Reverend Insanity
529 Diligence despite transmigration
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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529 Diligence despite transmigration

Chapter 529: Diligence despite transmigration
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It was difficult to move through the muddy swamp, but Ma tribe's army was in high spirits.

The happiness of annexing Dou tribe army as well as the excitement of a decisive victory could still be seen on everyone's faces.

Ma Ying Jie was riding a horse and as he looked at the generals and soldiers around him with satisfaction, as an investigative Gu Master brought him the latest battle reports.

He opened up the documents and read:

"Hei tribe and Liu tribe has begun to fight. The first battle resulted in a draw, and currently, both are garrisoned opposite each other. The situation is in a stalemate."

"Ye Lui army was ambushed at night by the seven army alliance. Ye Lui Sang was very powerful and defeated six rank five experts one after another, but he was only one person and was unable to save the situation. Currently, Ye Lui tribe's remnant army is fleeing towards Qing An region."

"Rat King Jiang Bao Ya has accepted Yang tribe's invitation and has officially entered Yang tribe's alliance."

"Nu Er Tu army has not resumed their expedition, instead resting and capturing huge numbers of leopard groups."

These battle reports caused Ma Ying Jie to smile with joy: 'Hei Lou Lan and Liu Wen Wu are popular candidates to win this time's Imperial Court contest. I did not think these two would confront each other this early, it will be good if they both suffer. Since Ye Lui Sang obtained Immortal Gu, he is a one-man army. But for Ye Lui tribe to be suddenly attacked by the seven armies, Snowy Mountain most likely has influence behind it.'

Ma tribe, to advance to a super tribe, had secretly joined hands with demonic path Gu Immortals who were coveting after Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. Ma Ying Jie was Ma tribe's young tribe leader and thus was aware of the undertable deals of the tribes.

Northern plains was like a huge chessboard while the Gu Immortals were the chess players.

Besides righteous path Gu Masters, demonic path Gu Immortals also had their own pawns whom they supported. And as the tribes with Huang Jin bloodline were willing to join hands with demonic path Gu Immortals in order to have a better survival chance. If they lost in the struggle for Imperial Court, these tribes would often enter the blessed lands of the demonic path Gu Immortals to escape from the blizzard disaster.

Immortal Gu were rare.

Ye Lui tribe's supreme elder had entrusted an Immortal Gu to Ye Lui Sang; it was equivalent to placing a bet in this game.

According to the rules set by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, as long as Immortal Gu were snatched by mortals in the struggle for Imperial Court, the Gu Immortals cannot take them back.

Such a huge bet had its corresponding risk.

It was because of the Immortal Gu on Ye Lui Sang that caused him to be the target of Gu Immortals. Thus they incited seven armies to ambush Ye Lui army.

"Rat King has joined Yang tribe which means an alliance of Rat King and Eagle King Yang Po Ying, causing this underdog Yang tribe to become a new contender to win the struggle for Imperial Court. But Yang tribe's foundations are far inferior to our Ma tribe and Rat King was also already crippled, they aren't of much threat to us."

"Although Nu Er Tu is called Leopard King, his leopard group has been inflicted heavy losses. However, he has been capturing wild leopard groups by himself without asking for help from the Gu Immortal behind him, this is a bit strange…"

"But overall, my Ma tribe's situation is still much better. Our next opponents are weaker than us. As long as we keep on winning, continue to devour other tribes and expand, our hopes of entering Imperial Court will become bigger and bigger!"

Ma Ying Jie could not help clenching his fists at this, his eyes letting out a fierce light. The ambitions and goals of a man were pushing him to establish great feats and accomplishments.

And at the same time, within the high spirited army was a little girl, who was weeping in a carriage.

"Lady Xiao Yun, don't keep on grieving, your father's death was a heart rending event, but you need to eat, if not you will faint from hunger." Beside the little girl, the anxious Fei Cai was comforting her in a clumsy way.

This weeping little girl was none other than Zhao Lian Yun.

Her father, Zhao tribe's leader, had sacrificed his life in the previous large battle.

Losing the protection of the father who loved her dearly, Zhao Lian Yun immediately felt her world toppling. On the very night of her father's death, her stepmother remarried the new Zhao tribe leader, and Zhao Lian Yun's position took a sharp dive.

"There will always be deaths in war, this is normal. My father was also killed by others." Fei Cai continued to persuade Zhao Lian Yun when he saw she was still crying.

Zhao Lian Yun suddenly raised her head while sobbing, looking at Fei Cai with an insoluble hatred in her tear-filled eyes, and kicked him: "You idiot, you don't even know how to comfort people!"

The sorrow in her heart was not fake. Although she inexplicably arrived in this world and it had not been long since her arrival, her father's love towards her was filled with sincerity. She was very grateful for this genuine love and her dependence on him had slowly grown into true affection.

But now, her father had died in the battlefield, making her alone and helpless.

"Missy, you were hiding here, you really caused much trouble for me! Quick, follow me, your mother is calling you." At this time, the curtain of the carriage was lifted open by the old caretaker who then grabbed Zhao Lian Yun's small arm.

Zhao Lian Yun struggled and shouted: "My mother is dead, she is not my mother! I won't go!"

"This is not up to you!" The old caretaker scoffed and tried to forcibly drag Zhao Lian Yun out of the carriage.

When she had been serving Zhao Lian Yun, she was teased and pranked by Zhao Lian Yun time and again. Now, as she looked at Zhao Lian Yun's miserable state, the old caretaker felt the pleasure of taking revenge.

"Let go of Lady Xiao Yun!" Fei Cai shouted and punched the old caretaker.

The old caretaker fell out of the carriage from this heavy punch. She stood up and touched her eye that had become purple from the bruise. She screamed in a shrill voice: "You hit me, a slave dared to hit a civilian? Who gave you such big guts!! I will report you, you are going to die. You will be skinned alive and your corpse will be hung up in the sunlight till it dries up!"

The old caretaker was extremely furious, and with her unkempt hair and sinister gaze, she looked like a hopping old hen.

However, her scream had indeed attracted the surrounding people.

Fei Cai clenched his fists and furiously stared at the old caretaker while firmly protecting Zhao Lian Yun behind him.

Zhao Lian Yun pushed aside Fei Cai's arm and stood on the carriage, her fair face still had tear stains, she looked at the old caretaker and scoffed: "What was it? You want to punish Fei Cai? Alright! Report him, but according to the rules, you need to first inform his master to demand compensation. Since it is so, go look for young tribe leader. Fei Cai is Lord Ma Ying Jie's slave leader!"

"What?!" The old caretaker cried out in shock, her screams abruptly stopped and the anger in her heart dissipated like a tide, only leaving behind an extreme terror.

This rash stupid kid was actually lord Ma Ying Jie personal slave? Moreover, he was lord Ma Ying Jie's slave leader who was in charge of his everyday life?

One needed to look at the owner before beating the dog.

The old caretaker might be a civilian with a status higher than that of a slave, but it was a different matter when Fei Cai was Ma Ying Jie's slave leader.

If she truly reported recklessly, she might instead be sacrificed by Zhao tribe!

After the shock, the old caretaker who had lost her face greatly looked gloomy. She rigidly stared at Zhao Lian Yun: "Little girl, even young tribe leader Ma Ying Jie's slave leader cannot protect you. You are a person of Zhao tribe, even after your death, you will be our Zhao tribe's ghost. Your mother is our Zhao tribe's current tribe lady. Listen to me properly, tribe lady has already arranged your marriage to Wei tribe's eldest young master! Now behave properly!"

"What?!" Zhao Lian Yun involuntarily cried out.

"Marrying to Wei tribe's eldest young master is your blessing." The old caretaker sinisterly smiled.

Zhao Lian Yun's whole body shook and fell down on the wooden board of the carriage.

"Lady Xiao Yun!" Fei Cai quickly supported her.

The old caretaker felt incomparable pleasure at this sight and left with immense satisfaction. She still needed report to Zhao tribe's tribe lady.

Zhao Lian Yun was expressionlessly, this immense shock left her in a dazed state filled with despair, allowing Fei Cai to hold her in the carriage. For three days, she curled up at a corner of the carriage, without moving or speaking.

Fei Cai's persuasion was of no use, and could only helplessly feed her.

Zhao Lian Yun was like a wooden puppet, letting Fei Cai control her.

Fei Cai also could not accompany her all the time, and every time Ma Ying Jie summoned him, he would immediately leave.

This sudden change of events and this ice-cold reality shattered the foolish pride Zhao Lian Yun had as a transmigrator.

She suddenly had a profound realization: 'A transmigrator is nothing special. Why did I think I could whip up a storm in this world after being so ordinary in my previous world?'

Moreover, women were discriminated in northern plains and were treated as goods to be used for political marriage. Northern plains' women could only adhere to men and could not refuse a man's forceful marriage. This was a rule set by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

Previously, when she heard of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's deeds, she felt like she was listening to a story, listening to a legend of a hero. But now, she was personally experiencing the torment caused by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

"Women are like clothes while brothers are like our hands and feet." This was the favorite catchphrase of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, he pulled apart the status of man and woman to an extremely unfair level. Now he had become the most detestable person in Zhao Lian Yun's heart!

"No wonder Su Xian's night elopement story pierced so deep into people's hearts, causing northern plains' women to eagerly imitate it. Rather than passively suffering fate's arrangement, it is better to take the initiative to chase after one's happiness. But this carries unknown risks!"

As she thought of this, Zhao Lian Yun's awareness of the vile living environment deepened by another layer.

"Wei tribe's eldest young master is a famous trash. He is fat like a pig with pockmarks all over his face and only at rank one peak stage but is extremely lecherous and very fickle-hearted. It is because of his incompetence, Wei tribe's young tribe leader position went to his younger brother."

"I won't marry that pig even if I die! But what should I do? I am only a mortal, and since I haven't reached thirteen, I cannot awaken my aperture and cannot cultivate. It is also possible that I don't have any cultivation aptitude. And the person who killed my father is Dou E, a rank five Gu Master who has sided with Ma tribe now and is now a higher-up of the alliance!"

"Who can I rely on? What path should I take?"

Bewilderment, hesitation and fear filled Zhao Lian Yun's heart.

In the early morning of the fourth day, Fei Cai lifted up the carriage curtain and entered with food and clean water. The light of the dawn followed the curtain opening and shone on Zhao Lian Yun's face.

Zhao Lian Yun woke up, slowly opening her swollen eyes.

"You brought food?" She grabbed the food from Fei Cai's hand and began to devour it.

"Lady Xiao Yun, are you okay?" Fei Cai was happy at this change.

"Yes, I have thought it through, it is better to rely on myself. Although I have been bound by the wedding betrothment, it can only be implemented when I am sixteen. I still have time!" Zhao Lian Yun's gaze shone like fire.

"Ah, Lady Xiao Yun, you don't accept the betrothal?" Fei Cai was startled; in his impression, northern plains could only accept their fate when their marriage was decided.

Zhao Lian Yun rolled her eyes and spoke in a righteous tone: "Hmph, I am not an ordinary person, I absolutely won't compromise! But I cannot go to the tribe now and can only live here for some time, and rely on you Fei Cai."

"No problem." Fei Cai patted his chest, laughing foolishly.

Zhao Lian Yun's heart warmed and her tone turned softer: "Fei Cai, your father also died in battlefield?"

"Yes, he died. I was heartbroken during that time. But death is normal in northern plains. Father died in battle, he died a glorious death." Fei Cai said with a smile.

'As expected, winner takes it all! Under the dazzling and splendid throne lies a path of bones.' Zhao Lian Yun sighed, before cursing, 'What a scam, I crossed over to this world and have yet to mature but my fate has already been decided by others, I can't even begin to feel anger!'

A letter was placed in front of Fang Yuan.

This special letter was openly sent by the enemy and was now brought over by Cunning Gentleman Sun Shi Han.

Fang Yuan opened it and read; this letter was personally written by Chang Biao, reminiscing the past and how they were on opposite sides now. He was inviting Wolf King to have a discussion before the battle and reminisce about the old times. And at that time, he could let Chang Ji You meet his father.

"Great ploy." Fang Yuan scoffed and placed down the letter.

At this time, Sun Shi Han smiled: "The mutated wolf group and rank five lurking soul coat gu have both arrived. But the higher-ups of the alliance are hesitating because of this letter. They are hoping Lord Wolf King would battle against your kin in the name of righteousness, to prove your innocence. Otherwise, I'm afraid this mutated wolf group…"


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