neck, immobilizing it!

"Hmph!" Cheng Hu snorted inwardly, his many years of battle experience and insight allowed him to quickly slash with his two sharp claws.


A muffled sound echoed, the next moment, the two tiger claws were separately grabbed by two metallic hands.

'Where did these hands come from?' Cheng Hu gazed with bewilderment and saw Fang Yuan's cold gaze and tranquil-as-ice face, and two bronze arms that had grown from his sides since some unknown time ago!

The two bronze hands firmly grabbed Cheng Hu's tiger claws.

"Hmph!" Cheng Hu snorted and immediately used his tail as well. The tail lashed through the air, forming a fierce whip shadow that was agile and tricky as it smashed towards Fang Yuan's head.


A clear sound echoed. There was not the slightest of injuries on Fang Yuan's head, but instead it was the tiger tail that had turned numb from the pain and lost its control.

Cheng Hu had a killer move, Fang Yuan similarly possessed a killer move.

Killer move — Four Arm Earth King!

There were no less than fourteen Gu worms used for this killer move, including rank five amplify effect Gu!

In such a state, Fang Yuan's defense had increased by over four times. His strength reaching eight hundred jun! Moreover, when he was touching the ground, his strength would keep on increasing without end.

"Have you played enough?" Fang Yuan gave a cold smile, looking calmly at Cheng Hu, his gaze carrying a ridiculing and cold intent.

An intense coldness rose from Cheng Hu's heart before quickly spreading over his whole body.


Even if Cheng Hu was usually carefree and took his bravery as an honor, right now as he looked at Fang Yuan's dark and cold eyes, he felt fear!

The intense fear caused him to erupt with strength!

The tiger moved its throat, preparing a sound wave attack.

However, at this moment, Fang Yuan gave a soft sigh.

"Such a boring trick… sigh, it is better for you to die."

His voice was tranquil and light, as if he was talking of an insignificant thing.


The next moment, the bronze hands exerted strength and pulled.

The gorgeous tiger was ripped into two halves, fresh blood splattered and internal organs fell down to the ground.

Two irregular tiger part fell down to the ground and transformed back to two halves of a human.

And the tiger head turned back to Cheng Hu's head; his eyes were wide open in fear, completely revealing the fear of death!

Fang Yuan grabbed Cheng Hu's skull and slowly raised his head, his gaze traversing through everyone and landed on Yang Po Ying.

The hair all over Yang Po Ying's body stood on their end, an intense sense of danger was rising in his heart!

Fang Yuan flapped his eagle wings and flew to the sky!

Yang Po Ying's pupils shrunk, immediately mobilizing the thunder eagle group to protect him.

Fang Yuan smiled in disdain: Do you think you can block me with just these beasts with rank four battle strength?


Bam Bam Bam….

He directly charged straight ahead, the thunder eagles in his way were forcefully smashed into pieces.

By the time the Gu Masters in the chaotic battlefield reacted, Fang Yuan had already charged through the thunder eagle group like a hot knife cutting through butter and reached Yang Po Ying.

"You!" Yang Po Ying's face lost all blood as he looked at Fang Yuan with extreme fear.

Fang Yuan lifted him by his head, his whole body not even able to resist the slightest bit.

Fang Yuan lightly clenched his hand.


Fang Yuan burst Eagle King Yang Po Ying's head as easily as bursting a watermelon.

Blood and brain matter splattered, and the eagle group instantly crumbled apart.

The eagle group flew away back to the sunny sky.

The enormous commotion attracted countless people.

"What? Wolf King personally killed Eagle King?!" A lot of people shouted incredulously at this sight.

"Now, it is your turn." Fang Yuan did not stop, his cold gaze landing on Ma Zun.

They were separated by ten thousand steps of distance and he was protected by the majestic horse group, but Ma Zun still felt a terror as if a calamity was descending upon him.

"Block him!"

"Kill Wolf King!!"

Wu Ye and Xi Xue flew together and pincer attacked Fang Yuan.

"A bunch of trash wants to block me?" Fang Yuan snorted in disdain, he flapped his two wings and easily shook away Xi Xue, directly charging towards Wu Ye.

"This…" Wu Ye had never expected Fang Yuan to be so violent! He overestimated his own defense while also underestimating Fang Yuan's fierce offensive.

The defensive light barrier only held for half a breath of time before collapsing apart. Wu Ye immediately sensed danger and with his master level flying skill, he was able to make a dodging movement which others simply could not do.

If it were others, they might only be able to let him escape, but Fang Yuan was similarly a flying master!


A dull sound echoed, half of Wu Ye's body was smashed into paste with bones fracturing into pieces and internal organs of half his body bursting apart.

His eyes were wide open as he fell down from the sky.

A generation's flying master, a demonic path expert had perished!

Fang Yuan moved on towards Ma Zun without even glancing at Wu Ye.


A dragon roar echoed like a thunder, and an enormous dragon blocked Fang Yuan's way.

This giant dragon had golden horn, three claws and dragon eyes which were burning like lanterns, revealing the flames of revenge: "Chang Shan Yin! you dared to kill my younger brother, you shall pay the most bitter price for this!"

This person was a rank five expert of transformation path, Cheng Hu's big brother — Cheng Long!

"Noisy earthworm." Fang Yuan snorted and increased his speed, leaving behind an afterimage in the air as he fiercely smashed into the giant dragon.


The explosive sound of the collision was deafening.

The sound wave spread to all directions, resounding through the sky and earth.

Hearts trembled as countless gazes fixed at the distant, looking at Fang Yuan whose body had inflated by two times and was covered in a bronze luster, his four arms thicker than a grown man's thighs.

He stood proudly in the air, grabbing a broken dragon horn.

While the three clawed golden giant dragon fell down to the ground like a puppet with its strings cut. It fiercely smashed into the ground, creating a giant pit with dragon blood and dragon scales splattering all around.

"What?" Ma Shang Feng's pupils rapidly shrunk as he blurted out involuntarily, not daring to believe the reality, "Even Cheng Long could not take one move from him!"

"This killer move…" Hei Lou Lan absentmindedly looked at Fang Yuan, seeing the reflection of Liu tribe's three brothers''three heads six arms' killer move.

"Ma Zun, I, Wolf King, will take your life." Fang Yuan lightly said, his voice travelling across the battlefield, his calm tone was like he was once again speaking of insignificant matter.

But to everyone else, his words had a feeling of being unrivalled!

"Uncle Ma Zun, leave quickly. I will block him!" Ma tribe's young tribe leader Ma Ying Jie shouted from Ma Zun's side.

The other Gu Master guards also started persuading: "Wolf King is very fierce, we cannot face him head-on. Lord and young tribe leader, please leave, we will hold him back!"


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