Reverend Insanity
515 Dong Fang Yu Liang’s backup plan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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515 Dong Fang Yu Liang’s backup plan

Chapter 515: Dong Fang Yu Liang’s backup plan
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Dong Fang army suffered huge losses within a short period of time, and they abandoned the large numbers of corpses as they retreated.


"Run, it will be too late if we don't go now!!"

The situation Dong Fang Yu Liang was most worried about finally happened - Dong Fang alliance army collapsed with no intent to battle, only concentrating on escaping. Hei tribe army took this chance to unfold a cruel massacre.

Dong Fang Yu Liang gnashed his teeth and promptly mobilized rank four Gu Master experts to hold back the enemy.

The experts turned around and dealt a heavy blow, restraining the momentum of Hei tribe army. But this did not last long as Hei tribe's rank four Gu Master experts took the stage and hindered the Dong Fang tribe's experts.

Dong Fang Yu Liang made a move again, but was pinned down by Hei Lou Lan.
Seeing his side troops chasing after the enemy and having the momentum in unfolding cruel massacre, Fang Yuan stopped and summoned the wolf group beside him.

This move immediately won favorable impression from the black banner elite troop's commander who was beside him.

In his view, this was a great chance for Wolf King to get battle contributions, but the latter instead gave these battle achievements to others. This commander praised Fang Yuan openly.

Fang Yuan knew the other party was trying to express goodwill. Hei Xiu Yi had been appointed as his bodyguard, but Xiu Yi deserted him in the face of danger, and if not for the water image Gu, he would have already been dead.

However, Fang Yuan never counted on someone else's protection; he only relied on himself. Moreover, Hei Xiu Yi was Hei Lou Lan's trusted general and because of this, he would not be able to do anything to Hei Xiu Yi if he raised this topic. Even if he could, Fang Yuan was not willing to be in such pointless internal friction.

He casually replied, secretly hinting the commander that he did not put this matter in heart.

Only then did the commander let out a breath of relief, secretly feeling: though Wolf King was arrogant, he was truly magnanimous and extraordinary.

Finally, Dong Fang army made a mad run to the first defense line, paying a disastrous price for this.

Twenty percent of the whole army had died during the first battle but fifty percent had died during the chase by the wolf group and the enemy. The remaining thirty percent who were injured and disabled managed to run to the defense line.

Among the rank four experts, two died in the process of holding back Hei tribe army.

The Hei tribe army chased without stopping, but they were shot through by the feather arrow elite troops who were standing on the defense walls, and lost hundreds of people before running away in sorry figures.

This was the elite troop that the Dong Fang tribe had cultivated by spending a lot of care and resources; they were not any weaker than the black banner elite troop.

Hei tribe's Gu Masters tried to charge through three times but were shot back into retreat by the feather arrow elite troop. Hei Lou Lan mobilized the rank four Gu Masters to charge forward, but they were trapped by Dong Fang Yu Liang's arrangement and lost three experts.

"Lord alliance leader, the enemy is relying on their location to defend and they occupy the geographical advantage. Our side has fought hard for long, we don't have sufficient primeval essence to keep on fighting, it would be better to retreat for now and make new plans." The group of experts returned to the main tent where cunning gentleman Sun Shi Han suggested this idea.

Fang Yuan's brows furrowed; he had his previous life memories and knew Dong Fang Yu Liang was very good at handling messy situations, winning against stronger opponents as the weaker side. If they delayed for long, the amount of intel he would receive would increase and it would be more unfavorable for Hei tribe.

This time, there was Fang Yuan's interference which led to the Hei tribe occupying a greater dominance than in his previous life, but Dong Fang Yu Liang who was in a good shape was an enormous threat. To deal with Dong Fang Yu Liang, the best way was to continue attacking, without giving him the chance to scheme and calculate.

Hei Lou Lan pondered on cunning gentleman's suggestion in silence. He had crossed hands with Dong Fang Yu Liang before and was well acquainted with Dong Fang Yu Liang's methods. He did not want to let go of this chance in front of him and thus his gaze moved towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan proudly smiled and said to Hei Lou Lan: "Hei tribe leader does not need to worry, I can guarantee you that I will break this defense line in just a quarter of an hour."

The crowd raised their eyebrows in surprise while cunning gentleman sneered, feeling Fang Yuan was boasting.

Hei Lou Lan, however, was joyous: "Then I shall see the Wolf King's ability."

The wolf group once again gathered together and unfolded an endless charge at Dong Fang tribe's first line of defense.

The Dong Fang tribe defended very tightly and in just moments, wolf corpses littered under the walls.

Hei tribe's troops were overwhelmed at this sight; Fang Yuan was simply sending the wolf group to their death, disregarding the sacrifices.

Especially the feather arrow elite troop; they were experts at long distance attacks and were with the direction of the wind from the walls. Rank four experts acted as emergency response group, moving everywhere; as long as an area showed signs of falling, they would move one after another to avert the disaster.

Dong Fang tribe's defense line was truly like a fortress.

Fang Yuan scoffed while continuously activating wolf howl Gu, and creating shocking variations in the assault. Every variation brought an enormous threat to the defense line.

This high intensity of battle caused enormous sacrifices in the wolf group; two hundred and eighty thousand wolves had died in a short period of time!

Fang Yuan was expressionless as he commanded the wolf group from the twin-headed rhinoceros's back. The gazes the crowd in the main tent looked at him quietly changed.

Wolf King's ruthlessness caused fear to emerged in these people.

Such a majestic and fierce wolf tide gave them a feeling of being insignificant.

"Wolf King Chang Shan Yin, such a ruthless heart you have, do you want to spare none!?" Dong Fang Yu Liang's expression was heavy. The large numbers of sacrifices in the wolf group were exchanged with intense consumption of primeval essence of Dong Fang army.

He was extremely regretful. If he had known this, he would rather give up on Hei Lou Lan, to take Chang Shan Yin's life!

Finally, Dong Fang tribe's Gu Masters could not hold up anymore, and the wolf group's offence made them so exhausted that they did not even have time to take a breather, much less recover their primeval essence.

"Retreat!" Helplessly, Dong Fang Yu Liang could only send down the command to retreat.

Just like Fang Yuan proclaimed, after a quarter of an hour, Dong Fang tribe's first line of defense was broken. Dong Fang Yu Liang left behind a group of crippled Gu Masters to cover their retreat, and led the remaining troops to escape towards the second defense line in the fastest speed possible.

"My wolf group is very exhausted and is not fit to chase them anymore." Fang Yuan withdrew his wolf group and made way to give Hei tribe army the chance to move.

This action won him almost everyone's good impressions.

"I have sustained some injuries in this battle, you guys chase them and kill them all. But be careful, that Dong Fang lad definitely has some arrangements." Hei Lou Lan did not move from the main tent, and instead sent Hao Ji Liu, Pan Ping, the Wang tribe leader and others to chase.

The crowd excitedly crossed over the broken defense line and moved in pursuit.

But the troops had just crossed over the defense line when an intense explosion suddenly burst out.

BOOM! Just like the crackling of a thunder, dozens of Gu Masters were instantly fried, leaving behind flesh and broken limbs on the ground.


Immediately after that, large numbers of explosions exploded in a chain-reaction, covering the whole defense line.

The troops who went to chase immediately suffered huge losses and fell into chaos.

"It is charred thunder potato Gu! Dong Fang Yu Liang buried large numbers of them under the defense line!" The investigative Gu Masters returned to report in the main tent.

"I can see it!" Hei Lou Lan's expression was extremely dark as he waved his hand for the investigative Gu Masters to take their leave.

He was not stupid and immediately realized he had been schemed by Dong Fang Yu Liang.

Setting up so many charred thunder potato Gu would require a long time. This time was actually given by Hei Lou Lan.

Before the battle, Dong Fang Yu Liang had purposely sent a challenge letter to start the war. In retaliation, Hei Lou Lan listened to cunning gentleman's words and delayed it for several days, only starting the battle after his rear army gathered. This gave Dong Fang Yu Liang the chance to put this plan in action.

The explosions continued without an end, inflicting many casualties among the Hei tribe army. The most crucial point was that their pursuit had stopped; the Hei tribe army could only watch as the Dong Fang tribe's remnant troops safely escaped.

Charred thunder potato Gu might only be a rank two Gu with limited power but there was just too many of it.

Besides this, there were also many rank three muffled thunder potato Gu and a few rank four thunderclap potato Gu mixed among them.

Even if Gu Masters were able to activate defensive Gu and preserve their life, their primeval essence would be greatly consumed. There were only a few Gu Masters who had flying Gu worms. Even if these people could catch up to the enemy, their strength was weak and would instead be giving Dong Fang tribe the opportunity to kill them.

The Gu Masters who had been worked up and excited to establish merits, finally returned to the camp in a sorry figure, full of injuries.

"We have already gained a huge victory today, Dong Fang lad is only delaying his death. I can still have the pleasure of killing him later!" Hei Lou Lan pacified himself and began to handle the postwar affairs.

Cleaning the battlefield, healing the injured, listing the battle merits; these were all complicated affairs that required energy and time.

Fang Yuan naturally was not willing to waste his precious time on this. He casually gave an excuse and left the main tent, returning to his large lizard house Gu to continue cultivating.

He had established huge contributions in this battle, and although he only moved a few times, each time was crucial. In front of his military success and position of strength, even cunning gentleman kept quiet, much less anyone else.

"The Wolf King was not injured by the blast?...." Dong Fang Yu Liang listened to the battle information from the detective Gu Master, and felt quite regretful.

Through this battle, he placed Fang Yuan as the number one enemy with threat even higher than Hei Lou Lan.

Chang Shan Yin was extremely cunning and vicious, not even caring about Ge tribe's life or death. Although he was only at rank four peak stage, he was much more troublesome than Hei Lou Lan.

Dong Fang Yu Liang had originally calculated that the chance for Chang Shan Yin to mobilize his wolf group to chase them was very high.

But his meticulously prepared trap did not even ensnare a single wolf, and instead killed large numbers of Hei tribe's Gu Masters.

A Gu Master's life was much much more precious than wild wolves. But Dong Fang Yu Liang was not happy.

To a wisdom path Gu Master who were experts at deductions and schemes, a strong and powerful enemy was not troublesome. But even though the Wolf King was strong, he was not conceited, and instead was a very calm opponent; such opponents were a thorn in the neck.

It was precisely because of Fang Yuan's few times of making a move that caused Dong Fang army to fall from slightly losing position to utter defeat. From this, a gap appeared in the two sides where the Hei tribe was in a clear superiority and Dong Fang army was in a disadvantage, in a worsening situation.

Looking at this battle coming to an end, in Ni Yu blessed land, Dong Fang Chang Fan retracted his gaze and collected the smoke on the table into his sleeves.

Even without a need to deduce, he could tell that Dong Fang Yu Liang was already in an absolute disadvantage after this battle. Unless Hei Lou Lan made a great mistake, Dong Fang Yu Liang's hopes of advancing to Imperial Court had become very minute.

However, Dong Fang Yu Liang had performed remarkably in the battle, even creating a stalemate with his comparatively weaker military force. He had made full use of all the cards available to him.

"Especially his move in protecting the tribe's strength, which caused there to not be a single loss in feather arrow elite troop. This is his loyalty towards the tribe. Now, it is a test to see how well he deals with this messy situation." Dong Fang Chang Fan slowly closed his eyes, very pleased with this point.

Other tribe's casualties were their matters, it was okay as long as Dong Fang tribe's losses were not large.

The struggle for the Imperial Court by itself was an arrangement set by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable; one of the objectives was to preserve his bloodline while weakening the other tribes!


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