Reverend Insanity
527 Wolf King, Striving For Victory
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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527 Wolf King, Striving For Victory

Chapter 527: Wolf King, Striving For Victory
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Hei tribe's main tent. The atmosphere here was stifling, almost everyone including Hei Lou Lan was injured.

The lofty and grand Gu Master experts looked very miserable at this moment.

"Liu tribe's offense was too fierce. Liu Wen Wu, Luo Bo Jun and Nie Ya Qing are rank five experts, Mo Shi Kuang and Ouyang Bi Sang are rank four peak stage experts with battle strength of rank five. Furthermore, there are other strong experts like Pei Yan Fei and Chang Biao… Such quality of experts were rarely seen in the past ten struggles for Imperial Court." Cunning Gentleman Sun Shi Han sighed.

Rank four Gu Masters were already rare; each was the head of small or mid-sized forces or elders of large-sized forces.

And with the high demand of aptitude, rank five was even rarer. Even a super force would only have two-three rank five Gu Masters openly.

Actually, when comparing, Hei tribe was stronger in higher ranked forces.

Hei Lou Lan, Tai Bai Yun Sheng and Gu Guo Long were rank five experts. And there were over twenty rank four experts including Chang Shan Yin, Tang Miao Ming, Hao Ji Liu, Bian Si Xuan and Pan Ping.

However, even between same ranked Gu Masters, there was a difference in their battle strength. Gu Masters were a force that surpassed group battles, their individual strength could surpass the accumulation of a group. For example, just Fang Yuan alone could slaughter small or mid-sized tribes. In today's battle, Ouyang Bi Sang, alone, had slaughtered five rank four Gu Masters and twelve rank three elders.

It was not that Hei tribe was weak but that Liu tribe's higher ranked battle strength was too strong!

Especially in this battle, Liu tribe had slaughtered many of Hei tribe's higher ranked Gu Masters, cutting down rank four Gu Masters to almost half, causing the gap to further increase.

The way to deal with the enormous dominance of Liu tribe was a problem Hei tribe had to quickly come up with a solution for.

"If I had some time, I could annex several large armies, and with old sir's prestige, subdue some experts, maybe we could contend against Liu tribe's higher ranked strength then." Hei Lou Lan sighed, hating Liu Wen Wu for choosing this time to attack, not giving him any space to develop.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng immediately realized the deep intent behind Hei Lou Lan's words: "I once rescued Gao Yang and Zhu Zai, and they had said they would repay the favor. I can write them a letter, and maybe they will come over."

Everyone's spirits rose.

Gao Yang and Zhu Zai were called the twin demons of demonic path in northern plains, they always worked together, having great teamwork with each other. These two were both rank four peak stage experts and had once killed a rank five expert by combining their strength!

The pressure on Hei Lou Lan eased: "If I can get Gao Yang and Zhu Zai's help, it can slightly make up for the gap between the two armies. But the events of the battle concerns everyone's life, and we cannot hope for others' mood in repaying the favor. In today's battle, it was thanks to Wolf King that we were able to exterminate large numbers of low ranked enemy Gu Masters, causing an enormous loss to Liu tribe. If it were not for Liu Wen Wu feeling hesitation, how could he have retreated so easily?"

Everyone's gaze landed on Fang Yuan, wanting to hear his thoughts.

Fang Yuan had a tranquil expression, not having a trace of injury on his body. He had been hiding while commanding the wolf group in the battle, but he was the one who gained the most battle merits.

Most of the ones in the main tent were inwardly infuriated at this, having envious and jealous feelings. But due to the situation, they did not dare to flare up.

After the battle, Fang Yuan had been looking through his memories, trying to excavate the information on how Hei Lou Lan had prevailed over Liu Wen Wu, but even after a long time of racking up his brain, he did not get any results.

There was way too much information in the memories of his five hundred years of past life, and much was forgotten. And from the look of it, this enormous problem that was troubling everyone was no more than just a minor detail in the long river of history in his past life.

Feeling everyone's gaze, Fang Yuan raised his eyelids and lightly said: "Liu tribe has enslavement path Gu Masters but their strongest expert is only Bei Cao Chuan whose grass soldier troops is of no importance. Now, both the enemy and us have our strengths. We are like two giants stabbing each other with spears. Liu tribe is strong in terms of higher ranked Gu Masters, while I can slaughter many of their low ranked Gu Masters with my wolf group. Thus, it resulted in the draw today."

"The way to victory is restraining the enemy's advantage as well as strengthening our advantage. And restraining the enemy's Gu Master experts is not an impossible thing, as long as I can have a group of strong wolves as trump cards, I can restrain them. But with this, I will have to use all my strength and the rank four lurking soul coat Gu on me will no longer be able to conceal my soul fluctuations, and thus I will become the enemy's target."

Fang Yuan's words caused everyone's eyes to brighten.

"Trump card wolf group…" Hei Lou Lan lowered his head and mumbled.

The current five great enslavement masters of northern plains were called the five beast kings. Among them, Horse King Ma Zun has mutated pegasus group. Eagle King Yang Po Ying has mutated thunder eagle group. Rat King Jiang Bao Ya has mutated mountain drilling rat group. And the newly advanced enslavement master Leopard King Nu Er Tu controlled glimpse leopard group. Only Wolf King Chang Shan Yin did not have a mutated beast group.

Every mature mutated beast possessed the battle strength of rank four Gu Masters. Once a group of mutated beasts formed, they would be more terrifying than the same amount of Gu Masters. After all, beast group would charge dauntlessly under the enslavement path Gu Master's control. As Gu Masters had all kinds of self benefits to think about, even if they were under poison vow, they could not be made to fight to the death.

If they had a group of mutated beasts, there was a huge chance of killing rank five experts.

After all, even rank five Gu Masters were mortals in the end, with limited primeval essence and there were times when their strength was exhausted.

However, making a mutated beast group was too time-consuming of a process and would exhaust enormous energy and resources.

To look for a group of mutated wolf group for Fang Yuan in this short period of time, there was only one way - requesting help from Hei tribe's Gu Immortals.

The people in the main tent, even if they did not know the existence of treasure yellow heaven, they were aware of the huge power of Gu Immortals.

In the history of northern plains, there were several examples where Gu Immortals organized mutated beast group to provide assistance to their respective force.

"Mutated beast group is indeed a way out, I will give it a try first." Hei Lou Lan pondered for a while before saying vaguely.

But everyone clearly knew the meaning behind Hei Lou Lan's words was to request help from the Gu Immortal behind him.

This immediately caused a new change in the gaze everyone looked at Fang Yuan.

How could this Wolf King Chang Shan Yin have such good luck? Making a Gu Immortal help him to organize a mutated wolf group. If he had to do this himself, he might not even be able to accomplish it in twenty to thirty years! Why don't we get such benefits?

Everyone felt envious and jealous.

Ultimately, it was the identity of Chang Shan Yin that Fang Yuan carried; an enslavement master was an existence that could turn tides around. Hei tribe was fighting Liu tribe, it was indeed wise to put heavy importance on Fang Yuan and give more resources to him.

"If I remember right, even if there is a mutated beast group, Lord Wolf King's battle merits is ranked number one from the bottom, the last place in the battle merits list, right?" Cunning Gentleman was filled with jealousy, 'kindly' reminding as if he had suddenly recalled it.

"Of course, I can't receive a mutated wolf group for nothing!" Fang Yuan righteously nodded, "Our rules cannot be broken, I will use battle merits to exchange for it. Of course, my battle merits are insufficient right now, so I can only borrow a bit more. This is something that cannot be helped!"

Everyone was speechless.

Many people shouted inwardly at the same time:

'Do you feel no shame speaking such words?'

'Do you still want your face, you already borrowed one million and three hundred thousand battle merits before and you still want to borrow more?!'

'In the entire Hei tribe army, only you have borrowed battle merits! Don't you feel guilt holding that rank five amplify effect Gu?'

In fact, Fang Yuan not only did not feel any guilt, instead he said with a 'not satisfied' voice: "Just a mutated beast group won't do, I still require rank five lurking soul coat Gu. Unfortunately, refining a rank five Gu has a success rate that is too low. I have collected three rank four Gu, but I don't dare to fuse them to rank five."

Hei Lou Lan gnashed his teeth, the number of times he could request help from the tribe was limited, the more he asked for help, the less the tribe's evaluation of him would be. But there was no other way, he could only nod at Fang Yuan in order to defeat Liu Wen Wu: "I will do something about it."

Just as Hei Lou Lan and his group were strategizing, Liu Wen Wu and his group were also planning on how to battle Hei tribe.

"In Hei tribe army, Wolf King Chang Shan Yin is the biggest problem. It was because of him that my army suffered disastrous losses in today's battle, with at least thirty thousand Gu Masters dying in the wolves' mouths. Sigh, this number is truly making my heart bleed, everyone came forward to side with me because they believed in me. But it is because of my incompetence, we had to suffer such heavy casualties!"

In the main tent, Liu Wen Wu shed tears and sighed.

"Big brother, how is it your fault? We can only blame those Gu Masters for being useless!" Mo Shi Kuang almost jumped up as he hurriedly retorted.

"Wolf King Chang Shan Yin might have huge reputation, but he is not a true hero." Ouyang Bi Sang, however, loftily snorted, his tone contained disdain, "The grand Wolf King was actually sneakily hiding in some corner like a rat, it really makes people look down upon him."

"But, such a Wolf King is the most troublesome!" Liu Wen Wu sighed inwardly while opening his weeping eyes and asked the group, "Do any of you have a good method to deal with Wolf King?"

Mo Shi Kuang and Ouyang Bi Sang stopped speaking.

They were experts at fighting, things like strategizing were not their strong points.

"I have a plan." Bei Cao Chuan stood up and said confidently, "Wolf King Chang Shan Yin was originally Chang tribe's tribesman. Although he spoke of taking revenge, the blood-ties he has with Chang tribe is unmistakable and cannot be severed. The current Chang tribe leader Lord Chang Biao was once Chang Shan Yin's best friend. After Chang Shan Yin disappeared, Chang Biao married his wife and raised his three year old son who is currently Chang tribe's young tribe leader Chang Ji You. We might as well try to use this to deal with Wolf King, who knows if it might be effective?"

"Hmm...this idea is not bad!" Liu Wen Wu's eyes gleamed.

After the discussion ended, Fang Yuan returned to his large lizard house Gu.

The problem of refining rank five lurking soul coat Gu had been hurting his head recently. If he could borrow Hei tribe's Gu Immortal's power to organize a mutated beast group and also refine rank five lurking soul coat Gu, it would be the best.

Fang Yuan felt there was a huge chance for this to succeed. Although he could not remember all the minor details of this time's struggle for Imperial Court, but he knew clearly Hei Lou Lan was able to enter Imperial Court and the support of the Gu Immortal behind Hei Lou Lan was inseparable from this.

"The two sides will at least rest and reorganize for three days. In this time, Hei tribe's Gu Immortals will have received Hei Lou Lan's letter for assistance. Before this, I need to prepare…"

Thinking of his great plan, the corners of Fang Yuan's lips involuntarily curled up into a smile.


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