Reverend Insanity
538 Challenge
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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538 Challenge

Chapter 538: Challenge
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Swoosh swoosh.

A blue water current shot out. Slant-eye tiger roared in a thunderous volume.

This was the rank four tiger roar Gu!

The tiger roar sound waves caused ripples in the air, as it hit the currents, the water exploded into a huge rain.

After Cheng Hu became the slant-eye tiger, he had great offense, immediately giving off a dominating aura.

Tiger roar Gu, sends out sound waves. Tiger claw Gu, has overwhelming sharpness. Tiger skin Gu, has superb defense!

Tiger tooth Gu, is pointy like spears, has amazing penetration ability. Tiger tail Gu, strong like a whip, moving like one's arms!

Transformation path Gu Masters would collect relevant Gu worms for their killer move. Once the Gu worm set is complete, they would be able to transform and obtain a huge qualitative surge in their battle strength.

Of course, the stronger the transformation, the more valuable the Gu needed for their set, and the harder it is to collect them.

Even if a Gu Master could transform, they needed a lot of training. Humans were born to walk on two legs, having two arms and one head. If they transformed into another form, it would not be easy for them to adapt.

Same as flying, only huge amounts of training and talent would allow one to have great proficiency in using their new form.

Gu Masters nurture, use, and refine Gu, this was the deep profound aspect of using Gu.

The two armies placed their gaze on the battle ahead.

Hao Ji Liu and Cheng Hu's battle had already reached the crucial moment.

Cheng Hu used his killer move, turning into the slant-eye tiger, he had the advantage. Hao Ji Liu could only evade primilarily, compared to his earlier frenzied attacks, he was truly pathetic now.

However, as time continued to pass, the battle was still stuck at a deadlock. Although Cheng Hu had a huge advantage, he could not turn this advantage into victory.

Even though most of Ma tribe's troops were rejoicing, the people sitting inside Ma tribe's main tent were frowning.

"Not good, this Water Demon is very crafty! Cheng Hu is in danger." Ma Ying Jie said.

Many of the experts around nodded in agreement.

Although killer moves were strong, in truth, they were actually multiple Gu used at the same time. This meant that primeval essence expenditure was very high, for normal Gu Masters, this was a double-edged sword.

After Cheng Hu used his killer move, with Water Demon Hao Ji Liu's plentiful experience, he immediately changed his hard-hitting tactics. As Cheng Hu was unable to take down Water Demon in time, after his primeval essence was expended, he would return to human form. By then, Water Demon Hao Ji Liu would retaliate.

Ma Shang Feng looked calm, but his heart sank.

If this was the past, Cheng Hu's success or failure would not bother him. But now, Cheng Hu's victory or loss was not his problem alone, it concerned the morale of the entire army.

Ma tribe had lost twice already, Ma Shang Feng knew that the tribes that submitted to them had already wavered.

Ma tribe army was led by Ma tribe, the other tribes were needed to make the alliance. Once their hearts wavered, the situation would turn dangerous.

Ma Shang Feng did not wish to see Cheng Hu fail.

But with the current situations, Cheng Hu was very likely to fail, Ma Shang Feng could only sigh in his heart as he called: "Fei Sheng Cheng."

Fei Sheng Cheng immediately stepped up, placing his right palm at his heart, bowing: "I am here."

"You will go for the second battle." Ma Shang Feng said. In order to alleviate the negative influences caused by Cheng Hu's defeat, he placed his hopes on Fei Sheng Cheng.

Fei Sheng Cheng was a fierce general.

Earlier, he was ostracised by Fei tribe, and could not rise up. Ma tribe thus used him as an insider, and during Fei tribe's internal political strife, they launched a surprise attack while they were weak and managed to take down Fei tribe.

After Fei Sheng Cheng submitted to Ma tribe, which was a wise ruler, he made many accomplishments and was highly regarded and nurtured.

Right now, he came before the battle area and shouted.

"He is Fei Sheng Cheng, ever since the Imperial Court contest, he had killed eight rank four experts. In an earlier battle, he used numbness Gu and fought three experts of the same realm alone, showing great abilities." In Hei tribe main tent, Sun Shi Han said.

Ye Lui Sang's expression was cold.

The 'earlier battle' Cunning Gentleman Sun Shi Han mentioned was the battle between Ma tribe and Ye Lui tribe. In the end, Ye Lui Sang lost and was chased by Ma tribe, almost becoming a vagabond. The tribes that submitted to Ye Lui tribe, like Qi Lian tribe, all went to Ma tribe.

Numbness Gu, a rare rank four Gu, had value equivalent to a rank five. Once a Gu Master was struck, they would be paralyzed, unable to move. Although it lasted a short time, during an intense battle, this was a very deadly technique.

Hei Lou Lan responded in agreement, and looked around, asking: "Who can battle?"

Once he said so, one person laughed heartily and stood up: "Fei Sheng Cheng is nothing much, I am willing to battle and sweep the obstacles away in your path to conquest!"

Hei Lou Lan looked at this person, it was none other than Sole Blade Pan Ping.

Earlier, Pan Ping was defeated by Liu tribe's three brothers combination move, and was revived by Tai Bai Yun Sheng using man as before Gu after the battle. Not just him, Gao Yang and Zhu Zai were revived in the same way.

"Alright, then you shall go." Hei Lou Lan nodded.

If this was during the start of the battle, he would not think highly of Pan Ping. But after tens of battles, Pan Ping was no longer like before, he had grown quickly to become an expert like Pei Yan Fei.

"Fei tribe lad, you are just a traitor, a shameless scoundrel seeking glory. You being alive is the greatest humiliation, quickly receive your death!" Pan Ping jumped onto the battlefield and shouted, surging with battle intent.

Fei Sheng Cheng was furious, he hated people who called him this: "You are just a demonic path bastard, earlier I let you act arrogantly because you did not anger me yet!"

Immediately, the two fought.

At once, the scene was bursting with attacks as they were evenly matched. When two experts on par with each other battle, it would be an intense battle.

Actually, the two of them had similar circumstances. At the start of the Imperial Court contest, the two of them were people who were not doing well. Pan Ping was a demonic path Gu Master, he lived a tough life. As for Fei Sheng Cheng, he was suppressed by his clan and could not achieve his goals.

But because of this Imperial Court contest, the two gained fame and emerged from the battles while gaining great surge in strength.

Pan Ping only had one good Gu back then, sole blade Gu. But now, he used his battle merits to exchange for an exquisite set of Gu worms, his strength grew by leaps and bounds. It was unlike before when he relied on sole blade Gu alone.

Fei Sheng Cheng was the same.

Earlier, he was ostracised in his clan, even though he had a complete set of Gu worms, he lacked strong effective methods. He had also accumulated battle merits in battle, and exchanged the rank five equivalent numbness Gu, paired with his Gu worms, his battle strength rose sharply.

The two of them engaged with each other endlessly, but they both had their concerns.

Pan Ping was afraid of numbness Gu, while Fei Sheng Cheng was guarding against sole blade Gu.

Speaking of the sole blade Gu, it was Pan Ping's good luck, it resides in the scimitar instead of the Gu Master's body or aperture.

After Pan Ping was blown to bits, only the sole blade Gu survived.

After that, when Tai Bai Yun Sheng revived him, he lost all of his Gu worms except sole blade Gu. And thankfully, Pan Ping had a lot of battle merits which he had not used.

But Gao Yang and Zhu Zai were not so lucky.

After they died, they lost all their Gu worms. Most unfortunately, Gao Yang's rank five treacherous cloud wave Gu was destroyed as well.

Rank five man as before Gu, it could only target human bodies and not Gu worms.

But the two felt calm, after all, being able to revive was the biggest benefit!

Thereafter, they borrowed battle merits to replenish their Gu worms. After several battles, not only did they return all the battle merits they owed, they even had some gains left.

The battle of two rank four experts attracted countless gazes.

Ma tribe saw that Fei Sheng Cheng and Pan Ping were at a deadlock, and sent out another six fierce generals.

Hei Lou Lan accepted all the challenges, sending Pei Yan Fei, Gao Yang, Zhu Zai and others.

When the six pair of experts battled, Cheng Hu finally lost. Water Demon Hao Ji Liu had no strength to chase after him, he could only watch Cheng Hu escape safely.

Hei tribe's morale surged, but quickly, in the third battle, Ma tribe won, and tied the scores.

The two sides continued to send experts, as more than thirty battle rings appeared before the two troops.

That is so say, there were around seventy rank four Gu Masters fighting at once!

This was a grand scene, in the entire northern plains, there were billions of people, mostly being mortals, but only several hundred rank four Gu Masters, and less than fifty rank five Gu Masters.

Precisely because of the battle for the Imperial Court, all these people gathered and collided with each other, competing intensely. In the battle for life and death, even stronger Gu Masters emerge while the weak get exterminated.

It was near the end of the fight for the Imperial Court. Be it Hei tribe or Ma tribe, they were both huge forces.

Not counting Gu Immortals, either army had a scale that surpassed super tribes greatly.

All members of both armies were definitely excited and filled with ambitions.

Only Fang Yuan was calm, in his previous life he had seen even larger events, that was the chaotic battle of the five regions, it was truly a time of unrest.

"Lord alliance leader, I would like to battle!" A young rank four Gu Master walked up as he could not contain his battle intent.

This was none other than Ge Guang.

Ge Guang was Ge tribe leader, he was originally rank three, but after so many battles, he survived and gained a huge boost in strength, having advanced to rank four successfully not long ago.

Hei Lou Lan was stunned, turning his gaze towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was Ge and Chang tribe's supreme elder, both tribes were under his control.

Fang Yuan sensed Hei Lou Lan's inquisitive gaze and lightly commanded: "Stand down Ge Guang, you are a tribe leader, how can you put yourself at risk?"

Ge Guang stepped down obediently.

Fang Yuan asked: "Where is Chang Biao?"

"Lord, I am here." Chang Biao had a sickly expression, he had yet to recover from his injuries from the previous battle.

But Fang Yuan did not care about this, saying: "You will go fight."

Chang Biao wanted to speak but he could not, filled with an intense rage in his heart. Ever since he joined the Hei alliance army, he would be ordered by Fang Yuan to participate in every huge battle.

Even if he was a famous expert, he could not undergo consecutive battles with such a high intensity.

"Damn it! This Chang Shan Yin, is he ordering me like a beast?! Curse my current weak position, I cannot oppose him. I will wait and endure, there is still a long way to go. If I can harm you more than ten years ago, I will still be able to send you to the underworld after so many years!"

Chang Biao screamed in his heart, but on the surface, he chose to obey Fang Yuan's orders, dragging his injured body into the battlefield.


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