Reverend Insanity
517 Lurking Soul Coat Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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517 Lurking Soul Coat Gu

Chapter 517: Lurking Soul Coat Gu
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Advancing bitter strength Gu, expend strength Gu and charging crash Gu to rank five was a huge project; Fang Yuan would need to use large amounts of materials and Gu worms.

Thus, often only the Gu Immortals who had blessed lands had the capital to gather a complete set of rank five Gu.

It was very hard for mortals to bear such a price.

Thus, in the mortal world, a lot of rank five Gu Masters did not even have one rank five Gu. Only people like Hei Lou Lan and Dong Fang Yu Liang who had the support of a large force behind them had one or two rank five Gu.

In the information provided by east window Gu, there was only a dark path rank five Gu that could be exchanged with battle merits.

"My enslavement path Gu originated from Chang Shan Yin, almost all are rank four and it will be extremely difficult to raise them to rank five in a short period of time. Thus, I need to concentrate on gathering Gu recipes, just in case."

"As for my strength path Gu, those originate from Southern Border; rather than refining them, it might be better to make direct purchases. After all, these Gu are not my vital Gu, so if the refinement fails, they will perish. And if I want to refine again, I will have to accumulate them again.'

Fang Yuan's plan was the same as the choice many foreign region Gu Masters sensibly made in the troubled times that were to come in the future.

He made his choice.

There was only one rank five Gu among the goods, but there were many rank four Gu including bitter strength Gu, tusita flower and primeval elder Gu.

But there was no charging crash Gu.

Fang Yuan could only opt for the next best choice and choose two pairs of rank three horizontal charge Gu and vertical crash Gu, intending to fuse them himself.

Self-reliance Gu was a perfect match for strength path Gu Masters, and a rare Gu at that. In Hei tribe's enormous list of goods, there was one self-reliance Gu, but unfortunately it was only at rank two, even lower than Fang Yuan's.

Rank three self-reliance Gu could reach a price of forty-five thousand primeval stones which corresponded to forty-five hundred battle merits.

A rank four self-reliance Gu's price could be compared to a rank five Gu, and had a very low possibility of appearing in the exchange list.

Fang Yuan pondered and bought this rank two self-reliance Gu as well. If there was truly no other way, he could only try to refine it.

If the self-reliance Gu was like this, then there was no need to even mention strength qi Gu.

Strength qi Gu was already extinct in the mortal markets, and Fang Yuan's strength qi Gu was obtained by reverse refining rank four atmosphere Gu.

But the atmosphere Gu was rank four, and was not a mainstream Gu, and was also very rare on top of that.

If Fang Yuan wanted to obtain strength qi Gu, he could only use Northern Plains' atmosphere Gu and reverse refine it to rank three strength qi Gu.

He had rank five cultivation now; rank three strength qi Gu was not suitable for him anymore, rank three Gu's help to him now was extremely small.

"Since there is no expend strength Gu, then so be it. After all, this Gu is used for restricting strength path and has few applications. If I don't have strength qi Gu, it will truly be miserable; I will be lacking long range attack methods and land in the most common predicament of present age strength path Gu Masters."

Strength qi Gu might not be treated as a core Gu, but it was extremely important to strength path Gu Masters.

"So I can only try to gather rank four and rank five recipes of strength qi Gu for now. Qi path has already died out, treasure yellow heaven has them but the prices are definitely high. Perhaps my greatest hope is in Lang Ya blessed land. But Lang Ya land spirit is not easy to deal with, I will have to pay a huge price if I want to obtain the recipe."

Just when Fang Yuan was inwardly vexed about this problem, he suddenly had a realization.

"Eh? Wrong." His mind received a slight jolt.

"Even if my strength path doesn't have long ranged attack methods, my enslavement path can make up for it! My situation is no longer the same now, I have two apertures, I cultivate enslavement and strength path, they can complement each other."

Fang Yuan's view suddenly cleared up.

Although he was someone who had been reborn and was meticulous, it was unavoidable for even him to have times of habitual thinking.

He only had one aperture in his previous life and even though he had touched upon other paths, it was mostly after he became a Gu Immortal. But now, he was already cultivating two paths as a mortal.

"Enslavement path Gu Masters are most afraid of beheading the leader tactics, I can use strength path to defend. On the contrary, strength path's weakness can be filled by using enslavement path. Strength qi Gu, there is no need for it."

Because he cultivated two paths, this problem that troubled strength path Gu Masters was easily resolved.

Following after this, Fang Yuan used his battle merits to exchange for many space path Gu and large numbers of Gu refinement materials.

These space path Gu and materials were preparations to enter Luo Po Valley later on.

Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had sealed Luo Po Valley back then. If one wanted to enter, normal methods wouldn't work; one must have a rank five open door Gu.

Open door Gu could let the fated ones enter Luo Po valley. But to close the passage would require refining a rank five close door Gu, to prevent the exposure of the passage and others entering in.

'Lord Wolf King actually exchanged for so many strength path Gu and space path Gu, and there are also huge amounts of Gu refinement materials.' The goods Fang Yuan wanted to exchange for, caused this female Gu Master to be inwardly surprised.

Exchanging for strength path Gu was still reasonable, after all strength path might be declining but it consumed less primeval essence. In case primeval essence was about to be exhausted, it could act as a Gu Master's last support.

Thus, in Northern Plains where battles occurred frequently, almost all the Gu Masters cultivated some strength path Gu.

'But what is Lord Wolf King going to do with these space path Gu?'

'Maybe he wants to use space path Gu to protect himself? After all, enslavement path Gu Masters are often restrained by beheading leader tactics.'

'There are also these astonishing amounts of Gu refinement materials, is Lord Wolf King interested towards refinement path? Or maybe he is researching a completely new enslavement path Gu?'

The female Gu Master was full of doubts but did not express them.

She was very aware that rashly inquiring about these secrets was an extremely great offense to the Gu Master.

Thus, she did not reveal any curiosity on her face, concentrating only on handling these exchanges.

Fang Yuan soon saw his battle merits decreased by over half on the battle list, immediately falling down from first position.

"Lord Wolf King, these goods you exchanged for will be sent to you one by one today and will be completely delivered by dawn." The female Gu Master informed in a soft voice.

Fang Yuan nodded and was just about to leave when this female Gu Master said in a low voice: "Lord Wolf King, please wait a moment. Here is a Gu recipe which is extremely suitable for you, Lord tribe leader specifically told me to hold it for you."

"Hmm?" Fang Yuan's eyes flashed with a bright light.

There was no need to even guess, the female Gu Master before him was definitely Hei tribe's Gu Master.

In such an important place like the supply camp, Hei Lou Lan could only be at ease if he placed his men inside.

Listening to the female Gu Master's words, Fang Yuan realized this was Hei Lou Lan's goodwill towards him. It was extremely likely that it was because of Hei Xiu Yi deserting in the face of danger, and that Fang Yuan let the bygones be bygones, so Hei Lou Lan was secretly reciprocating for it.

Fang Yuan immediately felt some interest and after understanding about the details, he found that this Gu recipe was truly very suitable for him.

This was a Gu recipe of lurking soul coat Gu.

Lurking soul coat Gu had only one ability, and that was to cover soul fluctuations.

Previously, Fang Yuan was hiding in a corner of the battlefield and had to mobilize the wolf group without being able to use his full strength to prevent being discovered. But with this Gu, he could completely cover his soul fluctuations and mobilize the wolf group with his whole strength while hiding.

This Gu recipe went all the way from rank one to rank five, thus it had very high price.

Fang Yuan used all his remaining battle merits and barely obtained it.

He skimmed through the Gu recipe once and saw the difficulty in refining this Gu was not high, but there were monumental amount of refinement procedures. Moreover, the cost involved was not low, especially one procedure among them required a large number of fresh beast skins as Gu refinement materials.

"Tribe leader has said himself that if Lord Wolf King feels like the Gu refinement is too complicated, you can ask the refinement path Gu Masters to do it. You only need to pay equivalent battle merits to them. If Lord Wolf King has insufficient battle merits, you can borrow five hundred thousand." The female Gu Master timely suggested.

Primeval stones were the currency during normal times.

But during battles, because of Gu Masters using a large number of primeval stones to restore their primeval essence, refine new Gu or so on, primeval stones were in scarcity.

At such times, battle merits were often used as currency.

This was not only in Northern Plains, it was also the same in Southern Border and other regions.

Borrowing battle merits naturally was not a treatment given to ordinary people. Fang Yuan, however, was a crucial battle strength as he could directly raise the strength of the whole Hei tribe army by himself, thus Hei Lou Lan was happy to actively promote such actions secretly.

Fang Yuan nodded and borrowed five hundred thousand battle merits on the spot.

With this, his battle merits went into negative, falling down to the last position on the large battle merit list.

The Gu Masters who saw this scene in the fifteen large tents exclaimed in surprise.

In the enormous battle merit list that was as large as defense walls, the negative five hundred thousand which was written in scarlet was exceptionally dazzling.

From first to last, such a huge discrepancy caused people to be greatly taken aback.

Clamorous discussions rose before gradually quieting down.

The Wolf King's strength and status made them involuntarily accept this fact.

Soon after, several assignments that came from the Wolf King caused the quietened discussions to again turn into a clamor.

The assignments were capturing wolves, gathering souls, peeling off wolf skins and processing them, along with large numbers of Gu refinement assignments; once completed, could give them a lot of battle merits.

These assignments quickly stimulated everyone's enthusiasm.

In the next few days, Fang Yuan continued to cultivate, concentrating mainly on strength path.

Because of turtle jade wolf skin Gu, his body could bear even more strength.

Several days later, Fang Yuan's strength path broke through the hundred jun strength barrier, and he had already successively received ten thousand rank one lurking soul coat Gu.

But to push to rank five, this amount was still far from enough.

Hei tribe army rested and reorganized for a week more before pulling up the camp and pushing forward towards Dong Fang tribe's defense line.

The battle began once more.

Dong Fang Yu Liang relied on tall and firm defense walls to defend tightly, and along with repeated clever plans, he was able to push off the battle to the limit, causing great trouble to Hei tribe.

But it was still very difficult for him to make up for the large gap created by the first battle.

The five defense lines Dong Fang army had built, was broken through by Hei tribe in a row.

In the end, the Dong Fang army had retreated to the final defense line - in the central zone of Cao Fu - and were firmly surrounded by Hei tribe.

"Dong Fang Yu Liang, you are surrounded, your loss is already determined. A wise man submits to fate; as long as you surrender, my army's main military advisor position will still be yours."

Hei Lou Lan stood high on his twin-headed rhino, his voice echoing throughout the battlefield.


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