Reverend Insanity
519 Just a game
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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519 Just a game

Chapter 519: Just a game
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Ni Yu blessed land.

A long jade-layered walkway led the way along the lake surface towards a pavilion.

Outside the pavilion, there was a light rain and soothing wind.

Different from the outside world, the rain here fell from bottom to top. The name of Ni Yu 1 , came from this.

After the female Gu immortal Tan Bi Ya, there was a new guest in the blessed land.

"Junior Hei Bai pays respect to senior Dong Fang." The person who came looked like an ordinary middle aged man, but he was a true rank six Gu Immortal.

"It has been seventy years since we last met. Back then, you were still Hei tribe leader, a step away from entering the Imperial Court."

Hei Bai stood on the stone bench, bowing slightly: "I am ashamed, back then I was greatly supported by my tribe, but I lost by one move and Liu tribe emerged victorious."

"Hehehe." Dong Fang Chang Fan laughed: "That's right, the Liu tribe leader back then, Liu Yi Feng, had unprecedented talent, he was a genius barely seen in a hundred years."

"Senior has good memory, junior is full of admiration."

Dong Fang Chang Fan shook his head: "Us wisdom path Gu Masters will always collect every single information we can get in order to make our deductions. Although Liu Yi Feng was glaringly talented, he failed when charging towards Gu Immortal realm. Among the people of that generation, the one who remained standing at the end was you, commonly known as 'Hei tribe rockman'."

"Senior is too kind, this junior was lucky."

"No need to put yourself down, becoming a Gu Immortal is as hard as ascending to heaven, out of ten thousand rank five Gu Masters, not even one might succeed. Sigh, to speak the truth, I have observed many juniors these years, and now my hopes are on this child." Dong Fang Chang Fan pointed with his right index finger, and a colorful smoke rose from the stone bench, reflecting the real-time battle situation in northern plains, Cao Fu.

Coincidentally, the two Gu Immortals saw Pan Ping flash his scimitar as he beheaded Tang tribe leader.

Hei Bai frowned, lightly gasping: "This is interesting, if I did not see wrongly, this is the sole blade Gu. Sole blade Gu is unique, once activated, it can ignore all defenses of the same level. This was created by the Gu Immortal Blade Demon, it has a strange form, merely a flash of blade light, and has to be kept on a blade. This Gu eats blades as food, and the blade it resides in will gradually shrink and turn into dust."

Dong Fang Chang Fan nodded: "That's right, sole blade Gu can reach rank six at most. Back then, Blade Demon used the rank six sole blade Gu to hold his own, no one dared to trifle with him. But eventually, he lost to Butterfly Sword Immortal. Blade Demon died in battle, and his blessed land was consumed by Butterfly Sword Immortal. The recipe of sole blade Gu was not passed down, but now there are still many sole blade Gu in the mortal realm, these were handed out when Blade Demon disguised as a mortal and travelled the world back then. It seems this lucky lad obtained one of the gifts from Blade Demon back then."

"Senior is wise, I have learnt much today." Hei Bai said with admiration.

Dong Fang Chang Fan was a famous wisdom path Gu Immortal in northern plains, he had glorious battle results his whole life, numerous Gu Immortal suffered from his schemes.

When he was born, Dong Fang tribe was already declining like the setting sun. When he became a Gu Immortal, he single handedly held them up as he made many schemes against his enemies, he had great methods and eventually caused Dong Fang tribe to rise up again.

He was a rank seven Gu Immortal, a great power in northern plains undoubtedly, and the pillar of support for Dong Fang tribe.

But now, his lifespan was at its end, he was eager to leave his inheritance. In the past, Dong Fang Chang Fan had high expectations, and many did not meet his requirements. Now, Dong Fang Yu Liang might not have met all his expectations, but he was the best candidate out of them all.

Lifespan Gu were hard to find, even for Dong Fang tribe which was a super tribe, one of the largest force in northern plains.

Of course, a part of the reason was that the righteous path Gu Immortal secretly colluded to restrict the selling of lifespan Gu to Dong Fang Chang Fan. Similarly, demonic Gu Immortals who were schemed against by Dong Fang Chang Fan hated him to the bones.

Dong Fang Chang Fan schemed against numerous people, but at the end of his life, he was ganged up on collectively by his enemies.

He was clear about this, he had offended too many Gu Immortals. Even the righteous path did not want to see him live longer.

Hei Bai understood, this meeting with Dong Fang Chang Fan would be the last time he could see this legendary Gu Immortal in northern plains.

The rainbow smoke on the stone bench displayed the battle situation perfectly, showing it to them without any lack of clarity.

Dong Fang army, while already weaker in terms of power, got into an even worse situation after Tang tribe leader was killed by Pan Ping.

Eventually, Dong Fang Yu Liang challenged Hei Lou Lan, entering the battle himself.

He wanted to use his own strength to fight for a bit of chance and hope.

But eventually, he could not emerge victorious as he and Hei Lou Lan ended in a draw.

When night descended, Hei Lou Lan ordered a collective attack.

At night, night wolves surge in battle strength. The wolf tide came waves after waves, under Fang Yuan's manipulation, they broke through Dong Fang army's final line of defense.

Dong Fang army had low morale and the troops were not united, even though Dong Fang Yu Liang made many preparations, the defensive line only lasted for seven minutes before being taken down.

Helpless, Dong Fang Yu Liang could only surrender.

At this point, Hei tribe and Dong Fang tribe's battle ended, as Hei Lou Lan and Dong Fang Yu Liang's personal grudge ended in Hei Lou Lan's victory.

"This young man, Dong Fang Yu Liang, has few flaws, except that he cares too much for his sister. In order to protect her safety, he made a portion of the troops stay at the back to protect his sister. Thus, Dong Fang army became far weaker than Hei tribe, even though they were already disadvantaged to begin with. If not for this, the first battle's victory might not have been like this. Hehehe, this is embarrassing to show you, Hei Bai."

Dong Fang Chang Fan smile lightly at this rainbow smoke.

After Hei tribe army stabilized the battle situation, they entered the camp and starting to take over captives and clean up the battlefield.

"Winning and losing is part of battle, if we failed this time, there is always next time. In my opinion, Dong Fang Yu Liang is already very outstanding. He preserved the strength of his tribe well, he did it even better than I would. His affection and protective nature towards this tribe is very precious." Hei Bai said.

"That's right." Dong Fang Chang Fan's tone was rueful: "So be it if other tribe members die, but we are all descendants of Ancestor Giant Sun. Back then when ancestor set up the Imperial Court, he had one motive, that was to weaken other tribes and preserve our bloodline. Unfortunately, even a grand existence like Giant Sun Immortal Venerable passed away when his lifespan was expended. In this world, what can truly be immortal and indestructible…"

Hei Bai did not speak, he only listened silently.

Dong Fang Chang Fan soothed his emotions, laughing softly as he stretched out his palm towards Hei Bai: "Alright, let's get to business."

"Yes." Hei Bai took out a list from his storage Gu and handed it over to Dong Fang Chang Fan.

There was a great amount of content on the list, there was a huge amount of resources listed.

Dong Fang tribe lost in this Imperial Court contest, and became Hei tribe's captive. According to Giang Sun Immortal Venerable's rules, Dong Fang tribe could pay a certain amount of resources to redeem themselves.

Dong Fang tribe and Hei tribe were super tribes, they had more than one Gu Immortal.

The contest between two giant forces, this 'Imperial Court contest' was merely a game. Most importantly, these battles would weaken other tribes and expand one's own tribe, recruiting and choosing new talents.

This grand scheme engulfing all of northern plains was naturally not created by Dong Fang tribe or Hei tribe's Gu Immortals. It was created by one of the ten supreme invincible beings, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

Dong Fang Chang Fan received the list and started browsing through.

The resources on this list were not only a great amount, there were also many aspects that it touched on, like some specialty Gu worms that only Dong Fang tribe had, or some newly created Gu recipes.

But Dong Fang Chang Fan did not show any indignance, he nodded lightly and agreed: "Winner takes all, since we failed, a small price is but fair, we will go with this."

Loser pays the price, this was the rule that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable set.

In history, there were some times when tribes were unwilling to pay this price, but they all ended up being wiped out.

But now, not a single tribe dared to violate the rule.

This was the rule of northern plains' righteous path, if any tribe refused to obey it, they would be ostracized, and become the target of all others.

A giant light ring suddenly appeared in the night sky of the battlefield.

After the light ring stabilized, a giant light door of about 60 meters was formed.

The light shone across a thousand li, as it opened, a jade light path was formed.

From the door, a young female Gu Master walked out. She held a token as she landed before Hei Lou Lan under everyone's gaze.

"I am the envoy, I am here to bring back Dong Fang tribe." She said expressionlessly with a cold tone.

The two finished their business on the spot.

After checking the battle reparation, Hei Lou Lan's brows were uplifted, he had earned a fortune! Using so much resources, he could equip more Gu Masters and especially the tribes that surrendered, after taking them in, his military strength would surge by at least fifty percent of the original!

"We will meet again." Since the results were decided, Dong Fang Yu Liang had no lingering emotions, he bid farewell to Hei Lou Lan calmly and led his tribesmen on the light road, entering the door.

Because they absorbed a lot of tribes, Dong Fang tribe's size expanded by thirty percent.

"How great, even if they lost, they can still hide from the blizzard inside the blessed land!"

"There's no choice, they are a super clan, there are Gu Immortals shielding them."

"Alright, concentrate, it is a turning point for us after submitting to Hei tribe. As long as we win a few battles, our losses would be recuperated. If we are fortunate enough to enter Imperial Court blessed land and obtain those inheritances, we would have a chance of striking it rich!"

Everyone looked at the light ring on the air as they discussed.

Fang Yuan watched this silently.

This ten year blizzard involves the entire northern plains, causing numerous homes to be destroyed and countless people to rise up from battle. It was a contest of the top predators, a game that they engage in together.

Some people immerse themselves in it and chase after fame. Some cry and grief, feeling extreme pain. As for Fang Yuan, as a person within this giant game, he would watch coldly as he make his own plans.


Such is life.

The law of the jungle, it is truly fantastic!


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