Reverend Insanity
539 Rank Five Peak Stage!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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539 Rank Five Peak Stage!

Chapter 539: Rank Five Peak Stage!
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

With Chang Biao taking the stage, Ma tribe sent a female expert.

This person's name was Xi Xue, a rank four peak stage Gu Master, a famous expert of ice path. She possessed a rank five flying snow Gu which once activated could cause heavy snowfall and make a range of thousands of steps into an ice zone.

When Chang Biao saw this expert, he inwardly said: 'This will be difficult."

Even if he was at his peak condition, he would have to be careful when facing this woman, let alone now in his injured state.

The two started fighting, Xi Xue had a sharp offense while Chang Biao kept on dodging to prolong the battle; with this, he was unavoidably pressed in a disadvantageous situation.

The battles continued and as time passed, some rank four Gu Masters lost, some retreated due to injuries and some died at the enemy's hand.

There were casualties in both sides, but with regards to the overall situation, it was a draw.

Slowly, there were fewer and fewer rank four Gu Masters in the main tent of both sides; they did not have enough to mobilize.

"Gu tribe leader, please show your strength now." Hei Lou Lan's gaze landed on a man who was sitting upright.

Gu tribe leader Gu Guo Long was an earth path Gu Master who had once given huge trouble to Hei tribe army by piling stones into a mountain, and made Hei Lou Lan have the thought of retreating. But after Tai Bai Yun Sheng arrived, Hei tribe won and Gu tribe merged with Hei tribe army as the defeated side.

Gu Guo Long's appearance shocked Ma tribe army.

This was the first appearance of a rank five expert, Ma Shang Feng immediately responded by sending Cheng tribe leader Cheng Long.

This person was a rank five expert of transformation path and was big brother of Cheng Hu.

Gu Guo Long bowed slightly upon seeing Cheng Long and politely said: "So it is Cheng tribe leader, please give me pointers."

Cheng Long chuckled: "I won't dare to teach tribe leader Guo Long, let's just compare our moves."

The two started their battle with such a huge momentum that it suppressed everyone and became the focal point of countless gazes.

Gu Guo Long could attack and defend with stable and unflustered movements. While Cheng Long flew freely in the sky, fierce and calm.

When the two had exchanged twenty moves, Hei Lou Lan sent another rank five expert Luo Bo Jun.

Luo Bo Jun had previously sided with Liu Wen Wu, but after Liu tribe lost against Hei tribe, he became one of the higher-ups of Hei tribe army.

Ma tribe also sent out a rank five expert to take on Luo Bo Jun.

With regards to rank five experts, Ma tribe was not inferior in any respect. Previously, Nu Er Tu annexed Tao tribe but was then defeated by Yang tribe who was then attacked by Ye Lui tribe; in the end, Ma tribe defeated Ye Lui tribe, becoming the final winner. From this battle, Ma tribe gained many large tribes - Qi Lian tribe, Cheng tribe, Zhao tribe, Lui tribe, Tao tribe, Yang tribe and other formidable forces.

At the same time, they also gained Jiang Bao Ya and Yang Po Ying, and together with Ma Zun, they had three enslavement path masters!

Rank five Gu Masters mostly occupied positions of power and prestige; their tone of speaking in the fight was much calmer and cordial in comparison to the boiling killing intent between the rank four Gu Masters. When they attacked, they would also hold back some of their strength in consideration of each other's feelings.

Because if they died, their tribe would become a leaderless group and would be swallowed by Hei tribe or Ma tribe.

Although they were hostile to the enemy, their heart was still tied to their tribe's benefits. Even if they were under the constraints of poison vow, there were tacit unwritten rules.

Fang Yuan calmly observed the battle from his seat.

He had only showed rank four peak stage cultivation, but as an enslavement master and a key character that could influence the whole situation, his position was special and was higher than those rank five tribe leaders.

"What a great move by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, a truly wonderful plan!" As he was personally participating in the struggle for Imperial Court, Fang Yuan truly felt more and more overwhelmed.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable left built Eighty-Eight True Yang Building as an inheritance for his descendants and at the same time, also set up 'Imperial Court contest' tradition; one could tell he had pondered about it meticulously.

Leaving aside Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, just this struggle for Imperial Court was a field of purging at every stage with Huang Jin tribes swallowed other tribes and strengthening themselves.

At the same time, the gathering of goods developed the abnormally blooming battle merits economy during the battles. And through war reparations, technology and skills were exchanged, which further deepened the foundation of the Huang Jin family.

What was even more important was the survival of the fittest rule which forced Gu Masters to exert their strength at the edge of life and death and become experts. For Huang Jin tribes, this was filtering out the Gu Immortal seeds.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was no longer alive, but his influence was still governing the whole northern plains.

"Compared to the Immortal Venerable, I am only an ant like existence at present. But it was also because I took advantage of this struggle for the Imperial Court that my strength could advance by leaps and bounds…"

Fang Yuan then divided a little of his concentration to look into his aperture.

There were many new Gu worms in his aperture. Most were rank four with one rank three along with one rank five asura zombie Gu and one rank five earth overlord Gu.

Ever since Fang Yuan had gained inspiration from 'three heads six arms' killer move, he had been combining his foundation and imagination to make some progress in his research.

He then condensed the research findings into a killer move which he called — Four Arm Earth King!

When he activates this killer move, a completely new pair of arms would grow out from his sides. His strength would increase sharply when he used all four of his arms, comparable to the killer move of Liu tribe's three brothers''three heads six arms'!

"But, compared to three arms six heads, my four arm earth king's form can only be maintained for a short time. I will only be able to exert full strength when my feet is touching the land. If I fly, my battle strength will fall by half."

This killer move had been newly created by Fang Yuan and was still not perfected. He would need to examine this killer move through battles, add in some new Gu, replace unnecessary Gu or directly cut down on them, and slowly this killer move would be perfected.

The sun gradually rose higher, but with blizzard disaster approaching closer, the normally intense hot sunlight appeared to have no heat.

The surging battle intent on the battlefield gradually accumulated to the climax.

All sorts of attacks burst out in dozens of battle rings like colorful fireworks, creating an extremely dazzling scene.

There were only a few Gu Masters left in the Hei tribe's main tent. The rest were either fighting, retreating, recovering or had died in the battlefield.

Considering the overall situation, Hei tribe was in a slightly weaker position.

Since the start till now, Hei Lou Lan had obtained Hei Bai and Hei Cheng, two immortals' active support. While Ma tribe had only requested assistance from Xue Song Zi only at this battle.

"Hmph, Ma tribe's bunch of trash can really take a beating!" Hei Lou Lan snorted with a fierce gaze as he started getting impatient.

His gaze landed on Fang Yuan and was just about to speak, when three beast groups rushed out of Ma tribe camp.

From the left side, many horses galloped on the earth, causing the ground to rumble like a muffled lightning!

From right side, countless rats rushed out while squeaking and hissing, so packed that it caused people to feel a chill down their spine.

From the center, eagle group soared up like dark clouds, actually looking like it could cover the sky!

Horse King Ma Zun, Rat King Jiang Bao Ya and Eagle King Yang Po Ying, these three enslavement path masters had moved at the same time.

Beast groups charged, immediately dispersing most of the battle rings.

Ma Shang Feng saw he was slightly winning in the experts challenging and wanted to rely on the dominance of their enslavement path masters to suppress Hei tribe army and change the unfavorable situation.

Facing the combined attack of three beast groups, Hei Lou Lan immediately tensed up and looked at Fang Yuan: "Wolf King, it is your turn now!"

Fang Yuan nodded and leisurely stood up from his seat.

He slowly strolled to the head of the twin-headed rhino and looked down at the three beast groups - all of them were fierce, powerful and were huge in size.

Either one of the three enslavement path masters were at the same level as him and were formidable opponents who would not lose to him in regards to enslavement path.

It was to the extent that the enslavement path Gu worms they had were much more comprehensive and superior to Fang Yuan's wolf enslavement Gu worms.

Under the condition that he did not reveal his strength path battle strength, Fang Yuan would find it hard to fight against this group by himself. In the previous two rounds of battle, his wolf group had all along been pushed into disadvantage by the three beast groups and had suffered huge losses. Meanwhile, Ma tribe had relied on this advantage to make the beast groups cover their backs and thus they could safely retreat behind defense lines the previous two times.

But at this moment, Fang Yuan coldly laughed, his heart filled with soaring battle intent.

His enslavement path Gu worms were slightly weaker in comparison to these three enslavement path masters, but he had received huge support from Hei tribe's Gu Immortals before the battle and his wolf group's size had increased by over ten times.

These wolf groups were hidden within the army and by using some Gu worms, the enemy was unable to sense them.

"Wolf King! I am Yang Po Ying, do you dare to fight me?" In the sky, Yang Po Ying was riding on a huge eagle, his heroic aura shone and his posture was upright as if it was a battle spear that would charge to the sky.

He took the initiative to challenge in order to pin down Fang Yuan's wolf group.

The eagle group could attack the wolf group from air, thus had a very advantageous position.

"Hahaha, Old Yang, go easy on brother Chang Shan Yin, after all he is an enslavement master like us. You need to give him some face." From the right, Rat King's ridiculing laughter could be heard.

And on the left, among the horse group, Ma Zun who was not good at talking just groaned and charged forward. Around him were large number of Gu Master experts on war horses, guarding him.

Enslavement path masters could display extreme strength when they themselves were present in the battle while commanding their beast group.

The three masters braved the risks and led their beast group in the charge. This was akin to three heavy punches, if the Hei tribe army did not block it off properly even by a little, they could very well be knocked out, the whole situation could crumble apart and they would have to retreat powerlessly.

After all, a battlefield was filled with unpredictable variables. There were many examples of the weak winning against the strong. Let alone when Hei tribe was only occupying a slight dominance.

"Brother Shan Yin…" Hei Lou Lan could not help revealing a worried expression. Although the scale of the wolf group had increased sharply, beyond that of the three beast groups, he was worried Fang Yuan would not be able to control all of them properly. After all, Fang Yuan had never controlled such a large number of wolves.

If he was not able to control them properly and instead became confused, or even if he could control them, with Wolf King's rank four peak stage primeval essence, how long could he hold on for?

Fang Yuan stood on the head of the twin-headed rhino, silent as his back faced Hei Lou Lan.

Looking at the three majestic beast groups charging and killing, pincer attacking from both sky and land, and were already approaching close, while Wolf King had yet to make any movement, Hei Lou Lan felt very anxious as he urged: "Brother Shan Yin, make your move quickly!"

Fang Yuan was still silent as if he did not hear it.

The three beast groups rushed over with great momentum and was less than two hundred steps away and looked like it would arrive in an instant; Hei tribe's army was in an uproar and Hei Lou Lan urged even more anxiously: "Brother Chang Shan Yin!!"

Fang Yuan raised his head and laughed: "It is time! The enemy poured all their strength to pressure me with the beast groups, but they do not know that they have brought about their own demise. Alliance leader Lou Lan, I need to congratulate you."

"Congratulate me for what?"

"This battle has already been won, the die is cast, alliance leader becoming the Lord of Imperial Court is a foregone conclusion." Fang Yuan lightly said.

Hei Lou Lan's eyes opened wide, he nearly shouted: 'The f*ck! Where are you getting this ridiculous sense of confidence from! Quick, mobilize your wolf group for me, the enemy is already near and you still have time to talk about such nonsense!?'

However, the very next moment, his eyes almost popped out like someone had struck the back of his eyes.

It was because he felt Fang Yuan's aura having astonishing changes.

From rank four peak stage to rank five initial stage...

From rank five initial stage to rank five middle stage...

From rank five middle stage to rank five upper stage...

And from rank five upper stage to rank five peak stage!

Right now, Fang Yuan was slowly lifting the concealment of breath concealment Gu and did not suppress his true cultivation anymore.

Rank five peak stage, a genuine rank five peak stage!

Wolf King Chang Shan Yin was actually a rank five peak stage enslavement path master!

Hei Lou Lan was dumbstruck and dazed as he stared at Fang Yuan's back view. The Gu Master guards nearby the main tent also looked with shocked and stunned gazes.

Under everyone's gaze, Fang Yuan activated eagle rise Gu; large eagle wings gently raised him to the sky.

In the sky, he gave a long howl.

Rank five amplify effect Gu and wolf howl Gu!

The wolf howl resounded throughout the skies, directly suppressing all the sounds from the three beast groups.

Howl… howl… howl!

The wolves started howling one after another in response to Fang Yuan.


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