Reverend Insanity
522 Rank Five Amplify Effect Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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522 Rank Five Amplify Effect Gu

Chapter 522: Rank Five Amplify Effect Gu
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Although servants were servants, the one tasked to take care of Ma tribe's young tribe leader was definitely a crucial person that was closely related to the tribe in many ways. Having such a role, if the low rank Gu Masters want to find out information about the higher-ups, they would need to go through the servant leader.

"What a huge profit, he became the servant leader, I am truly a genius!" Zhao Lian Yun laughed furiously in her heart, she did not waste her efforts after all.

She stared at Fei Cai with shining eyes, saying gently: "Big dummy, after you become the servant leader, you have to work hard."

Fei Cai shuddered at once, replying truthfully: "Lady Xiao Yun, I don't know why, but that tone of yours made me really nervous."

Zhao Lian Yun immediately changed her expression, kicking Fei Cai's leg as she screamed: "You idiot, now that you are the servant leader, your situation is more precarious than before. I wonder how many people will target you, and among them, there might even be vile and evil Gu Masters."

Fei Cai was shocked: "Then what should I do?"

"Hmph, you're lucky to have a friend like me. As long as you listen to what I say, I assure you, you will live blissfully." Zhao Lian Yun stretched out her hand, wanting to pat Fei Cai's shoulders, but found out that she was too short.

She immediately opened her mouth: "Quick, squat down now."

Fei Cai squatted down obediently, and Zhao Lian Yun succeeded in patting his shoulder, she nodded her tiny head in satisfaction, speaking in an old and experienced tone: "Do you know what to do next?"

Fei Cai naturally shook his head.

"Hmph, you idiot." Zhao Lian Yun snorted: "Since you are the servant leader now, and those old servants have already been sent away, you have to recruit new subordinates first. Otherwise, how can you handle everything alone?"

"Oh? You are extremely right!" Fei Cai realized at once, nodding in agreement.

Zhao Lian Yun snorted again: "But just this is not enough. You need to learn about the young tribe leader's likes, dislikes, and lifestyle habits. You have to ask those old servants for these information."

"What? Ask them? Will they tell me?" Fei Cai stared with wide opened eyes.

Zhao Lian Yun snickered: "You are now the servant leader, your status is different already. They are the lowest of slaves, I'm sure they are afraid of you taking revenge now. If you ask them, they are sure to tell you everything. Of course, if they do not know what is good for them, I have my ways of making them spill everything obediently!"


Zhao Lian Yun looked at Fei Cai's blank expression and rolled her eyes uncontrollably.

Her thoughts had already drifted far away: 'I am not a person of this world, hmph, there are simply too many ways to make these stinking men talk. As long as we learn about Ma Ying Jie's habits and please him accordingly, Fei Cai's current position would definitely be stable. Hehe…'

Cao Fu, Hei tribe camp.

All sorts of tents and Gu houses covered the wide grassland, as tribe flags fluttered in the wind, large numbers of Gu Masters entered and exited. If one looked from above, they would resemble a nest of ants.

In the supply camp, Fang Yuan held the east window Gu as he checked the resources silently.

The female Gu Master in charge of attending to him stayed focused as she stood at one side, waiting for Fang Yuan to make his decision at any moment.

Ever since they received Dong Fang tribe's reparations, the resources that could be exchanged for using battle merits had increased by more than ten times.

Of course, among these resources, not all of them were the compensation from war, other than Hei tribe's previous accumulation, there were also the resources offered by tribes who surrendered and joined the Hei tribe alliance army.

Just a few days ago, Hei Lou Lan organised another alliance meeting, and ordered the newly joined tribe leaders to make the poison vow.

To prevent the good things from being exchanged by others, once the resources were collated, Fang Yuan entered the supply camp at once.

Even Shadow Sword Expert and others, after they joined Hei tribe army, could not affect Fang Yuan's status of being second to only Hei Lou Lan.

Fang Yuan had such authority, the others definitely had issues with it, but no one dared to reprimand him in public.

"Oh? There's a rank four self-reliance Gu?" Fang Yuan's heart was moved, among these resources, he found the Gu that he had greatly desired.

Self-reliance Gu was rather precious, Fang Yuan had a rank three version of it in Southern Border, but after coming to Northern Plains, it was suppressed to rank two. Fang Yuan did not have the relevant Gu recipe, he could not advance it further.

Earlier, he had found a self-reliance Gu in Hei tribe's resources, but it was rank two. Without a choice, he planned to collect the Gu recipe and use these two Gu as the foundation to refine the higher rank Gu.

But this way, it would take eons for him to get a high rank self-reliance Gu. If his luck was bad and he failed the refinement several times, the duration would be prolonged further.

Now, he found this rank four self-reliance Gu, without doubt, he had to get it!

Other than rank four self-reliance Gu, he also found the rank four charging crash Gu. But he had already bought the rank three vertical charge and horizontal crash Gu earlier, and had succeeded in refining them into a rank four charging crash Gu.

Diverting his attention from charging crash Gu, Fang Yuan found several good things, especially Dong Fang tribe's unique Gu worms.

Even with his five hundred years of experience, Fang Yuan was still very interested upon seeing these things.

What attracted him the most was the refine essence spirit Gu.

If it was categorised, this should be a healing Gu worm.

Refine essence spirit Gu could convert the essence of a Gu Master's physical flesh into a mysterious form of energy that could nurture and heal the soul.

There were many Gu worms that could heal the soul, but this refine essence spirit Gu was far superior to its peers. Dong Fang Yu Liang had such a Gu worm, and it was a huge support to his wisdom path deductions.

As for Fang Yuan, this Gu suited him even more.

Different from Dong Fang Yu Liang, Fang Yuan was a dual enslavement and strength path cultivator, his body was strong and his mind was sharp, his soul often felt weakness and exhaustion from commanding the beast groups. The refine essence spirit Gu could be the perfect bridge between his two paths!

Among the resources, other than refine essence spirit Gu, there was also the recipe for it, Fang Yuan took them all.

According to rumors, this Gu recipe was especially created by Dong Fang tribe's Gu Immortal Dong Fang Chang Fan in order to cultivate wisdom path. This meant that Dong Fang tribe had much greater attainments in wisdom path than others.

After Fang Yuan obtains this recipe, as well as the refine essence spirit Gu, it would be the same as obtaining Dong Fang tribe's experimental results for himself.

Gu worms only need one thought from the Gu Master to self-detonate. If this was during normal times, it would not be so easy for Fang Yuan to obtain refine essence spirit Gu.

The Imperial Court competition every ten years was not only a purification and refinement process to weed out the weak, it also assisted in the interactions between all the large forces.

The way of Gu originated from the Immemorial Antiquity era, and Ren Zu was the first Gu Master who used Gu worms. After that, there was the Remote Antiquity era, Olden Antiquity era, Medieval Antiquity era, followed by the Late Antiquity era.

Until today, the way of Gu prospered, in fact it was blooming all over the world, countless paths were created from all the eras like ripples in the river of time, numerous paths flourished at times while vanishing at others.

But because of the harsh living environment, the concept of trading was not very popular with people, all the large forces liked to do their own research and treasured their findings, keeping it from others.

Back then, one of the invincible venerables, Giant Sun, felt this and set up this huge arena. Because of the battle reparations, the Huang Jin family could pass on their learning throughout the ages, grasping the overlord position of Northern Plains throughout history without declining.

After countless Imperial Court battles, Northern Plains became the publicly acclaimed strongest region out of the five in terms of fighting strength.

"But if we look at total power, Central Continent is the strongest, followed by Northern Plains." Fang Yuan had his previous life's memories, he understood clearly the strength of the five regions.

During the battle of the five regions, Northern Plains was the region which resisted Central Continent most fiercely. The other three regions, although having the same terrain advantage as Northern Plains, were suppressed fiercely by Central Continent.

Only Northern Plains managed to organise troops to fight back, invading Central Continent in return.

"Northern Plains has such great strength all thanks to Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's setup. Because he used battles and war, while restricting it to a certain level, it allowed Northern Plains to hone the greatest fighting strength. Unfortunately, his plans were still too restricted, he only cared about his bloodline's benefits. In contrast, Central Continent was strong due to their systemic reforms, it was an advantage that stemmed from their core."

Fang Yuan came from Earth, he had a unique perspective, together with his five hundred years of experience, he had a clear understanding towards the true nature of society.

"Eh, there are over a dozen amplify effect Gu?" Fang Yuan collected his scattered thoughts as he continued looking at the list, finding a new surprise.

Amplify effect Gu was from the rule path, it was used to supplement other Gu worms, to amplify the effects of the chosen Gu worm.

As for the amplification level, it would depend on the rank of the amplify effect Gu. The higher the rank, the greater the effect. Of course, the drawback was that the Gu Master's primeval essence expenditure would be relatively higher.

Amplify effect Gu was very popular among Gu Masters, because it could be used in any path.

Fire path Gu Masters could use it, water path Gu Masters could use it, and for Fang Yuan, both his enslavement and strength paths could use amplify effect Gu.

Among Hei tribe's resources, there was only one rank five amplify effect Gu! There were also one rank four, three rank three, and the rest of the amplify effect Gu were rank two.

Fang Yuan had to pick the best one, he chose the rank five amplify effect Gu, it would boost the effectiveness of a Gu worm by five times!

But this way, a new problem occurred.

"Lord Wolf King, you want to take so many Gu, your battle merits might not be enough…" The female Gu Master in charge reminded him as she chose her words carefully.

"Ah, I know. After all one of the rank five Gu is amplify effect Gu. That refine essence spirit Gu is also Dong Fang tribe's specialty Gu worm." Fang Yuan's words were very understanding and accommodating.

But his next sentence was not like this: "Never mind if I do not have enough battle merits, just credit another five hundred thousand."

"Ah?" The female Gu Master was shocked, she carefully said: "Lord, you still owe around three hundred thousand of the previous five hundred thousand battle merits you borrowed. According to the rules, you have to pay them first before borrowing again."

Fang Yuan raised his brows, saying nonchalantly: "So what, rules are made by men, since they can be made, they can be altered. I'll borrow another five hundred thousand, no, eight hundred thousand! I will explain to Hei Lou Lan personally, now give me the goods!"


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