Reverend Insanity
526 Asura Ouyang, Losses to both sides
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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526 Asura Ouyang, Losses to both sides

Chapter 526: Asura Ouyang, Losses to both sides
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Bian Si Xuan moved to the front of the troop and without saying much, quickly started the fight with Ouyang Bi Sang.

The battle between the two attracted the close attention of countless people.

If considering reputation, Shadow Sword Expert could throw Ouyang Bi Sang several streets away. But if considering cultivation and strength, Ouyang Bi Sang was a rank four peak stage Gu Master who was able to cross a great realm and kill a rank five expert, while Shadow Sword Expert was only at rank four upper stage.

Shadow Sword Expert's Gu worms complemented each other very well and there was no shortcomings. At the same time, she placed high importance on her movement ability.

Her figure turned into shadows and continuously circled around Ouyang Bi Sang, attacking with multiple sword shadows from time to time.

Ouyang Bi Sang stayed stationary on the spot as he defended, his body unmoving like the rocks on the shores of the sea.

The battle went on for a while, when this sworn brother of Liu Wen Wu slowly felt impatient: "If you are only of this standard, then go die!"

He gave a low shout, as great changes appeared over his whole body.

His teeth quickly grew longer and sharper like swords, and his two pairs of canine teeth protruded out of his mouth like fangs.

Green hair started growing out of his bald head. Not only on his head, the green hair grew all over his body.

His body made creaking noises and his blood flow instantly slowed down greatly. The originally tall and skinny body became even more thin, but the aura of danger coming from him grew thicker by ten times!

His eyes were no longer human eyes, but had transformed into a pair of eerie and cold green eyes, giving off a glossy jade light.

Rank five, asura zombie Gu!

This Gu was classified under the most classic zombie series of transformation path.

The series of zombie Gu were spread widely throughout the five regions. From rank two roaming zombie Gu to rank three hairy zombie Gu to rank four hopping zombie Gu till the rank five flying zombie Gu.

There were five great flying zombie Gu in the world - asura zombie, heavenly demon zombie, blood wight, nightmare zombie and plague zombie.

Many Gu Masters who did not have much lifespan left and had no lifespan Gu to increase their life, would often choose to turn into zombies to prolong their life, transforming into a monster that was neither human nor ghost.

Fang Yuan had already seen blood wight Gu before. At Qing Mao mountain, Gu Yue first generation ancestor had turned into blood wight to change his fate in defiance of heaven, but his plan was thwarted by Divine Investigator Tie Xue Leng and others.

This asura zombie Gu that Ouyang Bi Sang was using was a formidable Gu that was equally famous as blood wight Gu!

Clank clank clank…

Bian Si Xuan's sword shadows cut at Ouyang Bi Sang's body, but they actually produced sparks on contact, unable to injure his skin by even a fraction, only cutting several green hair.

Overlapping shadow Gu!

Bian Si Xuan's eyes flashed with a sharp light, multiple sword shadows overlaid on top of one another to transform into an abysmally dark and extremely condensed sword.

"Now this is something!" Green light blossomed in Ouyang Bi Sang's pupils as he looked at this sword shadow attack; he was not afraid, but instead was happy.

He stretched his right hand in a form of a claw and grabbed at the sword shadow like he was grabbing a rabbit.

"This!" Bian Si Xuan revealed shock, the sword shadow in her hand could not go an inch further.

"Gagaga…" Ouyang Bi Sang laughed in a haggard and unpleasant tone as he clenched his claw-shaped right palm.


A soft sound echoed.

He actually forcibly burst apart the sword shadow. Bian Si Xuan quickly retreated, the shattered sword shadow burst into many sharp pieces that ruthlessly struck at Ouyang Bi Sang, inflicting several deep wounds on his body, and slashed apart the four fingers on his right hand and almost cut apart the whole right fist.

Bian Si Xuan had bitterly accumulated battle merits from several small battles before and exchanged them for overlapping shadow Gu from Hei tribe supply camp.

Under its effect, the multiple sword shadows' offense could merge and could match the offensive prowess of a rank five attack Gu!

Ouyang Bi Sang was slashed at by the sword shadow, but he did not feel any pain. He had transformed into a zombie which caused the feeling of pain to almost disappear. At the same time, large amounts of eerie green blood flowed out of the wounds.

The wounds were so deep that one could see the bone, but they healed within just few seconds of time. New hair grew on top of it and covered it.

His broken fingers also grew again and it looked like it did not take any effort.

Bian Si Xuan's complexion turned pale white at this sight.

Ouyang Bi Sang looked hot-headed when he forcibly grabbed the sword shadow, but it was actually a psychological tactic. After he transformed into asura zombie, his defense and recovery ability were raised by several folds. Bian Si Xuan's strongest attack could not affect him in any way.

This unavoidably weakened Bian Si Xuan's will to battle severely.

Gu Master's battle strength did not only rely on the amount of primeval essence in their aperture, it also depended on their determination and mental state.

"I am an assassin, an expert at movement and infiltrating secretly. These challenges between the two army are done out in the open and facing someone head-on is not my usual style…" Ouyang Bi Sang's performance greatly weakened the battle intent in Bian Si Xuan's heart.

In the next several rounds, she kept on attacking while moving around Ouyang Bi Sang, but it was clear her attacking frequency had decreased by a lot compared to before, and she was dodging most of the time.

After exchanging ten more moves, Bian Si Xuan shouted and quickly pulled open a distance from Ouyang Bi Sang, retreating towards Hei tribe camp.

At this sight, Liu tribe army's morale rose again, while Hei tribe's morale shook and the higher ups did not have good expressions.

"Bian Si Xuan lost…"

"Is Ouyang Bi Sang really so strong? His killer move is asura transformation, having killed a rank five expert with this killer move. Now, he has only used asura zombie Gu, not even using his full strength but was still able to defeat Shadow Sword Expert!"

"Shadow Sword Expert did not have a strong will to fight, but by continuously attacking while moving around, she has exhausted a considerable amount of Ouyang Bi Sang's primeval essence. We can send another person to fight with him!"

The discussions settled and Hei tribe army sent Pan Ping to battle.

But within only a short period of time, Pan Ping seemed unable to stall further and panickedly unsheathed the scimitar on his waist and used sole blade Gu.

A cold light flashed but it was in vain.

Sole blade Gu could ignore defense but it did not work always and had a certain probability. Moreover, once this rank four sole blade Gu was activated, it needed eight hours of rest before it could be used again.

Ouyang Bi Sang got quite a shock. Despite having read relevant intel, sole blade Gu's speed was way faster than what he imagined, making him unable to react in time!

"I can't leave him alive!" Ouyang Bi Sang's killing intent surged as he pounced towards Pan Ping.

Pan Ping already knew the situation was bad the moment he saw his attack did not succeed, so he hurriedly retreated. Ouyang Bi Sang pursued him closely, Hei tribe quickly sent three rank four experts to block Ouyang Bi Sang and rescue Pan Ping.

The three rank four experts surrounded Ouyang Bi Sang and attacked fiercely. Ouyang Bi Sang was about to use his killer move — Asura Transformation, when Mo Shi Kuang who was unable to endure anymore charged out of the main tent and shouted: "Second brother, I will lend you a hand!!"

Ouyang Bi Sang, alone, put Hei tribe army under great pressure, now adding Mo Shi Kuang on top of that and the situation turned way worse.

"Third brother, no need to interfere, what is the use even if there are more people? Look at my asura transformation!" Ouyang Bi Sang furiously roared under the three rank four experts' violent attacks, and used his killer move.

His aura suddenly increased sharply, his body grew bigger, becoming a giant of over ten feet.

The muscles in his whole body inflated like a balloon and quickly transforming into absurd rock-like bulging muscles. And under his pair of arms, two new pairs of arms grew out.

His body was completely dark-green. HIs feet ripped apart the leather boots and stepped on the grassland, creating a deep crater.

The protruding fangs turned dark brown and a third vertical eye opened from the center of his forehead!


Ouyang Bi Sang roared, the berserk sound shaking the whole battlefield.

The three Hei tribe's Gu Masters felt their momentum slowed down.

Ouyang Bi Sang waved his fist like swatting a fly, sending one flying far away.

The other two attacked violently, golden blades striking rapidly like thunder, but Ouyang Bi Sang took it forcibly; his enormous body not even budging.

"Die!" He attacked with all six hands - punching, swatting, grabbing, holding - with extremely fierce power. And all his hands moved smoothly, not hindering each other in the slightest.

The two rank four could not take it head on, and started retreating.

Ouyang Bi Sang was not satisfied, his every punch produced a sonic boom with power that caused people to pale.

One rank four Gu Master lasted only a short while under this crazed offense and was smashed into blood paste; while another Gu Master was grabbed by Ouyang Bi Sang.

"Don't kill me, don't kil—!"

His pleadings came to an end abruptly, blood started flowing rapidly out of his seven facial orifices, his ribs were crushed and his body started deflating - Ouyang Bi Sang had crushed him to death with two hands.

"So violent!" Cunning Gentleman Sun Shi Han involuntarily cried out.

Hei Lou Lan's expressed turned extremely unsightly, and Tai Bai Yun Sheng also had a solemn expression.

Liu tribe's army started cheering loudly while Hei tribe's Gu Masters were in disorder, their morale falling down to the abyss.

Liu Wen Wu laughed at this sight before waving his hand: "Commence the battle! All troops, charge!"

Immediately, Liu tribe army rushed forward like a flood with the gates opened, bringing a momentum that wanted to drown the world! Mo Shi Kuang, Pei Yan Fei and others were leading.

Hei Lou Lan gnashed his teeth and also sent the command for the army to prepare to receive the attack.

The large battle unfolded with all kinds of shouts and cries resounding through the battlefield.

During the intense battle, Liu tribe's several great experts rampaged everywhere, causing Hei Lou Lan and the higher-ups to fall into disadvantage at the very start.

But at the low level, Hei tribe was actually winning. Under Fang Yuan's control, the wolf group started wildly slaughtering Liu tribe's Gu Masters, while Liu tribe army's Gu Masters had no choice but to waste their precious primeval essence against the encroaching wolves. Thus, even if the wolves died, they died after contributing greatly.

Liu tribe's Gu Masters experts sensed this unfavorably situation and started searching for Fang Yuan.

However, Fang Yuan used the same old trick, hiding in some corner of the battlefield. He now already had three rank four lurking soul coat Gu, and with the concealment from these Gu, as long as he did not use over eighty percent of his strength, his soul fluctuations would be concealed.

This large battle continued from the early morning to evening.

The setting sun shone like blood as it shone down on the grassland that was covered with corpses and blood.

There was no winner in this battle.

Liu tribe suffered disastrous losses in their military forces because of the wolf group. After the Liu tribe's Gu Master experts were not able to find Fang Yuan's location, they all concentrated in attacking Hei tribe's Gu Master experts.

Hei tribe's Gu Master experts thus suffered serious damage. Mo Shi Kuang and Ouyang Bi Sang were difficult to restrain, and almost all the Hei tribe Gu Masters were too terrified to confront them.

Hei tribe's battle intent was dissipating and was barely able to hold on. When the night fell, the night wolves became fierce and Liu Wen Wu, not wanting the lower ranked Gu Master casualties to increase, also had the thought of retreating.

The first battle ended up in a draw with their killing intent gradually calming down as the night progressed. Both sides retreated behind their defense lines to rest and prepare.


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