Reverend Insanity
516 Battle Merit Board
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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516 Battle Merit Board

Chapter 516: Battle Merit Board
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The red cloud surged in the air, giving Fang Yuan a burning hot feeling.

Fang Yuan was sitting cross-legged on a mat with his eyes closed, his mind holding the fire cloud together.

"It is time." He inwardly calculated the time and slowly opened his eyes, after which he took out a wine vat.

The wine vat was filled with dark blue liquid, giving off a shine like the reflection of the moon on the sea.

"Descend." Fang Yuan softly spoke and the fire cloud in the air slowly fell down, pouring completely into the wine vat.

For a moment, the contact of fire and water along with their merging produced thick black smoke.

The black smoke rapidly pervaded the whole room.

Fang Yuan could not even see his own fingers as if he was in a dark night.

With a shift of his mind, the wine vat suddenly let out an attraction force that completely absorbed all the black smoke within a few breaths of time.

The room was bright once again with a vague sweetness remaining in the air.

Fang Yuan repeatedly flicked his finger, throwing Gu worm after Gu worm into the wine vat. The wine vat kept on shaking for two-three minutes before finally calming down.

Fang Yuan gazed into the wine vat and only saw black mud inside. Those Gu worms he had thrown inside had completely merged together, forming a semi-finished product that was concealed in the center of the black mud.

"Rise." Fang Yuan cautiously poured his primeval essence.

The surface of the black mud broke open and a thin, delicate sprout grew out of it. The delicate sprout was glossy green and grew rapidly, already growing into a small sapling in an instant.

The sapling grew thicker with a visible speed, slowly growing upwards. Conversely, the black mud in the wine vat rapidly decreased.

When the black mud decreased to eighty percent, the small tree stopped growing. The crown of the tree had formed into a tight shape, like a clenched green fist.

"Open." Fang Yuan gave a light shout and simultaneously poured in large amounts of primeval essence into the tree.

The green fist slowly opened, revealing a Gu worm in its palm.

This Gu had a long oval body with a dark brown carapace. A majestic horn was on its head, which made it look thick and powerful.

It had four pairs of long strong legs and its whole body emitted a glossy metallic luster. One look at it was enough for anyone to know that it was not an ordinary Gu.

A trace of joy flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes.

This Gu was precisely the all-out effort Gu which he had failed to advance three times before, finally succeeding in this fourth try.

Fang Yuan carefully observed, examining the differences in before and after the refinement.

Rank three all-out effort Gu only had three pairs of legs and because it was from the Southern Border, it received the region's restriction and was suppressed to rank two.

Rank four all-out effort Gu had four pairs of legs and was larger in size, over two times bigger than its rank three counterpart. And because it was refined in Northern Plains, it became a Northern Plains Gu and did not suffer from suppression, thus letting out a genuine rank four aura.

"With this rank four Gu, my strength path battle strength has immediately recovered for the most part. I will have to make preparations for its rank five recipe. Fortunately, I now possess a blessed land and can connect to treasure yellow heaven, and also have some connection with Lang Ya blessed land. There is hope in getting hold of all-out effort Gu's rank five recipe."

Fang Yuan stored this new all-out effort Gu into his aperture and cleaned the room once before coming out of the large lizard house Gu.

Outside was a bright and beautiful scene.

Large numbers of Gu Masters were moving back and forth between countless tents, hurrying about their respective affairs. Some were going to supply camps to exchange for Gu worms, some were returning after cleaning up the battlefield and some were building up defensive structures.

Eight days had passed since the great battle with Dong Fang alliance army.

In these eight days, Hei tribe's army kept its patience, cleaning up the battlefield everyday, making details of battle merits and healing the injured.

These serious and diverse affairs caused the army higher ups to be extremely busy. A mountain of paperworks had piled up on Hei Lou Lan's table. Cunning gentleman was given heavy responsibilities and was so busy that he had not slept for three days and three nights, and his face had become pale as paper. Each of the tribe leaders were also very busy, rushing about to fight for the benefits of their respective tribes.

As people holding top positions, they naturally had their own duty and responsibility.

In this period of time, Ge Guang also looked for Fang Yuan several times, hoping Fang Yuan would come out for Ge tribe's benefits, but Fang Yuan ignored and refused to see him, only concentrating in cultivating.

In this time, they appeared to be free and unconstrained like those demonic path Gu Masters. For the most part, they did not receive any implications and only looked after themselves; apart from checking whether their battle merits had not been embezzled, they were either healing their injuries or using battle merits to exchange for new Gu worms, actively preparing for war.

The treatment abilities of this world was far above that on earth.

On Earth, amputated limbs would mean becoming a disabled. If fingers were cut off, the fingers would need to be preserved and transplanted within a set period of time. And this transplantation had a chance of failure.

But in this world, even if one's limbs were completely cut off, they could be directly grown under the healing effects of Gu worms.

Basically, as long as the Gu Masters were not inflicted with troublesome injuries, they could be healed.

Thus, although only a short period of eight days had passed, the number of injured in Hei tribe army had already decreased by eighty percent, among which most had recovered the ability to fight.

As one went nearer towards the supply camps, they would discover a bigger stream of people.

Over these days, large numbers of Gu Masters came here to exchange their battle merits for goods.

The supply camps became the most busy place in the whole camp. They opened fifteen large tents in a row with each tent occupying at least 3.25 acres, and over a thousand Gu Masters were working to serve people. But even so, the supply camp was packed with people and every tent was crowded and clamorous.

"Subordinate greets Lord Wolf King, please come this way lord." When Fang Yuan arrived at the supply camp, a professional female Gu Master led him to a Gu house with a smile on her face.

As long as there was an organization, there would be hierarchy, upper and lower levels and also difference in treatments.

Fang Yuan belonged to the upper layer in the whole army and the treatment he received would naturally be different from ordinary people.

"Lord Wolf King is mighty, you are the first in the battle merit list in this battle!" The young and beautiful female Gu Master handed a scroll to Fang Yuan with a look of worship.

Fang Yuan gently pulled apart the two ends of the scroll and saw Chang Shan Yin at the very start. After his name was the amount of battle merit, which was a series of numbers written in Northern Plains' language, denoting over a hundred thousand characters. Fang Yuan only roughly glanced at it.

In this world, battle merits were easy to calculate.

Because there were large numbers of Gu worms that could monitor or capture images. In every large battle, every tribe would use large numbers of Gu worms to record the whole process of the battle. Besides the purpose of calculating the battle merits, it was more importantly for assimilating experience, gathering intel, probing the enemy's real details and understanding one's own side's deficiencies.

Besides this, many Gu Masters would also use their own Gu worms to record their own battle.

With all these details and images of every corner, the battle merits would be calculated again and again to verify the correct statistic.

Fang Yuan opened the scroll further; under his name was Hei Lou Lan. His battle merit was over eighty thousand.

Hei Lou Lan fought and pinned down Dong Fang Yu Liang who was the strongest expert in the enemy's side. At the same time, he killed Wei Xin, E Xuan Ming and Wan Shan who were under three hearts combination soul, getting rid of the mixed beast group; this was an enormous battle contribution.

Under Hei Lou Lan was Water Demon Hao Ji Liu, Wang tribe leader, Pan Ping and so on with tens of thousands as their battle merits.

As Fang Yuan went further down, the battle merits became less and less. After the top ten, the battle merits fell down to over nine thousand. After the top twenty, the battle merits fell down to around seven to eight thousand.

The scroll recorded one hundred and six people altogether, with most having around three thousand battle merits.

It was clear this scroll was the list of the highest battle merits achiever. The complete battle merit list was erected in the fifteen large tents and was as large as defense walls, with large numbers of swimword Gu used on them. Thus, the characters on the surface of the large list would flicker time to time, showing the change in the battle merits.

The battle merits statistics had started from the moment the battle started, and would keep on being maintained.

Some Gu Masters would exchange their battle merits for Gu worms, thus their battle merits would fall. Some Gu Masters' battle merits would instead continue to rise. Especially healing Gu Masters, they would have considerable gains in the postwar.

Fang Yuan placed the scroll to the side. The female Gu Master had been observing his expression and at this moment, she handed over a Gu worm.

This Gu worm looked like a ladybug with square carapace, protruding edges while the middle part was sunken like a window frame.

This was rank four east window Gu, an information path Gu, used to store information.

Previously at Lang Ya blessed land, when Fang Yuan asked for the information on Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, the Lang Ya land spirit had given him an east window Gu.

Fang Yuan took the east window Gu and held it in his hand, pouring primeval essence into it.

East window Gu gave off a glimmer, and an enormous amount of information poured into Fang Yuan's mind.

There was a large number of goods including Gu worms from every path, beasts, vegetation, primeval stones, variant men, Gu recipes and so on.

These goods were put up by all tribes, and according to rules, as the alliance leader, Hei tribe put forward the maximum number of goods, no less than half of all these goods.

Soon, Fang Yuan discovered many things he wanted to purchase from these goods.

Although Fang Yuan could connect to treasure yellow heaven through Little Hu Immortal, the transactions in treasure yellow heaven was the transactions between great sects and clans, which used immortal essence stones as the currency. It was not suitable for Fang Yuan's current state.

At the same time there was also the mysterious force represented by Old Man Yan Shi who was coveting after Fang Yuan's fixed immortal travel Gu. If Fang Yuan wanted to buy rank five Gu to raise his strength, he would need to buy Northern Plains' Gu worms. If he did that, it would definitely provide an important evidence to this wisdom path Gu Immortal.

Thus, the supply camp was much more suitable to the current Fang Yuan than treasure yellow heaven.

"Among my strength path Gu worms, all-out effort Gu has been raised to rank four and has adapted to Northern Plains. But I still have rank three strength qi Gu, tusita flower, primeval elder Gu, self-reliance Gu as well as rank four bitter strength, expend strength Gu and charging crash Gu. These Gu are all from Southern Border and is under region suppression in the Northern Plains."

"To remove the region's suppression, I would need to advance these Gu to higher rank in Northern Plains. But to do so would mean too much investment."

There was a probability of failure in Gu refinement.

Even though Fang Yuan had close to master level skill in refinement path, he was not exempted from this probability.

The rank four all-out effort Gu he refined had failed several times before succeeding. The refinement of nauseous crying baby Gu failed for over ten times, yet it still did not succeed in the end.

The higher the rank of the Gu, the higher the probability of failing the refinement. This was especially so for rank five Gu as those were very challenging and difficult to refine, with the probability of success usually being less than one in a thousand.


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