Reverend Insanity
518 Famous
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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518 Famous

Chapter 518: Famous
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Facing Hei Lou Lan's offer of submission, Dong Fang Yu Liang went silent.

He was standing on the walls, looking at the black enemy troops, the wind blew his hair and his clothes fluttered lightly in the air.

He sighed lightly.

Even though he had many brilliant schemes and always held the initiative with his predictions, the difference between the two sides was just too overwhelming, in the end, they reached this stage.

Wisdom path was not invincible.

Throughout history, there were a great number of Gu Master path and styles, even qi path and strength path which were dominant in a point in time, did not manage to cause other paths to go into extinction, becoming the sole path of the Gu Master world.

Every path had its strengths and weaknesses.

Especially when Gu Master paths were established on the basis of resources. As times changed, and environments changed, when the resources that Gu Masters needed to cultivate dwindled, that particular path's vitality would go down.

Any Gu Master familiar with history would know that throughout the long river of time, countless paths were buried.

Speaking of which, wisdom path had been popular since the immemorial era, until this day. Even though they were always low on numbers, such an established path could be said to be independent already.

In this world, there were no invincible paths, only invincible Gu Masters.

But to be truly invincible, there were only ten in history.

Dong Fang Yu Liang was only a rank five wisdom path Gu Master, although he was at the peak of the mortal realm, he was far from invincible.

Even though he had his self created killer move, Seven Star Light, the primeval essence expenditure of it was too great, it could not be sustained. Against a huge force like Hei tribe, he was already feeling overpowered and outnumbered.

"If I was an enslavement path Gu Master, there might be a chance of salvaging it. But even enslavement path would need to be worried of beheading the leader tactic. Even Wolf King Chang Shan Yin does not dare to venture out alone, leading his wolves to leave the main troops. Thus, only by ascending to Gu Immortal can one rule above the mortal world." Dong Fang Yu Liang sighed in his heart.

At this time, Water Demon Hao Ji Liu came forward to battle.

"Wind Demon, come out and die!" He shouted out his enemy's name.

Wind Demon was furious, growling: "Hao Ji Liu, don't be arrogant!"

Saying so, he leapt from the defense walls, activating his Gu while in mid air, as two four-leaf wind blades formed, shooting out.

"All you can use are old tricks!" Water Demon laughed, not dodging as he charged head on.

Bam bam bam!

The water and wind demons had battled for dozens of rounds, they were very familiar with each other, thus, the moment they fought, it reached the climax.

Wind blades and water bullets flew on both sides, colliding in mid air as they exploded.

Wind Demon's attacks were sharp and focused on penetrating and kiting, while Water Demon engaged in frontal assault, overwhelming the enemy.

The two were established characters, now that they were engaging with each other, they were displaying great strength as the battle could not be decided easily.

The Gu Masters from both armies focused their attention on these two people.

The strength of a rank four Gu Master was well known by all, but now, it still gave them a great sense of fear and trepidation.

After a while, Water Demon gradually gained the upper hand.

Wind Demon's condition was not good, there were times where a Gu Master's strength fluctuated.

Like now, the conclusion had already been decided, being surrounded by Hei tribe heavily, Dong Fang tribe's warriors had low morale, Wind Demon was affected too.

Seeing his rival of equal strength suppressed by himself, Water Demon shouted in joy as he attacked even more fiercely.

The general was the courage of the soldiers, seeing this, Hei tribe army's morale surged, as Dong Fang alliance army sank into silence on the defense wall.

In the main tent, Hei Lou Lan laughed heartily as he sent another rank four expert into battle.

Dong Fang Yu Liang sent a person to deal with him.

But the battle between these two Gu Masters was not as intense as the battle between demons.

Not only was the commotion smaller, they even talked in the middle of battle, talking about their ancestor's time and their alliance marriage.

Dong Fang Yu Liang's expression became uglier as Hei Lou Lan's smile became deeper.

Dong Fang alliance army had low morale, the troops had lost their sense of belonging. All the forces in the alliance were starting to find a way out of their predicament.

Hei tribe army's morale was high, all the rank four experts requested to battle.

Hei Lou Lan laughed as he approved all their requests.

Quickly, before the two armies, twelve battle rings were created.

"I am Pan Ping, who will battle me?" Pan Ping carried a fierce aura as he became the thirteenth person to enter the battlefield after getting Hei Lou Lan's permission.

Dong Fang Yu Liang was silent.

By now, the rank four experts under him had mostly perished. Many experts were worried for the present and future, they were no longer giving it their all, but instead hiding their strength.

Although when the alliance was made, all the leaders and experts used the poison bow Gu, the content of the vow was not strict, there were many loopholes that could be exploited.

As the alliance leader, although they would want to tie the large tribes closely to them, other forces were not idiots. Thus the content of the poison vow had been passed down for numerous generations, created through many collective agreements.

As Pan Ping requested for battle, Dong Fang Yu Liang found that he had no one to summon already.

He thought about it before sending an order.

"What? Dong Fang alliance leader is order my father to battle?!" In the camp behind the defense walls, Tang Fang saw this messenger and his expression turned ugly, his eyes almost blowing fire.

In the earlier battle, in order to protect his tribesmen, Tang tribe leader was attacked by two Hei tribe Gu masters and suffered grave injuries. After that, he had been bedridden, he had not even recovered now.

"This is the alliance leader's orders, are you trying to defy it? I know your tribe leader is injured and bedridden. But there are so many bedridden tribe leaders, after getting the alliance leader's orders, didn't they participate too?" The messenger's words were rigid as he looked at Tang Fang with disdain.

"You!" Tang Fang was furious, shouting: "They are pretending to be injured, my father is truly heavily injured!"

"Alright, son, enough. As the Tang tribe leader, I have to participate in this battle." At this time, the pale Tang tribe leader walked out.

"Hmph, as long as you obey the orders." Dong Fang tribe's messenger snorted as he walked away.

"But father, your body…" Tang Fang was extremely worried.

"No matter." Tang tribe leader patted his son's shoulders: "I have been recuperating these days, my injures are mostly healed. Today's battle might be the last. If I do not participate, it would be detrimental to our tribe, and our reputation."

Tang Fang gritted his teeth: "Then you have to be careful father, sister is still with them, if there is a chance…"

"Mm, I will do my best." Tang tribe leader frowned as he walked out of the tent.

He came to the defense walls as he met Dong Fang Yu Liang, before going to the battlefield, starting the battle with Pan Ping.

Tang Fang stood at the edge of the wall, staring at his father.

"Young tribe leader, we will be fine. Although lord tribe leader still has some poison in him, today's battle is different, everyone will not go all out." A Tang tribe elder consoled.

Tang Fang looked at his father battling on par with Pan Ping, with neither giving it their all, and the worry in his heart dissipated.

But at this moment, Pan Ping burst out and drew the scimitar by his waist.

Everyone saw a bright white light flash past quickly.

The next moment, Tang tribe leader was beheaded!

"Ah, father!" Tang Fang was stunned before crying out painfully.

This had occurred too suddenly, both sides were shocked for a few breaths' time before starting to discuss fervently.

"Tang tribe leader Tang You has been taken down by me Pan Ping!" Pan Ping's eyes were shining with a bloodthirsty light as he raised Tang tribe leader's head and shouted.

Tang Fang's vision turned dark as he fainted on the spot.

"What was that?"

"I only saw a flash of light, it was too fast! I could not see anything clearly."

"I wonder what Gu or killer move Pan Ping used?"

Pan Ping killed an expert on the same level as him, he gained great fame as even the resting Fang Yuan opened his eyes slightly to give him a glance.

Northern plains was huge, it was a land of battles. Countless wars and battles created numerous experts. These experts might have some unknown trump cards that they had been hiding forever.

Although Pan Ping was a rank four Gu Master, his reputation was not very high, among the rank four Gu Master, he was not outstanding. But after this battle, he rose to fame by stepping on Tang tribe leader's corpse.

Pan Ping's expression was shining like flowers as he returned victorious.

Hei Lou Lan laughed loudly, ordering his men to bring his wine cup and gave the delicious wine to Pan Ping as a reward.

"Thank you lord alliance leader for the reward!" Pan Ping stood in the main tent, drinking the wine in one pulp, his gaze was full of anticipation as his expression was lively.

He got this Gu by accident. Once, there was a market set up by a few tribes, he saw this scimitar and thought it was beautiful, thus he bought it out of interest.

But to think that when he was toying with it, he found the secret in this scimitar.

On the blade of this scimitar, there was a cold light. This cold light was actually a mysterious Gu worm.

Pan Ping spent a lot of effort before finally refining this Gu. Although he did not know the name of this Gu, it had executed many strong foes for him, it had an extremely sharp attack.

He had great expectations for this Imperial Court contest.

Originally, during Hei tribe and Dong Fang army's first battle, he had requested to be the first to battle. At that time, he was planning on using this Gu to slay a strong enemy, gaining fame immediately.

But Tang Miao Ming called out the Wolf King Chang Shan Yin and challenged him, it obstructed his plans.

What's worse was, Fang Yuan did not go with the norm, he attacked directly and skipped the challenge, directly causing the war between both sides.

The chance that Pan Ping was looking for was gone like that. Although there were battles later, it was not the environment that Pan Ping was hoping for.

"But today's battle was a huge chance, Tang tribe leader, Tang You, is an established character. After this battle, my status will rise and I would become Hei tribe's number one general. After all, Water Demon Hao Ji Liu had greater reputation, but he had not taken down Wind Demon yet. As for Wolf King Chang Shan Yin, he is an enslavement path Gu Master, there is no point competing with him…"

Pan Ping looked around, feeling that everyone's gaze towards him had changed, the happiness in his heart rose again.

"This is the feeling of a top dog 1 . Hehe, one day, I, Pan Ping, will have my name resound all over Northern Plains!" He shouted in his heart.


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