Reverend Insanity
537 Xue Song Zi
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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537 Xue Song Zi

Chapter 537: Xue Song Zi
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The lofty Snowy Mountain stood tall and reached through the clouds.

Mountain ranges surrounded it like stars surrounding the moon.
The sky had a hue of light blue color. Thin snow fluttered lightly and landed on the ground.

This was a spotlessly white region with even the buildings on the mountain carved out of ice crystals.

Here was Snowy Mountain blessed land.

The nest of northern plains' demonic path Gu Immortals, with tens of Gu Immortals occupying different peaks.

On one of the peaks of Snowy Mountain, green pine trees grew everywhere and a seven storey pavilion made of ice crystal stood there. Three large words were carved on the board in the pavillion — Xue Song Pavilion.

The owner of this peak, Xue Song Zi, was a famous rank six demonic path Gu Immortal of northern plains.

He was tall and thin with snow white hair that reached the ground and was clothed in a light blue gown. Right now, he was on the top floor of Xue Song Pavilion, looking down at this Snowy Mountain branch peak that belonged exclusively to him.

He had deep blue eyes and his deep gaze swept through a thousand li of his territory.

"The snow pines are growing well, the snow willows planted two years ago have already grown to over ten thousand willows. This year, the number of Gu worms produced was close to three hundred rank five Gu; there are still a surplus of ice path and water path Gu worms after leaving some for research. I can sell them and gain at least two-three immortal essence stones."

"Of course, my most important income source is still the transaction of snowmen slaves."

Xue Song Zi raised six variant human tribes on his branch peak, they were all snowmen.

Snowman was one of the species of variant humans who lived in ice-cold snowy regions. They had white skin, icy blue eyes and aqua blue hair. When they die, their blood and flesh body would turn into an ice sculpture.

Snowmen normally did not cry or laugh, so their tears were very rare. The absolute majority of the snowmen would never experience crying from joy or pain in their life.

However, if a snowman sheds tears, their tear would instantly condense into ice. Icy tears were precious Gu refinement material that Gu Masters liked deeply.

Xue Song Zi looked around once and nodded, satisfied.

Snowmen looked expressionless, but Xue Song Zi, however, saw them as the variant humans with spirituality that was the closest to humans. Many Gu Immortals raised snowmen, torturing them brutally for their icy tears.

Icy tears could be used in many areas of Gu refinement, and so its transaction in treasure yellow heaven was flourishing.

Many Gu Immortals massacred and killed snowmen to profit from their icy tears.

Xue Song Zi also did such shady business before, but he soon discovered the market for trading snowmen was much more profitable than the icy tears themselves.

From then onwards, he began to raise snowmen and sell them in treasure yellow heaven for other Gu Immortals to torture.

Snowmen could shed tears at most three times in their life and the amount would not surpass sixty drops. Every time they shed tears, the snowman's lifespan and life essence would decrease by a huge amount.

The more the snowman sheds tears, the faster they will age, speeding up their death.

However, raising snowmen did not cost much.

Moreover, Xue Song Zi possessed this Snowy Mountain branch peak which was very beneficial for the growth of snow pines, snow trees and snowmen, thus his profit from selling snowmen was much higher than when he sold tears.

He was good at making money and had accumulated a large amount of immortal essence stones from his thriving business over the years, and was considered wealthy in the Gu Immortal circle.

But he had one great regret — decades had gone by since he became rank six Gu Immortal, but he still did not have even one Immortal Gu.

No matter how many immortal essence stones he had, he was not able to buy Immortal Gu. After all, there was only one of each Immortal Gu, others would not sell them even if they had it. At most, they would use Immortal Gu to exchange for Immortal Gu.

"Now, Ma tribe has already reached the final step, if it can prevail over Hei tribe and enter Imperial Court, maybe I can obtain my first Immortal Gu from Eighty-Eight True Yang Building… hmm?"

Xue Song Zi was thinking of all the matters, when suddenly he had a feeling and casually waved his hand.

Space tore open and a letter Gu flew in.

Xue Song Zi read the letter which was Ma tribe's request for help.

"So they have finally gotten to this stage." The corner of Xue Song Zi's lips curled up into a smile.

He had been paying close attention to the struggle for Imperial Court and already knew the difficulties Ma tribe was facing. Previously, he had gotten in contact with Ma tribe, but Ma tribe had not made a decision. Now due to the tense battle situation, Ma tribe sent a request for assistance, it was akin to agreeing to his previous conditions.

"With this, it is time to make my move." Xue Song Zi gradually restrained his smile and activated divine sense Gu.

Three divine senses separately flew towards three snowman tribes on the snowy peak.

After receiving the divine sense, three snowman Gu Masters immediately hurried towards the mountain peak.

After a while, they were kneeling in front of Xue Song Pavilion and greeted together: "Xue Wa, Xue Mi and Xue Ming greet Lord Immortal!"

Xue Song Zi did not reveal himself, instead sent some Gu worms towards these three snowmen's hands.

"Take these Gu worms and also battle troop D to the outside world and find Ma tribe, help them win the battle." Xue Song Zi sent another divine sense.

"As you command." The three snowman Gu Masters immediately accepted the order.

Xue Song Zi had four battle troops marked A, B, C and D. They were elite troops formed from experts of the six snowman tribes.

The three snowman Gu Masters led battle troop D out of the Snowy Mountain blessed land, but before they even reached Ma tribe, Hei tribe's Gu Immortals noticed them.

"Elder brother, this Ma tribe has relations to Snowy Mountain's demonic path Gu Immortals as we expected. The evidence is out in the open now, Liu tribe's external supreme elder Gu Immortal Tan Bi Ya was not wrong." Hei Bai said to Hei Cheng in Xiao Hun blessed land.

These two were Hei tribe's Gu Immortals.

Hei Bai had an ordinary appearance and looked to be middle-aged, he looked clumsy but was intelligent. While Hei Cheng was recognized as Hei tribe's genius since young, he looked elegant and confident, and was also Hei Lou Lan's father.

Hei Cheng glanced at Hei Bai and calmly said: "Brother, do not fret. Demonic path Gu Immortals have always been lone wolves. Snowy Mountain might be strong and have tens of Gu Immortals, but those that are supporting Ma tribe will only be two-three at most."

Hei Bai nodded: "Elder brother is right, but the current Ma tribe is truly strong. They were able to win great battles just by relying on themselves previously. Now if they obtain Gu Immortals' support, they are bound to get much stronger."

Hei Cheng was in agreement as he asked: "Have you investigated who the demonic path Gu Immortals supporting Ma tribe are?"

"I haven't but it should be easy."

"Do it. For the next few days, we will buy five hundred thousand wolves, three hundred mutated wolves, two wolf emperors and a few thousand Gu worms along with other resources to give to Hei Lou Lan."

"Yes, elder brother!"

"Also, instruct Hei Lou Lan to end the battle quickly so as to avoid new problems."

Hei Bai gave an understanding nod, and left Xiao Hun blessed land without speaking any more.

A war did not only pit human lives against each other, it was more about the competition between each other's foundations, a war of attrition.

The struggle for Imperial Court had advanced to the final stage; Hei Cheng and Hei Bai, two immortals who had been supporting Hei Lou Lan, gradually started to feel an extremely heavy burden.

Although Gu Immortals were rich, they could not support the whole army for such a long period of time.

The amount of resources and mortal Gu needed were extremely enormous. A part came from their blessed land, but most of them were purchased from treasure yellow heaven using immortal essence stones.

With such huge amounts of immortal essence stones being expended, both Hei Bai and Hei Cheng felt distressed inwardly.

The struggle for Imperial Court was essentially a game. But it was not a game all Gu Immortals could afford to play.

Many Gu Immortals would put huge stakes in this game to obtain an Immortal Gu. In the end, if the side they chose did not become the owner of Imperial Court, they would lose disastrously, there were even examples of going bankrupt.

But if they won and obtained Immortal Gu from Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, all their investment would be worth it.

After all, no matter how many immortal essence stones they had, they would not be able to buy an Immortal Gu.

After ten days, Hei tribe and Ma tribe began another round of battle. Troops lined up in a seemingly endless battle formation.

In the main tent, Hei Lou Lan sat on the main seat with his eyes gazing at his front and his heroic spirit was overflowing: "We did not cause huge damage to Ma tribe the previous two times, we will teach them a good lesson this time. It is not that easy to become a super tribe, hmph! Who will go first?"

The moment he finished speaking, Water Demon Hao Ji Liu stood up and bowed: "Lord alliance leader, I would like to go first!"

Hei Lou Lan nodded in satisfaction.

Water Demon Hao Ji Liu was an expert who had chosen to submit to him since the heroes assembly.

And he had been assisting and fighting in the struggle for Imperial Court the whole journey, and killed countless enemies and had made huge battle contributions at this stage.

Although Pei Yan Fei also attached to Hei tribe after Liu Wen Wu lost, he could not shake rank four Hao Ji Liu's position as the first general.

Hao Ji Liu was an 'old general' of Hei tribe army and adding in the loyalty which he had revealed many times, if nothing unexpected happened, he would be taken in as an external elder by Hei tribe once they become the owner of Imperial Court.

Hei tribe was a super tribe with Huang Jin bloodline, one of the overlords of northern plains. If Hao Ji Liu joined Hei tribe, it would be like taking a shelter under a large tree, similar to Wind Demon Tan Wu Feng joining Dong Fang tribe.

Hao Ji Liu entered the battlefield and started taunting. Ma Shang Feng snorted and pointed at him: "This Water Demon again, who will go teach him a lesson?"

"Lord alliance leader, let me go take care of him this time." A boorish guy stood up; he was Ma tribe's general, rank four transformation path Gu Master — Cheng Hu.

Ma Shang Feng agreed, Cheng Hu impatiently went to the frontline and started fighting Hao Ji Liu.

Hao Ji Liu attacked cleverly with great offense, torrents surging around him. Because of many precious and rare Gu he had exchanged with his battle merits, Hao Ji Liu's current battle strength far surpassed the time when he had just started out in the struggle for Imperial Court.

The two sides exchanged moves after moves, and after over ten rounds, Hao Ji Liu slowly began to occupy the upper hand.

Cheng Hu felt stifled as kept on being pushed into disadvantage, he gave a furious roar and activated his killer move, transforming into slant-eye tiger.

The tiger was ferocious and powerful, immediately turning around the losing situation.

Hao Ji Liu was widely known for his fierce offense, but he was having trouble fending off the tiger's attacks, and could only keep on retreating, changing his battle tactics into defending and counter-attacking.


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