Reverend Insanity
536 Major Battles
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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536 Major Battles

Chapter 536: Major Battles
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Fang Yuan observed Chang Biao and the others' expressions fully.

Fang Yuan knew about Wolf King Chang Shan Yin's matters mostly from his biography, he did not know the true culprit behind Wolf King's situation.

But even if he found out, he would not bother taking revenge for the dead Wolf King.

He was Fang Yuan, the so-called Chang Shan Yin was merely a mask.

"From today onwards, I will be Chang tribe's one and only supreme elder." Fang Yuan spoke, breaking the silence.

Chang Biao's body shuddered, he opened his eyes and quickly bowed: "Chang Biao pays respect to lord supreme elder."

"Mm." Fang Yuan nodded: "We need to investigate the matters from back then thoroughly. But now is not the time, we have to wait till the Imperial Court contest ends. From today onwards, I will be Chang tribe's sole supreme elder. Chang Ji You, you will be the tribe leader. Chang Biao will be the number one elder. Ni Xue Tong, our relationship is over, continue to be Chang Biao's wife."

Because of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's tradition, in northern plains, women had lowly status, they were often sold as commodity in transactions. In fact, at times, when an esteemed guest comes to visit, the lord would send his own wife to the esteemed guest to sleep with him.

"Ah?" Chang Ji You was stunned on the spot, he froze completely.

Ni Xue Tong did not speak.

Chang Biao controlled the shock in his heart, he bowed once again: "This subordinate understands!"

"Leave." Fang Yuan waved his hand, sending them away. He had to make good use of his time to continue cultivating.

The three walked out of the large lizard house Gu in a daze, until the cold night wind blew on them and woke them up.

"I… survived just like this?" Chang Biao felt endless joy and happiness.

"But the matter back then was done flawlessly! Even though there are some traces here and there, after all these years, the evidences are long gone. Back then, I got close to Chang Shan Yin on purpose, and became good buddies with him. Now that Chang Shan Yin had gone through such a great change, plus it has already been so many years, it is normal for our relationship to turn bland." Chang Biao thought rapidly in his head.

The current situation was way better than what he had expected.

"Although I was demoted from tribe leader to elder, most of my authority is intact. Chang Shan Yin still trusts me seeing that he allowed me to be the number one elder! As for making Chang Ji You the new tribe leader, it shows that he is still caring about his own blood and flesh deeply! As long as he cares about his old relationships and friendships, everything will be easy to resolve…" Chang Biao thought and got more energetic.

He was dreaming within his own world, and did not notice his wife Ni Xue Tong's complicated expression.

The old Chang Shan Yin was extremely infatuated with her beauty, but earlier, Chang Shan Yin did not give her even an extra glance.

On the way here, she was extremely worried about Chang Shan Yin forcing her to his wife again. That way, she will be separated from her lover Chang Biao, that was too painful!

But now, the situation was way better than she had expected.

Not only did Chang Shan Yin not pursue the matters back then, he even allowed her to remain as Chang Biao's wife!

This was the result that Ni Xue Tong was dreaming of earlier. She should be happy, but for some reason, while she still felt some trepidation from earlier, there was also a sense of loss in her, that she did not want to admit.

As for Chang Ji You, he was in great joy, confusion, and suspicion.

"I've finally met father, he was just a few steps in front of me! He is much more authoritative than I imagined."

"Father did not call me his son, but instead called my name. Is he unaware that I am his flesh and blood?"

"But father, why did he let me become Chang tribe leader? I am so young and only have rank three cultivation, can I do it?"

"I get it! This must be a test from father. He is testing me, this son he had never met, if I can manage the tribe well and achieve outstanding results, will he feel happy and proud, will be recognise me as his son?"

Thinking so, Chang Ji You felt extremely excited, he made up his mind, he would exert all his efforts and perform well in the upcoming fight for the Imperial Court.

Fang Yuan would not expect that his simple arrangements would bring such great emotional changes in Chang Biao and gang.

But even if he knew, he would not care.

In the five hundred years of his past life, Chang Shan Yin helped Ma Hong Yun to ascend to the position of the Lord of the Imperial Court, he also had complete control over Chang tribe.

Different from Earth, when strength can be accumulated within a person, the stronger one is, the greater their authority would be.

At this point, Fang Yuan was no longer the low rank Gu Master on Qing Mao mountain, suppressed and weakened by the system. Right now, he had the authority to manipulate and change the power system of a tribe. One could say, he was at the peak of the mortal realm.

He knew in his heart, all this was because of the great strength that he had!

"Right now, my first aperture had already adapted, I can use rank five peak stage primeval essence. My second aperture has also reached rank five middle stage. My two apertures have ninety percent A grade aptitude, to use my two sets of Gu worms now, I have ample primeval essence.

"But enslavement and strength path Gu worms are not extremely strong. In terms of strength path, after getting the rank five amplify effect Gu, my explosive force is already high enough, except that my body is unable to endure the increment in strength.

Earlier, when fighting against Liu Wen Wu and his brother's combination killer move 'three heads six arms', Fang Yuan could definitely fight against them using his strength path cultivation.

But Fang Yuan knew clearly that the moment he unleashed five hundred jun of strength, regardless of how his opponent will ends up, his own body would definitely crumble first.

"My bones are impermanence bones. My skin is turtle jade wolf skin. To sustain five hundred jun of strength, this is not enough. But if I modify my muscles and tendons to accommodate strength path, they would not suit my enslavement path. If I modify them for enslavement path, they will not aid my strength path. The root of the problem is that enslavement and strength have some conflict between them, it is difficult to cultivate them together. It is unlike soul and enslavement path, or soul and wisdom path."

This problem had always been troubling Fang Yuan.

If he could not resolve this, Fang Yuan's enslavement and strength path would only go far, but would not reach the apex and attain ultimate strength.

Although Fang Yuan had information regarding Luo Po valley now, the future was uncertain, anything could happen. Fang Yuan was a vigilant guy, before getting Luo Po valley, he would not make up his mind to cultivate soul path, thus, he needed to perfect his enslavement-strength path route now.

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and thought about it, before opening them and taking out east window Gu from his aperture.

This Gu was a storage Gu, used to store information, it came from Lang Ya land spirit.

Inside east window Gu, there was information regarding the killer move 'three heads six arms'. This killer move was extremely powerful, it could allow Liu Wen Wu, Ouyang Bi Sang, and Mo Shi Kuang to become a giant monster, increasing their battle strength to a terrifying level.

After Hei tribe defeated Liu tribe, they make requests regarding this killer move, thus it became a part of the reparation. Thereafter, Fang Yuan exchanged for it using his battle merits.

These days, when Fang Yuan was free, he would research about this killer move.

When Gu Masters use multiple Gu worms at the same time, allowing their effects to merge and cooperate to form greater effects, that would be the so-called Gu Master killer move.

Killer move 'three heads six arms', needed eighteen Gu worms to be used at the same time. Gu worms used ranged from rank three to five, the primeval essence expenditure was huge as well. At the same time, three Gu Masters were needed, one could not activate it alone.

This killer move was unusable by Fang Yuan. But that did not mean it was worthless to him.

Killer move, or recipes, displayed exquisite usage of Gu worms.

Why was it that when these Gu worms were used in a specific way, they achieved such effects? Why can these Gu worms do it, but not others? If this Gu was changed to another Gu, can the same effect be achieved? If an enemy uses this killer move, what ways are there to counter it?

Man is the spirit of all being, Gu is the essence of heaven and earth.

Inside a Gu, there were tiny laws of heaven and earth, the fragments of the great Dao.

By understand Gu, one would comprehend the great Dao, and understand the natural laws of this world. Just like on Earth, using experiments to learn scientific theories.

This Gu recipe gave great insight to Fang Yuan.

"If I had three heads and six arms, what would happen?"

A flash of inspiration appeared in his brain, like opening a new window.

His body was like the cornerstone. Enslavement and strength path were like the buildings on top of the cornerstone. Right now, this cornerstone was still small, thus the two buildings could only be low-rising. If he expanded this cornerstone in the future, would it be able to contain two tall buildings at the same time?

Fang Yuan had never cared about his own appearance.

Handsome, beauty, ugly, these were other people's opinions. What did that have to do with him?

If his battle strength was high, so what if he was called a monster?

Northern Plains, July.

The weather was turning cold, mist turned into frost, it was raining non-stop.

All the armies engaged in many intense battles, there were already less than fifty left.

Although Hei tribe won against Liu tribe, they suffered a great loss as well, they set up camp and made use of all their time to recuperate and recover, like an injured beast.

Middle of July.

At Du Jiao region, Ye Lui army defeated the alliance of seven armies, on the day of the counterattack, Ye Lui Sang killed three rank five Gu Masters.

But in this battle, the biggest achiever was a hidden elder in Qi Lian tribe, Qi Lian tribe leader's godson, Wu Ming.

Wu Ming was a rank five middle stage dark path Gu Master. During the battles, he snuck into the enemy camp and assassinated the enemies, successfully killing two rank five experts, thirteen rank four Gu Masters, causing the seven alliance armies to feel great fear and low morale.

Northern Plains, August.

After Yang tribe recruited enslavement master Jiang Bao Ya, their strength surged and they experienced many victories, after some battles, they were one of the new popular competitors for the Imperial Court.

The new enslavement master "Leopard King' Nu Er Tu led his army against Tao tribe. Tao tribe alliance army had suffered many setbacks during the battles, the alliance leader Tao You knew that he had no hopes of ascending to the Lord of Imperial Court position. Thus, he submitted to Nu Er Tu, and after their armies combined, their military power surged.

Middle of August, Hei Lou Lan gave orders to resume their conquest.

By September, the Imperial Court contest was starting to clear up. Only five armies had the highest hopes.

Hei tribe which had Chang Shan Yin, Tai Bai Yun Sheng, Nu Er tribe with the new Leopard King, Yang tribe which had Rat King and Eagle King, Ma tribe with Horse King, as well as Ye Lui tribe which had Ye Lui Sang who possessed an Immortal Gu.

First half of September, Nu Er tribe army fought Yang tribe army. The leopard group could not contest the combination of eagles and rats, after half a month, Nu Er Tu lost.

Start of October, while Yang tribe was digesting the battle reparations, Ye Lui Sang targeted them.

Yang tribe army had people who wanted to fight, some wanted to defend, while some wanted to retreat. Because of differing opinions, the army could not execute proper orders, and thus, was taken down by Ye Lui Sang.

After Ye Lui Sang win, they could not gloat for long, because Ma tribe had their eyes on them.

Ma tribe rushed for three days and three nights, catching Ye Lui Sang off-guard.

A similar scene unfolded again, before Ye Lui army digested their battle gains, they were defeated by Ma tribe.

Ye Lui Sang escaped with his remaining troops, submitting to Hei tribe army.

Start of November, Hei tribe moved north rapidly, setting up eight defensive lines on the way, and during the middle of the month, engaged in the final battle with Ma tribe.

Only the victor could stay in the Imperial Court. Meanwhile, the loser would have to pay reparations and face the ten year blizzard amidst disappointment and pity.

At once, this battle attracted numerous gazes, both participants and the people behind the scenes.

During the first few battles, Hei tribe had the advantage, after Ma tribe lost two defensive lines, they retreated to the third.

Ye Lui Sang wanted to take revenge, thus he kept challenging them, killing till Ma tribe army could only hide and defend themselves, causing their morale to dampen.

Ma tribe had no choice, but to seek help from Snowy Mountain blessed land who was backing them.


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